Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio Shine on the Runway


VS Angels Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio paraded down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Show last night in London in the dazzling $2 million Dream Angels Fantasy Bras matched with big smiles and flirty attitudes.

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22 thoughts on “Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio Shine on the Runway”

  1. Nice pair. I could say a lot of negative comments about VS, they myth of the angels, the styling, the bras… But these are undeniably two beautiful women.

  2. I hate having this attitude, because I like to think women don’t lose their looks this early on, but these two look aged to me. I never found Adriana to be all that beautiful, but I loved her personality. However. here their faces look drawn and tired to me – it could just be that they are too thin for their frames now, and it’s showing on their faces (as well as having babies at home which would be exhausting).

  3. Wow…Wow, how bad they both look in those bedazlled things, i adore Adriana&love Ale, their faces&bodies, but this stuff they put on them is very unflattering, especially those chains wrapped tight round Ale’s torso and screwing up her proportions, they make her nice body look bad. The black outfits are bit better than bedazzled ones but still not even close to sexy&beautiful. Also i usually find Ale beautiful&Adriana stunning, she oozes sex appeal, but they both look underwhelming here, even silly, imo. I don’t know maybe i’m not impressed also cos of the fact that both of them have been in spotlight&hyped a lot for few years and that made my eyes get used to them to the point of them losing some of their appeal to me.

  4. Ouch, the comparison is’nt flattering for Ale. Those short chicken legs compared to Adri glamazon ones….
    But again I’ve never got the hype about Ale in the first place. She just hasn’t the body for it.

      • I wasn’t sure of the term “chicken legs” (not 1st language) but Ale’s legs are oddly shaped like you said and that’s what I wanted to say. While Adriana has long shapely legs (though their shape is less obvious on that picture). Best legs in the business imo.

  5. I didnt realize how much shorter Ale is compared to Adriana. Anyway, both are of course beautiful women. I honestly adore Adrianas face. Ale, Im not a fan of her face or body persay… but as a whole package and done up with the proper makeup and styling (AKA NOT THESE PICTURES) she can look great. I do agree that they arent looking there best here, some-what tired/aged.

    • I agree with you. Ale sometimes looks too angular & masculine, but other times (as a whole package & done up) she looks great. Adriana, of course, has a gorgeous face.

  6. i think they both look better when they wear less makeup. They are beautiful women, but the VS spectacle is just so silly and stupid to me. Their underwear isn’t as nice and doesn’t fit so well that people wearing it would actually jump for joy like they do on the catwalk. It’s just too much.

  7. I feel like Adriana lima is the definition of a true model…a lot of the new ones im getting used to like Kelly gale, shanina, sara sampaio all look way shorter then her…..I look at Adriana she looks 5’10…..I look at my ig of those other girls they look no bigger than 5’7 5’8 on a good day…..
    they both look great the fantasy bra always looks cheezy to me….I get its supposed to be like the MVP of the show but it ends of looking tacky….I think adrianas looks prettier then ales..but they both look spot on. they are the best, along with doutzen, Adriana’s face like melts your heart

  8. I know I am in the minority here, but I think Ale is so much prettier than Adriana…to me, adriana’s lips are too bit, not delicate, and for some reason I just prefer Ale’s smaller facial features- and I don’t like Adriana’s square torso. She’s got very nice legs, but she could use a bit more definition in the waist like Ale has and I love Ale’s tiny muscular arms. Ale has a much better body from the waist up, even though I like Adriana’s legs better. I guess it goes to show that everyone has different preferences! Most of you way prefer Adriana, I way prefer Ale!

  9. I really appreciate a nice whr over long legs or abs, so I don’t really see the appeal of Adriana’s and Alessandra’s bodies, but the show is really amazing.

  10. no, i think both would benefit from a weight gain. they are very attractive, but they do really look exhausted. i don’t get the hype neither, i don’t know many girls with body’s like theirs, but there are girls with as beautiful faces.

    i also believe, that beauty is very diverse, there are so many beautiful girls with “normal” bodies and gorgeous faces, who are as attractive as these VS Models.

  11. I can’t pick which one I like but maybe because I don’t like either. The fantasy bras remind me of last year’s fashion show. Adriana seems to have lost her spark. She looks very tired and could use 10 lbs on her. Alessandra is very skinny IMHO. I feel like they are on their way out though.

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