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5’8” Amanda: “My goal is 100 lbs”

FFN_BynesAmanda_SheriffDUI_PremiereFF_040612_8954917 - 5'8'' Amanda: "My goal is 100 lbs"

At request, here’s an ‘interesting’ quote coming from troubled star Amanda Bynes (26) that Us Weekly posted as part of their ’25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me’ list:

I gain weight quickly so I need to work out constantly. I moved to New York City and I love it! I lost 4 lbs. since I moved. I’m 121 lbs — my goal is 100 lbs.

Note that Amanda is 5’8” and her goal isn’t a healthy one, since 100 pounds at her weight would imply having a BMI of 15.2, which is considered very underweight.

You can see Amanda’s full list here!


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  • lc

    She’s crazy anyhow, nothing she says can shock me.

  • Ece

    she should just stop breathing,the air must be heavy.

    • cherrybelle99

      What an awful thing to say about someone who obviously has mental health issues.

      • serena

        You can’t call her mentally ill based on one quote. Tons of girls I know want to be very skinny, that in itself is not a sign if illness; we don’t know if she’s purging or skipping meals but 121 is a healthy weight for now.

        • Rachel

          True. If she’s insane, then the majority of the first world population must be as well. Just because most girls don’t voice how skinny they want to be doesn’t mean they don’t want it just as badly.

        • Winnie

          in cherrybelle’s defense, the “mentally ill” comment probably has more to do with her shenanigans the past few months than this quote alone.

    • Sandy

      Ece πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • B

      Orospu ya. Bi siktir git

  • Powwow

    The wholr ‘BMI’ thing is so dumb. I don’t think you can really tell if she’ll be very underweight at 100 lbs until she gets there… My goal weight right now is around 100 lbs and I’m 5’6, I don’t think I’ll be super skinny though! Depends on how her body carries weight.

    • Sassy

      I’d recommend talking to someone because although bmi was created for insurance companies..100lbs at 5’6 is too thin. Your organs and your body needs that weight to function. You sound like you have a very distorted image of yourself.

      • Powwow

        See, it’s so annoying how people make such random assumptions on such small amounts of information. I do not have a ‘very distorted image’ of myself. I said my goal weight is AROUND 100 lbs – this is not rigid. My current natural weight (I mean without working out much) is 119 lbs. I’m slim but have quite a lot of belly fat which I would like to get rid off before the summer. If I got to say, 110 and I looked how I wanted too, then I would stop working on loss and look more to maintaining that 110 but i’m GUESSING I need to lose around 10-15 to look as slim and toned as I would like. I do have a very small bone structure and I naturally gain on my belly which I hate but I have no desire to be super skinny to the point that it could affect the function of my organs. I mean I don’t care that much. I just don’t think you can automatically say what 100lbs will look like on someone based on BMI because people carry weight differently.

        • Ugh, I get so tired of everyone obsessing with their scale. It’s your body fat percentage you want to lower, not necessarily your weight…

          • Powwow

            Ugh, my scale also estimates my body fat percentage (density), so I keep an eye on both because they’re both relevant to my body goals. It’s hardly an obsession though.

        • swissmiss

          I get what you are saying. It really depends on your bone structure. I am 5’7 and my weight shifts between 130-135 with a low body fat percentage and you can see my spinal chord and shoulder blades (well I am a pear, so I carry my fat mostly on the lower party of my body). My best friend is actually a bit taller than me, maybe 5’8, and has a much smaller frame than me. Her weight shifts around 120-125. If she would be at my weight, she’d look a lot bigger than I do and vice versa; I would look way too thin at 120!

          I really stopped getting crazy about the scale and giving myself a hard time to achieve a certain goal. When I eat clean and work out 3 to 4 times a week, my body kind of WANTS to weigh 130 lbs naturally.

    • Veronique

      At 5’6″ and 100, I think you might look too thin, unless you have a very small frame. I’m 103 and 5’4″ and family is constantly on my case about how unhealthy I look. I have a health condition and my weight is monitored closely by my doctor. My shoulder blades stick out and spinal cord poke out and it does look quite gross. And I’m two inches shorter! Please try to aim for healthy, instead of an arbitrary number. <3

    • Shannon

      I’m with you! 5’7″ and I look my best at 104. People like to make silly comments about what’s best for someone else. These people are silly. Ignore them and good luck with reaching your goals!

  • Addie

    That was my lowest weight (same height) and for me it certainly was not healthy… Hope she’s alright πŸ™

  • Tally

    That sh!t cray

    • misscheeks

      Ain’t it Jay? πŸ˜‰

      *sigh* I really don’t know what’s going on with Amanda nowadays…seems that early fame and stardom screwed her up good and proper. She needs good, strong people around her before she ends up very sick or dead. πŸ™

      • Chloe

        Yeah, it is very sad. There are too many celebrities who suffer from being famous and can’t handle the pressure, paparazzi, et cetera. I can’t blame them. I wonder if I’d be strong enough to stay true to myself.

      • Tally

        LOL MC ‘ what she order? Fish fillet??’ well not in amandas case :/ haha jokes aside i sometimes watch old bits of the amanda show, cant help it i grew up watching her πŸ™‚ i must say she can be hilarious & i really hope she figures herself out, as corny as that may sound

  • Even though the bmi thimg may sound stupid, she will be severely underweight. We share the same height and at 115 pounds people call me skinny.i hope she gets back to a healy mental state and reconsider her goal weight

  • serena

    People are so obsessed with numbers like weight and dress size that they forget the whole point of food is energy to keep our bodies functioning. I make sure to eat several servings of veg, fruit, proteins, grains, a day and get all the of the vitamin/mineral groups. I indulge in treats too, but in moderation and obviously that’s for pleasure not nutrition. So many women are obsessed with the magic number – like 100 lbs or size 0 – over their own health. I work in a hospital and have actually met girls who confess they eat 5-6 snacks a day (chips, granola bars, etc) and they’re skinny because they don’t eat much, but it’s all crap.

    As for Amanda, I think she’s desperately trying to stay relevant by making headlines.

    • serena

      Haha I just read she wants to record an album! Anything to stay famous. I bet she’ll be on cocaine soon enough, that should assist with her weight loss goals πŸ˜‰

    • Casey

      I agree Serena. I think she’s just trying to make headlines and stay relevant by saying shocking things.

    • Yep – I know skinny people like that too. They eat snack food all day – no real meals, just things like pringles, cookies and maybe an apple and diet soda! It’s terrible – but they think they’re healthy and fine because they’re thin. That’s why I get annoyed when people assume all fat people eat junk and are ignorant of nutrition and being thin is some kind of achievement in willpower and health – not necessarily!

      • artemis

        i’m guilty of eating sh*t too…but i feel bad for it cause it’s unhealthy…even if i’m 105 and 5’4. i hope i won’t get much skinnier than i want if i start eating healthy, lol.(minimum 92 considering the lil muscle tone i have but w/ muscle it would be more. all that matters is looking good, not necessary the weight)

        idk how people get used to eating healthy food..they are awesome.
        my family thinks they are eating healthy cause they use veggs when cooking food…but by doing that you lose the good parts…add a lot of oil and sauce and ughhh, bad and not even tasty like snacks, lol. so it’s a vicious circle.
        i think the easiest way would be to eat as much fresh vegs and fruits as i can w.o getting bored of them and then usual things. but i’m addicted to junk…i am sure they put smth that gets u addicted in them -_-

        • Karin

          I thought so too. Maybe this helps:

          There are a lot of yummy recipes at foodgawker. Just search in the “healthy” category. Smoothies are healthy and taste great. Vegetables in a curry also taste much better than steamed ones. And never be afraid of healthy fats. They really bring out the flavours. Otherwise it would really taste awful. Ohsheglows and graciouspantry also have great recipes.

          I wish someone had told me this one year ago when I started living healthier. Hope I could help you πŸ™‚

      • lol

        Yet you defend Melissa Mcarthy and insist she is healthy.

        • Can you point out where I ‘insisted’ Melissa McCarthy is healthy? Because I don’t remember saying that. In fact, at some point I remember saying she is more than likely not to be healthy! I just don’t think it’s fair to assume she is definitely very unhealthy, in the way people assume lean people are definitely healthy.
          The more you keep inventing statements I didn’t make, the more like a desperate bully you look.

    • Stefani

      Completely agree Serena. I used to be that way but realised how horrible it is for your body (well not snack bars, just junk food and no fruit/minimal veggies). I now eat healthy and weigh around the same because I am still intaking the same number of calories – though instead they are “good” calories instead of “bad”.

  • Pixie

    Dumb quote. It’s coming from us weekly, so chances are she never even said it.

  • April

    Only thing she’s gonna get is stick legs and arms and a less defined waist…I agree, it’s beyond obvious that she’s looking for some attention. She’s knows damn well her statement will shock people.

  • Junior

    100lbs at 5’8? Yeah, she sounds like a healthy weight….

    • Junior

      *that (sounds like a healthy weight)

  • Polly

    It’s just her call for attention as is all the dumb nonsense she does these days. Amanda, you should have just stayed quiet and basked in your child stardom as anything noteworthy you’ve done is ruined now.

  • Calia

    Amanda has always been REALLY proud of her body. Even other celebrities have admired her for that quality. She must be going through a bit of a hard time if she suddenly wants to change it.

  • kateuk


    Poor role model for young girls.

  • Shiv

    I truly feel sorry for her. I used to LOVE her. She was my favourite actress when I was growing up, always so bubbly, cute, outgoing etc. And she had her own show and everything. I think it’s cruel for stage parents to make their kids child stars given the track record that so many others have – Linday Lohan, Mackaulay Culkin, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, just to name a few. Does anyone watch that show Dance Moms? It’s actually really sad. The mothers are pathetic

    • Raquel100

      Totally agree. Hollyweird can really do a number on a kid, it’s a shame how people shamelessly pimp their kids out. Tragic. I feel bad for Amanda. I’ve always thought she had an AMAZING body, and I think she’s the perfect weight now. She’s obviously going through some serious issues and should consider really retiring from the spotlight like she said a while back, at least temporarily.

  • natascha

    woooow 100 pounds :O

    im 5,6 and 120 pounds and i believe im rather slim :O

  • Anastasia.

    Well, Amanda is a nutcase, so no surprise there. She’s going down the Lindsey Lohan path as it is.

  • Aafje

    I’m also 5’8″ and my doctor told me for my height and build I shouldn’t aim for lower than 130. ( probably have a thicker build than her but still…100 seems really low)

    • kbaby

      @Aafje: Woot-woot! I am so glad that I am not the only one who is 5’8lbs and been told not to go below 125lbs. I bet your frame is medium.

      • AIms

        I agree! I’m 5’6 and 128lbs – apparently I’m a heffer according to her. Looking back on pics of me at 115 or even 107 – I looked terrible – it did not suit me at all – I looked like a corpse. Really – people always say I am very skinny but now they say I look healthy and my face looks way better. I’d rather have an attractive looking face over being super skinny any day.

        • Aafje

          I am 155 atm but I was 190 and my doctor was telling me not to set an unrealistic goal weight for myself like Amanda here is doing lol. I would be content at 140 because thats what I was when I played all the sports in highschool.

  • Sassy

    I’d say she was probably near 100 lbs back when she was on What I like about you but she was a at 27 years old she should not be aiming for that

  • NotToday

    Her goal weight is 100 pounds?!
    Umm, I’m the same height and my goal weight is only 1 pound lighter than that. The difference? I have an full-blown eating disorder!
    I’m so worried about her!

  • Arianna

    When she was younger she probably weighed about 100 pounds. She can’t expect to sustain that forever. 121 is quite thin for 5’8″, she doesn’t need to lose anything more.

    • Candy

      she was never 100 lbs at 5 8, do you know how skinny that is. Karlie Kloss is 61 and she is 125-130 lbs. 100 lbs and 5’8 is snejana ojapanka skinny.

      • Arianna

        Candy I’m talking about this picture when she much younger: Once again, I’m not advocating for her to lose weight. I think she’s delusional in thinking that she can look like that forever… she was just a kid!

        • Aafje

          but if she was a teen then was she 5’8″ yet?

      • jackie

        I don’t know Karlie Kloss’ exact weight but I’m pretty sure she weighs much less. A friend of mine works at a modeling agency and told me that a lot of the girls are under 110 (not sure how she knows that though, I think she might be pretty obsessed with weight since working in this industry…) and they’re all very tall.

        • Candy

          Most models are shorter than Karlie though at 5’9-5’10 being the average. Also Karlie is different than other high fashion models in that she actually has muscle unlike Anja Rubik. People think that sounds high, but for someone that tall its very thin. She isn’t 5’5 like the average woman, she’s taller than most women or even men.

      • lisa

        wow is karlie really that tall??? i guessed 180 but 6’1 is 185 cm .. and i totally agree with the snejana comparsion. she is really skinny, maybe too skinny imo

  • anonymous

    Hope that’s not true, she’s already really skinny.

  • anonymous



  • carrie

    thats dumb

  • tourmaline

    Every last one of the 25 things she said is dumb as fak. Good lord, what a sad human being.

  • lucy

    I feel where sh’s coming from. 100 lbs. has been my dream weight for forever and I’m 5’7″. I’m not anorexic but have always admired the extremely thin. At least she’s honest? :/

  • deppfan

    Someone is craving for attention. “Look at me I’m about to get anorexia and it’s gonna be fun.”

  • Marty

    I dont think we should freak out so much about her quote. I think most girls make those unrealistic goals on the scale but I think she’s saying “I wanna look anorexic”…I think she’s saying “I wanna look super skinny”

    Let’s all calm down. lol

    • Marty

      I meant I dont think she saying ” I wanna look anorexic”

  • AIms

    Oi! Ladies, I know this girl has a serious eating disorder. Amanda bynes seems to be trying everything to get out attention – except being herself. I learned the hard way that being too skinny – is NOT attractive. My man prefers a woman with a fuller face and a normal weight (mind you I’m on the lower end of normal) – anyday. I know any guy would say the same. I’ve never met a guy who says – I like my woman anorexic looking… unless he is into dudes or something!

  • annemarie

    It seems like the only way for her to stay relevant is to do or say “shocking” things.

    • D

      I don’t agree many men like really thin women. Mine does I’m 5,5 and 109 and my guy doesn’t like my body above 110.

  • Adele

    I think she was just making up a random number to make a point of wanting to be very thin. In reality, she has no idea what she would look like if she was 100 lbs and how much work it takes to get there, so my guess is we won’t be seeing her that skinny, ever.

  • Soph

    That’s a very low weight. It must be very isolating to just think about your goal weight all day instead of just thinking about what you can do to enjoy life. But perhaps that gives her that joy and attention she craves and so it makes her happy.

    That’s not a good place to be.

    Shouldn’t she put her efforts into improving her acting ability and getting good roles? What is she nowadays?

    • stacey

      I think she said she’s done with acting…she wants to be some fashion designer or something like that.

  • artemis

    her legs are already a lil too skinny, lol. sick.

  • MissMarilyn

    what the heck amanda. where have you been and why are the paparazzi randomly quoting you.

    i always liked her when i was little. this is sad. if its even true. she always looked really good from what I can remember!

  • KC

    Aaaaaannnnnd…she’s insane. Not just for this. For everything in the past few years. Get it together girl! She used to be so “normal.”

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  • Sidney

    yeah hopefully it was for shock value, a random spur-of-the-moment number or not even true. i have a hard time believing most people would A)look terribly good with those stats B) be that healthy. I probably don’t have as small a frame as her but i already looked really skeletal at 103-105 lbs, being 5’3”. And my body sure was suffering though i was “fit” because exercised a lot and ate “really well” (though too little). But yeah maybe she wouldn’t be as bad.

  • KT

    Is she really 5’8… ? I never thought she was that tall. If she is, she really doesn’t look like she weighs 120. She looks healthy, normal. She looks as though if she did lose 20lbs she would look like the rest of the hollywood actresses who look very thin, but not to the point of malnourishment or death. I’m 5’10 and if I weighed 120 I would look near death.

    • Candy

      Shorter women don’t seem to understand that a weight thats normal for them isn’t normal for someone 6 ft tall. 140 is heavy for someone who’s 5ft but for someone who’s 6 ft it makes them underweight. People always assume I’m 120 lbs and are shocked to hear I’m 25 lbs heavier.

      • serena

        Actually I think people underestimate how much all women should weigh, not just tall ones, because the media throws the “100 lb” phrase around so much. I’m avg height and people assume I weigh like 15 lbs less than I do. My sister is short and slim so they assume she’s 100 lbs even though that’s medically underweight for her height. The media throws the 100 lb figure out for all skinny chicks people have this unrealistic image in their heads. When Adriana Lima’s trainer stated she was 135 lbs in an article people refused to believe it, they assumed a model must weigh wayyy less than that – obviously Adriana is tall and has muscle.

        • Candy

          Yes, most people are terrible at guessing weights. Every skinny person is thought to be 100 lbs.

  • Mew

    Over 10 years ago she was inspiration to wannarexics… I guess she wants to get that back since it’s the only “career” open for her.

    • Candy

      I like how you call them wannarexics, because you can’t just wake up and decide to become anorexic. People don’t seem to understand its a mental disorder that involves brain chemistry and genetic factors along with triggers. Real anorexia is a highly dangerous disorder thats nearly incurable. It goes beyond wanting to be thin.

      • neutra

        I don’t think Mew meant what you read into her comment. A lot of people are aware, especially on this site, that anorexia isn’t just a cut and dry desire to be thin – it’s so much more complex than that and often has little to do with wanting to be a certain size, but rather triggered by the need to try and control or deal with more deeper issues. However, I think what Mew meant was that there are a lot of teenage girls though who think that being anorexic is “cool”. I remember in high school there were some very naive girls who viewed eating disorders as ‘trendy’, and would try to lose weight and wear very revealing clothing to bring attention to their size – they were “wannabe anorexics”, if you will. Then there were the girls who were genuinely ill – even on a 40 degree summers day, they’d be wearing their winter attire.

      • neutra

        Oh wait, I read into your comment wrong, my bad πŸ™‚ Mondayitis!

  • Stephanie

    She’s crazy…

    Anyways, I’m 5’7 and 113lbs and don’t look malnourished, near death, or any of the other descriptions that are being thrown around for a low weight such as 110~ D: I wish I could gain weight but it’s just way too hard to eat more than I do now. My ideal weight would be like 120, but I’ve never been able to reach it.

    Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight for some, in my opinion…

    • rachel

      I agree, I’m 5’7 too and 115 bs and don’t look malnourished, near death or anything..
      could actually lose more weight and would not make much difference ..
      it depends on the person and your body type

  • clo

    This was a great excuse to throw your stats out there huh ladies

    • Lauren Carter

      Lol +10,000

      Apparently no one on this website weighs more than 135 jk

    • Debbs

      Love it!

  • binks

    100lbs would make her look frail. I use to like Amanda when she was down to earth and seeminglg sweet now hollyweird gotten to her.

  • Jill

    I call an attention whore here

  • Snip

    I can’t imagine my goal being a whopping 40 pounds underweight – but whatever floats her boat.

  • retrobanana

    i dont think she is 5’8 maybe 5’7 tops or a tall 5’6