1 Girl 2 Outfits, Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits


Olivia Wilde went to 2 different events this week and she was in the mood for classic black & white.

Pretty similar styles, but which one is your favorite?

Check out a skinnier, pretty-in-blue Olivia 10 months ago HERE!

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  • Sam

    Her style is a little too old for her? She could wear more youthful clothes.

    • Lauren

      Really? I think she looks great!

  • Didi

    She used to be much thinner and only a few months ago!
    she looks good though, but there is a big difference.

  • H

    She looks prettier with a fuller face, but body looked better before.
    Either way, she looks happy with how she is, and that’s all that matters

  • dwp

    I don’t know why but I love this girl. I can stare at her for hours:) It is also great she is not obsessed with her body.

  • DancerN

    Wow, clothes too old, body too full or whatever…aren’t you all TOO SUPERFICIAL AND PICKY ???????????????????????????? can’t you see beauty and class in general? why obsess about such trivial details? that aren’t even there by the way!!!!!!!!!! so massively headwashed…so sad.

  • She looks good! I like Olivia, I think she looks good at any weight, but sometimes when she dips really low her cheekbones look funny! She has really intense eyes!

  • cat

    she looks way better here, much healthier and more nourished. I wonder why she was so skinny before.

  • lanna

    i think she is one of the must pretty girls around here…and very sexy too,
    she did gaind but she is still absluty amazing.
    i would love to have her boudy [and face..]
    i think that no matter what she will [allmust]always look sweet and good!
    she also look like a very nice person!

  • Lisa

    She looks much better compared to the skinny look and my o my, she has a lovely face!

  • Both outfits look great on her. She looks a lot healthier then she did in the blue dress.

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