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What Does Alessandra Ambrosio Eat in One Week? Day By Day Menu!

Alessandra Ambrosio attending the Vogue 90th Anniversary party, at the Pozzo di Borgo Hotel in Paris, France, on September 30, 2010. Photo by Guibbaud-Gorassini/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

New York Magazine found out something which many of us were eager to discover: what skinny supermodel / hot mom Alessandra Ambrosio eats! Alessandra has said numerous times that she eats everything her heart wants and desires, only in small quantities. Let’s check out her entire menu, then discuss!

Friday, March 12
I had eggs with bacon, an English muffin, and coffee. My fiancé cooked it for me. He does the eggs – I really don’t know how to do eggs, only fried. My favorite way is eggs Benedict, but at home I just do scrambled.

After that it was lunch. I had Japanese – miso soup, salad, you know those little bento boxes. I had a spicy-tuna roll, a California roll, a little salad, soup. It was delivery from Mishima; it’s the one I always order from near my house. I trust them. If I’ve been to the place, I like it, I trust it, then I can order delivery.

In the afternoon I had some nuts, and then candy.

That night I went on a flight, so I had airplane food: bread, salad, asparagus, salmon, fish, rice, vegetables, a little cheesecake slice, a glass of wine. It’s all small courses. I was going to Brazil. I was shooting the next day and coming back to New York – it was, like, less than twelve hours in Brazil.

Saturday, March 13
At the hotel, I had a coffee and then cheese bread. Then I had a little cheese-and-ham sandwich, a little scrambled eggs and bacon, a little bit of carrot cake.

I was shooting, and I had a guava between shots. For lunch I had filet mignon with salad.

For dinner, I had a fish – it’s called moqueca, it’s very Brazilian. It’s fish with vegetables and then this oil from the north of Brazil called dende oil; the flavor is very good. When I was on the plane, I had some yuca soup, bread, coconut water, and chocolate before sleeping. Source

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Sunday, March 14
I had an English muffin and a coffee. Then I went for brunch at around three in the afternoon – I had a Bloody Mary, eggs Benedict, a little bit of pancake, and a cappuccino. We were at the Standard Grill; it was really good, actually. I’ve had dinner there before, but I kind of prefer the brunch. It’s nicer during the day. It’s a beautiful room.

I came back home and I had some pickles. Later I had some miso soup and salad from the same Japanese place as Wednesday. Then I went to the theater – we saw Alice in Wonderland in Imax 3-D, it was pretty good – and I had a popcorn and a little Coca-Cola. I don’t really drink sodas, but when I have popcorn or pizza I need a little. It’s the perfect combination.

Monday, March 15
I had coffee and an English muffin sandwich with ham and cheese at home.

For lunch I was at home, too: I had rice, beans, salad, and a chicken breast. The nanny made it for me – she cooks for my daughter and I had some. In the afternoon I had two chocolate-chip cookies and a green-tea latte.

In the nighttime, I had a dinner at my house, so I went and bought cheese, olives, salami, caviar – all those things. I had some lobster ravioli and a little tiramisu. We bought it ready-made, it was one of those things you just warm it up. To drink I had some wine.

Tuesday, March 16
I had one cappuccino, but I didn’t really have breakfast because I woke up late.

For lunch, I had a lamb tagine with couscous and a mint tea at Café Mogador. I love that place for brunch, but it was actually the first time I tried lunch there. I usually just go for the eggs Benedict, but people told me the tagine and couscous is amazing, so I wanted to try it. And then I had two packs of seaweed – you pick them up at Japanese grocery stores, just pure dry seaweed. I love it; it’s a good snack, it’s really healthy. I also had a cookie. After that I had a little eggs with salami.

At night, I went to a Japanese-barbecue restaurant called Gyu-Kaku. I had kalbi soup, which I love – it’s so spicy. I had some barbecue: filet mignon, all different kinds of meat, mushrooms, sweet potato, and one s’more for dessert. We had some sake.

Wednesday, March 17
I had some salami-and-cheese sandwich and some coffee. I shared a banana with my daughter, but she only had like two little bites, so maybe that doesn’t count as sharing.

For lunch I had some rice, beans, and ground meat with vegetables – just a little bit, a little plate.

After, I went to Nyonya, a Malaysian place, and I had some beef with noodles and a whole roti canai, which is this bread with curry sauce. That’s one of my favorite plates in the city. And then later I got home and I had some chicken and vegetable soup.

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  • nobody

    Pff..She probably means by ‘a little bit’ 2 bites or something..

  • Susan

    sounds good!

  • vivina

    This is her real menu: Monday :nothing Tuesday:nothing Wednesday:nothing Thirsday:nothing Friday:nothing Saturday:nothing Sunday:one carrot

    • crystal


      • Papy86

        Ahahahahah 🙂 sounds real

    • Jemima


    • crissi

      Wow that was utterly unnecessary. Just because she eats a healthy amount and yet is thin, you can’t jump to conclusions and assume that she starves herself. She is thin, yes, but her photographs are obviously airbrushed as well, to enhance her figure. Also, some people have naturally fast metabolisms. It’s not fair to assume that she doesn’t eat. I have friends who can eat 4 times that amount and don’t gain any weight, it’s just the way they’re built. Genetics tie in to metabolism a lot, as well as the amount of physical activity you do.

    • Anonymous

      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. She becuase she is naturally thin doesn’t mean she starves herself. She wouldn’t be so successful if she was starving, becuase she just wouldn’t have the energy to work the long hours that models do.
      You are probably very jelaous, as everyone is, of her incredibly high metabolism. Also, being a model and everything, she probablt does a lot of exercise. I man what do you expect. You ignorant biggots really irritate me.

    • Jane

      I dont think that’s fair to assume.
      I’m 24yrs old, 5’6 and 105 lbs. I eat tons much and never gain weight.. so her diet really doesn’t shock me at all.

    • e

      thats bs…what Layne said above, some models have metabolisms that are crazy fast, genetically blessed, i know! Stop being bitter and jealous this girl most definitely eats all that stuff, she is naturally skinny and tall and looks toned!
      just because you can’t lose weight or stay thin that easily doesn’t make it fair to say everyone has to struggle. it’s unfair and it’s true. get over it

  • lana

    if she does actually eat any of that it would be mouse size portions im sure. who knows maybe she is that lucky.

    • maddie

      probably….although there’s nothing wrong with that…american places always serve HUGE portions….way over the limit of what you’re supposed to have so a little bit is probably the right amount….it’s so hilarious that nobody thinks it’s possible to eat yummy things and be skinny…absolutely hilarious….

  • Ly

    Ok, am I the only person who thinks that she’s not saying the hole truth? Oh, come on… If I eat all this on a month I’d feel like a monster…Imagine in one week.

    • ccc

      why a monster? the majority of it is healthy.

    • michelle

      You can eat that much if you eat healthy food and do not overeat… people often starve themselves to stay thin, but they do not have to.

      • MM

        She’s also (wait for it, wait for it)… RICH. Have you ever dined in a super-fancy restaurant? The proportions are miniscule compared to, say, Applebees or Olive Garden. They’re actual portion sizes. Additionally, all those items do not come out at once. It’s several courses, so you end up eating for 2-3 hours or so, which is really just grazing.
        On top of everything else, she works out a LOT. She is a naturally thin person, but she maintains it/sculpts it with diet and exercise.

        • EllaLaLa

          I agree. If you ever go to one of those fancy restaurants where you eat a six-course meal, it is not six enormous plates larger than your head. It is more six small morsels and you tend to savour it more and eat slower, which fills you up quicker than shovelling large amounts of food in as fast as possible.

    • healthy’n’sexy

      this is pretty much how i eat. i am not so tall and so thin. 173cm, 57-58kg. plus 1h running 1-3/week. plus 1 yoga class/week. but it works! i didn t have any weight fluctuations in the last six years.

  • Pie

    I believe her because she looks naturally skinny. Getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight leads me to believe this is just how she looks.

    That being said, damn! If I ate that much cheese and carbs I’d be huge. Lucky her I guess…

    • You’d only be huge eating cheese and carbs if you ate too many calories; they are the sole determinant of whether you gain, maintain or lose body fat. Macronutrients and specific foods are never inherently fattening or slimming.

      • Finne

        Really? My BS in Biochemistry says differently, but hey, you’re the internet expert. Check your science mate, it’s a bit wonky. “Macronutrients and specific foods are never inherently fattening or slimming.” Wrong. Just so, so wrong. “You’d only be huge eating cheese and carbs if you ate too many calories; they are the sole determinant of whether you gain, maintain or lose body fat.” Also painfully, painfully wrong.

        Sigh. Sometimes, I really wish people would stop listening to “nutritionists,” people who have absolutely no idea what actually happens to food once you ingest it, and start paying attention to people who study the science, not the conventional wisdom, of health and nutrition.

        Get an introductory Biochemistry course book. Or just read anything by Gary Taubes, Arthur deVany, Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, or the Doctors’ Eades, on the subject.

        • BS is right. Provide real facts if you expect to be taken seriously.

          • edith the elf

            Wow, Finne! Your comment seems unnecessarily harsh.

            I think you may have misunderstood Alexa’s original comment. She said “you’d only be huge eating cheese and carbs if you ate too many calories; they are the sole determinant of whether you gain, maintain or lose body fat.”

            “They” is referring to the calories (not the cheese and carbs). Her statement is true. Weight essentially does boil down to calories in versus calories out. Obviously, some fats are absorbed differently by the body and some sugars, too (i.e. “bad” sugars and “bad” fats). I think this is the point you were trying to make about macronutrients, yes?

            So, I think it’s possible that both you and Alexa’s comments are correct. As Alexa says, no food is inherently fattening. For instance, you could eat syrup and not get fat (of course, you would have to exercise sufficiently, or eat very little else that day – but it is possible; I believe that was Alexa’s point).

            I also agree with your comment about nutritionists. Most of them do practise pseudoscience.
            However, I worry about your inclusion of Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain in the list of “recommended authors”. They are advocates of the paleolithic diet, which is based on a lot of dodgy assumptions about evolution. Not to mention ridiculously unhealthy exclusion-based diet philosophies. As a scientist, you should know that moderation and variety is the key to successful human development. As for Michael Eades…can I hear anyone say militant meat eater? Low-carb diets are well-established to be harmful for kidney, heart and bladder function.

            Anyway, my point is two-fold:

            Firstly, you would have more credibility if you didn’t cite authors who are well-known for their own extremism, albeit at the opposite end of the spectrum to that you criticise.

            Secondly, there are kinder ways to express your opinion than by telling someone to “go to hell” and patronisingly referring to her as “sweetie”. Not to mention your disparaging comments about Alexa being “pathetic” and an “asshole”. It makes you look insecure; furthermore, resorting to name-calling detracts from the strength of your argument.

          • Finne

            I’d really couldn’t care less how I come off in this situation to be honest. The authors I cited were MDs and biochemists, and not only do I agree with their conclusions about health, I have put my clients on their protocols and had across the board success with reversing the conditions I mentioned.

            And by the way, weight does not essentially boil down to calories, if it did, I wouldn’t be seeing clients lose weight on a 3,000 calorie, energy positive diet, and they wouldn’t have gained the weight initially consuming 900-1200 calories. So say what you will about extremism, but I have produced results and so have the authors I’ve cited with the exception of Taubes, who is a journalist. It’s also worth mentioning that I have seen the same protocol reverse CVD, so any claim that the diet is dangerous because of high saturated fats and cholesterol is moot. In practice, the only patients I have ever seen with risk factors for heart disease have been following low-fat, grain and sugar heavy diets their GPs had put them on years prior.

            Basically, I’m getting really sick of seeing people like her, trumpeting the diet that I see literally killing people, as the healthy epitome. Not only that, but spreading this dishonesty around these forums, like she has ANY idea what she’s talking to. I don’t care if you don’t believe a word I’m saying, but if it makes one person read the authors I mentioned or pick up a biochemistry course book, it will have been worth the time spent.

          • Casey

            It’s nice to see a bit of science on this site, even if it’s expressed harshly. I too am tired of seeing people promote stupid diets that go against decades of years of research on the human body, and the claims that it’s “great” because of nothing more than a placebo effect.

          • edith the elf

            You say you “couldn’t care less” and then say “but if it makes one person read the authors I mentioned or pick up a biochemistry course book, it will have been worth the time spent.”

            I just think that if you had been less aggressive, you might have got your point more well-received, and people might have actually gone and read some of those books. That’s all I meant.

            Of course, there are the exceptions to the “calories out v. calories in” model. That was meant to be conveyed in my use of the word “essentially”, i.e. I meant for most people most of the time. But of course, nutrients are well important too, as you state.

            And, of course, there’s a difference between weight and health; I think the OP was more focused on weight, whereas health seems to be your driver, yes?

            Anyway, peace 🙂

          • Finne, one of two things is happening here: Either you’re spouting a bunch of nonsense about a subject you can’t even begin to understand, or you misunderstand what I’m saying and we agree. I suspect it’s the former since you seem to think that putting an ordinary client on a 3,000 calorie diet and telling them to never eat grains is healthy and ethical. If you think that making your clients eat a meat-based, high-protein diet is a good idea, you should do some reading up on real research instead of mass-produced pop-science diet books, because the consensus is that the Atkins-style meat-centric low-carb diet literally kills people via heart disease, renal failure and cancer. It’s too bad that people like you are so unwilling to admit that you aren’t an expert that you’re contributing to millions of needless deaths every year.

        • Kimberly

          Thank you for writing this, even if it was a little bit harsh. You are correct in your assertions.

        • sherapower

          I agree with you. It IS possible to eat anything you want…even for instance only m&m’s pork rinds, and french fries, ‘IF’ (key word), you control the portions very well, and keep the ‘CALORIE COUNT’ until the total your body requires for weight gain. Though she listed a wide variety of foods, she did not claim to have finished the enire portion of many. She may very well, of had quite small portions of each. Additionally, if she exercises, and maintains a busy life style, that only contributes to the calorie deficit. I know this for a fact, because when I was younger, I ate very poorly, and lost a lot of weight. However most of the food I did eat, was fattening foods such as fries, chips, or candy. People who saw me eating this, were flabbergasted how I was losing weight, not making the connection that, although the food was high calorie in general, that I wasn’t eating much of it. (I am NOT promoting that behavior at all, it is very unhealthy, I am just referencing a vaild possibility. I also notice, that in Alessandra’s die plan, she did NOT list actual amounts of the food she claims to have consumed. There for it is impossible to calculate the actual caloric content of her intake. Most nutritionist, would require that you give the actual portions and amounts, in order to accurately examine ones diet.

        • Emily

          Sigh, your comment is painfully, painfully irritating.

        • leslie

          this comment made my day! couldn’t agree more! all about doing as the cavemen did!

          • leslie

            meat & fat all the way! SCIENCE supports it, even if people prefer to ingore it.

  • udkcoco

    I don’t think she’s lying. She probably just knows how to stop when she’s full, unlike most people. In order to be alive and stuff she needs to eat. This eating nothing idea is ridiculous. If she was eating nothing the whole time she’s been modeling she’d be dead by now or we’d definitely be able to see every single bone like on maury povich. Stop hating. Now I’m starving after reading that 🙁

  • Sarah

    I also think that she must only eat tiny portions of these meals. Because all these things sound like a 2000 calories a day diet and there is no way she can eat that much even with a really good metabolism!

    • If she is 5’9” and 115 lbs. let’s say, at her age and while working out 4-5 times a week, she needs to eat around 1900 calories / day to maintain her body weight – her menu could easily be around that.
      I don’t understand why so many of you are surprised, it seems reasonable to me.

      • Where do you get that calculation. Even a skinny 5’9 tall women who works out THAT much needs way over 2000 calories,

        I don’t work out except very occasionally, just stay active by walking, am 5’4 and 114 or so pounds, and I eat 2200-2500.

        • I used this calculator:

          If you are younger, you need more. If you work out HARD, you need to eat more – it’s all relative. I have no doubts that you can maintain eating that amount.

          • I’m 24, not a teenage calorie burning machine anymore.

            That calculator seems like it’s underestimating a lot (it gives me 1500 calories for sedentary? no way). There are a lot of formulas out there, some better then others.

        • kate1st

          Sarah, a 115lb woman with Ale’s level of body fat and activity level would need at least 2000 calories to maintain their weight.

          • kate1st

            Yes, that BMR calculator definitely seems too low on the calorie estimates. Katch McArdale is a better formula as it takes into account lean body mass as well as activity level.

        • TJ

          Comparing yourself to another proves nothing. You could have no muscle whatsoever for all we know. Especially since you don’t work out very hard. I’m an inch shorter than you, weigh more, weight train and eat fewer calories. So… does that make me wrong?

      • Sarah

        Okay I guess I forgot about the working out… it’s just that in my experience the really skinny girls (and in my opinion Alessandra is really skinny) usually eat less than normal (and normal is around 2000cals).
        I guess I just can’t picture a model eating normal food…

  • Itsemi

    sorry Sarah, but 2000 kcal a day is what a “normal” woman should eat! I am Size 2 (US) and I eat 1800-2000 kcal a day.

  • Anna

    It seems like a lot of food to me. But maybe some are just blessed with fast metabolisms. But that is more than I eat in a month. If that’s all the truth, good for her.

  • DainaLi

    Well i’m blessed with an awesome metabolism, but i still can’t eat 2000 cals a day, per the conversation above. maybe it’s just because i’m smaller, & short. not that it has anything to do with it, but i just can’t seem to ever eat that much. it’s too much for me.
    but, i think that i agree somewhat with the posts on here. i do think that she eats smaller portions, BUT! the portions that we receive anyway in restaurants are insane! that is not one serving, most times it is 2 or 3! she probably eats the correct serving size, which then would make more sense. anything that they give you when you don’t cook it yourself is huge. that’s just a fact, look it up all you want. then look up a serving size & you’ll see. for meats, its about the size of your fist. that’s it. but then in places they’ll give you a ton! so i think she does eat that, but the actual right, correct portions. I’m sure she also drinks a hell of a lot of water too.

  • ayse86

    I would expect her to eat less to be honest, but if she’s working out then it really isn’t that much… I eat carbs and cheese every day and I’m very slim… Everyone is different.

    But saying that, just because I eat carbs and cheese, doesn’t mean I have 5 chocolate bars a day. Obviously everyone can and will gain weight if they are having biscuits, crisps and chocolate on a daily basis, but things like bread and cheese are needed in a healthy diet.

  • linda

    what is kind of missing is anything fried and sugary crap. she hasn’t mentioned any sugary drink (bloody mary is the exception)… so yea, if she doesn’t overeat like americans she can easily maintain her body with this menu plan.

    • Kimberly

      Not all Americans overeat. Please stop making generalizations.

      • linda

        and i never said all americans do. but considering she eats out a lot…
        go to a couple american restaurants and then go to a few danish, dutch, belgian, french, spanish ones and you realize what i mean.

        • leonore

          Yeah, Europeans (some of them at least; not all Europeans were create equal) are so much more sophisticated.

          • linda

            uhm, no, not sophisticated. but portion size in the US is still larger 😉

          • CéliAmbre

            Well Europe has a longer history than America (not countring native american history); they have had more time to creat an entire (eating and food) culture, and traditions. But Europeans are also eating less and less well, and (on average) becoming more and more overweight.

        • Karolina

          europeans become fatter because of the american lifestyle (mcdonalds, burgerkings, etc) that is brought to us. without the american influence we would stick to our culture food-wise and obesity would not be a common isssue.
          it is what it is, the US has no food culture at all, the europeans do.

          • snoops

            I dont think europeans are getting fatter because of americans, I think europeans are getting fatter because of ourselves, not because of another country which we can blame it on.

          • lc

            Well, apparently not. You just said that more and more American foods are being brought over, so it looks like it is not that set anymore in Europe, food-tradition wise.

          • gen

            Yea, but what about Germany for an example? Their cultural foods are just a bunch of sausages, saurkraut, and potatoes. My brother visited Germany on an exchange trip and ate plentifully to not offend his hosts, but he along with most of his classmates got extremely constipated. Not all “European” countries are full of culinary geniuses.

            Same goes for England. Meat pies? Seriously? Ew.

          • No food culture? Every country has their cultures – yes, there’s fast food in the US. But there are also lots of foods that do not appear in other nations. Please don’t make such rude, ignorant comments.

          • Karolina

            sorry, but everytime I am in the US I freak out because of the terrible food-options there…especially when you can’t afford going to restaurants all the time. I mean you have sugar everywhere, even in bread! and the bread they sell in the US is a joke…I mean you don’t need teeth to chew it…it is just soft and somehow sweet…really strange! the US is a fast food nation, in every aspect, the last time I went there I choose “asian” food because I thought -ok maybe it is a little bit healthier than the other greasy stuff they sell in this mall, but to my suprise it tasted completly honey-sauce sweet…I mean who does that! the same thing you have with your barbecue sauces, they are so disgusting…and a big part of your food-“culture”…I mean I understand…the meat they are allowed to sell in the US is something I would not even feed my dog! Hormone, antibiotics loaden shi*, so without the sweet honey whatever barbecue sauce nobody could stand the real taste of that disgusting meat. and your food industry invents things like mayonnaise that tastes like bacon??? hello? I am offendend because that sort of greasy shi* is expanding to europe…please stop it!

          • Casey

            Karolina, I think your blind hatred for America may be affecting your logic a little. As a European who now lives in America, you’re wrong on the many things you’ve said in your post.

            For starters, the only true difference between America and Europe is in restaurants…the portions are different. Everything else is the same.

            1) For every terrible food option, there is a healthy one. They sell organic fruits and meat in America too you know, as well as having healthy restaurants for all your favorite cuisines. I don’t know where you went to when you visited America (or if you’ve even been at all), but where I live, for every McDonalds there’s a health-food place alternative. There are also grocery stores specifically catered to healthy living and organic food. The options are there. If people choose not to use them, that’s a different story.
            2) Sugar in bread is nearly negligent. But perhaps you were looking at the wrong place? In the 3 grocery stores near my house, they all sell fresh bread that they make twice a day. It’s not processed and has no sugar. This was the same as the European grocery stores I have visited..processed bread in the isles, fresh bread at the bakery located inside.
            3) You probably went to a fast-food Chinese place which was cheap. You get what you pay for. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in America that are delicious and healthy. Actually, there are some that are “fast-food” and still healthy…because they make it a point of being like that. It’s not hard to find them either.
            4) Mayonaisse has been an export in Europe since the 1960’s; it’s not taking over merely now. If you don’t like it don’t eat it. It’s just egg, oil and vinegar. I don’t see how “unhealthy” it is compared to some European condiments. If you use the correct amount, then you have nothing to worry about.

          • Kimberly

            You can’t blame America for rest of the world’s poor food choices. Yes, the fast food culture here is terrible but the majority of people I know do not eat that stuff. I live in California, which is exposed to many different cultures and the food here is excellent. Fresh and organic food is available everywhere here and not all of it is expensive.

            While I agree that my government should regulate the fast food industry, it will never happen because there’s too much money to be made, especially during times of recession. It’s really cheap and that’s all some people can afford these days. Sad but true.

            Anyway, please don’t make such generalizations about an entire country of people. It’s really unfair to those of us that eat well and take care of our bodies. Thanks

          • Karolina

            They sell something that is called baconnaise in the US…a mayonnaise that tastes like bacon…this is not sane in my opinion.

            and diabetes mellitus became an epedemical disease in the US. go and educate yourself, it is not even funny. I know a few girls who went as an aupair for one year to the US, slim, normal girls, and they all gained 10kg because no body knew how to cook in their family and fast food was the only thing that was served on a daily basis. I even heard stories how women grew bigger breasts after a stay of a few months in the US because of your terrible hormone-loaden milk. sorry, but for me, food-wise, the US is the LAST place I would like to live…and for the record, there are even studies that demonstrate how obesity became more common since mcdonalds and co expanded to europe.

            Take the asian people who have immigrated to the US for example…soo many of them are overweight too…and look at the asian people in their original-asian countries…hardly anyone there is overweight…because the bullshi* fast food industry is not so common there. I don’t blame you Americans, actually I feel very sorry for you, but your food-industry and fast-food industry is just terrible. And this is the american food-culture, I am sorry, but what else are you famous for?

          • Kimberly

            Ahh Karolina,
            You are here to pick a fight. Lame, nothing but lame…

            Please look up California Cuisine.

            I have a degree in public health and a minor in nutritional sciences. I am quite educated, thanks.

            And your last statement, what else is America famous for? This is obviously an attempt to insult my country. Instead of trying to pick a fight, try and spread some sunshine.

          • Karolina, your comments are plain ridiculous and ignorant. I’m European but I’ve lived in the US, and you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, they have junk food, but they also have so many healthy and nice places to eat and buy food, they have huge supermarkets just dedicated to healthy food… And they have different kinds of bread, like everywhere else…are you talking about bagels? Or are you trying to say cupcakes?

            So your friends gained 10 kg cause nobody knew how to cook? So why didn’t they move their asses to the supermarket and cook themselves?

            “I even heard stories how women grew bigger breasts after a stay of a few months in the US”… so that explains where my D cups came from..

            And what else is America famous for?? Seriously?? Probably most of the stuff you use!

          • Casey

            The whole basis for your argument that America has no cuisine is that you and your friend’s didn’t eat well when you came here. But is it the country’s fault, or is it you and your friends’ fault for making bad decisions?

            No matter where you go, if you’re going to settle in a new country, you have to make certain adjustments to your lifestyle. Your friends clearly didn’t make an effort to continue eating healthy. Maybe they didn’t feel like it because they were “on vacation” or didn’t know how.

            But the point me and the others are trying to make is that healthy options ARE available. After all, there ARE healthy people in the United States who are NOT obese (70% are not) and DON’T have diabetes (70% don’t). That’s about 210 million people that you’re dismissing. If the entire diet and cuisine America has to offer is unhealthy, then what are 210 million people eating?

            “I even heard stories how women grew bigger breasts after a stay of a few months in the US because of your terrible hormone-loaden milk.”

            Yes, because hearing a rumor makes it true. There is no evidence of that being possible. Your friends’ breasts probably got bigger because they gained weight.

            “Take the asian people who have immigrated to the US for example…soo many of them are overweight too…and look at the asian people in their original-asian countries…”

            Do you have any evidence that obseity in Asian-Americans is significantly higher than Asians in their native countries aside from the fact that you’ve seen a few overweight Asian-Americans during your stay here? I doubt it.

            America is a land of choices. It prides itself on that. That’s why we allow fast food and other things you criticize to exist…because we believe that people have a right to choose whether or not they want to consume stuff like that. We figure if they didn’t want to, those companies would go out of business (logical). But that’s NOT our only choice. If you couldn’t find the large variety of cuisine, mixed cuisines and healthy food that America has to offer, then all I have to say is you weren’t looking very hard.

            Of course, I have a feeling you’ll completely dismiss anything I, Kimberly or Sharen said. I’ve been to Europe to visit my family recently. My impression was that a lot of people who talk the way you do just hate America and are looking for any excuse to complain, no matter how illogical your arguments are. They’ll say things like, “Americans are so lazy,” and “Americans work too much, they don’t know how to enjoy life” in the same conversation. People like you make me roll my eyes. Just enjoy the country you come from, the countries you visit and let the hate go.

          • Karolina

            I have a bsc in nutrition sciences and a msc in biochemistry too, so thanks, I consider myself educated as well, howerver, I really don’t know what this has to do with that discussion, but congrats on that girl with the university degree! Whatever, you people can live in denial, there are studies that show that america will eradicate itself when nothing changes, in fact it only gets worse. it is called “western-disease” and “western-diet” for a reason.

            and you don’t realise that purpose-build “healthy” supermarkets are part of the problem…why do you need that? in my country, EVERY supermarket is like your super expensive healthy ones. ah, you need that because it is part of your food-industry, they feed you with shi* food, then you realise you get fat or get other food-related diseases, then your insane diet-industry benefits from you, or your fancy expensive healthy organic supermarkets.

            I highly doubt that people with a low budget really have a choice in the US to eat normal, healthy, unprocessed food…frankly because they can’t afford it…because eating healthy is a big effort over there!

          • Karolina

            concerning the milk and the meat in the US: there is a very high evidence that US girls hit puperty that early because of the hormone loaden milk and meat your industry sells.

            if you don’t believe it, go and do research, in most european countries there is a LAW that regulates what farmers are allowed to feed their cows, and these laws are very strict, I would never ever eat meat in the US just because I know how disgusting the “production” of it is. even famous european cooks rant about how disgusting your meat is.

            during my studies I had an exam called food-chemistry and there were all the additives etc listed and I mean nearly everything is allowed in the US that is forbidden in the EU. In the EU for example, it is forbidden to add preservatives to staple foods, in the US it is – of course – allowed…and so on.

        • Kimberly

          I’ve done quite a bit of traveling myself and I’ve seen a combination of both from many cultures. We’ll just say that some people overeat, which is certainly true, no matter where they’re from.

      • Franise

        To Becca,
        The ‘cultural food’ of Americans IS fast food and junk food. They own it, they invented it. That is what Americans have culinary-wise and nothing else. I have lived in a wide range of countries, including America and many European countries and American food is definitely, 100%, without any doubt the least healthy, largest and least sophisticated.
        I do not mean to offend, but it is my opinion: Americans are great at many things, just not at food.

        • Karolina

          thank you, this is so true, I have done a lot of travelling too and I never have problems to eat good, delicious food, except in the US. I don’t want to eat apples the size of my head that taste like nothing! And I don’t want to go to whole-foods or whatever and spent so much money to get a normal, nice delicious apple. I mean this is just sick…and I feel very sorry for you US citizens, because the food you buy in whole-foods, especially the meat, you can buy here in the cheapest regular supermarkets! I would not accept that, really, this is one of the main reasons I would never ever want to live in the US, because the food-industry poisens you with their shi* and you have to put a lot of effort AND money in eating healthy, fresh, normal food.

          • Ellia

            I have to agree. Our government has sold us out and the food industry is concerned with profits, not quality nor health benefits. (Case in point–corn syrup is in EVERYTHING! Or the fact that food companies don’t have to indicate on a label if genetically modified ingredients are in something).
            I have to disagree, though–you can’t blame Americans if fast food is coming to Europe. Obviously someone allowed it, and some Europeans are eating there. I’m not disagreeing that it’s terrible–the fact that ‘McDo’ was ever allowed to set up shop in France makes me sad–but Europeans are obviously supporting these establishments.

        • Chrissy

          you think we don’t have food culture? why do you think we’re so consumed with eating? fast food isn’t our “food.” You guys are taking the easy “American” way out of food if all you found was white bread at the grocery.

          Fast food is where our real culture (making money) and a daily necessity (eating) intersect. if you decided to have people capitalize off you that’s your fault. I eat fast food approximately once per month, and usually when traveling so I don’t have a fully-stocked kitchen to work with. we have good restaurants, and they serve american fare.

          You guys are getting pretty hefty in your stereotypes for an entire country of over 300 million people. we’re not all lazy, we’re not all obese and we don’t all have zero knowledge about healthy eating.

          • Kimberly


          • Karolina

            Sure, not all 300 million people, but too many for sure know NOTHING about food, or have a culinaric-culture. I mean you even have your own low-carb sections in the supermarkets…how crazy is that…you are the queen of diet-products…and diet pills, and shakes, you don’t find anything like that in the regular supermarkets here! I find that very telling!

        • Casey

          “diet pills, and shakes, you don’t find anything like that in the regular supermarkets here! I find that very telling!”

          Telling of what? When I visited Europe, there are plenty of hygeine and cleaning products that I couldn’t find at a regular grocery store. Does that mean Europeans don’t clean?

          Europeans consume diet pills and shakes as well. It’s just located in the pharmacies and not the grocery stores. Our grocery stores are more inclusive (some even have internal pharmacies) which is why they offer products like that. It’s just a business tactic…if there’s a demand, make a supply to increase revenue. Why have to drive to your local pharmacy when you can just get it at the grocery store? That’s all that says, I don’t know what else it’s telling you.

          • Karolina

            that is not true, we DO have purpose build shops for cleaning products, cosmetics, toothpaste etc that offer diet products as well, but have you seen how much? if you are lucky, you find 2 wheat-shakes there, and maybe 5 bars, that’s it. it is nothing compared to the whole corridors you find in your supermarket that are packed with 1000 of diet-products, I mean 100kcal snacks? what is that?

          • Karolina

            I meant *whey-shakes*

  • WACS

    am i the only one who finds it weird that she remembers all of that?!?! she remembers exactly every single little bite she had 7 days ago?! give me a break.

  • boot

    A bloody mary is not a sugary drink…Its tomato juice and vodka with some hot sauce.

  • boot

    Uhh Bloody Marys are not Sugary drinks at all…

    • linda

      a tomato juice contains sugar…. a lot more than pure vodka or pure water 😉

      • What tomato juice are you drinking?
        Tomato juice is usually juiced tomatoes with a bit of salt.
        The only sugar in it is naturally occuring and in low quantities, since tomato juice has a very low calorie count, one of the lowest of all the fruit juices.

        • linda

          none, i drink tap water 😉
          yea naturally, naturally high fructose. and if you buy tomato juice you run into the risk of added high fructose corn syrup. have a look here

          and i said she only had one. which i meant as a compliment. gee, people here are oversensitive it seems 😉

  • AlexD

    this may be true. everybodys body takes food differently. if i ate all that, i would GAIN weight. but I know very slim girls who eat more than that. i think there are different types of models, those who eat whatever and are still skinny, those who eat nothing to be skinny, and those who balance and workout like probably doutzen kroes

  • Lisa

    Well, if she works out A LOT and take tiny bites of everything she said she’s had “a bit” of, this could be possible. Eggs Benedict are poched eggs (ok) with hollandaise (butter!) sauce, on bread with ham and cheese. If she has that 2/3 times a week.. wowie, don’t know how she would get that body..

    • Chrissy

      she clearly states she doesn’t know how to cook that, but uses brunch as an excuse to get it.

  • gabrielle

    well, if a bloody mary contains tomato juice, it does have sugar!!! Tomatoes are one of the most “sugary” vegetables!!!!!! but that’s not the point here…
    We have to take into account 2 details: firstly, she is probably a naturally skinny woman, one of those who have never had any weight problems and who can eat more than average ( i’ve seen many skinny women who ate hugely and not gained a gram, in comparison to myself that i eat little in comparison to most of the people i know, and i still can’t call myself “skinny”)
    secondly, she probably also exercises, so she may loose 500 kcal or more per workout session…and also, her portions maybe contain just some bit, not 5oo grams of this & 500 grams of that….
    so, i think she says the truth

    • jane

      okay…i’m not sure why you had to put in so many exclamation points, but you’re wrong about tomatoes. 1 cup of cherry tomatoes has 3.9 g of sugar and 5.9 g of carbs in total. Hardly what I’d call “sugary.”

  • I find it very telling that

    – she uses a lot of “a little” “a bit” and “some” which could very well mean just bites. Or just uses no qualifier – like “I had cheese, salami, olives” which again is so very vague.

    – she eats japanese/asian cuisine which is very low in calories. Seeweed is equivalent to raw celery sticks.

    – her sweet portion is ONE piece of sweet something. Which trust me, you can even go under 100 calories for certain things. A small Mars bar is barely 165 calories, so one cookie can be 80-120.

    I’ve eaten a very similar diet, and stayed around 1300-1400 calories and I could even go lower while giving off the impression of eating a lot. The key is, you never finish your plate, and you sample many things and portions are small. When you eat a varied diet, you feel full faster, and if you’re busy, and she sounds busy – you definitely have no time to notice hunger. It’s actually quite easy to undereat if you’re not careful.

    So yeah, I doubt she gets enough food. for goodness sake she doesn’t finish a sandwich, she eats a “bit” of sandwich. Who does that?

    • Sofia

      This is so so true. I believe that she does actually eat what she has listed, but in tiny quantities. Her portion descriptions are so vague. I bet when she says ‘a little bit of carrot cake’, she doesn’t mean a small slice, she means a nibble.

    • bst

      She is a MODEL!Of cause she eats asian cuisine!It s healthy,does not contain hundreds of calories and is delicious.
      Sure,she only eats it because its low in carbs….
      If she wouldn t get enough fod she would never have gotten pregnant and wouldn t be able to work any longer by now.Don t you think??
      She seems to be one of the healthiest models and naturally skinny.She drinks wine,eats ham,eggs,cheese etc. in a healthy amount.And I think you know that everybody would define “some pancake” different.For some it s 2 bites, for others it s nearly the whole pancake.
      The meals of candice Swanepool would be quiet interesting.
      I bet you find more Hollywood so-calles-celebs who do not eat as properly as famous High-Fashion-Models.

    • Jessica

      There are times when I can’t finish a sandwich :/
      And I have trouble finishing one plain hot dog too. (Or maybe that’s because I don’t like hot dogs.)
      But I think this is perfectly reasonable. There are some people who have small appetites and just never overeat. I wouldn’t say she lives on ‘nibbling things’ because she looks like a perfectly healthy young lady. I believe she eats whichever way her body tells her to.

  • gabrielle

    PS: but even so…this doesn’t make her beautiful in my eyes…not in that way of “extremely beautiful, gorgeous and to-die-for beauty, stunning woman”
    i don’t like her at all, at any weight…
    if i were to choose, i’d go for Kim K’s body in a second! ( hihihi) i’ve become obsessed with that…always mentioning her in my Skinnyvs.Curvy comments

  • An example:

    not an entire cheese sandwich – 100-150 calories
    banana – 80 calories
    a little plate of rice beans and meat – 200-300 calories
    SOME beef with noodles – let’s give it a generous 400 calries, though it’s probably less
    a WHOLE roti canai – my goodness, 300 calories
    SOME chicken and veggie soup – 100-200 calories

    TOTAL at a generous level: 1430 calories.

    And that’s mostly OVERestimating the calorie count.

    1400 calories is like a bare minimum for DIETING for a SEDENTARY woman.

    I rest my case

  • Bonnie

    That sounds pretty delicious.

    A lot ignorant comments. Even people with severe eating disorders still EAT FOOD. 1000 calories per day will make many people feel awful, lose a ton of weight even to emaciation, and have serious health problems if continued long enough – but 1000 calories of normal foods is a fair amount.

    Judging by the fact that Alessandra has always been this thin or even slightly thinner (but has never had an ill look, always a full face and glowing) and gave birth to a healthy, normal-sized baby, I doubt she has any unhealthy eating habits at all.

    Part of the reason that presenting women with her body type is so damaging to the majority of women is that it’s not achieveable, even with starvation. To be this thin, you have to be naturally quite slender – some have to work harder to reduce their weight further, but some women really are this skinny eating normally and with perfect health. Weight gain isn’t achieveable for me as a naturally extremely thin woman even eating quite large quantities of food.

    • charlie

      100% Agree with you.

  • Papy86

    I’m a size 0/2 and if i eat 1800 cal i will be’ fat in 1 week! Poor me!

  • lialee

    i would like to know what her weekly exercise is like! i believe her food intake thou cuz she’s eating “just a little bit…” =P

  • Liz

    I’m only a half an inch shorter than Alessandra and I weigh only 3 lbs more, and if I ate so little I think I would faint. She never seems to be finishing anything, and given the high muscle tone she has (muscle weighs more than fat, and burns more calories) she probably needs a fair amount of calories. Before I read the other comments I was struck by how little she was eating, not how much.

    • EXACTLY! All the time I was reading her diet I was thinking “just one cookie?”. And then I read people’s comments and they are like ” I’d be fat if I ate so many calories” and that it’s impossible that she eats “so much”. Common people, she’s constantly saying she eats “some of this” and “a bit of that”, how come you guys still have to doubt her?? Is she not allowed to eat anything at all for people to believe her?

  • mary-ann


  • charlie

    Really interesting how people are so interested in what skinny models eat.

    I am sure that every one of us women could eat exactly what she eats and gain/lose/stay the same… We are all DIFFERENT!!!!
    Some of us are tall, some of us are short, some of us have fast metabolisms, some of us get hungry every 2 hours, some of us get hungry every 4-5 hours, some of us have really sensitive blood glucose and feel like we are going to faint if we don’t eat regularly, etc.

    It sounds like she eats when she is hungry and stops when she’s full. That makes her eating habits fairly healthy no?.. Who the hell are we to comment on it. We are obviously the ones with issues..

    I think it is really odd that it is now normal in our society to know exactly how many calories, fats, proteins, carbs are in everything we eat… Micro managing our intake isn’t healthy in my opinion.

  • serena

    i call bullshit.

  • k

    Thanks for this post, Versus! Very informative 🙂

    I believe she eats this food, but also that her portions are probably smaller than what we’d think in Canada/US.

  • ham

    Her diet seems totally reasonable to me. It IS very light on the fruit and vegetables, however.

    People who seem outraged are probably not the type to have a body that remains naturally slender. Every woman is built differently, and I’m happy that Alessandra does not need to starve her body to remain in her profession. Please don’t be jealous just because her genes are different, and remember that she is also much taller than the average woman (5’9)!

  • Gigi

    I don’t see what’s so unrealitic about this? The majority of it is pretty healthy. She was probably eating in small portions, obviously, but it’s not like she said she was eating plates and plates of carbs and deserts.

  • Hmmm. I wish she mentioned she drank water a lot, instead of wine and caffeine drinks.

  • skirmute

    Everyone is saying she eats a lot. Is that a lot? I don’t think so.

    • jolle

      I totally agree with you! I don’t understand how that is a lot.. I think that this is a healthy and balanced diet. I don’t think that people have to starve to be skinny!

  • Amiee

    It seems like most commenters above have very warped ideas about what a healthy diet is. Alessandra’s food journal looks very realistic to me. Her activity level, natural metabolism and the amount of the food she consumes also play a part in determining how it affects her. That food journal doesn’t say it all, stop jumping to conclusions.

  • Lucy

    I don’t know why everyone seems so shocked! This food diary seems pretty likely. She ovbiously eats small portions and she allows herself little treats but doesn’t over-eat. I think this is probably what she does eat on a day to day basis!

  • size0??

    I think this was a certain weekend for her. No way does she eat this way every day of her life. I am 5’5 and 109 and I have to work out 6 days a week and take in around 1500 calories a day to maintain this. But if I am craving a fattening food really bad then I just have a bite. So maybe she is having a bite of most of her food??

    • Gigi

      are you her? no. your metabolism and your genetics are not the same as hers, therefore perhaps it is totally ok for her to eat “this much” (which, by the way, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot to since there are virtually no carbs there) and not gain a ton.

    • The reason you have to eat a constant diet level calories and exercise excesively is because you’re trying to maintain an underweight weight.

      Your body is fighting you by lowering your metabolism, because you’re not being healthy.

      Some people are 5’5 and 109 pounds naturally. They’re the kind of people who eat 2500 calories and still don’t gain. You’re not one of them.

      If you started eating normally, yes, you’d gain, but then your metabolism would normalise, and at least you wouldn’t have to basically starve yourself of nutrients (it’s incredibly difficult to get ALL the ESSENTIALS by eating 1200-1500 calories).

  • Viola

    there are people who eat normal amounts of food. even more at times, and yet they are extremely skinny. I have known three females. My math teacher. extremely tall and skinny. A model, who is very scary skinny but eats like a pig, and my friend, who is taller than me and way skinnier, but yet she eats like a normal person. She is always warm however, meaning that she can just wear a t-shirt while I need a cardigan on top, and I’m still freezing.
    They are just like that. Their metabolism is fast. Also don’t forget that models (not all of them) work out because they need to mantain their figure.

    Don’t go judging everyone people. Instead look after your health, and do some research, on metabolic rates in different people and you’ll understand that you’re just bluffing.

  • Katheryn

    She seems happy and satisfied with her food—I think that’s wonderful : )

  • Katheryn

    Hmm, maybe some of you might have a different idea of what, say, a ham and cheese sandwich is. She has it on an english muffin which is small, and I’m willing to bet that she puts just one slice of ham and one slice of cheese on it for flavor, similarly to how europeans make sandwiches. Americans make sure their sandwiches are stuffed, so I can see where there can be misinterpretation.

    • TJ

      Agreed. An english muffin is about 170-180 calories, add ham and cheese, and its probably around 250. I eat one with peanut butter and it costs me 240 calories. It’s not huge plate of food but the calories are normal for a meal.

  • Katy

    she sounds really rich and like she eats a little bit of everything. I don’t get the impression that she is starving right now, just that she doesn’t have much of an appetite.

  • solaxia

    im not just saying this because she is a model…if she does eat whatever she wants then thats great for her! no problem! BUT i do sense she has an issue with food…just because she seems to explain everything so much…i dont know! maybe she is just a chatterbox! ha ha

    • formerly Sam

      I got the same impression, but because she says “a little” so much (12 times, I counted), it’s like she only has permission to eat certain foods if it’s in tiny, almost non-existent portions. Sounds “a little” eating disordered to me lol

      • TJ

        I get the impression that she’s eating other peoples food. I keep a food journal and use that term alot when I finish something of someone elses or share from someones plate. The pancake sounded like something her daughter may have been eating and not finished.

      • Lisa

        I noticed that too, like she has something to prove. “I ate rice… BUT JUST A LITTLE! I WAS GOOD, DON’T STONE ME!”

    • Casey

      “BUT i do sense she has an issue with food…just because she seems to explain everything so much…”

      I think when you’re constantly attacked for being too thin, and accused of starving yourself, you get a little defensive. She does sound highly defensive, and the fact that she gave us an outline of what she eats is clearly meant to get people to leave her alone.

      What she failed to realize that those insecure people that attack her in the first place will just say she’s lying and continue their tirade.

      • solaxia

        yea i did think of that too…very true…guess only she knows the real answer!

  • jane

    What I wouldn’t give to be able to eat like that. To have enough money to be able to eat such varied gourmet cuisine, prepared in restaurants or by other people, and to know that I can take a bite and throw away the rest, b/c I can always buy more. She’s very lucky to be able to afford that kind of lifestyle, unlike the rest of us, who make up in quantity what we lack in diversity and quality.

  • Ana

    Sounds right to me, she has a pritty active life and works out alot. I eat ALOT worse than that and don’t work out and im quite slim, although not as slim i would like to be. I imagine if i ate better and worked out i would be a happier with my body.

    Anyway despite all that, I do think she is too skinny in some of the recent photos.

    Also i don’t think that is alot of food either?

  • Suzenette

    It sounds like her daily calorie intake may be below 1500, usually around 1000-1200. Although she lists all that food, those foods she mentions are generally very low in calories. And I bet she only eats very small servings.

    • Casey

      A diet of 1000-1200 is highly restrictive and unhealthy. I think if she was eating that little, she would have collapsed at some point. Most models eat around 1700 calories. They stay thin by working out.

      • You’d be surprised how many people survive just fine by undereating constantly. They’re not starving themselves to extreme levels, so they get away with it, on the surface.

        But yeah, I know people who eat just 1200,calories or so and have done it for YEARS, and they look great and apparently ” naturally” very skinny.

        That’s not to say 10-20 years from now they won’t be paying for it through the nose.

        • Casey

          Maybe it takes a special kind of person to be able to live off of that kind of diet (ie, a person who stores fat easily and therefore can “endure” that kind of restriction). But I think it’s fair to say that kind of diet is practically starvation for the average person.

          It just sounds so terribly low. It’s eating half of what you should be eating. I don’t know, if it were me, at that point I think I would really question if being thin is worth it.

        • Calro

          Are you kidding me? The Okinawans, who are some of the healthiest people on earth, eat an average of 1200 calories a day and they live to be at least in their 90’s, in EXCELLENT health. They are also physically active.
          Maybe you should all do some research on calorie restriction and longevity, before you start dismissing eating less as being bad for you.

      • Cristina

        Neah, no way. Most models – not VS, runway models, the ones with incredibly low bmis – definitely do not stat like that by working out. You know the ones, thighs smaller than knees, huge shoulders – as they are too frail for their bones – skinny arms so on. Not in a billion year does someone look like that by working out. Check out skinny gossip if you’re wondering what i’m talking about.

        • Casey

          I was referring to models like Ale, not runway models. You are right, most runway models don’t work out…they’re skinny fat. They just starve. But then again, most of them do wind up having severe health issues, becoming diagnosed with anorexia, or passing out/passing away.

          Any of these things have yet to happen to a VS model. Most of them in fact look fairly healthy (although slim), fit, and go on to have children.

  • Fiona

    Somehow, I believe her, I have this weird metabolism that I can stuff myself at every meal, (and be so stuffed that I have stomach pains after, I JUST LOVE FOOD!) and people always say I’m stick thin, I have the body of Miranda Kerr, (without the boobs, as I’m only 14) not trying to boast, it’s just the way I am, and I barely exercise as well.

    • neutra

      Most 14 year olds have a slim body and can eat whatever they want. Why? Because you’re 14! When I was 16, I ate unbelievable amounts of carb rich food and weighed 53 kg (I’m 5″11.) As you turn into a woman though, your body changes. I now have to be a little more careful about what I eat and exercise more regularly, and now weigh 64kg at 23. It’s all part of growing up! If we all had the bodies we had as teenagers, we’d never be complaining!

    • Cristina

      You actually think that your body at 14 is the same with that of a grown woman,a mother actually? Maybe you should educate yourself and not lurk on this kind of sites.

      • Calro

        Maybe you shouldn’t attack young girls on websites.

  • jjj

    Why does everyone just assume she lies? I don’t understand what is wrong with being healthily thin and to have a good metabolism?

  • ellentjie

    She really doesn’t eat that much like says a little bit of this or a little bit of that and emphasises that everything was quite small. She eats a lot of soup and Japanese. Sounds pretty healthy and genuine to me!

  • Casey

    I wholeheartedly believe her, and I don’t understand why some of you think she is lying. None of the items she mentioned sounds gruesomely big where you would have to force yourself to finish it.

    I really think the whole “she’s lying” comments stems from people’s own personal frustrations with their diet and body, or their inability to understand that not everyone is like them. My evidence for this is comments like, “I hate it when skinny people talk about how much they eat!” I feel nothing but bitterness from comments like those.

    • Casey

      I also think when she said she eats “a little bit of everything,” she wasn’t referring necessarily to small portions, but rather she would rather eat 5 different things than the same amount of a single thing. “A little bit of everything” is a common way to say that.

      PS: All that food sounds delicious. She is lucky being able to afford eating out so much. 🙂 I wish I could do the same.

    • Lisa

      Yeah, she’s kinda damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. If she said all she did was eat junk and not work out (like a lot of models claim), people would be like, OH YEAH RIGHT, YOU’D BE A WHALE, STOP LYING. She presents a pretty healthy menu and people still call her a liar!

  • vivi

    As with the majority of models, except beauty and catalogue who are usually just this side of the `healthy` BMI, Alessandra would be in the `underweight` catagory. A healthy BMI is 18.5 or 17.5 is Asia; that`s why the very skinny models work more there and the not so skinny are asked to loose 3kg when there asap to work. Now clearly some models look anorexic whether they are or not. Those who are actively trying to stay skinny and are aware that they are very skinny but recognize that they need to be this skinny to work more would not be classified as anorexic. Whereas the girl who is in denial to herself that she is too skinny would be in the throes of anorexia. Of course when you are surrounded by tall ad skinny all day it must be difficult to keep healthy perameters in check. So although she may be medically `anorexic` ie bmi between 15 and 17, most models exist in a `perfect storm` situation- high metabolism due to moving all day- walking to shoots, leaping about at shoots, changing clothes, eating clean to maintain clear skin, walking across airports, stations, amount of exercise varying daily due to activity, doing yoga/ pilates a couple of times a week and generally not sitting round watching tv eating snacks and chocolate cake. Of course there are those models who will smoke rather than eating and take drugs to suppress their appetite while existing on fruit and candy- but they will be damaging their body in the long-run. Very, very skinny models with a BMI under 15 should be given medical treatment immediately as they are in danger of heart failure, brittle bones, long term organ damage and death.

  • nope

    I find it odd, like some other commenters, that people automatically quantify what she’s eating — either a little or a lot — regardless of the fact that she doesn’t ever say how much she is eating! “Eggs” could entail a scrambled egg white or 3 eggs. Speculating on her calorie content is pretty pointless.

    I’m more interested in what people thought about the variety of foods she said she ate — to me, it seemed like a lot of meat and eggs and not a lot of fruit, but that’s just because I don’t like a lot of different types of meat (unhealthy though it may be, I eat a meat product once a day at the most). I read over the days quickly, but I can only recall her having two or three fruits. This struck me as a low amount, because I tend to snack on in-season fruits (especially melons!) and bananas are always so cheap!

    What do you think– is she getting a healthy balance? Seems pretty healthy to me!

    BTW, I love that she had pickles and popcorn for dinner one evening 🙂

  • Cristina

    If this was one of those models with a bmi of 13 or something saying she eats this, yeah it would be bs. But for Alessandra – who is still not normal weigh, probably – i believe her. Like everyone else mentioned, portion sizes count a lot. Hey, i have ham and cheese sandwiches and this is my recipe: a slice of toast, a slice of some cheese i love (it’s sliced and then packaged, 50-60 cals a slice), a slice of ham (i go for chicken alternative though), no more than 80 cals and 2-3 slices of tomatoes with lots and lots of pepper. And that with a cup of coffee would be breakfast. So totally doable. I love some of the stuff she eats, seems so interesting and tasty and flavored. It made me hungry but not go devastate the fridge hungry but go to fancy restaurant hungry. I really am starting to like Ale a lot; i used to not stand her but she just won me over.

  • Europelady

    I am the same height, even taller, and weigh 135 lbs, don’t work out and have almost the same menu.
    I feel good and have to tell that this menu is very-very healthy because of low-calorie vegs, fish and minimum of sugar. But i dont understand an absence of meat. It’s not very good!

    • Cristina

      uhm, she had chicken, fish – different types of – and she eats ham almost daily. I think she has enough meat 🙂

    • nope

      Absence of meat? IMO, she had a ton of meat — more than I would care to eat in a week!

  • tina

    Nyonya! Glad to see that she’s dining all around the world!

    PS: Isn’t Malaysian food relatively oily?

  • Sarah

    It looks real to me.She’s definetly slim and in good shape but she also not anorexic,just thin.By the way i just dont get u people sayin she is eating nothing.Just because she s thin.Thin,skiiny people dont eat nothing.I ve been anorexic and i remember a few years ago when i tried to “recover” (in a very wrong and non healhy way).I ate a lot:boxes of cookies,ice cream,ricotta,cheese,pounds of chocolate every night.And it took months to make me gain weight.And i ate that stuff everynight.So just beacuse you re thin it doesnt mean u dont eat.

  • Anon

    Bulls%&*… I didn’t even finish reading it cause i don’t belive any of it..

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  • Jay-lisa

    Well I think I believe her, I mean I just spent a whole month eating sandwiches, burgers and cookies, I also did walk a lot but it turns out I didn’t gain a single pounds so I guess, metabolism can be tricky sometimes!

  • bella

    Dear Alessandra: Please look up the word “little” in a thesaurus. You will find listed some interesting alternatives. Sorry, she’s speaking in her second language, probably. I wish I was able to converse so easily in my second and third languages!
    I can believe she eats that amount – it’s really not that much and it’s a maintenance amount. What this article doesn’t tell you is how much (or little) she HAS eaten in the past to drop to her currently low weight.
    But of course the enite thing could be faked…

  • Taiju

    I find it odd that she constantly had to qualiy her meals by adding that it was little or a little plate…imo and an uneducated opinion it is (i will cop to that) I doubt she eats all that much, but who knows, even with her food choices she’s actually not eating crap. A lot of salt and not a lot of fruit but it aint mcd’s n pizza hut so whatever.
    Since when is all meat unhealthy? It depends on the cut and how you cook it. Foie gras is bad a grilled chicken breast is good.
    And what you eat determines your weight more than exercise unless you’re a serious athlete a la marathon runner. Think about it, a standard sized cookie is about 75 calories. You’d have to be on a treadmill at a 6km/h pace for slightly more than 10 minutes to work it off. How long would it take you to polish off that cookie? 3 minutes, four?

  • I didn’t bother reading any of this woman’s food journal. I honestly could care less what some VS model eats. She is somewhat irrelevant and so is her damn diet.

  • Aria

    I have a friend who is about as thin as Alessandra, and this sounds a lot like the way she eats. My friend is really active (she runs and rides horses) and she eats multiple times throughout the day, but never a ton. When we go out she eats about half of whatever she orders. Honestly, this diet sounds generally healthy, except skipping breakfast on occasion.

  • Lexxy

    i have a friend that’s insanely thin and tall and i always thought she doesn’t eat much. but one day i slept at her house and i swear , she ate a WHOLE bread [like 500 grams or whatever] with yoghurt and bacon at 2 am. she said she always eats like that and she wishes she would gain weight but she can’t. you don’t have to starve yourself to be skinny,some girls are just like that.

  • lc

    Sheesh! Why is it so hard to believe? I do believe she ate what she said she ate. She clearly doesn’t NOT eat, because she’d be emaciated and not well enough to work, right? Plus, she ate only a little bit of all of that, and most of it’s healthy.

  • o

    this is believable. my cousins eat like her and they’re just as thin. Also i think that she is genetically a good fat burner with her metabolism. But she does work at it to stay lean. she is a vs model after all

  • CK

    to me her menu is believable and healthy and she’d said she eats everything in small portions (probably in fancy-restaurants type portions as said above) plus she works out constantly and maybe she’s also a type that has fast metabolism but even if not i think its a a type of menu (include her portion sizes) with which its easy to stay thin even if you don’t workout….but i think everyone of us judges her menu by applying it on themselves but we all differ in activity level, stress level, genetics, some can eat a heavily-packed 3 course meal at once and feel ok while the others can only handle some salad and a chicken breast at once, some prefer 3 full meals a day, others prefer 4-5 small meals a day etc…And also i think there’s also maybe some kind of stereotype had established that if you’re thin and lean you whether starve yourself (or at least deprive yourself of smth “fatty” ) or you have a fast metabolism and are naturally thin, just like a lot of us think if the person is fat or looks a bit heavier than we’re used to see in magazines and “define” as thin we think he/she spends most of her/his time stuffing his mouth with junk food…these wrong perceptions are imprinted in our brains and its hard to stay away from such stereotypes when you hear and see them imposed everywhere.

  • Lisa

    Awesome! I’m gonna run out right now and re-create the meals this week! Not.

    Nothing to do with believability, I just can’t believe anyone CARES what some model ate in a week.

  • Valerie

    If this is what Alessandra eats daily, she is a lucky woman! Blessed with skinny genes & fast metabolism and obviously height… Wish I could eat bread every day!

    I just had to comment because I was a little concerned after reading some posts of people saying 1000-1200 calorie diets aren’t “healthy”. I’m using a calorie counter on my ipod that says I should eat around 1160 calories a day.. I’m 21 yrs old, small framed, 5ft, 101 lbs (just lost about 5 lbs over the summer), exercise about 4-5 days a week… is this healthy? I’m guessing 1500+ calorie must be for bigger people, because I don’t think I could consume this much… if i did i would balloon up, for sure! I just wanted to see if this was right for my height/weight/activity/etc.

    • Casey

      Valerie, I was one of the people that said eating 1000 calories is unhealthy. When I said it, I meant for the average person…someone with an average weight and height. You sound pretty small framed, so you probably don’t require the same amount as an average person simply because you have less flesh to feed.

      For the average person, they should be eating at least 1400-1500 because that’s how many calories their body burns just by existing (breathing, heart pumping, brain thinking, normal movement). Any less than that, and the body starts using up it’s own tissue, which is not good.

      None of us on here can tell you if your diet is healthy or unhealthy because none of our opinion is as good as that of your doctor, since he/she can actually see you and see how your body is doing. Personally, your diet still sounds a little low, so I would double check with your doc.

      But most importantly, make sure you are getting all your nutrients. It’s not about how much you eat, but the quality of what you eat. If you eat 1200 but you get all your vitamins and minerals, then you may be healthy after all.

  • Jamie

    wow that is soooooo much food. I would be a fat cow if i ate like that. I have to eat very little and workout very hard everyday to remain a model. she is so lucky

  • Sheridan

    It sounds like she eats a normal amount and healthy food (if it is all true). She eats regularly which means her metabolism would be high and she obviously works out so she would burn a lot of what she eats anyway. And i’m also guessing she doesn’t over eat.
    She sounds healthy and sensible to me.

  • Ashleigh

    I think that a lot of people associate being skinny and eating very little because people often eat very little in the attempt to lose weight and get skinny.
    What they don’t realise is that if you are already skinny you have to eat alot more to maintain your weight, than if you were trying to decrease it.

    Thats what Ale is doing, she’s not trying to lose any (i hope! lol) so eating what she says she eats is a perfectly reasonable amount to maintain her weight.

  • lizzy

    it sounds like she had a delicious week. good for her.

    i don’t understand why people don’t believe her? she works out, she is active, she is smart and good at her job. there’s no reason to not believe her or bring her down for being thin. she lives a balanced life, and that’s what you need to be healthy, but we all carry that health differently in our bodies.

    love you ale.

  • anon

    I like this actually, and I believe this is what she eats. She sounds like an intuitive eater.

    It’s probably the healthiest (and when I say healthy I mean ‘in tune’ with her body) eating regime I’ve heard coming from a celebrity/model. There are naturally thin people in this world and people who aren’t on diets all the time. Personally I would err on the side of intuitive eating. If you really are in touch with your hunger and fullness signals, eat until you are satisfied, and only eat for physiological reasons (hunger) rather than emotional, you will never have a weight problem, and you exercise to feel good. You can eat whatever you like, there are no rules because when you listen to your body the foods you crave and eat work out to be a balanced diet without having to consciously think about it. It’s worked for me. It’s easy for people to judge and presume that she is lying or has an eating disorder. I have a friend who maintains a BMI of 17 and eats 2000 calories a day and doesn’t do alot of exercise, is in her late 20’s, purely because of her genetics. She gets a regular period and is physically healthy.

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  • She must be eating less

  • Emmy

    I don’t know what this model eats but the fact that there is a person here who left 11 comments (some very long), on the topic, is really scary….

  • I was told that to make the finest cappuccino you should use extremely cold milk – however I can
    not tell the big difference in the ones I’ve prepared at home. Even though I am a little bit of a novice the cappuccinos I make at home are better than Costa Coffee (In My Judgment Anyhow !)

  • Molly

    Great that she isn’t uptight and goes by a strict diet regimen. Probably picks at her food but at least she eats normally. Refreshing to see

  • She eats just as normal as anybody, lucky for her to have such perfect body, but I think sometimes being skinny is also genetical, right? I know many who eat a lot but don’t get fat at all.

  • lisa

    Are they kidding us?Like…come on now!She’s probably lying!At least I can’t believe she eats breads and cheesecakes.That’s a bunch of lies?

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