1 Girl 2 Outfits, Katy Perry

Katy Perry – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

FP_5655891_ANG_Perry_Katy_083010 - Katy Perry - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Katy Perry was spotted twice this week – once while wearing a blue dress and platforms and once while going feminine in lace and ivory / navy.

Which outfit do you like better on Katy’s slim figure?

See Katy in a close-up on the next page!

FP_5656356_ANG_Perry_Katy_083110 - Katy Perry - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

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  • mezzerz

    I really like the blue dress, such nice colours with the black shoes 🙂

    • mezzerz

      Actually they don’t really look black … but yeah .. they look good with those dark coloured shoes!

      • mezzerz

        *the dress looks good … not “they” :S

  • beckers

    She is very pretty, I find her a little boring though. Her style is either fancy dress looking or plain jane.

  • Ana

    Better than her usual outfits i spose… Wow she is wearing alot of makeup.

  • snoops

    5lbs of makeup, stupid teenage hair, ugly outfits – it can only be Katy Perry! Both outfits suck, her hair/makeup is the worst though.

    • lizzy

      correct you are.

      i’d love to peel off the layers of make up and feed them to her.

      she is the WORST.

      • Leah

        these two outfits in particular don’t seem so bad. but the hair and makeup are incredibly annoying

        • Emma

          my thoughts exactly!
          I like the second outfit actually, but holy frick, it must take her like half an hour to get that stuff off at the end of the day.

  • Ciillss

    I’m gonna go for the right outfit, she looks so classy! They really make her body look nice and she manages not to make it look boring.

    • Ciillss

      I mean the outfit with they

      Sorry really messed up in my head ATM

  • ChelBell

    The only positive comment I can come up with is the first dress doesn’t look THAT bad

  • she looks good in either dress. he close up also looks good, fresh faced.

  • these are better dresses than she usually sports, but always a makeup overdose.

  • Daniel

    Too much makeup. I thinks she is sexy, though.

  • joku

    she’s true beauty

    • lizzy

      i am going to politely say… i strongly, strongly disagree.

      in my opinion, true beauty does NOT require make up like that, nor a phony persona like hers.

  • CK

    don’t like the outfits, but think make up on the pic in bluish dress is nice….also i think in general she uses too much make up..

  • Diana

    I do not think she’s pretty

  • Lisa

    She’s pretty, but always sooo packed with makeup!

  • tink

    Way too much makeup. Too bad, she probably looks good without.
    It really ages her. I find her cartoony outfits better.

  • Luv both outfits. She always looks good…..so cute.

  • leonore

    She kinda reminds me of Bette Davis, maybe a prettier version of her. It´s the big eyes and slightly asymmetrical face.

  • madeleine

    she’s pretty but she doesn’t need so much make up….looks like her face would crack if she smiled because its caked on so heavily

  • Kimberly

    I like the outfit on the right. Her make up is hideous, as usual.

  • jenP

    I want to see what she looks like with straight hair, her natural hair color, and less makeup. I bet she would look way better.

  • solaxi

    i think she is very sexy for some reason. I think its the pale skin, dark hair, not skiny skinny body and just an “air” that she has about her? if that makes sense?! I love the second outfit minus the skirt part!

  • Chey

    does anyone know what size she is because i think it really works

  • Anasazi

    She should go back to having blonde hair….

  • she looks hungry…

  • Milla

    she is affected with acne….bad acne! i know how she is feeling I was affected too….at that time i used that much makeup too..because to hide all of them you need that much! it’s not like, she wants to….she has to!! imagine….all paparazzis would shot you with the face full of acne!!!

    you can see it on the right side on her jaw!!!

  • Ankuu

    Damn….when i saw the second picture i thought that she looks way older than she is (early 40s). And that hair and makeup almost remind me of Peggy Bundi…

  • Kris

    She has one eye bigger than the other. I don’t know why she’s in the top 30 Maxims.

  • alex

    Oh no she’s got one eye bigger than the other? Big deal I bet you have bigger problems than her. Good on her for trying something different all the time well done. Refreshing. By the way I think her eye is just shut more on one side in this photograph, nothing’s wrong with her eye size