Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Who Is Hotter?

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549384_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

These two thin & brunette beauties simply deserved a joint post!

Enjoy the pictures of Angelina and Megan, rocking the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes!

FP_6549433_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549387_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

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FP_6549258_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_0116111 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549259_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549380_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549393_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549434_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549435_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549436_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549438_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

FP_6549440_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

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  • Rebecca

    Megan looks amazing as usual 🙂 love that dress and her make up. Angelina looks good too its nice to see her in something colourful.

    • Melly

      You really think so? I cannot get past how obvious her hair piece is. You can see where it has been attached to the crown of her head. The color and texture doesn’t match her own real hair – it looks sooo fake!

      • Balthazar

        wow – you’re right! i hadn’t noticed that until youpointed it out. makes me feel a little better about my thin little hairs! i was thinking how unfair it is that she has natural mermaid hair 🙂

        • who’s wearing a hairpiece?

          • Melly

            Megan is. If you look at the crown of her head in the close ups it is very noticeable.

  • Kelly

    AJ is definitely one of my favorite actresses ever, which is why I hate to admit that she looks too skinny and sickly in these pictures. She looks the same size as MF, yet MF looks fantastic. MF definitely has a natural tiny frame.

    • Kelly

      Also, the pointedness of her dress makes her look even more bony and angular.

      • Charle

        Rectangular really.

        But I m happy she wears color.

        • I completely disagree. Angleina Jolie has been very skinny since she first began movies 20 years ago, and has obviously been healthy since she has kids. Megan Fox was never skinny, she was much curvier and her face looks haggard, whereas Angelina looks beautiful as always.

          • Leah

            angelina was always slim, but she was never this thin. neither was megan for that matter, but i think she still looks hot here, which i’m not getting from angelina. maybe it’s because megan’s younger, her face handles the weight loss better?

  • Priscila

    LOL. That’s funny… I guess we can say Megan sees Angelina as some sort of inspiration? Who knows.
    They are both gorgeous ladies, Megan Fox Armani dress is prettier than Angelina’s dress, but the green color looks so good on her I just can’t hate, Angelina looks fabulous.
    I am also happy that Megan isn’t trying that hard anymore, if this was during her “Transformers” era, she would be wearing something too sexy and posing a lot more.

    • Bubblypink

      yea an inspiration alright more like trying to look like her with the word tatts and all the surgeries it seems she wants to look like her instead of being the beautiful individual she once was i liked the old Megan fox before all these drastic body changes and weight loss

  • niele

    Theyre both stunning, but they´re not queens of style imo, dont like Angies hair, not crazy about dress as well, but at least it has beautiful (hurrray -not neutral) colour…Megan´s dress is beautiful, but whats up with her face, please stop it, i beg you megan, stop fugging with your face:-(…

    • Megan’s dress is gorgeous, I want it!!

    • Melisa

      Maybe put Megan’s dress on Angie, change Angie’s hairstyle (not the color) to Christina Hendricks curly and bouncy medium bob 😀

  • arina

    Megan = bone

  • Priscila

    Oh, and Brad makes Angelina’s outfit ten times better just by standing there.

    • Diana

      lol! That’s true

    • artemis

      barely noticed him

  • Angela

    I’ve seen Angelina Jolie lookinhg more beautiful than here, in some of Tourist’s premieres, such as in the NYC premiere and the one in Madrid. As for Megan, I like the dress a lot, it exanuates her body shape, but I don’t like her face. I can’t really decide what is the thing I especially don’t find attractive in her face, but for sure I personally don’t like it. Maybe it’s because of all the plastic surgeries that the result is not so good?? Or her makeup is not so flattering, I’m not sure. Of course this only my point of view, but here everybody is supposed to have the right of expressing his/her perspective. So I know that there might be comments like ”Oh, you’re jealous because you’re not beautiful, blah blah blah”, but please, get over it. This is only my personal opinion and I don’t get why should I get offensive comments for just pointing out MY OWN point of view. Thank you

  • Nik

    Ange’s face with Megan’s body! Or actually Ange’s face with her Tomb Raider body would be best 🙂

    Seems like Megan has tried to look more like Angelina with the surgeries. But u can see it’s fake. I do think Megan is attractive, but she looked waaay better before.

    IMO, Angelina is more special and more beautiful, and she looks really good here, She hasn’t looked that good lately, but here she looks healthier and happier 🙂

    • Nik

      Actually looking at the pics again, this is the first time i’ve found Megan’s face downright unattractive! She looks weird. It’s such a shame she did this to her face! Her body looks smoking hot though, I like the dress.

      I know there are a lot of Megan lovers on this site, and I’m not hating on her, i just hate to see people screw up their face with surgeries. But it’s her life, her choice.

      • brainlessblogger

        Oh all of you just stop it!! she hasn’t had any more plastic surgery, she looks different because she lost too much weight for her frame and as a result of that she has really sped up the aging process for her face. Just like what happens to Hilary Duff’s face when she gets too skinny; haggard and horsey.

        Give the girl a break.

        • Nik

          I just don’t think it looks natural. But that’s just my opinion. Her face reminds me of Heidi Montags post-surgery, like someone else said – whom I found really pretty and charming before.
          I just don’t like the “real housewife” look as someone else stated. And found her waay prettier before. But this is just my opinion, we can agree to disagree – I just don’t think a face changes that much from weight loss…
          I’m not hating on her as i said – it’s a shame, but it’s her choice, and if i had the good fortune to have a face and body like that i wouldn’t have changed it!

        • lainey

          Well that’s funny. I didn’t realize that when you lose a lot of weight, your lips swell to be two or three times bigger than they were before.

          Sure glad you cleared that up! Weight loss and lip injections look so similar!!!!

          • LOL @ Iainey – it’s true. Who knew!

          • brainlessblogger

            LMAO!! she had lip injections ages ago! towards the beginning of her career– nothing new, we all know that. And of course she had her nose done, but that too was way back in 2007.

            I’m addressing the people claiming that she had cheek bone implants and a face lift– which is totally untrue. Of course when someone looses weight unnaturally off their face their cheek bones are going to become more pronounced and their face will hollow out in general. Stop blaming everything on ”Drastic” plastic surgery– maybe she just lost weight.

          • Kate

            To brainlessblogger…it’s not just her cheekbones being more pronounced, her face actually looks rounder even though she’s lost weight! I see pictures all the time and she reminds me of a chipmunk or bulimic (which who knows) Heidi Montag has that same odd fullness as well post surgery. I really do believe she had some sort of face altering done.

        • me

          oh please, I’ve studied every picture of her, and she’s had more work done to her face then most girls in Hollywood. Her face is ALWAYS changing. Every year she looks like a different person. theres no denying it!

        • Gre

          I think it’s also her expression that makes her look a little different, however, who cares what she did, Angelina is not even CLOSE to her…

  • Diana

    Angelina is far more beatiful than Megan, though I like Megan’s dress better. I think Angelina is too slim nowadays, her body type asks for more meat and curves.

    • solaxia

      yea she looked hotter in her old days imo body wise anyway…i actually think her face got better with age…almost more defined and matured. Though I dont know if surgery was involved or not. Either way, I quite like her face!

  • Angelina’s dress has a great color but she is very thin and always wears the same type of dresses..Megan’s dress is ok but she too looks too thin like Angie but Angie looks more radiant even though she is older and also looks more natural than Megan with the tattoos and all the plastic surgery!

    • Agreed xept I think Ange looks fab either way and what’s with Megan’s skin? :S

  • Eve

    I cannot get why people think Megan is pretty. She has ruined her face completely. Every other time I see her she looks different. Ange is stunning here, as usual. I am not a fan of her but she is for sure a beautiful person inside and out. Also compairing those strange, because Ange is a classy woman, and Megan…I am sorry does not belong there

    • MoMo

      I kinda agree with you. I do believe Megan has ruined her face for life AND that she is just too skinny now. She use to be a natural beauty, and when she was i thought she looked WAY better then Angelina. Now Megan looks like Heidi Montag way older sister lol. I also never thought Angelina was that pretty, i never could stand her lips either.. looks like a dog has been chewing on them.

    • Anne

      megan kind of looks like a blow up doll at times…

  • Daniela

    To me Angelina is just the most beautiful woman i´ve ever seen!Her face is simply perfection!The dress looks great on her and I actually like her body on this dress (she doesn´t look scary skinny here).
    Megan is ok i guess but standing next to Angelina the poor girl doesn´t stand a chance.

  • Jahliss

    Angelina jolie is the most beautiful woman on earth!

  • Aryn

    I think Angie looks very old hollywood here, very glamorous and sophistocated. The only complaint I have is the hair, I think the long kind of blownout sidebang look she’s been rocking for awhile really really isn’t flattering. Megan’s dress is constructed beautifully, but the color lays a little flat. They’ve both had work to their face, so neither is a complete ‘natural’ beauty. For some reason, whether it’s the makeup or I don’t know what, Megan’s eyes look very old to me. Her eyes are usually my favorite feature of her face, but she looks worn here, I don’t know, it’s hard to put my finger on what I don’t like.

  • They are both looking too thin these days – Angelina has been on the edge of scary skinny for years now, but Megan really looks weird to me here. Her face just looks quite gaunt compared to earlier – I used to think she was pretty, but now she looks a bit haggard. Since her weight loss she has begun to look much older – if I didn’t know who she was or how old she is, I would think she was easily 35! But she’s younger than me! I really find that for most women, being underweight makes them look older – Megan definitely needs a little filling out.

    Angelina’s dress is ugly to me – but she’s beautiful enough to make it okay! She proves again and again that Megan is no match for her – AJ’s face is so much prettier! I’d still like to see her with a little more weight though – she looks frail to me.

  • Minik

    Both are incredibly gorgeous, I love Angelina’s elegance and Megan’s sensualism.
    When I first looked at Megan I though, she changed face wise, at first I couldn’t point it out, but now I think her teeth look different. Maybe just imagination.

  • Thea

    i love megan’s dress but she looks bizaar. he head is huge in comparison to her body. in your other posts i thought she looked fine but she looks awful here

  • Lucy

    Im sorry but I think it is absolutely disgusting how young Megan is and how much surgery she has already had, not to mention the fact that she has very obviously styled her new face toward a living breathing person. I mean is it a very creepy and sickening thing to do, imagine being AJ and having to be so close to someone who has done that. Its perverse. Seriously Megan Fox and the word ‘natural’ just do not make sense!

    • Cally

      Excuse me if I’m being ignorant – but how do you KNOW Megan is trying to emulate AJ through plastic surgeries? Did she tell you this??? I’m sorry, but I am a fan of both Angelina and Megan, and have been for a long time, and I see less resemblance between the two now more than ever. I personally think Megan looked more like angelina toward the beginning of her career(more Lara Croft-esque IMO). I really don’t see the point you’re trying to make, as there is absolutely no proof Megan is “copying” Angelina, face-wise.

      • Anne

        shes not trying to emulate her, she just has similar features to anjelina like the light eyes and dark hair, so of course all the gossip people would say that, she does however admire angelina, she said that in a interview,, that doesnt mean she trys to look like her all her life

      • Kimberly

        Agreed. Why do people keep saying this? The copycat thing is lame.

        • Anne

          cuz people like to gossip and pin 2 people against each other

  • crystal

    Im with the girl in the fourth last pic. Megan WTF?

    I dont like her eyeliner, its like she tried to make her eyes look rounder, but failed cause its too think and makes it look smaller. Gives off a wierd shape. Love the dress but i dont think she pulled it off.

    Angelina looks great her confidence and beautiful really shine through the simple dress. Effortless and just looks happy and carefree, I think she looks her best here.

    • yes! i totally agree about the eyes, they look so weird. eyeliner-overload

  • Polly
    • Nik

      Wow Megan really did look a lot different in 2009. SO much better! Her face looked less plastic with her characteristic “small” features. Too bad… Hope the plastic will wear off a bit eventually, it did with Heidi Montag… though it will never be the same…

  • Deborah

    The dress Megan Fox is wearing is beautiful, but the tatoos on her back are so over the top, they ruin the “chic” effect for me. Don’t like Angelina’s dress, but she is so beautiful she manages it, although I prefer her not so skinny.

  • Issa

    Megan looks like a porn star

  • annalee

    hahaha, the funny thing is Megan Fox actually looks like an OLDER Angelina Jolie, only in the future when plastic surgery has taken over the world and the word “old” doesn’t exist.

    • sara

      i agree. she looks absolutely terribile here, and considering that angelina is much older than her, looks worse than when she was in her ‘prime’ and is skinnier, and yet megan does not compare…i’m still baffled on why megan was ever considered beautiful…

    • Nik

      I agree. Plastic surgery often makes people look older, though the intention is probably the opposite.
      Ange looks her age, but looks like someone who looks really good for her age, if u know what i mean. Though I’m not saying she’s old, but she’s always looked better than most people her age 🙂
      Megan looks like she’s 35 trying to look 25. A shame, cos she looked so youthful before.

  • maya

    hahaha, it doesn’t appear that Megan can move her face.

  • Sabrina

    Angelina is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!
    Megan’s face looks very weird to me, long and gaunt and her eyes look so small, maybe because of the heavy eyeliner. And she just overdid it with plastic surgery!

  • Sidney

    I much prefer Angie, i haven’t even seen anything of Megan that id’ve liked. Megan looks pretty but somehow dull to me here. I love the green of AJs dress but the cut looks very dated, almost reminds me of Golden Girl’s for some odd reason. Not that she doesn’t look beautiful still.

  • Ida

    Megan’s make up artist should definitely stay the heck away from her face. he drew her eyebrows HORRIBLY it totally ruins her beautiful face! Sadly, her weird look could also be the result of a brow lift…her eyelids do look strange. very high and round, usually theyre perfect and cat-ish. shame.

    • brainlessblogger

      She’s part Native American and has Eastern European ancestry also. The ”up-slant” in her eyes is because of genetics, not plastic surgery. Go back and look at her pictures from several years ago, her eyes have always been slightly oriental looking.

      • lc

        I thought she was Native American, Irish, and French. Not Eastern European.

        • Anna

          oh please… Native American… probably has a bit of Native American blood and suddenly she’s all “exotic”… this is an American girl who looked very American before her surgeries, and dying her hair black. There is nothing ethnic about her.

  • snugglepup

    here you can see just how much prettier angelina is than megan! I mean they’re both EXTREAMELY beautiful… But still. And here Megan looks somewhat odd… what’s up with her lips and brows? The dresses are pretty also, i love the color of Angelina’s. I didn’t notice Brad Pitt at first! : 0 whazzhappenin to mee

  • melizza

    Neither of them strike me as beautiful as they did before.! they look unhealthy,,and megan who usually looks so gorgeous on photographes looks wierd! …anyways beauty aint forver!

  • pixie

    They both look gorgeous. The color of Ange’s dress looks good on her, though i prefer Megan’s overall look. Either way, they are both hot and look great.

  • Anna

    Meh. i don’t like neither of them. Angelina looks skinny and sickly as usual, Brad looks douchy. And Megan….pretty scary. In the last picture her skin looks weird, really ashy. And her face in the picture with her husband- just plain creepy!

  • missy

    Absolute evidence that age and natural beauty are winners every time. Angelina is 10 years older than Megan, but looks more beautiful and less “Real Housewife”-ish. Megan messed up.

    Angelina is so pretty, and I love the dress, but I wish she’d put on 10 lbs… and I NEVER say that, lol. I’m usually jealous of the super-thin!

    • Jamie

      What natural beauty? Both Megan and Angelina have had extensive cosmetic surgery, and on the same areas as well. And when you look at them both pre-surgery, I find Megan more attractive and easy on the eyes than Angelina, because Angelina’s features were just too much for me. And Megan was absolutely stunning before her latest surgeries.

      • cherrypie

        Oh. my. god. you are so stupid.

        • Jamie

          Your comment isn’t exactly evident of superior intelligence, now is it? Tip: do not use words you cannot define, because when you use words like “stupid” directed at others and you removed*, the irony will be amusing to the recipient of the remark, thus the recipient will stand amused and not hurt, which would be quite unfortunate for you. I would recommend you removed*, it would seem more suitable for your persona, and you wouldn’t have to worry about defining arduous words – or irony. But please, do go ahead.

          • Eliza B

            I think the “you are so stupid” comment was made because most people agree that Angelina Joile has not had “extensive plastic surgery.” She quite obviously did something to her nose, but nothing else looks altered, maybe you’re referring to botox? *shrugs* Anyway I think it’s apparent that only one of these two ladies has had “extensive work” and that’s Megan Plastic Face Fox.

            I think what’s most intelligent is just speaking plainly and honestly. Anyone’s normal reaction to being attacked is to feel hurt and embarrassed. But using your hurt and fear of looking “stupid” to try to make yourself look superior and uncaring is just silly. It’s not only false, it’s returning the hurt by attacking back.

  • Hazal

    I’m shocked how many people find Megan attractive here! She looks scary skinny and has a weird face! I don’t know if it looks strange because of plastic surgery or extreme weight loss but what I know is that she looks sick!!!

  • sara

    megan looks really REALLY bad. from the ‘real housewife’ face, too much plastic surgery, to the almost anorexic body (i’m not saying she is, but i think it’s undeniable that she looks sick in this pictures, just look at her shoulders..just bones), to the bad skin, terribile back..i’m sorry for her i hope it’s just a bad period…

  • Cristina

    Megan doesn’t seem so skinny as she did in the bikini pics; I could now believe she is 105 lbs or so. However, it might just be an optical illusion. She is pretty, nonetheless. But Angelina is just in a different league. Breath-taking, really. Well, for me, of course, some people will certainly disagree, no problem 🙂 I love how she is not wearing a black dress, for once, and how amazing that colour looks on her.

  • Angelina looks gorgeous. Personally, I think she looked better a few years ago with a bit more weight on her, but she has aged very well, even considering her low weight. As for her arm candy . . . He needs to stop with the little thing growing on his chin. He was very handsome at one point, but looks quite haggard in the past few years.

    Megan Fox . . . I saw a picture of her from the Golden Globes online last night. I’d hoped it was just the angle but there is something about her face that is just so completely alien. All I can say is WTF. Her dress is really pretty though . . .

  • KillMilla

    They both look like “has been” soap stars. They look very dated and overly made up, like a pair of middle aged women. They are pretty, but something about Megans face just looks off and Angie should really lay off her “special diet”.

  • lc

    Both HIGHLY overrated to me. I can’t honestly see why anyone finds them pretty, they both look like they’ve had something done. Megan’s face looks like she can’t move it, and Angelina’s looks old and haggard. Sorry, but I fail to see the hype here.

    • seijidan

      Angelina happens to be 35 years old already. She’s a mom of what, 5 kids? and she does humanitarian work. Cut her some slack. Even that up close picture of her, you can see the beauty of her face. A bit tired? yes. Megan is another story though. Her face definitely messed up big time. Her eyes look almost alien-like

      • lc

        Cut her some slack? I don’t find her attractive, no I can NOT see the beauty of her face. At all. Period. So she’s tired because of her 5 kids blah blah…I’m not holding the fact that she looks tired against her, I just think that coupled with the fact that I already don’t find her pretty makes it worse. I can have that opinion if I want to.

  • Rebecca

    I can’t believe how many people think Megan looks too thin. Yes she’s slim but she doesn’t look emaciated or ill to me she just looks like a healthy slim woman. I think at the moment she’s perfect she just needs to stop using fillers/botox or whatever she’s using on her face cause i dont love the frozen look. Her lip injections and nose job look really good though.

    • Cristina

      So you are right and everyone else is wrong? Did it ever occur to you that it might be you with the distorted image, not everyone else around? Just asking.

      • Rebecca

        In which part of my comment did I say that I was right and everyone else is wrong? Oh yeh thats right I didn’t. I was just giving MY opinion which is what the comment section is for and i was just observing that other people here have a different opinion. Whats your problem?

      • Christina, did it ever occur to you to actually read her comment? Just asking.

        And by the way, Rebecca is right.

        • Deborah

          Well, I think Rebecca has a right to express her opinion but I totally disagree. Megan Fox looks too thin in my opinion, she would look so much better with maybe 10 pounds on!

          • Rebecca

            Why do you think I care where your from? And i think its very sad you feel the need swear, firstly attack my comment and accuse me of saying something i haven’t even done, and then start personally attacking me and calling me an idiot for no reason. (removed by admin* and you are now permanently moderated for creating problems to +5 visitors.)

        • Cristina

          Considering you cannot spell my name, i will ignore the pledge to read the comment. You cannot even read my name.

          • Ha! I’m sure you’ve read it anyway…

          • Rebecca

            Ok then i’ll take that as your pathetic comeback. And the name Christina should be spelt with an H anyway, without an H it just looks likes poor grammar so i’ll keep spelling it this way Christina 🙂

          • Cristina

            Rebecca: i’m neither British nor American nor any other Anglo-Saxon. I am of a very different descent. My real name is Cristina. I will spell it like that. Poor grammar? Holy shit, this is new. You are an idiot.

          • Versus

            @ Rebecca,
            You do realize that there are other nationalities in this world besides yours, right?

          • Rebecca

            @Versus yes i am well aware that there are numerous other nationalities – what im not aware of is why the issue of nationalities is even being brought up just because i personally prefer spelling christina with an H

          • Versus

            @ Rebecca,
            You can not ‘prefer’ to spell someone’s actual name differently, after accusing that their name is ‘bad grammar’, it is very disrespectful. I can not believe that I even have to explain this.

          • Rebecca

            Yes it is disrespectful not to spell someone’s actual name the way they spell it, but after the way CHristina attacked my comment for no reason and started insulting me I’m not particularly concerned about respecting the way she spells her name since she has done nothing but be rude to me for no reason.

          • lc

            Wow…Cristina, I’d ignore this ignorant and immature person if I were you. SO not worth the time!

    • lc

      I don’t think she looks frighteningly ill/too skinny, either. That’s the one thing I can’t see at all. Yeah, her face is botched though.

  • nka

    haha poor megan she looks so fake he face is weird and it seems she copies angelina lots , i much prefer more angelina is way more hotter and better actress . Megan that actually ony stands because of her looks not for her super talent ha

  • snoops

    Angelina is more beautiful, not a fan of her on a personal level (and say what you want about megan, but she’s no husband stealer :)) but there really are very few people in the world who can compare to her physical beauty.

    Megan’s makeup artist must be an angelina fan, coz she has sure dont her best to make megan look bad! Lol, the eyeliner especially wtf.

  • Kiki

    They are both waaay to skinny, and look 10 years older. The last photo of Megan Fox actually scares me

  • dreamland

    megan fox has the skinniest torso, slim legs and a bony chest and then normal sized arms? its weird. lol. she was WAYYYY hotter in transformers.

  • Nessa

    Megan could be like a little sister of Angelina. But still Angelina is more beautiful than megan. Both are gorgeous though

  • Jane

    First: Original

  • Anne

    lol i always wonder if they ever met one day and spoke together, anyways i THINK magen looks better, maybe its because shes younger, i think she looks better she has a better face shape to me and angelina is kind of getting gaunt

  • lei

    Ugh what has Megan done to her face? She really doesn’t look good here.

  • Eliza B

    It’s kind of scaring me that people can look at these pictures and call Megan Fox “perfection” or anything akin to the ideal of beauty. And I’m not talking about subjective perceptions of different kinds of beauty, but the obvious painfully thin and plastic look of her face and body-that should never be en vogue.

    Her figure, while not skeletal, looks simply fragile, not healthy. I also think that because she carries weight in her arms, it’s mitigating how thin her body actually is. She’s getting that hollywood “alien/lollipop” syndrome where her head and coiffure look way too big for her body.

    As for her face….well….. she’s getting that long weird horseface with the lips that don’t cover her overdone veneers. Seriously her lips and teeth look so fake and awful. I cannot understand what bubble young women are living in to aspire to look like this. Too much overplumping for too long is giving her once nice lips that bloated sausage look, and the lack of fat in her face coupled with the veneers, give her a perpetual horsebite, not the sultry lips parted pout she was going for I think. The plastic pointed nose is only now serving to accentuate all of that. Her makeup isn’t flattering her either, it’s adding to the aged/tranny/pornstar look.

    It’s just sad and discouraging to see this though, beauty isn’t perfection…it’s about being healthy and happy, loving whatever is special and unique about yourself. Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly beautiful, though I wish she too hadn’t “fixed” her nose. IMO her face is too “perfect” and I’m much more attracted to other women.

    • wonderwoman21

      I agree with pretty much everything you said, especially because you agree that Angelina had her nose fixed at one point. Though it does look good…

    • Deborah

      Totally agree!

    • sara

      i agree on everything except for angelina’s nose job..i’ve seen nmany pictures and i’m still not sure if she did it..however, i agree on what you said about megan, i’m really shocked that so many people think she is ‘perfection’

    • Chrissy

      “it’s adding to the aged/tranny/pornstar look.”

  • mab

    i’m not a fan of the colour of angie’s dress, reminds me of the musical wicked.

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  • ladyb0sss

    big fan of meagan foxs face. although after surgery not as much anymore. but these pictures of her are terrible. did she do anymore with her face recently. or is this the aftermath? yikes. she looks ugly. (the only time ive ever said that 🙁 )

  • Stephanie

    I absolutely looooooove Angelina, she can pull off about anything. I love Megan too, but I respect Angelina as an actress and overall human being. Love her, and love her look! Not a fan of the dress but she pulls it off!

  • elena

    i would like to see them before plastic surgary both,to compare who is naturally beautiful!with fake lips,eyes and bottox everybody can look gorgeous!

  • flossy

    Love Megan’s dress shame about the tattoo’s it makes her look like trailer trash, if you’re gonna have them you have to realise they effect the type of outfits you can wear because they’re literally you’re accessories. Had she gone for an edgier look the tattoo’s would have complimented the outfit. Still she looked much better than Angelina who looks too thin which the shoulder pads exaggerate, its too loose and haggard she needs to catch up with her sleep and enjoy a few good meals. The dress just hangs off her like a strippers table cloth not good.

  • Kimberly

    Angelina looks much better facially. There is something going on with Megan’s face. I’m not sure if it’s the surgery, the recent weight loss, or the terrible makeup. Maybe a combination of all three? In terms of dresses, Megan wins hands down. Angelina has terrible taste in clothes. The only thing I like about it is the color.

  • maddie

    Megan looks good……her body is a nice normal weight….ange looks amazing though, megans body is almost perfect but anges face is definitely better

  • I find them both unattractive. Megan lost her sexiness with the weightloss. She’s doing the same ‘sexy’ looks she did when she was heavier yet it just doesn’t have the same effect it had before.

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  • Pingback: Angelina Jolie y Megan Fox en los ‘Globos de Oro 2011′ | Patio de

  • Melly

    IMO Angie looks much better than Megan.

  • K Justice

    Megan looks wonderful, her dress is awesome. Brad looks like a total d-bag wearing his shades and his wife looks like she hasn’t eaten in three weeks. The pointy shoulders on her dress are lame. IMO

  • I think Megan looks old :S? is it just me?

  • S.

    brad doesn’t look as happy as he used to.

    • lizzy

      how he has ever been happy with angelina jolie i’ll never understand.

  • nannou

    Megan’s face looks weird like streched or something. Angie rules.

  • nannou


  • lizzy

    love megan and her dress. she looks a little odd but still gorgeous, i think she is way more beautiful than angelina. angelina is such an icy skeleton to me. her face looks so insincere when she smiles.

  • cherrypie

    Oh my. Angelina gets more beautiful with every day. That dress looks super good on her. Can’t say the same about Megan. I wish she hadn’t done all that stuff to her face. She looks downright unattractive. Was much more beautiful around her Transformer days. Sad.

  • cherrypie

    Megan looks 10 years older than she does and hardly like the same person she used to be…

  • Kt

    I cannot believe Angelina is over 10 years older than Megan.
    Megan is 24 & I don’t see her as young & fresh faced looking at all. I think she looks beautiful in photo shoots but in more candid photos, I just don’t see it.

    Angelina looks beautiful here & I’m glad to see some colour on her

  • effie

    whatever surgeries megan has decided to get has entirely screwed with her eyes… she used to have THE most piercing gaze, and now one is pointing off in another direction, and her eyes are literally two different sizes… yikes… and her body, which was once healthily curvy, is now non-existent.

  • padme

    Megan looks better here. Angelina’s dress is so lame. Why doesn’t she ever dress sexy anymore? She could still be hot if she tried.

  • Susan

    Megan looks like a vampire. OMG she was so beautiful, WTH happened to her?? and she thinks she looks like AJ?? Think Again MEGAN!

  • lilly

    megan looks porno- plastic … angie shows signs of aging, but she”s the one and only, megan- just a bad bad copy… sorry

  • gabrielle

    Lilly….completely share your opinion…
    ANGELINA IS MY PERFECTION definition, she’s impersonating a walking goddess….her face is simply stunning, surreal beauty in my eyes. i adore this woman, so edgy features, yet so beautiful!
    but seeing these photos, i can’t deny the resemblance between them, Megan is trying so hard to copy Angie, which is such a pity, cause Fox looks so freakin’ plastic!!!!!
    Angelina is the natural, original, one&only, unique beauty…..
    i feel bad for all this plastic surgery craze….

  • Ophelie

    I always think Angelina looks like she’s wearing a wig. I can’t even watch her movies because I’m distracted by this wig effect. I think Megan looks better and her dress is much nicer. I never like any of Angelina’s clothes, they bore me.

  • angela

    WTFFFFFF is angelina wearing??? i think i saw that dress in the window display of a Goodwill a few months ago.

    • Eliza B

      Haha, I think alot of “high fashion” is like that. Supposedly avant garde.

  • Svet

    one thing’s for sure, megan’s man is no brad pitt 🙂

  • Dani

    I don’t like neither.Angelina looks stiff and Megan is trying to be Angelina,but I’m not sure if she wants to be the young Angelina or old Angelina.

  • O

    Angelina Jolie forever and always. Megan is completely fake. Not to mention shes much younger than Angelina and still Angie beats her!

  • Anonymous

    I have never understood why people used to compare Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox. They do NOT look alike.

    Angelina is a natural blonde who dyes her hair brunette (she said so herself), while Megan has naturally brown hair but dyes it darker (usually black).

    Angelina has blue-green eyes (a little bit gray-ish).
    Megan has blue eyes.

    Angelina has awider face and a stronger/more squared jawline.
    Megan has a longer face and a much more narroww-looking jawline.

    Angelina has naturally plump lips and a small blunt nose.
    Megan has medium sized lips (though apparently she gets lip injections sometimes and) and a straight pointy nose.

    The only thing these two women have in common is their naturally pale skin tone (which looks good on both of them) and the fact that they’re both skinny (maybe a little too skinny).

  • Ridley

    personally, i think she looks horrrible. too fake. she’s lost a noticeable amount of weight, which diminishes her curves and makes her head look big. and she RUINED HER FACE. she has TOO MUCH plastic surgery. she looks like a different person. she resembles a cat. hey, i calls it as i sees it.

  • lucy

    i can’t believe people are seriously disagreeing with the fact that megan has had more plastic surgery..
    have you seen her eyes?!
    they’re slanted! when you lose weight, your eyes bulge out and look bigger.
    hers look smaller! and it’s the result of cheek implants or a face lift-according to my brother who is a plastic surgeon.
    her face is fuller and more round.
    if her face change was due to weight loss, it would be more hollow and sunken. not plump and perfect!

    let’s face it.
    hollywood has screwed this girl up good.

  • Her eyes look smaller because of the eye liner, she did a full line all around where normally its just the top, secondly yeah she might have had plastic surgery but she’s still pretty. A lot of people do, I like the weight loss mostly because she looks more ethereal and the pale skin because she looks less like a walking bill board for skin cancer when she’s not naturally that tan.
    I don’t think she looks at all like AJ. Two different creatures. Its like saying I look like either one of them because I’m brunette with tattoos and light eyes. Alot of people have that coloring and like of body art

  • Lines

    They both look the same age and they both look ugly with weird alien faces.
    It’s creeping me out how retarded that MF chick is and how people like them lol

  • Andra

    If you look at pictures of Angelina at the begining of her career and at Megan’s begining pics, Angelina looks beautiful in a special way, Megan looks pretty in a sort of girl next door kinda way. Angelina was always gorgeous, Megan was nothing special without all the surgeries, just another young beautiful girl.
    I don’t know if Megan is trying to copy Angelina by getting plastic surgeries, if I say I want full lips and a small nose, those are considered universally beautiful, it just happens Angelina has them naturally.
    I also prefer Angelina with a few extra pounds, a different haircut and darker hair and eyebrows.

  • Allie

    I guess Megan looks beautiful because her features are proportional and symmetric. Even though I’m the biggest fan of super-skinny models, I think she looked better when she was curvier.
    I don’t find Angelina attractive, but I admit she’s beautiful.
    I don’t get the comparison though. Aside from the poses, the only thing they have in common is that they look a lot older than they are. My cousin is 34, with similar features to Megan and she could hang with me and my 16-year old friends without anyone noticing she’s not our age.

  • Megan looks so different than from her Transformer days..

  • Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological globe everything is existing on net?

  • rubiii

    angelina all the way! she is soo pretty! but too damn skinny