Ashley Graham Is Now a Sports Illustrated Model

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Size 14-16 Ashley Graham is one of the rookies in this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! Last year, size 12 Robyn Lawley was the first non-standard-size model featured on the pages of the famous edition.

It’s official – I’m a @si_swimsuit model!! This is a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who stood up for curves- our voices were heard and together we can help me win Rookie of the Year. Stay tuned for voting instructions #beautybeyondsize #siswim

… says Ashley.


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Size 12 US Model Barbie Ferreira Gets Real for aerie

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19-year-old size 12 US Barbie Ferreira is taking the Internet by storm these days, as she is the new face and ‘average body’ of the new unretouched aerie Real ads.

On the root of her insecurities:

As a child I was so deeply insecure,” Ferreira says. “I’d go to classes and auditions and I’d think I’m not going to get this because of my body.” It’s really a strange thing. I was very much tortured as a kid for the way I looked and I didn’t have many friends. For so long I’ve been dieting and hating my hips and I’d do that in first grade. I was so insecure and I had no one to look up to who could make me feel like all my dreams are valid. I know so many gorgeous women who even inspired me to model to break this boundary, and it makes me feel like girls out there can dream about something without having to think about the things that they can’t change.

On being criticized:

There are people who are going to say things about anyone. I think I saw a Kendall Jenner picture and the comment next to it was ‘fat,’ and I think wow, it doesn’t even need to make sense for people to say this. I really, really never take Internet take to heart. The amount of positive messages that move me to tears are so much more frequent than the negative ones.

On plus-size modeling:

Curvy models aren’t usually thought of as models. But everyone being called a “curvy model” or a “plus-size” model is breaking the boundary. We’re trying to get rid of this labels and boxes and just be models of all shapes and sizes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the word curvy or plus-size because there are women who identify as that, and I’m not offended by it whatsoever because I don’t feel like being bigger is anything wrong. Curvy and plus-size models will just be models once it becomes more normalized and we get more representation and people are used it and not shocked by it.

.. says Barbie.


More photos of Barbie inside and check out her fashion portfolio here!


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Megan Fox Brings Today’s Quote

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On turning 30:

When you’re young, that sounds so old. When you’re in high school or even when you’re in your early 20s it sounds like, ‘You know when I’m 30 I should just give up. Like what’s the point of going on at that age?’ And then you turn 30, I’m turning 30 later this year, you don’t feel any older at all.

… says Megan.

Step Back in Time – the beauty at 18-19 years-old:



More recent photos next!


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Blake Lively in Asymmetric White

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28 year-old Blake Lively attended the ‘Deadpool’ fan event at AMC Empire Theatre yesterday in New York City, where she wore an asymmetric white dress with rhinestone-overload.

Like the look?

See more photos inside!


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Jennifer Lawrence’s All Black Look

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Jennifer Lawrence attended the 88th Annual Academy Awards nominee luncheon yesterday in Beverly Hills… while keeping it classy in an all-black pantsuit.

How do you all like her look here?


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