Amanda Bynes

Celebs in Little Black Dresses: Amanda, Laura, Amy & Dita

celebs-in-little-black-dresses-amanda-laura-amy-dita - Celebs in Little Black Dresses: Amanda, Laura, Amy & Dita

Little Black Dress Parade!

First stop: Slim and leggy hotties Amanda Bynes (23) and Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort (24) in short & simple black dresses.

Second stop: Curvy Amy Poehler (37) and the always classy Dita von Teese (36).

celebs-in-little-black-dresses-amanda-laura-amy-dita-24 - Celebs in Little Black Dresses: Amanda, Laura, Amy & Dita

Who looks best in a little black dress?

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  • Amy

    AMANDA for sure !

  • mjb352

    i dont know how Laura Vandervoot is, but I can’t believe she is 24. She looks close to 40 in these pictures! that said, I like her dress the best.

  • mischelle

    Laura Vandervoot is from Smallville on the CW. She has the best body in the world hands down.

  • serafina


  • Kristy

    Laura looks best here, I think, but Amanda is a close second. I love Amanda’s body and style, it’s just her face always looks chubby/bloated!! Amy could be showing off her curves much better than that dress, and URGH I hate Dita’s style. She looks so po-faced and boring.

  • salma’ben

    :s everybody looks great in black so it wasn’t a scoop guys ! try something new

  • Mirabela

    I think all are dressed according to age and have a dress code suitable occasion. 😉

  • britmel

    amanda bynes looks hella manly and just soo uncomfortable and awkwardd. hot body, ok face, but this doesnt seem liek her and her style

  • Kristy

    Ha, Amanda’s right knee (our right) looks like a chubby baby with an elvis quiff.

  • SarahBeth

    Amanda, no question.