Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried and a Red Wig

FP_6287128_SeyfriedAmanda_NOW__VAH_1216101 - Amanda Seyfried and a Red Wig

Here’s a smiley Amanda Seyfried on the set of “Now” in Los Angeles yesterday – it looks like Amanda had to abandon her beautiful long blonde locks for the part, since she’s sporting a hot red short do.

How do you like this cut and color on Amanda?

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FP_6287130_SeyfriedAmanda_NOW__VAH_121610 - Amanda Seyfried and a Red Wig

FP_6287131_SeyfriedAmanda_NOW__VAH_121610 - Amanda Seyfried and a Red Wig

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  • dear god no

    • mmmmm

      agree-she is really unappealing with blonde, but this is even worse!

  • allNEw

    i love it. at least i love that she’s not looking the same over and over again. her usual style does not appeal to me at all. she is pretty but most of the time not interesting at all. i hope she will try new things more often

  • Bryony

    You can tell she lost a semi-significant amount of weight by looking at her legs and face. Her face is more defined.

    • Leah

      i don’t think she lost so much weight. the haircut is much more blunt than her usual hair, and it’s a longer dress, i feel like she carries more weight in her upper thighs which we’re not seeing here

  • Serafiina

    I think it suits her. And I love that cut. Too bad my hair is too thin for that.

  • Sanne

    Love it! Hope she doesn’t join the size zero hype. Her legs are really skinny.

  • Katy

    It does look good on her,but it’s obviously just a wig for a role. What I don’t like is how thin she’s getting. Seriously, watching mean girls, every woman in that film is so hot! And they’ve all lost so much weight since then. WHY? Amanda said she did it to get more work, I think it’s so sad that she couldn’t before. What a warped industry.

    • solaxia

      yea i agree!

  • Jenna

    For some reason the hair reminds me of Velma from Scooby Doo!

    I agree with Katy, it is sad that there is this ‘pressure’ in Hollywood. Of course you never know why you aren’t getting roles and people might just assume it is because they aren’t skinny enough when it could be another reason entirely.

  • Stephers

    I love it because she looks so different! I know the wig isn’t the best, but I like it because it’s a different look! She looks good. 🙂

  • Beetle

    i like it… it’s a nice change… i think it suits her face… she should wear it for fun after finishin’ the movie…

  • loveblogs

    she’s lost a bunch of weight.

  • Maggie

    wow, she´s gotten so skinny.

  • alana

    three words. red. headed. stepchild. *shudder*

    • asha


  • Casey

    I don’t like it. It’s trying too hard to be artsy and different, but in a stereotypical way. Besides,her curly locks made her look ethereal.

    • Ellen

      Agree with the arsty thing-blame it on her movie role 😛

  • flossy

    Wow she’s tiny, awww bless!

  • Victoria

    Love the hair, hate the weight loss.

  • solaxia

    i like the hair

  • b

    Too skinny.

  • bronzedbela

    this looks like a wig…

    • Chrissy

      I would guarantee that it’s a wig

  • Miki

    a bit looks like Christina Ricci~~
    BTW, I love Amanda’s body shape~~
    It’s natural but sexy~

  • Hasn’t Amanda spoken before about the pressures to be thin in Hollywood? I somehow remember her complaining about having to eat just spinach for lunch or something!? She said then that she didn’t want to give in to it – but it looks like she has judging by these pics. Her legs look so thin! I think that’s kind of sad because I remember her saying that she thought about her weight every day – that doesn’t sound healthy to me.
    And the wig looks awful, but I assume that is just for a character! She looks much nicer with long, textured hair. This short bob makes her look plain.

  • jjj

    The weight loss looks great on her. Good for her!

    • tiedye

      I think so too! And plus for her height she can lose a tiny bit and it looks like a lot, which is similar to me. The hair colour suits her, not so much the style!

      • natty

        shes a apple with broad shoulders and boobs thus the tiny legs

  • Ida

    It actually looked good on her, in spite of that I don’t like that sort of cut 🙂 But i like her loong, blonde hair better! And the weight loss for that matter, she looked soo much better in Mamma Mia and Dear John. Her legs are so skinny!

  • Yuck. She has always been thin, especially her legs. I remember thinking how lanky they looked in Mean Girls whilst the rest of her body looked fine so I don’t see much change from then to now.

  • artemis

    i think its sexy

  • Cristina

    wow, skinny legs

  • Kate1st

    Cute : )

  • Lisa

    Anna Wintour? I did a double take.

  • Anonymous

    Amanda Seyfried is beautiful, but luckily that is just a wig. She looks much better with her natural, long blonde hair.

  • Alex

    For all those saying she hasn’t lost a lot of weight:

    She clearly has. And black stockings make you look even skinnier so she must have lost a heap.

  • goldfish

    i’ve always loved and been jealous of her long beautiful hair – really out of this world!
    – this haircut and color is just horrible.