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On filming in the nude for her latest movie Lovelace:

“It’s funny, because I felt liberated when I was doing it. I’m sure people that are very protective of me wouldn’t feel very comfortable with that, but it’s like, what’s the big deal? Growing up I was made to feel nudity was wrong because everything was always censored in movies, and it was just like, why are we covering ourselves up?”

… says Amanda.

What do you think of her thoughts?

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  • Jo

    I agree with her quote. Nudity is often artificially promoted as something shameful although it’s the most natural thing in the world in my opinion. As regards Amanda, I think that dress is quite an unfortunate choice.

  • Kathy

    wow. her side boob looks pretty saggy. but eh. i’d take that over my non-existent tits any day i guess.

    • PS

      The heavy dieting must have taken quite a toll on her boobs 🙁 Sad, she was gorgeous when she was a bit heavier if you’d ask me!

    • anushka

      True. I was watching mean girls yesterday night on tv, she was gorgeous. But i cant dislike her, she has an appealing face.

  • FashionablyChique

    That pose with the spread legs is really awkward, I wonder why she did it.. And her side-boob looks a little squished, is it the dress? I don’t have big boobs so I have no idea what big-boobied-side-boob should look like haha.
    Totally agree with the nudity comment though. I’m from scandinavia where nudity generally isn’t a big deal, but in other countries it’s clear that people have problems with it. Embrace the nekkid!

  • Tea

    The side-boob does look a bit weird. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s just taped her boobs to stay in place or something and that or the dress is what’s pushing them down like that. I don’t think they’re normally saggy.

  • Magda

    I am quite a modest person and I feel always a bit uncomfortable when I see nudity on screen.
    If I were an actress, I don’t think I would ever do that.
    I would not like strangers or friends to see such a private thing as my naked body.
    To each their own.

    Concerning the saggy boobs, I guess the dress gives that impression.

  • Pixie

    Aside from the awkward posing, she looks gorgeous. Such a pretty girl.

  • coldnipz

    i like nudity when there is a point to it, the love between two people, ect.

    However, i do not like the vulgarity of nudity today, in USA ect. its almost always women, never men, women is naked, man is clothed. Tits are out in movies when the tits don’t really need to be out, it has nothing to do with the story. focus is mainly on very young women, and even ‘teens’ implying under 18 years old (actress will obvi be over 18 though) as in only young young women are ‘sexy’ and of ‘value’ and should be showing their breasts just to please the male audience (the younger the better)
    when there is a love scene, women shown, but us ladies barley get 2 seconds of abs!!!

    I feel that in parts of europe, nudity represents everyone, and is more beautiful and bout loving your body and being free, this is us, bare, no clothes. less about sex and women being objects. nudity in french films ect does not bother me as it is showing love, the women AND the man, and even sometimes SHOCK HORROR you see a women over 35 nekkid..and its beautiful.

    long bloody rant sorry

    • CK

      i agree.

      • Soph

        I agree. It’s lovely seeing a movie when theres real love, seeing 14 year old girls with their ass out and not at the beach, down the street. I find that, vulgar to use ur word!

    • I agree coldnipz! I’ve noticed quite a difference in the attitudes of most Europeans and most Americans and people from other English-speaking countries when it comes to nudity. In Europe, it seems to be non-sexual unless it’s blatantly meant to be – if you know what I mean? In Germany I’ve seen whole families naked in summer by a riverside or people sunbathing naked in the park – and it’s not at all sexual! If someone were to gawk or a guy were to hit on a woman or get aroused or something in those environments he’d be chased off – it’s not about that! So in Europe, if there is nudity in a film it feels natural and not a big deal and is only sexual if that is the context. And they also tend to have a greater range of ages and sizes nude in films where it feels okay to have imperfections – unlike in a lot of the American films and tv where only the current idealised bodies are shown in a positive way.

      In the English-speaking world I feel nudity is always hand in hand with sex though – and there is something shameful in it because of that. So, we find it okay for our kids to see violence on tv and in movies, but if there’s any nudity it’s suddenly not okay! I think that’s really twisted! Nudity is something we all have in common – so is sex – but violence isn’t, thankfully, as natural for the vast majority of us and it shouldn’t be either.

      Anyway, I’ve had a rant too (and gone off track into the sex vs violence thing) – but I agree with you about nudity being overly sexualised in our English-speaking (particularly American) media. There are plenty of boy-bits out there too now though – lots of shows and films have men full-frontal – which I guess is nice for a change!

      • solaxia

        ha ha, well I just contributed the third rant. And the second tangent Erica! I agree with what you say about the Hollywood type media having nakedness and sex going hand in hand. It does lead to the exploitation of really young girls in particular and that is scary. I know this guy who literally cannot see a half naked girl/ woman…even picture on a billboard without staring and becoming aroused. I know the whole guys are visual thing, and I also believe that many woman are. HOWEVER there is an element of control once you get past a certain level of maturity one would think. It is to the point where any nudity is sexual to this guy. Even just a girl wearing shorts. It’s quite scary that what one person can see as sensual, another will immediately see as something more vulgar.

        On another note, I find Amanda really strikingly beautiful. She is soft and feminine, yet sexy too. I did prefer her with a little more meat, but she is just gorgeous either way! I don’t usually wish to look like someone else but I sure wouldn’t mind looking like her. I do think this is her big ticket to stardom though…most people won’t know who she is even if they’ve seen her movies…now though, she is going to be naked in her own movie. Yep, she will be on the cover of FHM as the sexiest woman alive by the time it’s released.

    • solaxia

      Coldnipz- yes! Well said. I don’t have a problem with sensual nudity. However, nudity is a lot more vulgar. People do act like women are there for a sexual purpose only, and they are also more and more sensitized to the likes of porn. It’s everywhere now. To the point where you can barely find a shirt for a guy now in a surf shop without a soft porn picture of a topless women and spread legs.

      I also don’t have a problem with porn etc. However, people seem to think that porn is natural and normal and is expected for guys. To me, if this were such a true point then why are there so many female targeting violence issues in the world, sexual problems, and also relationship issues. People have given so much up now, to the point where women are EXPECTED to exploit themselves to be acceptable. Men are EXPECTED to put the enjoyment of women exploiting themselves over everything else. and women just have to accept it as a ‘man thing’. Problem is, it doesn’t matter what biology says about the difference in male and female sexuality (plus, there are arguments to both side and different studies with different flaws)…any double standard that exists or is perpetuated is unfair.

      I really think that if people put less effort into the vulgar sexuality that is pushed onto everyone in various ways these days, they would probably have much happier sexual relationships with partners, and also themselves!

      Again, I’m not dissing ALL porn…and ALL individuals use of these types of things. I am dissing the EXPECTATIONS that surround these issues, and how men and women are pushed into acting and thinking.

      • I agree solaxia. Porn is an interesting issue – I don’t think it’s necessarily damaging in and of itself, but the levels of obsession some people have with it are disturbing. I saw a documentary a while ago from the UK about young men and how porn influences how they see girls their own age – and it was pretty scary. The girls wanted to behave like the porn girls to please the boys – and the boys expected that. It’s natural, especially as teenagers, to see everything as having sexual connotations without much conscious thought, but there is a point where that should come under some kind of control, as you say.

        What scares me is the number of men who truly want women to be nothing but sexual vessels and not whole people (think of those extremely creepy ‘real dolls’ – what sort of healthy-minded person wants to have that over a real woman? A man who can’t compromise his own desires one bit to fit with an actual person – can’t even stand having to share thoughts and feelings with someone because it won’t be under his control – so creepy!). Anyway, sex is great and it’s fine to experiment with this sort of sexual objectivity in a safe relationship when it’s the desire of both partners – but I feel that a lot of porn (and male-oriented movies) nowadays are too oriented towards men and their desire to use women with no regard to their personality or personal wishes. And unfortunately many women go along with this as it is a general female trait that we want to please above our own wishes a lot of the time – even if it’s degrading. Some women seem to think it’s empowering to be so sexually desired – and I think it can be – but knowing how some men think of women as just empty vessels, I’m not so sure it is empowering!

        I don’t know, it’s a very complex issue and plenty of women enjoy porn in a healthy (and I’m sure unhealthy) manner too – it’s not just a man problem – but I think the effect it could be having on really young teenagers is worrying. Respect doesn’t seem to be coming into it – and that’s just no good.

        Oh, and I completely agree about Amanda – she’s gorgeous! There is something about her that is very sexy – she’s confident and smart and looks good too! Have you seen ‘Chole’? Didn’t think much of the film overall, but she was really hot in it – I think it’s her hair too, she has such beautiful hair! Kind of a girl crush for me, for sure! She did look better a little heavier, but she hasn’t become too thin, so it doesn’t bother me.

  • Nika

    Nudity is fine when it serves a purpose to the plot of the film and is tastefully done. If she felt liberated, good for her. I do feel like celebs who do nudity say this often though, or is it my imagination?

    Anyway, she’s so gorgeous!

  • I’ve always loved her legs and eyes, and hair…she’ll always be Karen from Mean Girls to me <3

  • seijidan

    Nudity is overrated. Try modesty or mystery or class? It’s not really about being covered up and hating your body. It’s about leaving something to the imagination, for the thrill of things. Like how a slit on a dress is sexier than a short dress that shows cleavage.

    • Elle

      Yes, because catering to the tastes of men is everything. Don’t give me that “mystery” and “class” bullshit, let a person dress how they want to.

      • serena

        Men would obviously rather have the nudity, no bs about it.

      • georgi


    • MissMarilyn

      oh shut up
      i am sick of people slut shaming

      if a woman wants to show off her boobs then who are you to care. Don’t like it? Don’t hang out with her. Is she personally offending you by showing skin? Didn’t think so. If someone wants to dress modestly, that is perfectly ok. If someone does not want to dress modestly, that is also ok. I’m sorry but women don’t dress themselves for the sole purpose of attracting men

  • CK

    i agree that in a lot of societies (depends on culture) nudity and sex are taught as smth shameful and wrong and even smth one shouldn’t enjoy (esp for women) which in reality is not, and lots of peoples’ confidence&even sex life would benefit if it was perceived as smth natural&normal but private, am talking bout nudity in particular, i mean am fine with showing some skin in clothes.But Amanda also makes it sound (or maybe i am reading it like that) though movies/tv shouldn’t shy away from nudity, like we need more of it, and with that i don’t agree cos most movie makers would take it as let’s just show as much nudity as possible (again mostly female nudity, and still in a bad light like some “pleasure giver” or “slut-shaming” way), and i hate things in books, movies, songs that serve no purpose whatsoever.

  • Carrie

    She is so pretty. I didn’t realize she is only 5″3.. Looks taller. I would guess about 5″3 115 lbs

    • Soph

      Hmm I’d guess less. That’s about my weight and height and she is waay thinner

      • Carrie

        Maybe 110 ish she is tiny

  • clea

    She’s gorgeous, doesn’t look great here though.

    I don’t place any more or less value on being naked than I do on being clothed, but good for her if she felt ‘liberated’. personally I feel more comfortable naked, so I don’t think I’d feel any different being naked in a public way.

  • Sanne

    I think her boob doesn’t like her weightloss. In Mean Girls her boobs were quite large, I guess now there’s some fat missing which makes them saggy.

  • Carrie

    Weight guesses at 5″3?

    • Natascha

      i’d say 100 pounds! maybe 105!

  • Emily

    I think nudity is completely natural, and normally there is nothing wrong with nudity. My problem comes in with the fact that American culture WAY oversexualizes this completely natural thing. Personally, I don’t think the way to start embracing nudity as a natural, unsexual thing is to get nude. It needs to needs to be established beforehand. A little off-topic, but I see girls wearing the skimpiest clothing justify is by stating the human body is a natural thing. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not a prude who is against sex or is super conservative, but I’m honestly really tired of how everything is sexualized. I’m for modesty at this point in time.

  • sofie kittie

    I wish I had light eyes like Amanda… mine are boring brown

    • Kate

      There are tons of people with brown eyes who have beautiful eyes so don’t feel bad! Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce, Keira Knightley, Lily Collins, Halle Berry all have lovely eyes imo!

  • SA girl

    She looks stunning. Love her “catty”-eyes

  • babyvincer

    I find her just normal looking, sometimes even unnatractive with the bulging eyes and boring features. She’s not ugly, though. As far as the nudity quote, I feel that is for your marriage mate’s eyes only. And I feel women are objectified and degraded in the entertainment industry.

  • mary

    i like her as an actress and look forward to that movie…she looks incredibly awkward in the above photos

  • Kimmy

    Used to be so gorgeous. Has gotten a bit too skinny.

    Still love her eyes though!

  • Jui

    She looks fine here, not my ideal body, but looks pretty and healthy.

  • Adriana

    Totally agree that neither sex nor nudity are shameful. I don’t necessarily think that sex and nudity being portrayed in film really makes them less shameful though simply because it tends to be so unnatural. Bodies are perfect, sex is smooth and magical even the first time a couple is together. I would say exposure in film does contribute to not viewing sex and nudity as UNnatural, but unfortunately the sex and nudity we see tends to actually be very unnatural.