Bikini Treat: Gigi Hadid

April 24, 2015 in Gigi Hadid by Versus7 Comments »

Mega bikini model treat: Gigi Hadid doing a photo-shoot in Miami while wearing different swimsuits that reveal her great slim figure.

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Kelly Brook: “So far I’ve lost 8lbs”

April 24, 2015 in Kelly Brook by Versus7 Comments »


On her current fitness goals:

I’m a curvy woman; I don’t mind having boobs and a bum and I’ll never be super-skinny, but this year I want to get fitter, healthier and become more aware of what I was putting in my body. Because I’m not getting my body out every day anymore and can hide things under my clothes I became a bit lazy last year – I noticed a big difference in my weight. So far I’ve lost 8lbs on the Atkins diet.

… says Kelly.



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Who’s Wearing This Outfit?

April 24, 2015 in Take a Guess! by Versus6 Comments »


Who’s Wearing This Outfit?

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Helena Christensen: “I love good food. I have a good metabolism”

April 23, 2015 in Hot Models by Versus7 Comments »


On how she maintains her great shape:

I never followed any diet, I love good food. I have a good metabolism. I started doing sports quite late, around 30 years. I started because I wanted to feel more toned. I hate endurance sports, it would be impossible for me to run a marathon. I love the intense sports, such as boxing or sprint.

… says 46 year-old Helena in Madame Figaro.

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Blake Lively Brings Today’s Quote

April 23, 2015 in Blake Lively by Versus12 Comments »


On her insecurities:

‘Some days I look in the mirror and think, “Oh my gosh. I look like a potato.” You think that I would never feel bad about myself? I’m a human being – everybody has their insecurities. Ask Gisele [Bündchen] or Beyoncé. They will tell you that some days, they don’t feel good about themselves.’

… says Blake.


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