America Ferrera

America Ferrera in a Bikini

America-Ferrera-in-a-Bikini - America Ferrera in a Bikini

At (huge) request, here is America Ferrera and her voluptuous, non-Hollywood-skinny figure vacationing in Bahamas.

As opposed to many other celebs, America is being photographed in a bikini and she’s actually smiling back to the camera, gotta love that!

One more America after the jump!

America-Ferrera-in-a-Bikini-2 - America Ferrera in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Tirama

    She has the most Gorgeous Smile:)

  • Ally

    good for her.

  • lily

    I think she’s pretty and curvy yet slim, no excess weight around the middle so she’s healthy has a great shape.

    • babyvincer

      Yes, I think so, too. Attractive shape. Full on the top and bottom, but not in the middle. She is very cute. I’s only her character Ugly Betty that makes her look unattractive.

      • suzushii

        What do you mean no excess on the middle?

        You can clearly see her stomach sticks out further then her boobs.

        • mEEE

          In other pictures from this set posted elsewhere, her stomach looked much better/flatter. Maybe that’s what the first two posters where referring to?

          • suzushii

            In the other pictures she had a dress on, with possibly a corset undernieth.

            Everyone knows clothes can mold you into a more pleasing body shape, but here’s it’s pretty obvious her midsection is probably over the risk threshhold.

        • Instant

          Mostly due to bad posture, and partly due to some excess weight. I think that if she was standing up straight, shoulders back, abs engaged and tush tucked a bit, her stomach would appear smaller. 😛

          • stajjny

            No it wouldn’t. She is pretty, looks fine BUT she should start exercising and go on a healthy diet to get rid of that tummy. It is very risky to be that chubby around the waist.

            And no, she isn’t slim nor curvy. She has very straight shape, boyish. Being a bit chubby doesn’t make you curvy!

            Curvy = hourglass!

            Anyone who says “She looks fine. Weight or health doesn’t matter, as long as she’s happy”. Get real, she needs to get in shape.

        • lily

          She isn’t whittled down to nothing through her waist but her stomach is pretty dang flat and she doesn’t have excess fat around that area. In the last shot it may appear to be heavier than normal because of her posture but otherwise she is curvy and looks great!

          • stajjny

            Curvy = hourglass.

            Just look at her, there is no other explanation other than that she is, unhealthy. There is A LOT of exessiv fat in the waistarea!

        • lily

          Plus she has oblique ab definition in the first shot, clearly not a flabby tummy.

          • Jen

            Lily its obvious you like this girl and I do too she seems to have a sweet personality which is way more important than being sexy. However, I honestly dont think you are being objective, there is no way that a air person could say that America has a ‘ pretty dang flat stomach’ or that she is slim or curvy. Like her to death but she should get in shape.

  • afluffyadorablebunny

    love her..she is humble and beautiful

  • steph

    So sexy

  • gigit

    She has such beautiful skin!

    • aidee

      I think so too. It looks sooo smooth and positively glows!!! No sign of celulite here!

      • stajjny

        No, there are no signs in these pictures…she’s covered in water, and these are not high quality photos. Probably shot from a long distance. You know, paparazzis? =)

  • Laura

    She looks comfortable and healthy and you can’t argue with that! Shame on anyone who would think she needs to lose weight.

  • dani

    She looks good and happy but next year she will show us her skinny body because of the 0 size fever 🙂 this happened to all the celebrities that were a bit curvier than the rest : drew barrymore,kate wislet,janet jackson,lily allen,amy winehouse,scarlet johansson etc.

  • Anna

    She is a smoker so her health isn’t amazing, but it is so refreshing seeing someone wearing a bikini and someone with a body that isn’t fake!

    • Juliette

      Really? I didn’t know she was a smoker. Tsk, tsk, Ms. Ferrera.

    • Nkeon

      I had no idea!
      Well you’re right, as a smoker her health is definitely in the red zone. Just goes to show you can’t fully judge health by appearance.
      Someone slimmer than her may look unhealthier, because we tend to associate slenderness with being unhealthy in today’s extremist body image views, but actually be healthier because they don’t smoke and get plenty of vitamins etc.

      In any case I think America Fererra looks hot in these pics; just making some comments on our conceptions of health

      • beckers!

        You can smoke and maintain a decent level of health

        • stajjny

          Where? Smoking does a lot to your body, it’s sick when you think about it..

  • Amy

    she is fat! come on people, you americans are SO OBSSESSED with this weight thing that you can’t see things right… !!

  • David – a nudist

    To those that think America is overweight or fat: I guess you people like living skeletons. Why don’t you just make friends with skeletons while you’re at it? I hate it when celebs are pressured to look like skeletons. It reminds me of photos from the concentration camps from WWII. THAT’S what you guys want to see? You are sick! Get some help…ASAP! For the record, America Ferrera looks great. I’d rather her be curvy than anorexic. And, to the person who said she will be skinny and show her size 0 figure by next year…if she does, I’ll know who to blame for this. She looks perfect just the way she is! Why do you want her to become another skeleton celeb like the others? Hilary Duff, before 2003 or 2004, was curvy. But, stupid people like you kept saying she had to lose weight and get in shape. Then, some time in 2005, she was a walking skeleton herself and really unhealthy. She has recovered a little since then, but she’s not the curvy girl she used to be. Now, you people are doing it to America! Stop the crazy madness, people! No wonder girls and women are so insecure about themselves, because of people like you! Deny it all you want, but you know damn well I’m right!

    • stajjny

      No, you’re not right =) You’re in denial. Being fat is just as bad as being superskinny (=bony/anorexic).

      Everybody knows the US is a nation of fat, and that the UK soon is to be a nation of fat. No doubt about it, the americans need to change their view on what’s healthy and what’s not. Either it’s being fat, like in the Midwest, or it’s being superskinny on the coasts?

      America IS fat, doesn’t matter if “she looks happy” and is smiling. She needs to lose that extra weight, for her own sake. Doesn’t mean she should go for the anorexic look. Talk about taking something out of propotion.

      Get real. She is a bit fat and needs to lose weight. Ppl always tend to defend the slightly overweight ones, knowing the risks that come with it. Why?

      • David – a nudist

        Believe what you want. I’m tired of wasting my time trying to explain this to people.

        • stajjny

          I think what most ppl mean, is that she has extra fat around her waist. That has nothing to do with bone structure, it’s not like she has broad shoulders she can’t do nothing about. Or very narrow hips like Lindsay Lohan. This is fat, not muscles, but fat. And it makes her looks fatter than she is.

          This site is to discuss celebs weight and appearance. Just as ppl wish Victoria Beckham would put on some weight as she looks very bony and it’s clearly not her natural weight.

          Same here, America is not healthy and shoud lose weight and get in shape. For her own sake, every normal sensed person knows how dangerous tummyfat is. Sure, she’s young, but if she doesn’t change her diet as she gets older the body won’t be able to keep up – she will gain more weight, and problaby around the tummyarea.

          And why, why always this constant extreme view on what’s hot and what’s not? Either “fat/overweight” or superskinny. There is something called slim, fit, normal, Kate Bosworth before she became a hollywoodskinnybitch. There is healthylooking celebs out there too, that are their weight.

          I do understand your points, that’s why i reacted.

          • David – a nudist

            As I said in one of my other comments, I doubt she pigs out on junk food and, being an actress, she probably does work out or something. She probably only looks bigger because most of us are so used to the slim actors and actresses that are “typical” for Hollywood. And, let’s not forget a scene from “The Nutty Professor” (Eddie Murphy) in which Cletus mentions that we’re not supposed to be all the same size, we’re supposed to be all different…big, small, medium, etc. Granted, the Klumps appear a bit on the heavy side, but there is some truth to that statement he said about how we should all be different and not the same.

  • Black Essence

    She looks so happy, so I’m happy for her. In regards to her size, she loves herself and her man seems to drink it up. Who am I to complain?

    • chinadoll08

      I agree most people should worry about the gender that they are trying to attractive….for me I like men and from the men that I talked too (buff men) they seem to like it all as long as you are healthy and take care of yourself….Being at the higher end of the 18.5-24.5 range of the BMI chart does not mean that you are fat and unattractive….

      • Black Essence

        The men I date like their women with curves, but toned and tight and certainly healthy.

        Looking at America, sure, she’s about 20lbs over, but she looks fine to me and nothing I would call ‘fat’. Out of shape, maybe. But I’m not one to throw stones, I have to work to maintain (and am actually trying to lose 20lbs that I gained during disability). If I slack, I see it.

        People also forget that being slender or skinny doesn’t represent your health either. I know a few skinny older people suffering from the same diseases at the obese high blood pressure, diabetes, etc because they thought they could be lazy and eat what they wanted because they were naturally skinny.

        She’s a beautiful woman and if she is comfortable in her skin, then kudos to her. There are a number of skinny women that hate themselves. lol

  • Sharen

    I think if she was comfortable with her size she would be wearing a real bikini, instead of a skirt.

  • Vlada

    Why is it always, I”d rather be with a fat person than an anorexic? Why not, I”d rather be with a slim and healthy person, period?

    It’s soooo tiresome how in this country, people cannot see past the extremes to understand that, it is in fact possible to be normal weight. Normal weight means, 3-6 lbs for every inch above 5 feet, depending on your frame and amount of muscle.

    As for America, well, unfortunately, she’s at least 20 lbs above normal weight.

    • Instant

      “Normal weight means, 3-6 lbs for every inch above 5 feet, depending on your frame and amount of muscle.”

      I don’t see how that is right. I’m 5’2″, large framed, and I don’t think I could ever be 106-112 lbs.(I would have had to lose about 20 lbs. to fit that range when I was in shape 🙁 ) I think the best way to determine “normal weight” is to find a chart that states the healthy range broken down into small, medium, and large framed. And I can’t say how far over normal weight AF is, I’ve always been bad at guessing weights 😛

  • Maz

    I love that she is smiling and happy. I envy her for being able to be so happy with herself. I honestly would much prefer it if I could be bigger, yet happy, rather than what I am now.

  • suzushii

    People, people, it’s not about aesthetics. She has lovely legs, and a nice rack.

    But that belly is just not healthy. You’re suppose to have a maximum of 32 inch waist at belly button.

    This girl looks very much like my mother, and I assure you, she’s waaay over 32 inches.

    That’s UNHEALTHY. Couple with the fact that she smokes, she’s obviously a BAD example. I don’t understand the shower of praise really.

    Curvy is great, but it only fits pear shapes or hourglasses. Why? Because they can gain alll they want in the areas that don’t influence their health. This girl has the most weight in her belly, and that’s the WORST. Her body isn’t ideal for a curvy soft shape. She’d be healthier if she dropped some pounds until her midsection shrunk.

    • Nkeon

      Your first two sentences completely contradict each other!

  • suzushii

    As for the person who said it’s because of bad posture:

    When you measure yourself, you’re suppose to sit normally, take a deep breath, let it out, and NOT tense your abs.

    Sure, if I tense my abs and keep my back straight, shoulders back, butt pert, I’d have a 22 inch waist. Doesn’t mean I HAVE a 22 inch waist.

  • David – a nudist

    But, she’s living proof that girls don’t have to be thin to be “in”. Saying that she has to lose weight is trying to convince her to “fit in” with the “thin crowd”. And, just because she has a little bit around her middle doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy. Just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy. And, just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. And, America is not even fat. She may have been slightly heavy-set when she made the film “Real Women Have Curves”, but that doesn’t mean she was unhealthy fat. I doubt she pigs out on junk food and, being an actress, she probably does work out or something. I just hope…nay, pray that she doesn’t become pressurized to lose weight and become too thin. Some people can get pressured like that. Next thing you know, she’ll be stick-thin, you won’t even recognize her! Would you seriously want that to happen? Think about it.

  • Kt

    I think she’s gorgeous, and she doesn’t look terrible or anything and from the first pic alone i’d say she’s looking quite good
    But the second pic, i’d say she is slightly overweight and if not, shes out of shape.
    She doesn’t have to be perfect and she looks fine to me, i’ve seen far worse in bikini’s on the beach but i’d say she’s slightly overweight

  • Valentine

    She looks good. I like her this way. I’m not going to go around preaching that skinny is unhealthy and that she has a ‘real woman’s’ figure, because ‘real women’ come in all shapes and sizes. But I certainly think America looks great and is a healthy role model for bigger girls. She isn’t one for naturally skinny girls, but she looks good, and I wish people saying that she was fat would take a long hard look at people who actually are overweight and unhealthily so, and see the difference.

  • Dayna

    Hey, she’s lost a lot of weight since becoming a big star. She looks good!

  • Boom

    I think it’s great that she’s so comfortable in her own skin. She’s beautiful, got a great smile & eyes, also a beautiful smile.

  • David – a nudist

    If some of you think she’s too fat and unhealthy, I must be morbidly obese then. Being fit isn’t always healthy. Before my weight gain, I was slender and probably “fit”. But, people who knew me thought I was too thin and on the verge of becoming an anorexic. I wasn’t about to let that happen. And those supermodels on the cover of magazines are more than likely airbrushed. Nobody in the real world looks like that! So, perhaps to some of you, America may look “fat”, but to those who know her, she’s probably just right…not too fat and not too skinny. Just curvy. Besides, she has lost weight since “Real Women Have Curves”. Just how much more does she need to lose before you people are happy? Until she becomes like one of those airbrushed models? If she’s happy the way she is, leave her alone. Why does SHE have to look the way YOU want her to look? This comment is not for all of you…only those of you who think America Ferrera is too fat.

    This is why girls are so self-loathing of their bodies…because people like you criticize them when they actually have some meat on their bones and you claim they are “too fat”. Next thing you know, if America listens to such comments, she’ll fall into dispair, starve herself, become anorexic and kill herself…all just to make you idiots happy. If that happens, how will you people feel then? Would you like that? Huh?

    • stajjny

      Omg, are you like 12??

      • David – a nudist

        No, I’m not 12. But, did you understand a single thing in my comments?

      • David – a nudist

        I’d rather girls be what you call “fat” than too skinny. Like I said in the comment above, I was too thin at one time by people who knew me. Perhaps, to people that know America, she’s the right weight. Unless people close to her actually want her to lose weight, shut up!

      • David – a nudist

        And, for the record, I’m 30, not 12. Sometimes I act childish because I still have the mind of a child. Don’t ask. You don’t wanna know. That’s why some of my comments on some websites confuse people that can’t see my face to mistake me for a young child. I’ve had some ask me if I’m 5 or 10, lol. 12 is a new record high for me.

    • Mnemosyne

      I completely understand where you’re coming from David, but this site is based on speculation about the appearance of celebrities. It’s unfair to call out commenters that don’t like the way America looks, considering that’s part of the objective of the site. Nobody is attacking her personally, and many of the comments are quite positive towards her body. I, for one, don’t find her shape to be particularly appealing or see her as “curvy” either, but that really is just an opinion. Plus it’s not just either “fat” or “anorexic”, there’s a happy midway point that many people have achieved.

      “This is why girls are so self-loathing of their bodies…because people like you criticize them when they actually have some meat on their bones and you claim they are “too fat”. Next thing you know, if America listens to such comments, she’ll fall into dispair, starve herself, become anorexic and kill herself…all just to make you idiots happy. If that happens, how will you people feel then? Would you like that? Huh?”

      I really don’t think she’s the type of person to fall for that, America seems like a very head strong woman that isn’t going to cave under any pressure to be thin.

      • David – a nudist

        I can only hope not. But, doesn’t it seem like many girls DO fall victim to pressure? Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with girls, but I understand that many girls seem to be pressured to look a certain way and, from what I’ve heard in the past, they starve themselves and make themselves look like the models of magazines. The last thing they need is other people telling them they look “fat” when they’re already self-loathing. That’s why I’m trying to defend America. I don’t want her to start looking in the mirror and, after hearing criticism, start hating the way she looks. See, other female celebs have fallen victim to this kind of pressure. Remember Lindsay Lohan? She was nice and curvy before 2005, I think. Then, all of a sudden, she lost a lot of weight. Same with Hilary Duff. And, Amanda Bynes. Don’t kid yourself. Female celebs are being criticized by their appearance and they’ve been falling for it. You say America won’t fall for it, but who knows? If more people call her “fat” than those that don’t, especially if she hears about it, it could affect her, too. Word does get around. Celebs do find out about criticism…somehow. That’s why they sometimes speak out about it. So…you never know.

  • Nadia

    Awww she’s beautiful! (:
    Lovely smile! And her skin looks positively smooth here.

  • Jimmy

    The rest of the commenters can call her fat if they want, that seems like a debate for the clucking hens on the View.

    As a guy her age, all I can tell you is that, if I were on that beach, I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off her.

  • Ummm everything takes time… She looks happy with that smile on her face which alot of people simple can not achieve.

    In due time she may want to tighten up and lose a few more pounds then when she was in the move “Real women have Curves” lets not forget she has lost weight since the beginning of her career.

    Kudos to her!!!!

  • Raam

    She is bif that’s for sure. But she stil looks pretty, het face is lovely.
    I think it is more special when someone lloks great while she’s fat than while she’s skinny

  • Eunice

    She’s so fat! She should not wear a bikini, she looks like a whale.

  • Beznik

    She looks pretty hot. She looks like the kind of normal girl I fantasize about, I liek her for her acting skills personality and what not but she is also sexy, and by normal I don’t mean she isn’t unusually beautiful she is. Not everyone wants 6 ft tall stick figure blondes

  • Julie

    Has anyone here heard of a little lady named Marilyn Monroe? How many men and women think she’s a “whale” or “overweight”? I’m sure some people feel that way about her, but I would guess that many of you who said such mean things about America don’t feel the same way about Marilyn Monroe, and look at a picture of her, they’re basically the same size.

    Society has created such ridiculous expectations for women. Regardless if you’re a Marilyn Monroe/America shape or very thin, we all need to accept ourselves and one another and stop being so caught up on making ourselves feel better through criticism and falling under the spell of society.

    • Rob

      Are you seriously comparing America Ferrera to Marilyn Monroe?! What kind of crack are you smoking??

      • Julie

        Not smoking any crack. I just think expectations of modern women are ridiculous.

  • julie

    I lllook just lllike this. : )

  • rick

    America looks hotter then the sun .leave her alone about her weight.You have great legs honey .