Adriana Lima, Erin Heatherton

Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active

159535698_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active

Victoria’s Secret models Adriana Lima and Erin Heatherton attended the Victoria’s Secret ‘VSX’ Launch Event at Victoria’s Secret, Herald Square yesterday in New York City – here they are posiong together for the photographers, looking all thin in sportswear.

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159535608_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535643_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535645_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535681_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535700_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535705_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535717_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535718_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535737_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active 159535749_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active Copy-of-159535643_10 - Adriana Lima & Erin Heatherton Get Active

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  • jamie

    Neither of them look great there to me – adrianas face is pretty but defo wouldn’t be convinced to buy any of those clothes when they manage to make the models look bad

  • Beans


    • Beans

      …actually Erin, not so much. Adriana on the other hand…can that woman ever look unattractive?

      • Powwow

        Never. She’s perfect IMO

        • Nobsnob

          Although that outfit is not particularly flattering, Adriana still manages to look incredibly beautiful facially and body-wise speaking. And I loooover her calves and ankles, they’re so fine and delicate it gives shape to her legs whereas many other angels (including Erin) have cankles.
          As for Erin imo she’s outshined by Adri and doesn’t look at ease in here.

  • why does erin looks at adriana all the time??

    • Rita

      lol Adriana has the old VS soul.. she’s doing these silly poses like she’s actually working out & having fun

      Erin just wants to pose sexily and arch her back (what the new VS girls do) lol

      • i really like that attitude of adriana she is fun easy going and sexy but on the other hand erin is trying too hard. why can’t she enjoy her work like adriana does….

        • Casey

          I actually find Adriana to be trying too hard, here and in general. The ridiculous poses, and during the fashions how, she is always waving and blowing kisses throughout her entire walk.

          I guess maybe she’s having fun with it but it’s a little over the top most of the time. When I saw some of the boxing pictures here I actually cringed a little because I felt slightly awkward on her behalf.

          • well some of her poses are exaggerated but at least she is not standing still like erin as if she doesn’t know where to put her hand or where to look.
            at this years vs show erin’s poses were silly in my opinion she just staded there and looked at the camera. she remembered to do something at there after a while but adriana on the other hand she knows her job, she is a professional for my opinion.

      • JN1976

        Adriana actually boxes and does kickboxing….so I dunno but looking at these pics I think sheès being cute and fun and sexy showing her boxing skills and Erin`s not quite sure if she should do the same (kinda looks look she`s worried abt making a ass outa herself) or if she shld just do reg model poses

        • Insolence

          Being a kickboxer myself, those ‘boxing poses’ make me cringe… There is a big difference between wearing boxing gloves and throw a few punches, and actually knowing how to box.

          • Polska Blondynka

            Adriana is just messing around. She’s not going to start throwing real punches at people. C’mon.

          • JN1976

            @Insolance; Ummm, she’s a model who does boxing and kickboxing…she’s not a boxer
            My point was more de-bunking peeps comments abt old-school vs new-school vs models and how they pose.
            Erin looks intimidated or unable to just have fun for fear of not looking good…where, given it’s workoutwear they’re promoting, Adriana is using what she knows and, perfect form or not she looks great, fun, and confident, nevermind beautiful in those close-ups (um, wow) and sexy. I don’t think Erin shines like her but i think it’s more of a fun personality and confidence thing (with Adriana appearing to have WAY more of both)

    • serena

      If you were standing next to the gorgeous adriana lima you would look at her too!

      • well she can stare at her all day long but here it is not a good thing to stare at adriana. she is used to her silly sexy poses and when she saw adriana doing something “different” she became indecisive.

  • lilkitten

    Erin is so thin and toned, I love her body.
    If Adriana’s face was on Candice Swanepoel’s body… done.

    • Tinkerbell

      oh my goddd, THIS!! Adriana’s face is pure sexy perfection but her body… well, if at least she had a more defined waist, which I consider the most attractive part on a woman… well, that kind of flawlessness simply cannot exist. 🙂

    • Neri

      Yeah I would say Adriana’s face on…. Bar Refaeli’s body! Now THAT would be insane 😉

      • Emmelie

        Adrianas face on Candice body, but Bars boobs and Doutzens butt:) that would be perfection.

        • Neri

          LOL THIS ! 😀

          • Neri

            But I’m not a fan of Candice’s shoulders though!

  • Pixie

    Erin’s cute, but very plain jane, especially next to Adriana.

  • guru

    I hate adriana’s hair color here. It looks better when it is close to a very dark brown. This chocolate shade just clashes with her skin tone. And I hate how they have done her makeup. It just makes her look unreal and cold. She def looks better with less makeup.

    • Cristina

      Agree, she’s had this colour for a while now, maybe it’s her natural? I find she suits warmer hair colours much much better. She looks beautiful nonetheless.

  • guru

    This erin girl has a very cute face and I love her eyes. The color is gorgeous and I love her lashes. Most women think that longer is always better, but too long lashes look spidery. Her lashes look so soft that I’m not sure if she is wearing mascara. A part of me says DUH she is a model of course she is, but adriana’s lashes have that dry flaky look whereas erin’s dont.

  • Emeline

    Adriana is one of the most beautiful celebrities to me. So gorgeous and unique

  • sofia

    erin has gained on her hips?

  • ash

    I still find it hard to believe that Adriana is 5’10. She should be abt 1.74m to 1.76m at most. Erin looks like a strong 5’10 and not the list 5’11 for her. Alessandra ambrosio is also listed as 5’10(1.78) but she looks nothing more than a strong 5’8 (1.73). I don’t understand why these models are so obsessed with lying about their heights and weights….

    • Casey

      They’re not, their agencies are. And they’re not trying to lie to the general public, they’re trying to lie to their potential employers, who do care because for some reason, fashion is disturbingly weird like that.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 5’8 model and said, “She’s too short, omg, why is she modeling?”

      • ash

        Ok. Well personally I feel that lying about their heights to their potential employers for whatever reason just defeats the purpose because they clearly don’t look the heights that they claim to be. Just look at both adriana and alessandra ambrosio (Pardon me for the spelling error). They clearly don’t look anywhere near the listed 5’10 (1.78m) for them. Is just too ridiculous to beleive such a claim! The weights listed for them seems to be too ridiculous to be believable too.Adriana is listed 56kg at 1.78m while Alessandra is 51kg at 1.78m. If these claims were to be true, both Ambrosio and Lima would be a bag of bones as these weights make them moderately to severely underweight. By listing these weights at such a height, may be a gateway for young women and girls to model them and cause them to become underweight by developing eating disorders. This is just not healthy. I really feel that models like adriana and ambrosio should be truthful about their weights and heights and desire to be healthy role models for young women and teenage girls.

        • Casey

          I agree, I wish they would report the truth.

          It’s the same about dress measurements too. Apparantly all models have the same bust/waist/hip size. Never mind that Candice’s torso looks nothing like that of Adriana, for example. They’re listed as having really close measurements.

          It’s pretty ridiculous. I hope anybody taking those stats seriously understands how standardized and falsified they are.

        • annemarie

          Some people are naturally moderately underweight and don’t look like ” a bag of bones”. Only people who were heavier and then lost too much weight end up looking skeletal.

          • cindy

            Adriana is telling the truth. I met her and also Douzten at a opening and Adriana was definitely taller than ne. She had flats. I am 5’9. Douzten was about the same.

    • jamie

      to be fair most women (no matter how thin) lie about their weights, and round up with their heights.

    • Nina

      Adriana is barely shorter than Erin who is 5’11”. Whenever Adriana is next to the other angels she is easily taller. I really don’t see how she looks so much shorter than 5’10”. Maybe she has a large head in comparison to her body. She actually looks tall to me.

    • serena

      Erin Heatherton is 5’11 and Adriana looks maybe an inch shorter so I think 5’10” is correct. Alessandra is a bit shorter, like 5’8″. I mean they’re all pretty tall, but I guess the agencies fudge the numbers. Which is silly because Adriana and Ale have become household names – it’s not like they’re not going to get work if they’re less than 5’10 lol.

      • Nina

        Agreed. I just think it’s ridiculous how Ash says Erin looks 5’10” not 5’11”. Like you could tell from a picture how tall someone is with that kind of precision.

        • ash

          I said a strong 5’10 which means about 1.79m. So 5’11 is still believable for Erin but she could be a tad shorter than that as the modelling agencies tend to give rounded up heights and list ridiculous weights and body stats most of the time……Adriana next to erin look roughly abt 2inches short which would make her to ard 5’8.5 (1.74m) to abt 5’9.25 (1.76m). Look at In this Lima next to Heidi Klum(who is reportedly 1.75m tall), looks almost as tall as Heidi. 5’9 is a more believable height for Lima than the popularly listed 5’10 for her. Aless is abt 1inch shorter than Lima which makes her 5’8.

          • Nina

            In the 2nd pic when they’re standing up straight I only see a one inch difference. In all of the other pics, Erin’s pose gives her height advantage. Also, modeling agencies lie about a girl’s height if she’s 5’9″ or below. Usually if she is a solid 5’10”, they’ll just say 5’10”. 5’10” is probably the perfect height for a model. There is no need to eound up. Actually, often if a girl if 6′ or above they’ll try their hardest to make seem shorter. That’s why Karlie Kloss and Toni Garrn are listed at 5’11 even though they’re easily 6’+. I honestly CAN’T see Adriana being 5’9″ or below because she is usually like 2+ inches taller than the other angels (Candice, Miranda, Alessanda) so unless they’re all 5’7″ (unlikely) she’s probably 5’10” or a little below and they’re in the 5’8″ range.

          • Nina

            Eh, sorry for the numerous typos.

    • Neri

      Yes, I agree… But even more so, in relation to their measurements listings… I mean… These girls have SO different body shapes, so how come they all have the (almost) exact same measurements?! That’s just not logical…!
      Further more, these measures are extremely petite measures – like 33/34 bust 22/23 waist and 34/35 hips… If these girls were just as tall as said (5’10), wouldn’t they appear a LOT skinnier than how they really look?

      • Neri

        Not to mention how much they allegedly weigh?!
        Adriana Lima 5’10 and 112 pounds?!
        Bar Refaeli 5’8,5 and 120 pounds?!
        Miranda Kerr 5’9 and 115 pounds?!
        I can’t believe it…

        • serena

          Their weights are definitely wrong but their heights are not (except maybe Ale who is 5’8 not 5’10). I don’t know why people don’t believe Adriana is 5’10 – Erin is 5’11 and Adriana is barely shorter than her. These are all tall girls, it’s not like they’re average height and adding a few inches lol. But yes the measurements like bust/waist/hips are off.

        • ash

          Precisely and that is my point!Erin might be roughly be 5’11!She looks tall but I am still far from convinced that adriana is 5’10. She cannot possibly be anything more than a 5’9. She has got long legs but a relatively short torso…

  • Casey

    I think the outfit Adriana has on is really ugly, however, I think she looks beautiful here – more than usual for her! Her skin looks flawless and gorgeous.

    I think Erin looks pretty but I am not that impressed with her, especially when she’s standing next to someone like Adriana.

  • jamie

    did erin get another nose job? it looks more symmetrical here…and those are some fugly sports bras

  • Chelsea

    I wonder if Adriana ever feels ugly. I’m so jealous of her kids. They have some great genes.

    • Mia

      She use too.. well she didn’t think she was pretty or beautiful when she was in her prime.

  • Adriana has great skin, but she looks like she’s straining her neck here somehow to me – it’s a little weird. Her face is pretty, but I’m just never going to get the hype. The outfit is just blah to me – I wouldn’t want it – and her poses are very goofy, which is kind of endearing!
    Erin is cute and I prefer her body to Adriana’s – but she doesn’t grab my attention at all. She looks like she’s either slightly embarrassed by Adriana or too uptight to commit to the silly poses!

    • Eve

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Jacky Daniels

    uh i know a.lima is objetively a pretty woman but i just cant stand those faces she makes it makes her so iritating! Erin seems sweet.

  • JaneParker

    They’re both pretty, Adriana is facially stunning, but I hate her legs on those leggins. Way too skinny, althought they do look great and toned on the runway. But not here. I guess its the black.

    • Mia

      I love her face, but Erin’s legs look way better here. Adriana’s legs look so spindly in these pants

  • Cal

    Adriana looks better than ever. Erin’s beatiful but she disappears next to Adriana.

  • Hazal

    Adriana is so beautiful! Her legs are painfully skinny though.

  • annemarie

    They both look good. Adriana’s face is gorgeous and I like her body, and Erin is beautiful as well.

    • Mishael

      Agree. They are both very beautiful. Although many people seem to dislike Erin, I find her very cute and she is more natural and relaxed compared to some other VS models and doesn’t appear to be a poser like, for example, Candice (who is absolutely beautiful and absolutely annoying). At least I judge by a few VS videos and hundreds of VS photos I’ve seen.

  • Minik

    I love Erin’s body and Adriana’s face!

  • Polska Blondynka

    Erin looks like she’s lost and doesn’t belong there. Adriana is so relaxed. Erin has the “I don’t want to look ugly” attitude. She’s trying too hard.

  • serena

    They’re both beautiful. Erin has a better whr and shapely legs, so I prefer her body. But Adriana has the beautiful, unique face that stands out more.

  • lc

    Adriana, damn that woman is gorgeous!!! Want her legs so bad lol. Erin looks so plain next to her.

  • Ana

    Holy shit, Adriana is so beautiful, its unreal. I actually think she is the most beautiful woman on earth, enough said. Would die to look like her. Erin on the other hand, looks like a complete plain jane, boring to the max.

    • Stephanie

      Haha I know right? I’m on the verge between choosing what I’d die for: To look like Adriana Lima or to marry Ian Somerhalder. HMMMMMM.

      Anyways, she’s just perfect! I love her silliness, like she isn’t afraid to ‘be ugly’ like Tyra says haha
      And Erin’s adorable. Such a cute face and a great bod!

      • artemis

        oh no, another ian fan x_X the guy is veryyy nice and a good actor but so many think he looks so hot while i don’t like his face at all, too disproportionate imo.
        easy for me to choose, neither :)). nice eye color on them though.

  • MissMarilyn

    I love Erin’s freckles! She’s so cute! And love how silly Adriana is being hahah. They’re both gorgeous!

  • Nobsnob

    Has Erin gained? Looks like her thighs are bigger but those “yoga pants” might be delusional?

  • KC

    Is Adriana smiling in those pictures? Looks very awkward. Looks like she was having fun though. I think. I’m not sure. Ugly clothes. Erin is the only VS girl I find adorable, the rest seem evil.

  • Mish

    Are adrianas eyes ever fully open? Haha!
    Erin looks amazingly natural.. loveeeee

  • anushka

    Where is erins butt? I thought it was more curvy.

  • D

    Erin looks uncomfortable by Adriana being so playful/cheesy. I think VS gets their models to do cheesy posing a lot of the time which cheapens things. Erin is cute, all-american.. very typical look-wise. Adriana is exotic and different, very interesting to look at. Both are pretty in extremely different ways so you really cant compare apples to oranges.

  • Melia

    Adriana has beautiful skin. Her face looks like silk.

  • riki

    Erin and Adriana both look great here, very fresh and healthy looking! Didn’t realize Erin had such green eyes… they are really pretty. Love her freckles too.

  • retrobanana

    erin is cute adriana is beautiful…and is it just me or is erin just normal looking body wise i mean my shoulders look like hers….adriana has more of a body i would aspire too and i know for some of you it isnt slim enough but i see a slim yet curvy body but erin kind of just looks she never works out in her life and relys on beign tall and thin…

  • La la la la

    I love Erin. And I think Adriana’s still got it.

  • Emilie

    I just don’t think that Erin is pretty, I never have. And those clothes, I will stick to Nike thank you very much