Adele – Floral at the 2013 Grammys

161421429_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys

New mom Adele (who gave birth in October 2012) was in a very floral mood at last night’s Grammy Awards – check out her red & black lace look: a knee-length ample dress perfectly matched with floral pumps.

How do you find Adele’s Grammy outfit?

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161394385_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161394691_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161407163_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161421427_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161421428_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys  161421435_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161425152_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161429025_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161429047_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161433833_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161433854_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161433855_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161433860_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys 161439518_10 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys

161421512 - Adele - Floral at the 2013 Grammys

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  • Andi

    black would be more slimming, but WHO CARES ITS ADELE <3

    • Jenny

      why should bigger people always wear black? SO BORING!

      • Andi

        i agree with you, thats probably why she didn’t wear it. this dress is so her. <3 but remember when she wore it at the last award show? she looked STUNNING

    • Jules

      Come on, I wear black almost all the time and I’m starting to hate it! Friends and family members always try to encourage me to wear something different/more colourful! Black is SLIMMING yes but it also get’s boring, sometimes it feels like hiding my body and that is not alright!

      It’s actually the first time that I think Adele looks really beautiful, i just love the dress and I think the last shoot of her feet/ankles (?) was really unnecessary! We get it, people here obsess about those things but in real life noone cares about that! At least not where I life!
      Back to the clothes: My best friend is also overweight and she dresses how she pleases, including skirts and low-cut tops and so on, sometimes it’s a bit ‘much’ but most of the time I think GREAT FOR HER and I think more overweight/obese people should have the courage to dress as they want and not to HIDE in a black sack just to please the fat-haters out there who think they’re disgusting/hard to look at! This is not at you Andi, just to a lot of people who think overweight/obese people should hide and hate themselves until they are skinny (if that day even comes!) because SELF HATE get’s you nowhere!

      • Jules

        And also: I don’t think that ADELE is even that BIG! If you look at her waist and upper half she seems to be no more than 80-90 kg! But people sometimes make her out to be the big fat whale that rolls on the floor!

        • Adele

          “No more” than 80-90 kgs? I think being 20-30 kilos overweight is certainly something to be concerned about.

          • Kt_nz

            Actually, at Adele’s height, which is 175cm apparently she wouldn’t be overweight accorrding to BMI until she was close to 77kg.
            I don’t disagree she’s overweight, but i don’t think she’s as big as she’s sometimes made out to be

          • loos

            Yeah, and lets not forget that she gave birth not that long ago so she’s still probably carrying the baby weight. I think she’s gorgeous and I love her dress.

    • cloud9

      how rude, why is there a close up of her feet on the last shot? so you could see her thick ankles? i’m sure it was just to look at the shoes, yeah right. how sad and disgusting to have to focus on that from this beautiful talent.

      • Jules

        Exactly cloud9, I felt the same way! I still think that picture is unnecessary and somewhat MEAN to post! I always thought that just some of the people who comment are that way but seeing this picture? So that people can even more obsess about those things and focus on her feet/ankles? I really don’t get it!

  • Mag

    She looks beautiful! I love her style.

  • sarah

    The make up was perfect,but that dress is horrible.
    I personally prefered the dress she wore at last year’s Grammy.
    Anyway,I like the way she can look sexy and feminine,even if she’s not skinny.
    She’s a real role model and a great artist

    • Morgan

      8-/ It looks like she stole Mary Poppins’ bag.
      At least the dress and the bag have something else in common: they both house something magical! (sing for us Adele! sing more!!)

  • sarah

    The make up was perfect,but that dress is horrible.
    I personally prefered the dress she wore at last year’s Grammy.Anyway,I like the way she can look sexy and feminine,even if she’s a little bit overweight.
    She’s a real role model and a great artist.

  • ***

    I really do like this dress, and Adelle with her ability to just…be awesome, it’s working, but I think that the sleeves are too much, and it would have a much classier look if they were more simple, or just not there.

    • Nobsnob

      And it lacks a belt to break the pattern and highlight the shape of the dress. Would have been much better with a dark belt.

  • Tia

    I am one of the few who adores this dress. I would totally wear this, it is fun and ladylike. HaVing this poofy skirt floating around you must be a riot. My only complaint is that the sleeves should have been 3/4 length.
    Also Adele’s makeup, especially the eyes, is PERFECTION!!

    • Aafje

      I would totally wear that too lol

    • Nobsnob

      You like her eye makeup? Those false lashies are huuuge :/

      • Tia

        The eye makeup is not my usual cup of tea but I must admit that it does make highlight her eyes!!(also the rest of her face is very neutral) I could never pull off these lashes b/c my eyes are brown and I would just look like I have big giant demon eyes lol

    • Polly

      Adele IS perfection. What a lovely lady with talent. She looks great. Perhaps even slimmer than Jessica Simpson was after giving birth and you don’t hear 1 word about her.

  • silvia

    lovely… reminds me a bit of a floral basket.. in a good way 😀 she kind of seems to be pulling this look..I don’t know what makes her so ..vibrant and fresh faced 🙂

  • Jenny

    I wish it would have been a v-neck on the dress. it would have been more suited.

    • Agreed.

    • Lisa

      The high collar looks matronly.

  • kate

    She is much, MUCH more beautiful than any of these so called singers out there. And her talent, just makes her even prettier. I first thought, what was the thinking? But then… wow, she looked radiant, fun, happy and joyful. That is what matters.

  • Polska Blondynka

    It looks as if she lost a bit of weight. I like that she is wearing some color. If she wore black again, it would be kind of obvious that it’s because she is heavier.

  • siennagold

    I hate that dress but I love Adele. 🙂

  • Jenna

    Looks like upholstery to me.

    • Liz

      My first thought was “Oh look, Adele is wearing some little old lady’s lovely couch”.

  • katy

    those false lashes, WAY too long..

  • Winnie

    the neck of the dress reminds me of something i might have seen on The Tudors or something lol. Idc what anyone says though, Adele has one of the prettiest faces i’ve seen.

  • seijidan

    She looks so cute. floral looks good on her

  • vanessa

    i wish she would have belted it.

    • misscheeks

      Agree Vanessa! I saw her on another website and the first thing that came to my mind was “a plain brownish/dark caramel belt would break up the busy print and make it look even more amazing and flattering!” Even so I really like the dress, she looks lovely but yes a belt would have taken it to another level imo.

    • Paisley

      Totally agree.

  • maggie

    ok she is a nice singer and she has a beautiful face…But, 1st those lashes arent well put (that;s not her fault though)and 2nd the dress looks a bit like a balloon…It does not fit to her big sillouete!

  • This makes me think of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag – even though I don’t recall that in any detail, it’s the first thing I thought of! Adele has beautiful eyes and a nice face – but her dress sense is usually pretty bad. I appreciate that she didn’t just wear black and baggy like a lot of heavier women do, but this is not right either! Surely someone can make her a a pretty dress that flatters her a bit better?!

    • Tinkerbell

      I totally agree! I’m among the very few who’ve never cared for Adele’s music or personality yet I have to agree: her facial features are just lovely. I also like the fact that she went for something other than her usual black outfits but this is just…… nooooo for me.
      I’m suprised by all the postive comments – much, much slimmer women wearing a teeny bit unflattering clothes get awfully bashed here all the time. I don’t get it…

  • clara

    She has such a pretty face but those fake lashes scare me a bit. she looks quite lovely though. she looks thinner too!

  • Hazal

    Great hair, makeup & face.
    But HORRIBLE dress!

  • tala

    I adore adele but this makes her look like a big bouquet! I don’t think it’s very flattering, usually she knows how to dress her body! I think she should of have gone with something less fitted, longer and darker. This dress has too much going on and I bet she has gained weight since birth and it’s not helping her. The form is too bubbly and the pattern is so distracting. Nevertheless her face and voice is flawless and you can’t top that

  • Paisley

    Her makeup is always always so flawless. I mean yea it’s full on, but it suits her I think. Plus, I just want to be her friend; she has charmed me.

  • CK

    the first thought that came to mind when i saw her dress was that russian nesting doll – matryoshka and unlike the doll the dress is not pretty, and i hate the make up, i think she’s one of those girls that look good without “face paint” but even a drop of it can make her gorgeous…too bad whoever was responsible for her whole look hated her so much….

  • Tally

    She looks lovely,,but she would look perfect (2 me) if she lost 30 pounds. *runs away*

  • PS

    I admire Adele as an artist but something’s off with the hair&make-up. I can’t put my finger on it but it ages her A LOT. The dress is not my cup of tea either I would have loved to see her in something flowing, greek goddess style somehow, would have flattered her, accentuated her beauty and looking feminine without being baggy.

  • Sienna

    Horrible. I will never see the beauty in this girl, not even in her face. She has a weird square chin and her other features are plain. Sometimes, the contouring of her face and the huge amount of eye makeup she wears, can make her look pretty. But overall I believe women just *want* to love her because she doesn’t have an ideal Hollywood body (and yeah, she has talent – but so do many other less known and equally average looking singers).

    • misscheeks

      So women want to love her because she’s doesn’t have a “Hollywood body” but she also can’t be redeemed by her talent either? Maybe I’m missing your point though.

    • PinkLadi

      what’s wrong with admiring someone for something other than their looks? I do find Adele to be pretty, I also like her personality and think she’s incredibly talented, lovely voice and a great performer. Surely you don’t mean to say all this should be discounted (or that I should think less of her) because she doesn’t fit some people’s beauty ideal?

      • lol

        pinklady this site isn’t about talent and music. It’s about superficial looks. I am sure if anyone wanted to talk about Adele’s talent, they wouldn’t choose a site like this to do it.

        • serena

          Well what is there to say about Adele’s body really – we all realize she’s a large lady, no sense in pointing that out at this point. Plus she dresses so modestly that we can’t really discuss her body. If she wore a revealing gown like Alessandra or J.Lo did on the red carpet there might be something to discuss!

        • PinkLadi

          @ serena, I agree

          @ lol–yes, this site is about looks, but that doesn’t mean when we see photos of a celeb that we forget everything else we know about them. It goes both ways, as people regularly find certain celebs unattractive/trashy/unappealing because of how they perceive their talent (or lack of talent), personality, actions etc. regardless of what they’re wearing or their weight status in any given post.

          Everyone has their own criteria and reasoning behind the judgements they make, I was just pointing out that it’s not far fetched as to why Adele receives more positive reactions than some other celebs even if she may not “look as good” or whatever else.

          • solaxia

            I could never say something nasty about the way a person looked if I think they are a nice person. I wouldn’t even think it. However, if she turned out to be a btch then my thoughts would probably change about her and I would be more willing to be more critical of her looks because she isn’t a nice person.

            Plus, I dont see anything wrong with the way Adele looks. Sure she may be bigger than we are used to seeing in the media, but I do genuinly think she has a pretty face and I think she has an awesome voice (though her musci isn’t my cup of tea – I don’t hate it. But don’t love it either. I love her voice though).

            IMO the way someone acts, or presents themself to the world, has a huge impact on whether or not I find them attractive.

    • Sienna

      I guess I mean I have the feeling Adele gets more praise than she would if she were slim. The praise for her talent is justified but I feel like often she gets a ‘pass’ for a bad wardrobe or comment because she isn’t “just some pretty and thin pop singer”. I mean Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice also but people would never cut her as much slack as they do with Adele…
      I’m not sure how else to bring my point across, English is not my native language and it’s late here 🙂

      • Amanda

        Christina gets bashed so much because she gained A TON of weight really fast, AND she didn’t change the way she dressed. Her clothes are always a size or two too small and overly revealing. It’s totally fine to be a bigger girl and show some skin, but pick your chest or legs. Never both.

        Adele gets a “pass” because people have criticized her over and over again. There’s not that much left to say when it come to her weight. But, she dresses so modestly. She has what Christina lacks…class and elegance. If Christina actually had those two things, people would stop talking about her weight. The same goes for Snooki.

        • misscheeks

          Lol Amanda! You know, I’m a huge Xtina fan but I agree, her outfits are pure trash and campy…I like it though, it fits in with her persona… she’s always been fairly trashy and over the top whereas Adele dresses modestly. That being said, I’ve never been a fan of Adele’s fashion sense but I simply love this dress for some reason! I can imagine myself wearing it if it were made of cotton, a few inches shorter with a tan belt and cowboy boots haha!

          • solaxia

            Also Christina Aguilera has ruffled a few feathers in her time with her attitude (or stories of her attitude) therefore I think people are harsher. Along with the fact that she does dress trashy, as others pointed out.

  • mEEE

    Im a huge fan of the whole “1950’s housewife” look in general, therefore, I would steal this look from Adele in a heartbeat!

  • Ana

    The last photo made me laugh.

  • deppfan

    Her hair adds 30 years to her age. She should prefer younger makeup and hair. Literally I had thought she was in her late 40’s until I googled her age. I just couldn’t believe her age.

  • lc

    Beautiful eyes and voice! Go Adele.

    • jackie

      i’m surprised (in a very good way) that you have something good to say about her! I guess it’s because she actually has something more than her looks going for her!

  • Debbs

    Love her, don’t love the dress.

  • Jacky Daniels

    god she looks like a tea pot!lol. but i love her!

  • Rachel

    Nah, haters.

    I love this dress. I’m glad she’s not wearing black. And I think she looks great.

  • Nicole

    wtf is she wearing…I love floral print but she has me beat lol

  • Chelsea

    She’s gorgeous! It’s good to know “bigger” women can look so pretty

  • Lisa

    She looks sooo uncomfortable. She probably burned the Spanx after.

  • neutra

    I adore that Valentino dress – when you’re elegant, you can pull that kind of outfit off. So much love!

  • Junior

    The dress is godawful

    • Tinkerbell

      It def is!

  • Felinemeow

    The ”opposite” of anorexic is obese (and adele isn’t just overweight) and obese isn’t healtier than anorexic, so i don’t get why she should be a role model.. The dress is cute very mary poppins as someone said but doesen’t flatter her, hate those fake eye lashes

  • loloste

    I just love Adele .And although I sometimes feel like indeed ,they cut her some slack because she’s more relatable and changes from the usual pretty and slim pop singer , I must admit I love the dress .Something about it attracks my attention .
    Sidenote : I absolutely LOOVVEEE her legs and those pumps .Her legs are so nicely shaped ( bone structure ,muscle repartition ) .I love them just like Christina Aguilera’s legs ( I mean the way they are made ,look them up ) ! 🙂

  • lol

    She looks dreadful. She also looks much older than her years. She would look younger if she lost weight.

  • Sofia

    She’d look so much younger (and be much healthier) if she lost weight. Amazing voice though… and props to whoever does her eye makeup

  • Katz

    I thought she looked great! She went out of her comfort black dress zone and looked great with some color. Yes, the dress is not the best and she could have done better, but still, looks great on her, and whatever she wears… she is Adele, she can wear a box, and she will still have a beautiful amazing voice.

  • stephw

    I love her style and I love that she had a go at Chris Brown for not taking part in the standing ovation!

    • lux

      curious about this as I hate CB, what did Adele say about him?

  • Candy

    I really like the dress actually, just not the shoes. I just love, love, love her.

  • Adele

    That pattern is way too busy for her figure. Someone taller and slimmer might be able to pull it off.

    • serena

      I know what you mean but she’s actually 5’9″, taller than many models, but because she is so plump (and standing alone) you can’t really tell. I think the dress would be fug on any figure lol.

  • Megan

    How did she not realize she’s dressed like a couch?

  • anon

    Shaking my head at the silly comments from all the concern trolls. How do you know whether Adele is obese? Are you her physician? Do you know her life and what she eats and what type of physical exercise she gets?
    Furthermore, who CARES if she’s overweight? It doesn’t discount her as a human being, nor as a singer. Being overweight isn’t that dangerous, redundant, peer-reviewed research shows that there is much more at play with weight than caloric intake/expenditure and that those with a little extra body fat are protected from some of the most common ailments like heart disease. I would be more concern trollish for smokers, models with dangerously low body fat percentages, and people who throw themselves out of airplanes. But guess what? It’s not your life, so stop being a dictator and telling people how to live theirs.

    • solaxia

      Exactly, I like your comment. Thing is people always diguise it as ‘concern’. I’d hate for them to be in an abusive relationship then because you often find the men forbidding you to leave the house are also ‘concerned’ for their partners wellbeing. May seem like a strange comparison, but it’s the same thing in my eyes.

  • solaxia

    I actually really love the shoes! I think the dress would have been nice actually with a big belt and no sleeves…I think that would have been gorgeous. But she pulls it off.

  • solaxia

    God she is beautiful. Those eyes! I just had another look at the photos…just stunning. I wish she wouldn’t cover up so much. Sure, she may look better if she lost weight,…who knows, she may not! but there is absolutely no reason she can’t rock some slightly more revealing outfits and look hot to trot

  • Sheri

    I think she looks really pretty but i hate the print on the dress.
    I like the idea of the shoes being the same print as the dress but wish the print was different.

  • Vampykitten

    Adele gave birth ?
    😮 Where have I been ?!