Alicia Keys, Makeover or Makeunder?

Alicia Keys’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

178659580_10 - Alicia Keys's New Hair - Makeover or Makeunder?

Alicia Keys pwerformed on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ at Rumsey Playfield 2 days ago and she did so while showing off her curvy figure and new haircut. How do you all like it?

Alicia Keys’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

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  • Deli


  • Carla

    argh three stooges makeunder!

    • charlie

      hahha..! I was thinking Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber..

  • Soňa

    This is SO BAD!!!! The hair, clothes… Poor styling 4 such a brilliant singer. Fire your stylist, Alicia, now!

    • Marina

      Right!!!But that’s not the first case,where I don’t like her clothes,hair,etc.She’s gourgeous,but her stylists sometimes make her look awful:(

      • Everything looks shocking 🙁

  • ayu

    Horrible hair, but it will probably look good in a month when the back grows out a bit and if she cuts the fringe in a more wispy style. She has a beautiful face.

  • JaneParker

    Are we sure that’s her real hair? Cause I’ve seen cheap toupés that looked more real than this. What was she thinking?

  • sofie

    the clothes is hidious

  • Mia

    Wow, she needs to go back to her hair dresser and demand her money back. She basically got a really really bad bowl cut! What was she thinking?!

  • CK

    Hair, outfit – hideous

  • Jui’

    Well she looks fine here, while she does not have my ideal body, she seems happy with it. I do think short hair always makes a woman look larger on the bottom though. Not a good decision IMO.

    • Alyssa

      What’s her alternative to being happy with it? To hate it?
      Of course she ‘s happy with it – its her body.
      Should she hide it? Hack it apart at the surgeons for $$$?Spend hours at the gym for a minor change?

      Her body was what was given to her through nature and her parents.

      • Candy M.

        WTF? Why so snippy, what is your problem? You’re attacking people for no reason.

      • lana

        haha-agree with candy…

        Also, “Of course she ‘s happy with it – its her body”…really? While there are many people who embrace their bodies, I’m pretty sure that there are as many others who would agree with me that just because it’s your own body doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re happy with it!

        • serena

          Agree with you and Candy…also I don’t think most women love or hate their bodies. Most women are in-between, we all have things that we like and dislike. Personally I’m not a fan of Alicia’s figure but she looks confident and has a positive energy. Not to mention she is talented.

  • Pixie

    No!!! Looks like she put a bowl on her head and cut around it!! 🙁

  • Cari

    Bad hair!! I never realized she was so heavy in the bottom. I am stunned! I always thought she was very slim. Maybe she normally hides it well?

  • Nene

    Alicia is a very beautiful woman,one of the most beautiful celebs imho.But seriously that hair style isn’t good at all,same goes with the outfit.
    On someone without her stunning features it would have been worse.
    Coloured pants are unflattering on curvy hip,I mean you can practically trace the pear shape on her.A dark coloured one would have been better.

    • Alyssa

      you can trace the pear shape on her because… she is pear shaped. Is that a bad thing?

      • Nene

        Don’t get your panties in bunch girl,am only been a little sacarstic but honest.
        I guess you’re pear shaped that’s why you’re being defensive.

  • swissmiss

    No. Just no.

  • marie

    @ Cari : she always has been that curvy, i never see her “slim”. She does not hide it normally, but yes these trousers don’t fit her well! She’s amazingly beautiful, she has gorgeous curves and she’s toned, but that hair is awful!!

  • SA girl

    I am generally not an RnB fan, but I do think Alicia is talented. She strikes me as someone more artsy now that she is in her 30s, as opposed to a fashion icon. As least she is comfortable with herself, in whatever she does and wears. It’s all about her music and voice, I guess fashion style and hairstyles are not priority for her. Confidence=success.

    • La la la la

      +1. she is awesome. whatever weight she gains or whatever awwwwful haircut, she rocks it. ’empire state of mind’, the one with jay-z and her version without jay-z are amazing

      • Anna

        She’s defintly over weight

  • clea

    I don’t think the cut itself is awful but it doesn’t look good styled this way, like it’s shellacked to her head.

    Her body is looking better than it has in a while, but the outfit is a tad too tight. Face is gorgeous as usual.

  • Chocato Drink

    LOL at least she looks funny ^^

  • Winnie

    When I read the post title I already knew it would be bad…Alicia is a talented artist but her style has never been good. And as of late, it’s been downright awful!

  • lc

    No. Her head looks way too small for her body now.

  • Nanari

    I think she looks nice

    • Alexis Christine

      Her or her hair?

  • Rosa

    Make-under. It just brings the emphasis to her rather large behind and thighs. Not hating, but she could really stand to loose some weight.

    She looks best with longer hair, imo.

    • Jui’

      Agree. I mean I realize that this is a post about her hair, but I dont think its good that the fact that she is medically obesse, is getting overlooked. She is clearly not practicing health diet and exercise habits. Despite the fact that she does seem to be happy and confident in her body in spite of her condition, which is a positive thing.

  • Nobsnob

    The cut is hideous beyond words and she should have put black pants and saved the pop of color for the top, it would have balanced her extremely pear-shaped body.

  • maverick

    I have always found her face to be stunningly beautiful and I think she is a great artiste, but I’m not a fan of her figure and just no, to that haircut.

  • TonyFae

    Never was fan.
    That hair… Sigh.

  • TonyFae

    Never was a fan.
    That hair… Sigh.

  • Lora27

    What the hell was she thinking? So was soo beautiful, when she first came out…

  • Alexis Christine

    Nope. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

  • Talentdoesn’tcount

    According to most people, Alicia needs to lose 100 lbs. get glue and add 100 lbs on hair to her scalp. She should then wear a body suit exposing her breast after she get implants. Then she would be perfect.

    Who cares if she is talented, it all about hair tits and ass.

    • Alexis Christine

      I get what you are saying, But the topic of this post is not to talk about her talent. It is if her hair is a Make-under or Make-over…

      • coldnipz

        yes, agree Alexis.
        don’t get me wrong i would looooove for women to be judged on more than their appearance, along with a billion other changes to the media, how it affects young girls etc..etc..

        But, the whole post is about her makeover/makeunder,
        and its called skinny vs curvy. Yes people will be commenting on her appearance. Surprise!

        THE HAIR IS AWFUL. looks like her mum cut it

    • Chera

      60 to 75. Not 100.

  • Alias

    Can anyone pull off this look? I rarely like short hair, but it works if it’s the right cut, and that definitely is not what’s going on here. Also, it’s funny how all the celebrities are suddenly cutting off their hair. I guess Miley is somewhat influential then? LOL

  • Anon

    Why would a woman with such a beautiful face do this? Oh well, it’s just hair…it’ll grow.

  • Lisa

    Her head is Beetlejuice tiny.

  • megs362


  • Chera

    Well she looks ridiculous. She is just plain eating her way to idk where. This cannot be healthy.

  • Mara

    Ok, the hair and style is ridiculous, but I don’t get the body hate.
    I’ll admit that I couldn’t deal with being so “wide”/curvy, but I think her figure looks beautiful on her. She looks strong (has some actual muscle in her arms instead of lack-of-fat-making-you-look-ripped) and has really nice, yes dramatic and yes nice proportions. And she appears very confident which is everything; she just carries that weight and herself really well.
    I think she’d look far better with a haircut adding more volume to her head, but I also applaud her for trying something that most people would say is “unflattering” on someone of her built.

  • Jui’

    What muscle? She is medically obse. To above, I’m all for a healthy love thyself attitude, but this is not healthy.

    • Mara

      Give me a break, you are not her f-ing doctor. If you can’t see the muscle in her arms, maybe you just don’t have strong people around you. Yeah, she is “big”, but also has really nice proportions and I’m almost willing to bet she’s not medically obese. Or unhealthy, my a-.

      • Jui’

        If I cant see her muscle its bc its covered in like 30 perc bf. That is obse. Its a fact that to be obse is not healthy. Do not promote obeseity as healthy. Its dangerous.

        • Mara

          I can’t even…

          I’m only going to add that even if her BF% is 30, that is within the “average” body fat range for women and not yet obesity. (Look it up.)
          And no, I’m not promoting obesity, and no, I’m not obese or overweight myself.

        • serena

          Newflash Jui you’re the one with crazy high cholesterol so you’re a fine one to talk about health. You even claimed your skinny mom had a heart attack. How much more proof do you need that being skinny doesn’t make you healthy? Before I felt sorry for you but now it’s obvious you’re trolling as usual. You know Alicia is nowhere near medically obese (bmi 30+) and her body fat % is in the healthy range (unlike yours which is too low and you have health issues, probably infertile too).

          Then again you also said Candice S. is fat and needs liposuction – do you have body dysmorphia because you frankly sound crazy, like those pro-ana forums that claim Karlie K is fat when she’s a slim model. I guess you can’t argue with crazy and I was foolish for trying, so I won’t bother anymore, much better forums out there for discussing healthy&beauty intelligently rather than mindlessly calling everyone obese.

          • Jui

            1) serena being underweight does not carry the same health risks of being overweight, which are many and very serious in nature. The link you provided is to a study on mutations of the gene IRS1, which we ALL have. Yet not all of us have the mutated version of this gene. You, nor anyone else, can know who does, w/out genetic testing. Secondly, the scientists involved in that study admit that they are unclear as to which genes relate to a person’s BMI. Thirdly, as if genes solely determine a person’s BMI. A person’s BMI can change over the course of their lifetime.

            2) My mother died of a heart attack alright, but not due to high cholesterol. It was due to endocarditis, which she had unbeknownst to all of us. A bacteria in her blood literally ate away her heart valve. She was set for open heart surgery, but suffered the attack, before surgery could happen. There is no history of heart disease or high cholesterol in my family. And I do not have ‘heart problems’ as you say. My heart is strong, and free of disease.

            3) I’ve never said being skinny = healthy. You said I did. False, I never said it.

            4) If you remember from my previous comments, I do not have ‘crazy high cholesterol’ as you put it. I said that a year ago mine was 2 points away from being borderline high at 198. Even that was not ‘crazy high’ and my HDL and LDL were even then, in the ‘excellent’ category. Through diet and exercise, my cholesterol dropped 38 points. Then, it dropped again, the exact number it dropped I cannot remember. Now my cholesterol is 136, and my HDL, LDL and triglycerides are still in the excellent category. Hardly ‘crazy high’.

            The reason it was higher in the first place, was not due to gene mutation IRS1 or family history of high cholesterol. No one in my family has high cholesterol, like your family does. It was due to the fact that I took advantage of the fact that I was 5 ft 7 and 110 lbs and 16%bf and could eat anything I wanted, and only exercise twice a week, and still remain reasonably thin. Now, after eating a healthy diet and exercising about 1-2 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, not only is my cholesterol is at 136, but my weight is 104 lbs and my bf is at around 12%. I look so much better and feel better and am healthier. Yes, I could gain 2 pounds of fat and would still look great. But I want to get my number down to 120, where it was 7 years ago. So I will continue to train hard and eat properly to do that.

            5) As for Alicia and Jennifer, they look to me at least to be 30% and 25%bf, respectively. If you check, you will see that does indeed correspond to being obese and overweight, respectively. Are you now going to argue that being overweight or obse is not unhealthy? Could I be wrong in their bf estimates? Yes. I could also be right, and believe I am.

            6) You are to also assume that she could ‘kick my butt in the gym’? Yet you have no information on her health, diet or exercise routine to make this assumption. But you have information about mine, and it’s pretty impressive. I train much harder and longer than the average woman, so my bet is on me, though neither you nor I can say for certain. I exercise 1-2 hours a day, speed walk/jog/run, lift weights, speed bag and jump rope. I’m also incredibly fast, and I do not have any excess weight that J Law has, to slow me down. I could also outrun her if she tried anything, as I weigh way less than she does, and have way less bf too.

            7) You guess J Law’s cholesterol is lower than mine? Again, you have no way of knowing what her cholesterol level is. These arguments are weak…flawed, faulty..exhausted sigh.

            8) You say I’m infertile just b/c I’m active and have low body fat? I never stopped menstruating serena, and have no reason to suspect I am infertile. As someone who does not want children, I can’t say your comment offends me in any way, I am just responding to the inaccuracy of it. Just b/c some women stop menstruating when they lose weight, does not mean we all do. Also, as opposed to some women who eat less and exercise more, I do not feel tired, yet have much more energy than when I was stuffing myself, and not training everyday. I’m an ectomorph. Thin and lean is my natural state, and we thrive in this state.

            9) I only promote healthy eating habits and exercise habits – nothing else – and have never said anything to the contrary. In fact, I have often commented on healthy eating and exercise habits. Strange you would say that. Just because I have a preference for lean, muscled strong bodies, you take that as an unhealthy attitude? I find that strange that you would make that correlation. For me, being very lean and muscular has always only been associated w/ healthy habits. Maybe for others, it’s not the case.

          • Jui

            serena, I also remember you saying to me you thought that I would promote models smoking to lose weight. This is a comment that I did personally find offensive. My father died a miserable death from lung cancer in 2007. It hurts me to even write this. You, as a daughter of a parent that died from cancer, should know it is a terrible experience. At least, my mother went quickly. But there could be nothing further than the truth. I deplore tobacco products of any kind. Translation, I hate them for what they did to my father, and what they cont. to do to thousands of people everyday. I do take offense, personally, when you insinuate I have an unhealthy outlook on eating and exercise. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing could be further than the truth. Health is something I strive for everyday, and it has ALWAYS been priority number one for me.

            Thin people and people who like thin bodies, get very tired of this inane, unfounded and utterly ridiculous argument. And we do take great offense to it. Please think twice before you make these accusations at anyone, who is thin or likes thin bodies.

          • Candy M.

            “serena says:
            May 23, 2009 at 7:59 pm
            I have absolutely nothing against fattish people…even if I usually admire toned and slender bodies-who can blame me?- what can I say…it’s OK to be a little chubby if you feel good in your own skin. that’s the important thing. but now seriously , I don’t think Kelly’s feeling OK with such an unhealthy weight. she definitely has to lose some weight. besides the unpleasant look , we’re talking about a medical problem.”

        • serena

          Being underweight causes many of the same risks as being overweight:

          Worry about your own body instead of claiming normal sized women like JLaw are ‘unhealthy’, you’re so young and already so many heart issues. I bet Jen’s cholesterol is much lower than yours and she could kick your butt in the gym lol.

          • Anna

            This is ridiculous. First of all less thantwo percent if the population is underweight, and roughly 2 percent of te population can be co side red mainly an ectomorph. That means statistically a thin person is MUCH more likely to have that as a natural body type. Given that 70%! Of the pop is iverweight and 36% obese- I’m highly doubting many of those are just that big after eating salads. So give me a real before you start talking about the risks of being underweight, most, unlike you when you got there, are there naturally and suffer no ill health. When you talk about the sites that call karlie fat, I know, you know what’s minuscule Amt if the pop thinks so. Obviously the fashion industry doesn’t.
            When you say Nataliaas bf is too low, chances are you’re wrong. Just because you couldn’t ever get there. Alicia keys , like 70 percent of Americans is almost surely overweight and maybe even obese. I have obese family’s movers with smaller thighs than her.
            So ispuattoll/Alina- you sound like YOU have issues and keep projecting them onto others. Y0U are the one who admitted to dropping to an unhealthy weight for yiu, and YOU said you lost mendturation serena md/ 15 minute 5k. Everything you’re accusing others of having YOU have.

          • Jui’

            Oh wow serena I cant believe I wasted time responding to your comments. You are just a troll. I was reading an old post just now, Emma Stone Is 105 Pounds, Feb. 15th. This was your comment: “Some people are ectomorphs w tiny bone structure. I have aa friend who is 104 lbs at 5′ 7″ and she is very healthy…being slightly underweight doesn’t mean someone is unhealthy.” Yet here you are telling me that I am unhealthy? And telling me to go eat an apple bc my brain is starved for nutrients? And under different usernames? Alina/ispyatroll/rinj and others, so you can tell me and CandM that we are trapped in the bodies of pubescents? Ha. Ok serena. Wow you are nothing but aa troll. Its not my fault you had an eating dsorder at one point and didnt eat or menstruate and you cant be thin. I mean these are your words serena. Wow will never take anything you say seriously ever again. You just outright lie and are nothing but bitter troll.

      • Anna

        No you give me a break. I don’t red to be doctor to tell you this woman is obeese. I have eyes, and they don’t see any muscle here. I see muscle when I look in the mirror, this doesn’t look like that. Can you show me where the delta, biceps, triceps are? And nice proportions? I’d that’s joke? Have you seen her legs? Plus I don’t care how great your proportions are, if you’re this big it doesn’t matter. Stop bs/ ing. I doubt she got this big from eating grass.

      • anonymous

        Sorry but where is the hate? I don’t see any at all. Most people are praising her figure which isn’t shocking on this site since most women on here like her type of figure. If you want to talk about the word “hate” then go look at a Kate Upton or Karlie Kloss post.

        • anonymous

          Also why do so many women on this site think it’s okay to be overweight as long as you have the “so called” right proportions? at her height she is carrying too much weight for her height. and if she were to gain anymore her proportions would go off anyway because after a certain point the weight is going to go all over if enough is gained. Melissa Mcarthy is a good example. Nobody knows what her actual body shape is because too much fat covers it. She may be “curvy” under all the extra weight but there is no way of knowing unless she lost it first.

        • Anna

          They hate karlie becuse she has the perfect body, unattainable by 99.99 percent of women. It’s te defense mechanism researchers have talked about. “They bellitle the ideal model to restore positive self image”. Karlie is 6’2 like me and super lean. I course they hate her- she’s out of this world beautiful. Her legs are taller than Beyonce.

          • Jui’

            Agree Anna. Its not good to promote obsty. I thought you were 6 ft 1 btw?

          • Anna

            When at home with measuring tape 6’1 . Went to the doctors last week ad measured at aprox. 6’2 ., ill take the doctors measurement as more

          • Jui’

            The dr scale w the height bar is accurate if used correctly. I found out I am still jsut 5 7. So jealous of you its disgusting lol.

        • Mara

          I didn’t use the word ‘hate’, your seeing ghosts. But if the shoe fits…
          Also most women on this site do NOT like this kind of figure, wth are you talking about? Biased much?
          I actually wrote myself that I wouldn’t want her figure, but I can say I appreciate it on her.
          Anyway, the discussion is pointless.
          Just don’t act like you actually care about overweight peoples’ health to justify your intolerance.

    • Mara

      “I’m all for a healthy love thyself attitude, but this is not healthy.”
      I can’t believe you just typed that, really, I hope you’re just trolling. That’s like saying “oh, I’m a vegetarian, but I eat chicken.”, “oh, I’m not racist, I’m all for equality, but those -insert nationality here- are just not good people.”
      Hey, I’m all for self-love, but this woman looks like she shouldn’t love herself because she’s bigger than I can handle/consider “healthy” (loool).

    • kat

      lol that is not obese, she might be a little overweight – maybe. but not obese. she has a tiny waist

  • Jui’

    Mara, yet you did not say she is not obse. Interesting.

    • Mara

      I wrote above “I’m willing to bet she’s not medically obese”. The only interesting thing is that you chose to not see it.
      Also you don’t know about her body fat, let alone health, because as *everyone* these days knows a “medically obese” BMI doesn’t necessarily make you unhealthy because BMI is an antiquated measure not counting in most important factors making someone’s build healthy or unhealthy.

      And yeah, I’m dropping the discussion. Your opinions (and I’m also talking about Anna and that anonymous) are incomprehensably underdone and I don’t think I can or want to argue on that basis.

  • Jui’

    Mera, incorrect. 30%bf is obse.

  • Jui’

    Yeah I mean did. Countries dif. Institutions say dif. % some say 25%, some say30 % some say 32%. She is either overwght or obse and that is not healthy. She is eating a lot and not exercising at all or enough so the comments saying she looks great and is health are ridiculous, and quite franky sound like defense mechanisms. Even J Law is a little bit overweight, by some standards, though I shyed away fr. That toppic on her post here. Being overwt. Or obs. Carry their own risks, that are significant.

    • Winnie

      *slow clap*

      I was waiting for the outburst. There’s the Natalia we all know and love (to hate). Quite frankly, the whole “at least she seems happy with herself” crap was getting weird and creepy. I’ve gotta hand it to you guys, you certainly liven up the place. Welcome back 😀

  • Jui’

    Mara, actually BMI is most effective used as an indicator of health on ovrwght or obse ppl like Alicia, less so on ppl that have a large amt of muscle, or on thin lean ppl like myself. If you want to believe that its healthy to be ovrwght/obse like Alicia, go right ahead. It flys in the face of science. But who care right?

  • kat

    wow everything about this look is bad


  • ally

    reminds me a bit of Robyn.

  • Jui’

    Winnie, if you consider a true statement an outburst, maybe a lie will suit you better: Alicia has a healthy amount of bodyfatt and looks like she is eating right and getting plenty of exercise. There. How was that?

    • Winnie

      Nope, I actually agree with you there. She is overwrought, I doubt she’s obese though. Regardless, that’s not what I’m talking about. The paragraphs up there? What’s the point of those? You need to stop making it so easy for people to bait you into situations that will only serve to get you blocked again

  • snugglepup

    What a mindless conversation above there 😀 YEAH SHE’S DEFINITELY “OBSE” 😀 lol. She’s one delicious talented pear, not obese, measure her by any way whatever.

  • sims

    She’s always been thick, but I guess that’s just how her body is. Good thing she knows how to dress and work it!

  • Chasity Randolph

    I don’t care what anyone says, Alicia Keys is a thirsty lesbian. I’m just saying…