Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

FP_4068611_RIJ_AMA2009_SET1_112209 - Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

Last but not least in the AMA group, here are lovely pear shaped ladies Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in their patterned blue and cat-woman like short dresses on the red carpet.

How do you find their outfits for this awardy occasion?

FP_4068618_RIJ_AMA2009_SET1_112209 - Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

See some more including close-ups after the jump!

FP_4068613_RIJ_AMA2009_SET1_112209 - Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

FP_4068615_RIJ_AMA2009_SET1_112209 - Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

FP_4068620_RIJ_AMA2009_SET1_112209 - Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

FP_4068622_RIJ_AMA2009_SET1_112209 - Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis in Short Dresses at the AMAs

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  • gigit

    I like them both and Alicia’s more. Not a fan of Leona’s shoe choice, tho.

  • Emmy

    I hate their dresses. Total luck of taste and minimalism. What ‘s wrong with most of famous people and they cannot choose chic clothes.

  • ju-ju

    don’t you think their collarbones are so visible? isn’t that strange? all in all, i love these beautiful ladies!

    • i think my pear shaped friends also have those collar bones. i guess when you are a pear fat really doesnt go much into your uppen body. hahah idk sucks for me im an apple i have slim legs but to get my arms looking like that idk if thats even possible

      • Jemima

        Just because you’re a pear doesn’t mean you’re fat. It just means your hip bones are wider than your shoulders.

        • Jess

          I dont think thats what alexad meant.. They meant that pear shaped women tend to store fat in their lower bodies rather than their upper bodies, not that all pear shaped women are fat.

    • suzushii

      I don’t think it’s strange. My collarbones are even more visible, and I’ve always had them that way. I cannot for the life of me gain in my upper body. It makes me sick to think anorexics admire visible bones like mine, mine don’t look like that by choice.

      • ju-ju

        but as long as it natural, it is always beautiful, suzushii 🙂

    • beckers

      actually leona looks as though shes had some shading around the shoulders and collorbone, maybe body make up ? Do they do this ?

  • Meko

    flawless! both beautiful ladies

  • georgette

    i love beautiful fat legged women, because i’m one of them!!! LOL

    • Ana

      lol! two of us 🙂 yay

      • babyvincer

        Here’e a third! lol!

        • Jaz

          They arent fat!!! I prefer the term ‘thick’ because I have seen fat legs..and these arent them.

        • liza

          im a fourth!lol

          • Nic

            Me too!

  • elena

    fat legs like that should not be shown in short dresses..that’s my opinion..i love leona’s face however..

    • michelle

      agree on all points haha =]

    • MissKitty

      You probably have twig legs.

  • Alexandra

    Beautiful ladies!
    Leona`s shoes are horrible though…

  • Sharen

    I like Alicia’s dress, but I don’t like her shoes and I don’t think they go well with her legs either.

    I don’t like Leona’s dress at all, and again those shoes don’t go well with that kind of legs.

  • prettygirl

    they both look great (other than leona’s shoes) it’s called making the most of what u have. not everyone is built to be stick thin no matter how much they diet or exercise so well done to them for working it

  • b

    I’m a pear…and I just finished eating mac-n-cheese…why did I come on here? Oy.

  • b

    omg I didn’t even notice those shoes! they’re like hooves!

  • xo

    HUGE legs/ cankles. sausage legs at its finest.

    • thickness is what this is misses….you trippin

  • lp23

    Alicia should have weared something longer and more figure hugging.
    She has got a great wide hips and a big curvy butt. She doesn’t have the legs to carry this outfit off imo.
    She showed of her curves more in this dress.

    • prettygirl

      i knew it was going to be that pic before i clicked the link. that dress definately flatters her figure. no lumps or bumps where they shouldn’t be, she looks so fab in that pic. definately the best pic of alicia

    • Nkeon

      Yeah, that dress she’s wearing in the link is dynamite on her!
      I don’t know why ppl are so impartial to pear shaped bods!
      But I do think she should have worn a better bra

  • Denisa_Totally_Spy:*

    I dont’ dig Alicia’s legs at all

  • Ella

    They are both beautiful women, but I don’t think they know how to flatter their legs well. Maybe dresses closer to knee-length and shoes that did NOT cut off their legs would have been better choices for them.

  • Uma

    When you are built like this you will NEVER have thin legs. So i really appreciate them for flaunting them. They are definitely not fat ladies, not even full, i actually bet their weight is nowhere near the upper limit of normal. Just b/c most young women prefer skinny legs, doesn’t mean they should hide themselves. And Alicia is so beautiful that who the heck actually cares what her legs look like.

    • H

      I agree, if anything very toned and looking healthy! IMO Leona & Alicia are among the most beautiful women in the media!

  • Steena

    i love love love leona’s make up!

  • harlow

    leona looks a lil bit weird here cause this is the first time i’ve ever seen her dress in something edgy. the leather-ish dress and the shoes. it doesn’t seem to suit her esp with her flowing waves. but i do like her make up.

  • Barbie

    If each of their hemlines were a little longer I think it would flatter their legs more. Both girls have gorgeous faces.

  • machmalow

    WOW Alicia’s dress is absolutely fabulous !

  • dani

    I like Alicia Keys more than Leona Lewis…

    • Barbie


  • jw_photography

    Leona or Alicia? It’s a close one.
    Hair Leona 9 Alicia 7
    Face Leona 8 Alicia 8
    Breasts Leona 8 Alicia 6
    Ass Leona 8 Alicia 9
    Legs Leona 8 Alicia 8
    So Leona gets my vote 41 to 38

  • kath

    Leona Is Fab and i luv her shoes alicia is trying way to hard Leona gets My vote 100 To 1

  • i,d have to go for alicia keys shes sexy. i use to be a fan of Leona but she,s let me down alot espeacially with her face EEWWEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW LEONA NEVER AGAIN

  • shell

    I would say that Leona is more of an hourglass or cello, because of her larger bust and shoulders. Pears are small shouldered, small/medium busted, like JLH, Kristen Davis, Nina Dobrev ect.

    • but Leonas ace is sickening

  • but Leonas face is sickening