Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima in Short Shorts

FFN_g_50983010 - Adriana Lima in Short Shorts

Leggy Model Treat: Adriana Lima was spotted this weekend while on a Starbucks run in Miami… and on this occasion, the brunette beauty wore a pair of denim shorts that showed off her thin legs.

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FFN_g_50983016 - Adriana Lima in Short Shorts FFN_g_50983017 - Adriana Lima in Short Shorts FFN_g_50983018 - Adriana Lima in Short Shorts FFN_g_50983019 - Adriana Lima in Short Shorts FFN_g_50983020 - Adriana Lima in Short Shorts

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  • Faidra

    She looks gorgeous! I like models in everyday photos more than in professional ones. Most of them are very beautiful and they look better with a casual, no make up style.

    • MissMarilyn


    • clara

      she’s so beautiful.

  • Pretty, oh so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eline

    What a beauty! I just love love love love her. To me her body is perfection; curvy but skinny. And she is sexy as hell!

    • Nobsnob

      Yep! She’s one of those girls who can do no wrong in my book. Love her and admire her body and her face so much!
      The outfit I loved her the most in was the VS 2010 show’s fantasy bra outfit, she was-and is- just perfect from head to toe.

  • isabel

    Like how she looks in here but I’m not a fan of her bodytype. I prefer smaller waists like Candice’s and Cintia’s, but Adriana is sexy so at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

  • GlamDoll

    such longgg legs!

    • Mishael

      Yeah, her legs are very long. No comparison to my 30’5 inseam. *Sigh* But their shape is not very interesting to me. I prefer Candice’s or Lily’s shape or Doutzen’s very toned legs.

      • misscheeks

        Mishael 30.5″ inseam ain’t bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m pretty leggy for my height (5″4) and have a shorter torso which I don’t mind but it does make it a pain to buy trousers…sometimes they just sit at the ankle lol and it also means I don’t have a super cinched-in waist even though it’s small. Personally, I value tone and shapeliness over leg length most of the time.

        • Winnie

          i agree. i also have long, thin legs and although i get compliments on them when i show them off, they’re just alright IMO. i’d rather have shapelier legs, especially as far as my calves go.

        • Mishael

          Thank you, misscheeks. But 30’5 would be nice for someone of your height, while I am 2 inches taller than you. Plus I am a slim pear. And although my legs can look quite skinny and proportionate in right clothes, in bikini or underwear the disproportion is rather obvious. Agh, enough. I know how ppl get irritated when someone writes a lot about their precious bodies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cristina

    She looks so nice natural and effortless. Her husband looks good too

  • its sad that one day she will have to leave vs ๐Ÿ™ she is such a good model and a beautiful one. vs is already so typical with its blonde-bomb shell-look (with the help of push up bra’s of course) and when adriana leaves it will be a such a disappointment…

    • Nobsnob

      VS without Adriana= huge loss
      She still looks so fresh and like for the first kid I’ms sure she’s going to lose whatever remains of baby fat quick.
      I don’t think Heidi Klum aged well (she left at 37 if I’m correct) but I think Adriana could do 4 or 5 more years and still look as good. She’s got a bit of a baby face which ages well.
      I may be egoistical but I hope she won’t have 4 or more babies because we would see her a lot less.

  • linda

    Looks like a teenager! Not because of her body or to be said in a bad way, but she looks young, fresh and natural, wish I could see her more like this.

    • Nobsnob

      Yep she still looks as young as when she started.
      She is “ageing” (well she is still very young) so well !!

  • Sienna


  • lc

    Gorgeous. Love those legs! She has an amazing body.

  • serena

    While I don’t think Adriana has the best body of the VS angels (I prefer defined waists like Candice or Elsa) I think she has a gorgeous face! Striking and beautiful, not cookie cutter at all. Also she has great legs with lean toned thighs. I’m jealous of her legs and the Miami weather; here there’s snow on the ground :/

  • Will never get the hype about Adriana. She is pretty, but nothing to get very excited about. Her body type is not my favourite and her legs, though long and lean, are not very shapely. But, like most VS models, I think she looks better in candids than she does in their shoots and on their runway! I just prefer the natural look – and she looks nice here.

    • lol

      You are so predictable . Yeah because she has long lean legs they aren’t very “shapely” to you. To be “shapely” to you she would have to be 5ft 4 and 200 pounds to be considered soft and feminine. For goodness sake, give it a rest ffs. I am sure you look so much better than all these models you bad mouth. Just please shut up. You always sound so bitter at VS models. You always find flaws in hot looking women.
      Why does nobody else get irritated at you?

      • MissMarilyn


        Lol sweetie, if anyone is predictable, its you. As soon as I saw your name I was like “she’s probably saying mean stuff to Erica”
        AND I was correct.

        And lol, no one else gets irritated at Erica because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So what if Erica likes a different body type than you? And I’ve never seen her advocate the body type of someone who is morbidly obese (which is what 5’4 and 200 pounds would be) so… not sure why you’re ranting. Do you really care that much about someone’s own personal opinions on celebrity bodies?

        And I actually agree with Erica, Adriana does not have very shapely legs. They’re not very toned at all. I don’t really like legs like that either; her calves and thighs are pretty much the exact same size with no muscle definition. Adriana’s legs aren’t the worst case of it, but I know what Erica is talking about and I agree.

        • lol

          Shut your gob you stupid bint. I will say what I want. With or without the Erica’s cyber body guard club getting in on it.
          Erica is an insecure woman who is always putting down slim women. I was talking to Erica. Not you. The only time I notice you most of the time is by that stupid Jennifer L avater. Piss off.

          • lol

            And next time tell erica to fight her own battles rather than getting her little bum hole lickers to do it for her. You have only been at this site for 5 seconds. I have seen 3 years worth of erica’s insecure tantrums and am more than aware of what body type she prefers. I am also aware that only she is allowed to post under other names.

          • MissMarilyn

            lmao that’s a picture of me… not Jennifer L.

          • MissMarilyn

            I’ve actually been on this site since I was 15… that was back in like 2009. I just started commenting now.

          • That was completely uncalled for lol. I don’t care about you being mean to me anymore, but calling other posters names because they might agree with me or not like your constant, obsessive stalking is low. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you don’t seem to believe that – unless their opinion is in line with yours, I suppose. I’m surprised you didn’t say MissMarilyn is some clever alter-ego I have concocted to throw you off!

            You were not talking to me anyway – you never do. You don’t reply when I sometimes reply to your comments because you’re not interested in a conversation. You are a bully and a very predictable, run of the mill one at that. If you think what you write hurts me or makes me think in any way you’re wrong – I smiled as I wrote the comment about Adriana as I knew you would reply with the same thing as you always do. You love Adriana and the VS models and those kind of body types and you can’t stand the fact that I don’t find them as special and I’m honest about that. And I have never once said 5’4 and 200lbs is the ideal – far, far from it.

            Change the record – you’re getting really dull.

      • serena

        Shapely legs does not mean fat. It means lean with visible muscle definition. Blake Lively is tall and slim but known for shapely legs. Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, also have a nice shape to their legs imo. Of course Adriana works out just as much as they do, but her natural shape is straighter so the definition in her legs is less prominent. Still, they’re extremely long and lean, so to criticize her muscle definition is just nit-picking for imperfections.

        • solaxia

          I don’t think saying she doesn’t have muscle definition is nit picking. I personally don’t think any of the models legs you mentioned are shapely. I think Blake Lively has nice legs, they are shapely and long is just another thing added imo. I usually would judge legs based on how shapely and defined they are, and none of those (besides Blake) have shapely or defined legs imo. To each her own.

  • Jacky Daniels

    imo shes pretty from a far, close to face not so much. she is sexy for shure but not so beautifull. again for a girl next door she is a knockout, for a model shes ok.thats all.

  • Hazal

    Sooooo gorgeous as always! I don’t care about her figure because with that face she’s beautiful anyway.

  • jamie

    Her children are going to have legs FOREVER
    Lookin good.

  • Anastasia.


  • wonderwoman21

    Definitely one of my face VS models; along with Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel. Face-wise, Adriana Lima is my fave. Bodywise, definitely Candice.

  • Denise

    Her children are going to be 20 ft tall.

  • Denise

    5 10 140 lbs. She said her weight is usually around 135 and she looks back in shape. It seems everyone likes her here, not just because her beauty but her personality isn’t as off putting as all these other 15 minute “celebrities” like Kim K.

    • Bronte

      Where did she say that? Justout of curiosity, I ciuldn’t find a variable source for it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ash

      Does nt look 5’10 to me more like 5’9. Her weight should be abt 125lbs to abt 135lbs. So the weight claim seems plausible.

    • HazeL

      It’s refreshing to hear an honest weight about a model, I’m also 5’10 and when I’ve been under 140lbs I’ve been told I look ill, told to eat more, called bean pole/ lanky etc. I guess it really does depend on build etc. I remember that Rebecca Romijin said on her blog that even at her skinniest she was never below 140lbs. I would actually have to starve to be 120lbs like other models are listed as (I know people can naturally be 5’10 and 120lbs or get to that weight through a healthy diet and exercise – but for some of us it is implausible)

  • HB

    I really don’t like shapeless legs :/ She looks like she’s lost weight since the fashion show.

  • silvy

    she is perfect (except for that horrible foot tattoo)

  • rachwestnz

    i have a foot tat i want removed, anyone had this, did it cost a fortune? and adriana is perfect…sigh

  • zahra


  • Pixie

    Gorgeous!!! And great legs!!

  • binks

    Honestly, I would NOT recognize her if I ran into her. She is pretty but with most models in daily life they look sort of plain. But Adrianna is still my favorite so…

  • lol

    She has the ideal figure with legs that go on forever. I can’t believe anyone finds so many faults this women. The comments about “shapeless” legs just come from envy and jealousy from people who wished they looked like that.
    I don’t usually play the jealousy card but some repetitive comments from certain people on here clearly stem from pure jealousy. since you have to keep pointing out the same things everytime there is a post on her.

    • MissMarilyn

      I envy the length of her legs but I do not envy their shape at all. They look very untoned.

      THESE are toned legs that are still long: (blake lively, obviously)

      her legs are much better than Adriana’s imo. I also think that Candice beats Adriana in the leg department (but not in the face department). Adriana is still lovely and is still one of my favorite VS models but I understand why her legs are criticized.

      • Winnie

        i agree. i quite dislike Blake, i find her dull and annoying, but I must say, she has an amazing body. her legs are to die for. Candice also has amazing legs. she has the length AND the shape going on. gotta love that. Adriana is quite attractive and likeable, but her legs just don’t impress me *shrugs*

    • Kimberly

      Oh stop with the jealousy crap. People have a preference and are free to express it on this site. I find Adrianna to be facially stunning but I prefer a different body type. That doesn’t make me jealous. Do you always have a problem with people who have a different opinion from your own? And BTW, it was very predictable that you would go after Erica for expressing her opinion.

      • lol

        “And BTW, it was very predictable that you would go after Erica for expressing her opinion.”

        It’s also predictable that YOU and the rest of the real women brigade jump top erica’s defense.

        • lol

          How many times as erica told us how unfeminine and unwomanly she finds Adriana? Yes we get it.
          but why does she keep saying it? It’s not the fact that she thinks it but the fact that she has spent god knows how many years trying to drum it into everyone. and telling everyone that men don’t find Adriana attractive. Who the heck is she to speak for all men? The same goes for the rest of her clique here. You spend enough time giving everyone else a hard time but never her.

      • MissMarilyn

        oh my goodness. lol if there is anyone on this site who is immature… its you. Clearly.

        • lol

          I am not the one claiming to be a 38 year old mother of 4, who sits on the net all day being hypocritical with people half her age. that would be Miss Kumberly.

      • annabanana

        @Versus, I think comments calling other commenters “dumb bitches” should be moderated.

  • Ash

    Despite being abt 5’9 she look so tiny besides her gigantic partner. The dude looks abt 6’7 at least!

  • annabanana

    I think she looks incredible. Just gorgeous. Love that she isn’t so tan, though I prefer her hair a little lighter. But seriously, she is beautiful.

  • rachwestnz

    hahahaha i dont even know whats going on anymore.

  • Eve

    Amazing legs!

  • retrobanana

    she looks healthy and curvy and super sexy