Alessandra Ambrosio

Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio

FFN_g_50971741 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio

Bikini Treat of the Day: hot mom-of-2 Alessandra Ambrosio, who was spotted in a bikini in St. Barts, both while posing for the cameras and on her free time.

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FFN_g_50971739 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50971740 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio  FFN_g_50971744 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50971747 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972753 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972754 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972773 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972776 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972778 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972780 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio FFN_g_50972782 - Bikini Treat: Alessandra Ambrosio

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • aline

    So hottt..

    • Haley’s

      I just can’t see it. Im sorry. This woman has the most BORING figure I’ve ever seen.

      • Sandy

        Agree. She´s just thin. But pretty without make up.

  • urs

    She looks better in her free time, I don’t like how look her abdomen in tehe others pics.

  • mary

    lookin good…not the biggest fan of her body or face but love that thigh gap!!

  • Observer

    Slim, fit, looking as she usually does. Basically nothing that a lot of other non-model women don’t have. Legs look good.
    Breasts look oddly deflated in what seems to be her regular wear. Guess her post-pregnancy fullness is gone and she’s back to using ‘helpers’.

  • Pandora

    Usually I can understand why some models appeal to people, but this one I just don’t get. This woman gets paid 1.67 katrillionjillion zimbabwe dollars to flop around on the beach and I just. don’t. get. it. !

    • Mia-Ciara

      I know what you mean!

      • Ali

        Me too. There are many unknown models with better body and face.

    • mystic

      I agree, I just can’t see what all the fuss is about…

    • Rosa

      Agreed. She has chicken legs and her face is not that beautiful. Would not label her as a model if I saw her on the street, just a pretty girl.

  • ary

    i thinks she looks prettier with less make up

    • jjj2

      I agree. I think she is just a natural beauty. She has just the perfect body, very pretty, the girl next door look. Good for her!

  • HB

    I’m off and on about her. I’d like a more muscular (but still smallish for her frame) butt, but of course she’s got nice thighs and abs and arms and face. You know, everything.

  • Mara

    I dislike the fact that VS is trying to sell this as curvy.
    I know, she has been very thin for a while now, but personally I don’t think it’s working for her. Her face always can look so gaunt and ouch @ those pointy elbows.
    If that’s what she prefers or feels she needs to look like, good for her, but IMO she could do with some more softness.

    • serena

      What gives you the impression that VS is trying to sell this as “curvy”? If anything, they specifically hire skinny women with small breasts; those ads are a testament to their miracle bras 😉

      • katie

        Alessandra calls herself “curvy” all the time.

        • serena

          Really? In candids she’s like an A cup and her torso is straight; no tiny whr like Elsa, Candice, or some others have. Silly models, they get paid to pose and not speak (or sing) for a reason 😀 Ale is beautiful but not curvy, and she knows she needs to stay lean to be on the runway. VS stuffs all their models bras/bikini tops.

        • lol

          “Alessandra calls herself “curvy” all the time.”

          So do overweight women. and???

          • mary

            haha so true. every friggin woman under the sun describes herself as curvy. cant stand when fat chicks do it, especially when they are not curvy in the least, more like bulgy.

          • Anastasia.


        • K

          I don’t think Alessandra calls herself “curvy” all the time. Or at all. In fact, in this interview she says she wishes she had a bigger butt and boobs.Check at 4:25

    • Candy

      well mara many of us like toned. Being lean is seen as attractive these days and you aren’t going to see Kelly Brook working for VS anytime soon. You have to remember she is also a high fashion model so she would be out of work if she gained too much weight. She looks great and if a “curvy” woman feels threatened or jealous of this she needs to work on her self esteem without criticizing different bodies.

      • urs

        High fashion? really?

        • Candy

          She still does thing like gucci and chanel. Also a lot of editorial work.

    • lol

      “but IMO she could do with some more softness.”

      This sound familiar. lol
      Nice of you to tell us what she could “do” with.
      Like you get to pick how everyone should look…

      • vivi

        well she did just say “IMO”. everyone here is so touchy today, jeeze. And in MY opinion: never liked Alessandra all that much, mean looking face and short legs attached to a too long torso. I dont like any of the current VS girls all that much, maybe Erin has the best body and Lindsay or Karlie best face but…they’re just kinda “eh” overall…

    • Mara

      Wow, people relax.
      You know, what this site is all about? Sharing your opinion about what looks and doesn’t look attractive. So yeah, if it pleases me I will continue to tell you all what someone could do with – i n my f’ing o p i n i o n – and if it annoys you, just stop reading 🙂
      Just to adress some points: I don’t think Kelly Brook should be working, nor do I like her figure very much. I’m not curvy myself (in fact I’m underweight with a very scrawny torso and don’t even fill an A cup), so I’m not being condescending – just stating what I prefer. I don’t think VS models or toned/lean women in general are unattractive. I just don’t like the very lean look on Alessandra, because it makes her look older and gaunt in the face – other women may look perfectly fine skinny.
      And: I don’t like it when big women with no curves call themselves curvy, I don’t like it when skinny women with no curves do the same thing. I just feel it’s a little absurd in this case, because VS is always trying to convince people that their angels are so much healthier and curvier than HF models, but to me Ale looks unpleasant-thin to me, and honestly not curvy.
      So will you please all chill and stop drawing ridiculous conclusions (looking at you, Candy) because I dare say something negative about a model’s body type.

      • Mara

        *Kelly brook should be working for VS.
        Not saying she shouldn’t be working at all 😉

      • Mara

        And one more thing: I never said I would like to see Ale gain weight to the point of having a Kelly Brook figure (which isn’t going to happen anyway).
        Just look up older pictures of her – she was lean and thin, but a little softer, which gave her a much fresher look. Obviously people age and faces lose their natural plumpness, but I think she could look more attactive if she gained just 5-10 pounds.
        (Just my opinion, so please no overly sensitive reactions)

      • serena

        Hmm I don’t think VS models are much bigger than HF models anymore – Ale and some of the other girls do runway too I think. They’re all so skinny now.

  • n


  • shayek

    I think her face is gorgeous. Alot of the VS models have to be doing a sexy face or not show teeth to be gorgeous. But she can just smile like a normal person and be stunning. And her body is just naturally more of a straight figure, not my favorite but I don’t think her body is meant to be curvy like Adirana Lima, so it works for her. its nice that not all VS girls are super curvy

    • Tea

      Agree, I like her. She seems fun and not as contrived as the others. Her body isn’t my ideal but she looks good and I like that her face can be quite angular and strong. I know some people find her too masculine looking but I find her really striking.

    • D

      Adriana isnt curvy either, her torso is quite straight… Candice is forced curvier with all the awkward body manipulation she does when she poses.

      • urs

        She is quite staright, but she has medium boobs and ass.. she isn’t flat

        • Yeah a lot of the current VS models aren’t that curvy or not curvy at all. the only ones that seem to have some natural curves without forcing them are Barbara Palvin and Shanina Shaik.

    • Ludivine

      Please don’t think Adriana is curvy. She doesn’t have a lot of waist,and her breasts are implants. She has a bit of a ruler shape. She does have hips,which I like. She is sexy, no doubt about that.
      But almost none of the models of the VS are really curvy, it just they make them look curvy.

  • Puppe

    I like her exactly because she is not the regular long legs, blonde model. She is looking fine and i like the costumes.

  • lizzy

    ah i just love her! she is such a natural beauty.

    that pastel rainbow suit is soo cute too!!

  • jessiepants

    She’s so beautiful to me. She doesn’t even have to try to be sexy she just is.. seems like a beautiful person

    • Aline

      she is not a beautiful person, trust me. she is very, VERY arrogant.

      • Ludivine

        what do you know about her. I am interested.

  • Cristina

    She’s a little harsh looking, in my opinion. I think 10lbs would do wonders.

  • petpeeve

    I think she has a great face and greate tone (especially for someone who has had 2 babies)….but she has weird proportions. She is so long in the torso, and short in the legs!

  • katy

    for a VS model especially, i consider her so boring shape or curves to her body..overrated

  • shayek

    Also kinda funny for a model, but I think shes not as pretty in pictures as she is on video or in person. In pictures her face can come off strong but when she’s in the VS access videos online, I’m always so stunned by how pretty she is because alot of the times models look better when posing, shes the opposite.

  • Erica

    I do not find her figure attractive – she’s just too thin, straight and hard for me. Her face can look pretty, but often also looks quite hard. I usually like how she looks in candids though – cute and natural and better with clothes on, sorry!

    I just think if someone had shown me these photos when I was a young teen and said she was the future of bikini/lingerie models, I would have said ‘no way!’ The bikini models I grew up seeing most often were like Laetitia Casta, Rebecca Romijn and Tyra Banks – they were not all super-curvy necessarily, but they had more substance to them than the majority of current well-known bikini models. I just wouldn’t have thought this type of figure would have become the norm for this type of shoot – funny how things change!

    • Candy

      High fashion models have always been like this and bikini models have always been slim. However they were still bigger than Ale. Theres been a crossover between lingerie and high fashion models, and both are noticeably slimmer. Cindy Crawford was consider skinny now they would say ” you could lose 15 lbs”. I love models like Karlie Kloss and Ale, but there should be models like Linda E. who looked better in clothes than anyone.

  • burckybear

    love the last picture – caption competition time!

  • Nene

    She is tall and thin like every other model out there,nothing remarkable or memorable about her.Infact all the VS models kinda look the same to me,would love to see more variety.

  • Robin

    Everybody says that her legs are so very short. I really like to see that her legs look just like mine (okay, mine aren’t skinny, but I mean in length). Her upperlegs are really long and her calves are short, and that makes her legs look shorter than they are.. She doesn’t have really short legs compared to her torso if you look better.

    • Candy

      Her proportions look balanced to me. Her legs from hip to get look like 50 percent of height but she has short calves like you said. Most people have legs that make up 47 percent of their height. Models like adriana and gisele have legs that are 56-60 percent of height. Of course that means longer legs but speaking as someone with that body type there are disadvantages. Its hard to keep a flat torso and your torso can look boxy and short if you gain weight.

      • Observer

        I agree. She does have a longer torso and her legs do appear shorter due to hip placement and the shortness of her upper legs (if you look at other pics of her, her calf area is quite long) but she’s nowhere near the league of Keira. It’s just slight.

  • Nat Shermans

    nice legs, not my favorite angel

  • clara

    not one of my favorite figures but she’s pretty. she seems naturally skinny too

    • Candy

      My definition of naturally skinny is that it doesn’t take killing yourself to be thin. She still has to diet and exercise but it probably comes easier to her than say Oprah. She would probably be 15-25 lbs heavier and higher body fat percentage without trying as hard, still slim though.

  • Priscila

    Beautiful! I love seeing the behind the scenes without photoshop. It shows how the retouching is so unecessary! She looks wonderful naturally.

  • lc

    SO amazing. Ale can do no wrong in my eyes, ever.

  • Nobsnob

    She was pretty at the beginning of her career (early 2000s) because youth and freshness played in her favour, but as of now I don’t find her appealing neither in the face nor in the body. She has a long torso, short legs, no boobs and no bum. :/
    If she wasn’t an “oldie” of VS she wouldn’t be an Angel imo contrary to Adriana who has always been and remains special.

  • Nobsnob

    This said, I love her profile face it makes me think of Kristen Stewart’s one which I love!

  • jenna

    seems like this thread is split almost 50/50 on liking her. i have to take the side that thinks she’s too thin, no curves, nothing too special there as far as what makes a model special. that said, would i like to have her backside? sure i would 🙂

  • killerqueen

    I’d like to see more muscle or -something- on her, maybe in her butt? Her abs aren’t that toned either, she has a bit of a belly and imo it makes her look lazy compared to the other VS models. But she is still so skinny, makes me wonder what she does to stay so thin, if anything.

  • Pixie

    Good body. But, for a model, I don’t find her that pretty.

  • Stephanie

    That rainbow bikini… It has to be miiinee! But I think VS is too expensive for me 🙁 The joys of being broke!

    I find her stunning! Looks pretty all the time, with or without makeup. I like her bod, long, lean, elegant, can rock pretty much anything and look amazing.

  • Arf

    I never saw what was so special about her. So manly-looking.

  • Rosa


  • natalia

    short, no muscle, almost flat chested, hips little wide than shoulders, little fat on butt, pock mark on butt?? tatoo, wow, I am thinkng i could be vs model after seeing this