Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova

Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team

159896847_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team

Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova looked pretty for the cameras as they posed together at the IWC booth during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland a few days ago.

How do you like their black & white and red hot looks?

More shots of these beauties next!


159896704_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team 159896717_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team 159896770_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team  159896876_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team 159896882_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team 159896900_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team 159896901_10 - Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team

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  • sara

    adrianna can this woman get ant prettier/hotter/sexier?

    • sara

      any more*

    • Powwow

      Nope. All round perfection imo

    • Loxy

      Agreed! She can be sexy and cute, natural and glamorous, exotic and girl next door…I don’t know how she does it but somehow she covers it all – beauty from head to toe.

    • Neri

      No I agree! I just really admire her beauty and radiance so much! And she’s SO fresh looking – she’s oozing youth at the age of 31…! Which is such a highly valued quality in the fashion industry. S

      • k

        She is also articulate, kind and gracious. I had the pleasure to interview her a couple of years ago – the nicest, most intelligent model I’ve met.

    • lisa

      im sorry and im going to be hated much but i dont like adriana, never liked her and never will. i just happen to find her very cheap and vulgar looking. and that view she always gives you.. icky. 🙂

      kk on the contrary looks perfect! she lost even more weight, i think, and is stylish, sophisticated and hot! 🙂

      • Ludivine

        lisa, although Adriana is my all time favourite, I understand what you mean about the vulgarity. I think it mostly has to do with her commercial carreer. If she only did high fashion her style would be totally different. Mainly Victoria Secret is ultra vulgarity. Although I am a bit addicted to watching the show, I find the whole thing so vulgar. When Adriana does commerical work, her clothes, make up, her way of posing, behaviour, the look in her eyes, everything is different. I think without all the bling bling she could be very classy and natural. Her ‘commercial’ style make me think a bit of Irina Shayk, who I think is vulgarity itself.

        • Ludivine

          Btw I noticed Adriana always speaks like a little girl. Like she never grew up. Same with Doutzen. They are both older than 25. I think a grown woman should sound sensible. I saw an interview with Cindy Crawford. You could hear she is very intelligent. So but Adriana and Doutzen sound like they don’t really think about anything ever, only about what lipgloss they are going to put on.
          I really like it when beautiful women are strong mentally (so I mean intelligent) as well.

        • lisa

          you know i think you might be right!! somebody mentioned how good adriana looks on the last picture because shes not trying so hard. and i looked again and agreed. 🙂

          • Ludivine

            Yes I noticed that too. Also without make-up and in her free/private time she looks great and more beautiful and sexier because she doesn’t try too hard and she . I think she has natural beauty and has style, but you can kill it with all the make up, wrong style and vulgar posing.

  • misscheeks

    Ha only a supermodel could pull of Karolina’s outfit and she does imo! Adriana looks lovely imo, she’s a pretty woman for sure!

    • jjj2

      Karolina looks amazing there. She is very pretty and has an awesome body.

  • zsa

    Adriana makes kate upton looks like bleh.. whos with me?

    • Kylie

      She’s so far above Kate Upton. She would probably feel super insecure if she had to stand next to Adriana. Well, anyone would.

  • Pixie

    Adriana is stunning!!

  • aimeejaq

    karolina is so so beautiful. (adriana too obvs..) but i think karolina’s beauty is often underapreciated because of the market shes in…she has one of those very different unique beauties and as a VS model they are usually just ‘hot’ upfront…
    anyways she has the most perfect body as well and i think she is a freaking beautiful person INSIDE as well

  • wonderwoman21

    I can’t believe Karolina Kurkova is a big time model; her nose is ugly, it looks like it’s not fully formed. And she has a big horse mouth.

    She would be moderately pretty in the “reak world” but as a model or any example of beauty is pushing it. Adriana on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous, lips, eyes, nose, perfect!

    • Casey

      In her defense, Karolina Kurkova has never been touted for for her facial beauty. It was for her body, and her body (before the weight loss), is unreal, imo. She had super long legs, was toned, and had curves (a butt and boobs). Just Google her pictures in 2005-2008.

      • wonderwoman21

        I’m sure there are plenty of other women who have similar bodies to Kurkova but are better facially. I think her face gets a beauty pass because she’s blonde/light eyed & has an exotic appeal from her name. Who knows though, people seem to like her. I suppose she has what you could call a unique beauty, but she just looks like a Hilton sister to me because of the bird nose.

        • asdf

          OK Karolina is a supermodel because she knows how to take interesting pictures. 99% of models are not beautiful, they are interesting andmake you stop flipping through the magazine and look at their specific advertisement. People would just flip through the pages and not notice any advertisement if they were all the same. People need to realize that model does not equal beautiful….and again karolina can pose she is a true pro

        • MissMarilyn

          as someone who has spent a LOT of time examining bodies in both celebrities and the real world… I have seen very few comparable to Karolina’s. Long, lean, toned, but with an amazing waist, round perky butt and fuller boobs (not the “chicken cutlet in my swimsuit and photoshop” cleavage that a lot of the VS girls have; Karolina actually has fuller breasts).

          It’s like everything anyone could ever want in a body hahaha. I see a lot of tall, lean girls who have awesome legs like Karolina but they lack her butt or chest, or an hourglass-y waist. It’s not very common.

          • Ludivine

            I very much agree about Karolina’s body. No wonder VS wanted her and made her an angel. But I do think she is more pear shaped than an hourglass, but you’re right she has an hourglass waist.
            Btw I think she has the most beautiful butt I have ever seen. Haha.

          • MissMarilyn

            Agree; I also thought she looked like a pear. But a pear-shaped waist… I dunno I’ve never heard that term so I just said hourglass-y hahaha

  • Ah, Adriana looks like she did before!! Her face changed after her pregnancies but now she’s back again.

    She is just so beautiful!

  • dzhii

    Karolina looks gorgeous!

  • sia

    karolina is gorgeous, i like her smile alot.. theres something so genuine and beautiful about it.

  • PinkLadi

    adriana has beautiful hair!

  • ary

    Both look beautiful. Karolina is so sweet, and Adriana looks less try hard, which only makes her even more attractive.

  • I’m not a fan of Adriana usually, but when she’s not posing hard for the camera, she’s very beautiful! I just find her facial expressions and body posture when she’s ‘on’ a bit strained – I guess it’s the VS-training. I feel like I can read her mind in these shots: ‘stretch neck; shoulders down; arch back; boobs out; butt out; hip out; pout; fierce eyes….’! She looks best in the last photo because she’s not trying!

    Karolina is just a bit too angular for me – face and body. Love the red though!

    • lisa

      couldnt agree more. 😉

  • Lauren Carter

    Adrianna does look back to her old self. She looks gorgeous and will always be my fab Victorias Secret model. But she looks tired here.

  • Ludivine

    Hello Adriana, my angel, my goddess.

    Sorry but just is the moste beautiful and sexiest woman in the world (although she has breast implants).

    I always thought Karolina was super hot in the Victoria Secret shows 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, but in real live, without the 1000 layers of body make up, and good lighting she isn’t that pretty at all. Adriana is way more beautiful.

    Also I think Karolina was way sexier with some extra pounds. She gets these heavenly curves with some extra pounds. She is way to skinny now, I think she is underweight. I know is her body is meant to be thin, and long, but not as extreme as this.

    • Ludivine

      And yes, believe me Adriana has breast implants, so she is not that curvy as you might think. I always read that people think Adriana is so curvy. But she is not, only after child birth.
      She is a size 4, with very thin legs, and her natural breast cup is a A, small B. Also she hasn’t got very much of a waist. Soo people: she is not that curvy.

      • serena

        Adriana is not known for being curvy at all. She is famous for her beautiful striking facial features, as well as long, lean legs. Body-wise I prefer Candice or Elsa but Adriana’s face is much more striking as far as VS models go.

        • Ludivine

          Oh really? Sometimes I read articles where the wrighter says things like ‘Adriana is showing her curves’. Also on this site people have described her as the curvier or bigger model.
          I understand the appeal of Candice’s body and her proportions, but they are not my favourite. Don’t get me wrong I thing she is super stunning, also her body is amazing, I particulary liked her in the VS show of 2007 in her skiing outfit. But overall her proportions and measurements are a bit too extreme for me.
          Adriana’s measurement are still a bit more ”normal”. I don’t mean really normal because nobody in real live has her long legs in combination with being so thin and her super stunning face. So I use the term very relatively.

        • Ludivine

          Btw what is the last name of this Elsa, Sorry but I don’t follow all the new models of VS. There are so many and don’t know all there names, although I do recognise their faces mostly.

  • Nobsnob

    I’ve never been a fan of Karolina Kurkova.
    Adriana on the other hand is stunning as usual though she looks a bit tired. She doesn’t need crazy amounts of eyes and lips makeup to look good bc she is a natural beauty.

  • Chelsea

    Adriana looks dead in the eyes in these pictures. Tyra would not be happy hah lol

    • cat

      hahaha!!! So true

      I love / hate / love to hate (like most people) tyra/ANTM

      its hilarious… though I think tyra would approve of Adriana’s “booty tooch” (did you see the episode wear she “taught” the models the booty tooch and make them wear little butt pads?…Such a tyra moment)

  • annemarie

    Adriana is gorgeous! She looks great with this hair colour, and her hair looks beautiful too.

  • binks

    Karolina Kurkova is a little too thin for me, I liked her back when she had a bit of weight on her. Adriana looks like Adriana, which equals usually flawless…lol

    • Ludivine

      I agree. Karolina was so beautiful and feminine with a few extra poundts. It accentuated her curves. Sne is too thin now. I dare to say she is a size 0 right now.

  • annabanana

    both so beautiful. adriana is just perfection. and i can’t believe karolina is pulling off that outfit… but she totally does.

  • Ash

    Adriana Lima is absolutely gorgeous! Not to say that karolina is not gorgeous. Karolina is gorgeous too but Adriana looks a tad better. Adriana is one of the few healthy models I have seen. The modeling industry needs more healthy role models like her. Simply sick of seeing emaciated twigs in this industry.

  • Casey

    I actually think Karolina looks better here, and I don’t usually like her lately.

    I don’t like Adriana’s makeup and her hair just looks messy. She’s obviously a gorgeous woman, but I don’t think these are her best pictures.

    KK looks really well-put together.

  • Ana

    What I would do just to have Adriana’s face! Karolina always looks so old and horsey. I just can’t understand her appeal, and that outfit is hideous.

  • lex

    I have never found Adriana Lima to be beautiful. She’s cute but not gorgeous. Also, her eyes always have this vacant look to them, like she’s not that smart. But she does have a great body.

  • lc

    They are so gorgeous! Adriana is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Karolina is so unique, facially.

    • Candy

      She is even more beautiful than she was 10 years ago.

      • lc

        It is like she can only get more beautiful!

    • Debbs

      I agree with you about Adriana. I have never seen anyone more beautiful.

  • Candy

    Adriana keeps getting better. Karolina has always been one of my favorites, even if her face doesn’t look good in every shot. She looked best back in 2005 though. I love skinny models, but I think she looks better with just a little more weight.

  • Ci

    Both beautiful, but am I the only one who thinks Adriana looks a bit sad or upset about something?

  • Lauren

    Adriana is technically beautiful but I’ve always found her meh, she looks great here though

  • Joy

    I’m amazed how many people here find Adriana stunning/beautiful. While not visually unappealing here, there’s nothing that could make me say Adriana is “flawless”, “gorgeous”, such as others are stating. A smile would help, as would some different/less makeup. Still, I’ve never found her to be very attractive.

    • justme

      I don’t find her terribly attractive either. She’s clearly pretty, and has crazy long legs, but… She just leaves me cold. Her face always seems a bit off too me (especially around the eyes), and I personally prefer more shapely (thicker calves & thighs – the horror! lol) legs.

      She’s a pretty good model with a decent range, wonderful presences, and a great fit for her brand, but I still don’t find terribly appealing.

      • solaxia

        justme- ha ha! I laughed at your comment. Plus, i agree. I usually don’t like model figures (though if I had to choose Candice would be it for me…but the legs and butt put me off her), or model faces overall. I actually think HF models can be prettier…I think Jessica Stam is beautiful facially, as is that Marnya Linchuck (or however it;s spely…I cam’t be bothered googling. Too tired.) Adriana’s face has never wowed me at all. Nor has Miranda’s. I think Karolina was gorgeous facially when she had more meat on her bones…as was her body actually. However I have grown to love Adriana and Doutzen because of their personalitieS! Now I think they are quite stunning!

        • solaxia

          Ugh. You can tell I’m tired by my comment. Could I possibly make anymore mistakes there. It makes no sense.

          Off for a sleep I think!

  • Heather

    Adriana…you are so lovely. Your body isn’t my favorite of the “Angels” but your face is beautiful. As far as being tired looking, she does have a baby at home 🙂

  • Kcb

    I think Adriana should be so beautiful but when her mouth is ajar, I cannot find her attractive. Idk why…

  • Kcb

    I think Adriana should be so beautiful but when her mouth is ajar, I cannot find her attractive. Idk why.

  • Winnie

    Adriana looks gorgeous here. i love her with more subtle, natural make-up as opposed to the usual predictable VS smokey eye

    never really been a fan of Karolina, but her outfit is fiyah! definitely not the kind of look that just anyone could pull off

  • serena

    Adriana is so beautiful! I have similar coloring to her in terms of hair/eyes but the similarity ends there unfortunately – she is one of a kind and I have never seen anyone in real life who looks like her. I like Candice S too but so many girls look like Candice. Karolina is pretty too of course.

    • Loxy

      You are so lucky! I love that skin, eye, hair color combination!

  • solaxia

    Not usually a fan but Adrianna looks stunning here! Never saw her appeal before. It’s almost like she has matured into her features.

    Carolina is beutiful imo, but only with more weight on. At this low weight it really affects her face, plus imo her body isn’t as sexy.

    • Jenn

      Agree that the lower weight on Karolina affects her face. She looks horsey lately. But years ago, she was gorgeous. When she had a shoulder length bob with bangs….I used to want to look like her!

  • La la la la

    adriana… wow
    her outfit is lovely, her shape is great, and her face is just so strikingly unbelievably beautiful. she’s been so hot for so many years!

  • Mia-Ciara

    They were in Switzerland and I didnt know??? Noooooo :((

  • seijidan

    Adrianas features pop out more when her hair is all jet black. she looks amazing here without the stupid wacky poses she usually does and karolina looks lovely as well albeit skinnier than usual

  • lol

    Both have great bodies. Adriana is drop dead gorgeous from head to toe.

  • Kimberly

    Adriana all the way!

  • @Versus can you do a post if you don’t mind on the latest Victoria’s Secret Swim video of the angels lip sync of Maroon 5’s Woman featuring Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin, Karlie Kloss, Lais Ribeiro, among many others showcasing their bods in swimsuits. Here

  • retrobanana

    adriana always comes out on top before miranda, doutzen,candice, and barbera…it was all adriana. it is all adriana she is timeless beautiful sexy!

  • Hannah

    Never used to see the appeal of Adriana but recently I think she’s absolutely stunning. She’s is so beautiful and I can’t place why, I think she just has the whole package. If I looked like her I’d just look at how beautiful I was all day!

  • Priscila

    They are both beautiful woman! Adriana’s eyes are wonderulf and I also like her skin tone.
    Karolina has some serious amazing legs! And a cute smile too.

    • Priscila


  • hasita

    Adriana is hands down THE prettiest most exotic woman I have ever seen… if you think she’s average or ugly youre jealous.. HAHA Just Kidding (not really) ( im really joking, maybe lol ) anyways, she is soo beautiful.

    • anonymous

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so everyone has a different opinion. I agree that Adriana is attractive to me too… But she’s not “my type.” Everyone has different preferences. The same thing goes for what is considered “exotic” – which just means foreign or different. Considering most of the entire world has dark hair and eyes, natural redheads and blondes are technically more rare…. Though I don’t think exotic is just about hair color or skin tone. It realy depends on which country you go to. In some parts of the world redheads or blondes with pale skin are exotic, while in others it is the opposite. Where I come from I have seen plenty of people (male or female) with the same dark hair, light eyes, tanned skin, and similar features to Adriana. They don’t all necessarily look like her, but generally she wouldn’t look exotic to me. She is pretty though…

      • hasita

        well I think she is stunning and exotic… she has beautiful features and a gorgeous body.. not your preference? okay lol I still think she is Top 10 most beautiful

  • anonymous

    I don’t find Adriana Lima exotic at all… Is she attractive? Yes, but exotic? No, not to me personally. Ive seen plenty of women with dark hair, tanned skin, light eyes, similar features… They may not all look just like her, but they have similar coloring and/or features. To me she is overrated and looks like a lot of other girls, perhaps just prettier… Karonlina actually has a more interesting face to me. I Karolina is pretty too (her and Adriana are both beautiful women), however Karonlina would look better if she gained some weight… I remember when she had more curves a few years ago and it suited her.

    • solaxia

      I actually completely agree with you.

  • aline

    Adriana is a total goddess,she is insanely and unfairly beautiful.It’s like I can’t even imagine a more beautfiul woman,let alone seeing.But to be frank,I prefer her in photos.She stands out next to Karolina in this picture,but in videos(not to mention she is still drop dead gorgeous) I can’t really tell she looks way more beautiful than Karolina.Maybe her expressions and mimics??I don’t know…But all I know is,she has very striking features and is quite photogenique.