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Angelina Jolie: ‘My vegan diet almost killed me’

FP_5594699_API_AngelinaJolie_Salt_081810 - Angelina Jolie: 'My vegan diet almost killed me'

Angelina Jolie, who is looking super thin these days, needs to share a little something:

“I joke that a big, juicy steak is my beauty secret. But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

What do you guys think about her statement?

FP_5641653_Jolie_Angelina_FP2_082710 - Angelina Jolie: 'My vegan diet almost killed me'

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FP_5594693_API_AngelinaJolie_Salt_081810 - Angelina Jolie: 'My vegan diet almost killed me'

FP_5598689_ANG_Jolie_SaltPremiere_081810 - Angelina Jolie: 'My vegan diet almost killed me'

FP_5641654_Jolie_Angelina_FP2_082710 - Angelina Jolie: 'My vegan diet almost killed me'

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  • Natasha

    Her face is immaculate!

    • ella

      Yeah true, but her body is emaciated. She is awfully thin.

  • Mizzy

    There is no reason a vegan diet should “nearly kill” someone if it is followed properly. There are other ways to get the necessary proteins and vitamins besides eating meat and dairy.
    I think Angelina Jolie doesn’t take good care of herself in general, so it was probably hard for her to stick to all the supplemants that are necessary for a healthy vegan lifestyle. At least if she is eating meat and dairy she doesn’t have to spend as much time planning her meals.

    • Chillwaves

      the thing that I dont get with the vegan lifestyle is…how can a diet lifestyle be ideal if you have to “supplement” it by taking added vitamins and minerals? I know that in this day and age it is impossible to fully get all the nutrition you need, but an ideal diet should not make you have to buy added supplements just to meet your nutrition requirements. IMHO any diet that recommends you buy extra supplements is not ideal. I would love some vegans to speak on this. 🙂

      • Kelly

        Hi! Been vegan since 13, now 17 and I have always taken a daily vitamin, which i do now as well and so i dont keep doing it for my vegan diet, purely because its there, its safe and hey, why not? Cant hurt? 🙂

        Ive actually never really been aware of that as a vegan youw ould be recommended to take supplements, but then i alays have as i said so maybe i just enver botherred to check. Anyhow, you can get by more than fine with a good diet och general life in regards to health and wellbeing really. Nobody needs stakes and the milk cow babies should be drinking, to stay healthy.

        • shell

          I’m sorry, but that’s rubbish. A vegan diet is not a natural one and you only need to take a look at the nutrients we need and the way our bodies absorb them to know that.
          “Nobody needs stakes and the milk cow babies should be drinking, to stay healthy.”

          1) The calcium in animal derrived milk is easier for the body to absorb than plant milks, like soya milk, because of its chemical structure. Our bodies are not used to absorbing the calcium in plant based milks, because they’re not naturally occuring and they have to be manufactured.

          2) Our bodies CAN’T absorb and store iron from plant material as efficiently as that in red meat, no matter how much green veg is eaten. I got this following quote from
          “Eating lean red meats 3 times a week is generally recommended. Red meat is now leaner and pork equals chicken in percent fat content.
          Red meat is a significant source of iron for menstruating women. The trend in eating less red meat may increase iron deficiency anemia, especially among young children.”

          So ideally vegetarians/vegans should take iron capsules. The iron in red meat and fish is called heme iron, and it has a different chemical structure to the non heme iron found in vegetables. Our bodies cannot absorb it very easily.

          Vitamin B12 is only found in meat and fish, although primarily in meat, again it’s best absorbed from meat. B12 is essential for brain cell (ie preventing Alzheimer’s/dementia developing with age), and for muscle cells too. Likewise vegetarians should take B12 supplements.

          Red meat protein is the most robust, substances you can only find in this animal protein are needed for muscle strength and quality. That’s why athletes, like British runner Colin Jackson, eat lean red meat once a week, in a small quantity. Vegetarians have weaker muscles. They need to eat enough protein from dairy, eggs, beans, pulses and tofu.

          Dairy is the best source of calcium (the body absorbs calcium from dairy foods most efficiently). But with vegans (who don’t eat any animal produce), they have to get calcium from soy bean milk, although our bodies don’t extract calcium in plant milks as well as they do from dairy. So vegans should probably take a calcium supplement as well.

          For the record, just in case you were thinking of throwing the “red meat causes cancer” study at me, that’s all rubbish. When i saw my dietician, she told me that the study was – in her words – “very patchy, and even then, the only people who developed cancer through meat consumption were the body builder men who were eating copious amounts of steak every day. Eating normal amounts of meat is healthy and shouldn’t cause any problems for healthy people.”

          Sorry to be so curt, but i had to clear the whole “being a veggie is healthy!” lark up. =D

          • Liz

            I don’t think there is one ultimate diet. I think different people survive better on different foods based on their blood type ect. And just to clarify their are more ways of getting vegan calcium than just manufactured milks. eg unhullled tahini. Check out for more info.

          • neutra

            Vitamin B isn’t only found in meat and fish, it’s also found in Vegemite which doesn’t contain any animal products. My vitamin B level is in the healthy range because of my regular Vegemite on toast!

            I’m a ‘lucky’ vegetarian because I have haemochromatosis- so even without any major source of iron, my iron levels on the higher side of a normal range. My mum and uncle however are both carnivores, and have to donate blood every 2-6 weeks to stay in the healthy range. I only found out I had the disorder 3 year ago, but I’ve been a vegetarian since i was 8 (I’m now 23.) I don’t think I could ever be vegan- I don’t have the time to make sure I’m getting all my minerals and vitamins through such a rigid diet. Doing so as a vegetarian though has been no effort for me.

          • janeir0

            how is drinking cow’s milk or eating milk products in the least bit “natural”??? humans are the only animals that drink other animals milk. and if you don’t start drinking it from a young age, chances are, you’re going to be lactose intolerant if you try later on in life.

          • Kimberly

            Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products so Vegamite must be supplemented by an outside source. Contrary to popular belief, brewers yeast and nutritional yeasts do not contain vitamin B12.

          • snoopsing

            shell – your post is nonsense 🙂 shame you spent so long on it. Calcium from plant sources is EASIER for the body to absorb than calcium from milk. It all started going wrong from there on in….you’re posting sort of really general re-hashed stuff from the internet and one mention of something off-the-cuff from your “dietician”.

            No doctor has ever taken issue with my being vegetarian or suggested that my diet is not providing me with what I need. I tend to take the word of a physician over a layman. Oh and…of course listen to my body! Thanks so much for “setting the record straight” for all us tho, sheesh.

          • Brena

            Oh dear.

          • Sarah

            I suggest you read my post below, just to inform you as well that vitamin B12 is found in brown rice

          • Jessie

            I’ve been vegan for 2 years now and I haven’t been using any supllements except B12. To say being veggie is a lark up is just false.

            What nutrients do you miss, I don’t understand this?

            I’m not an “extreme vegan”, meaning I don’t go protest for animal rights and all that bullshit and I definitely don’t FORCE my diet on other people.

            But I’ll defend it if I have to :P, If you eat enough fruits, you get ALL THE VITAMINS YOU NEED! If you eat enough dark leafy greens (every day and DIFFERENT KINDS!) then you get all your minerals.

            The only “problem” is B12, but then again most of the people in the world who are B12 deficient are meat eaters. B12 is a weird one. Whether you’re vegan or into dairy and milk, you could get a deficiency – which makes this a non-issue.

            But I do AGREE THAT ANGELINA’S VEGAN DIET NEARLY KILLED HER! I’ll tell you why: dairy/meat is very calorie or “nutrient” dense, so if you take 5 bites you’ll get more calories than in any type of vegan food. If you eat the same 5 bites being vegan, you’ll be severly deficient in everything LOGICALLY.

            I love Jolie, but seriously, she drinks, smokes and doesn’t eat a whole lot (which might have to do with her busy life), but like someone said before: she doesn’t take care of herself! Blaming the “vegan-ness” of her diet is just oversimplistic. If you don’t want a vegan diet to work for you, it won’t.

            Peace and love to you all! 🙂

            Hope I gave some useful info, any other questions directed to veggies?

          • Chillwaves

            Thanks Shell!

          • Chrissy

            @neutra, your mom and uncle are probably omnivores, not carnivores.

            @janeir0, would you like us to continue to get milk from our mothers? I like milk, no one is going to change that for me, thankfully I live in aplace and time where people can’t.

            I agree with Liz that there won’t be any blanket “best” for everyone, but I’ll be eating the foods that make me feel good.

          • Matt

            What you said about B12 is absolutely incorrect. B12 is found in bacteria. The bacteria the first humans encountered when eating residual soil with the fruits and veggies they got from the ground, and from the less-than-perfectly-cooked meat they ate. So, you’re not getting that vitamin from the animal, you’re getting it from the bacteria that is in the meat you eat.

   as a source? Get real. Read a book if you care and if not, keep your opinions to yourself. Anybody can go on a bunch of websites and compile biased information.

          • Sorry to be curt too, but you are as off as you could be. A plant diet is the original diet intended by nature. Where do you get meat: cows, chickens and pigs. They are all plant eaters, and give you the so-called superior meat.

            I eat fruit and veggies and seeds. NO supplements. Doing well, and have proven the above.

        • Chillwaves

          wow thanks for the opinions guys! really enjoy reading it! <3

          • Alexandra

            As far as i know, and i m a medicine student, vitamin B12 is ONLY found in red meat and fish… otherwise, biochemistry books are all wrong, and i really, but really doubt that. it s not like i have found on the internet some statements of an obscure nutritionist or a frustrated chick telling everyone how good her diet is and how many pounds she lost with that

        • O

          you can’t take your needed nutrients from pills. I turned vegetarian and i got really weak, my hair started falling out. Although i was eating everything else i could eat. well i started eating meat again and im healthier than ever. everyone is different, and everyone’s metabolic typing is different. I’m a protein type, someone else is a carb. But stop taking those pills, they’re only hurting you.

        • emilie

          “stakes” “cow babies” do you go to school? you probably should.

      • Mizzy

        I don’t think anyone is claiming that one lifestyle is the “ideal”, but some people may choose to be vegan because they feel strongly about animal rights, and they are lucky enough to live in a world in which supplements are available. I just think that being a healthy vegan requires a lot more work and preparation than being an omnivore, and I am guessing that Angelina didn’t want to put the energy into it, because she doesn’t strike me as putting her health needs first (which is totally fine, by the way!).

        • Kelly

          Well i feel strongly about animal rights, but honestly i just dont fancy the taste of milk and meat – however i can have an egg every billion year (like 2 a year?) so for you to say, i think its what u meant at least, that a vegan can basically accept having poor diets with loads of supplements because of strong feelings regarding animal rights, is bs.

          • Mizzy

            so it’s BS for someone to be able to make their own decisions about how to live their life and what they want to put into their bodies? I am completely and utterly lost as to what you’re trying to say, sorry.
            All I was saying is that no one is advocating for veganism as a superior or ideal way of life, it just is! And if a person chooses not to eat meat and dairy, then they need to put extra thought and preparation into their daily nutrition, because they will be inevitably lacking in certain vitamins, minerals and protein.

          • Mizzy

            and by the way, somebody’s opinion cannot be BS, because an opinion is a subjective matter. You may not agree with it, but there is no need to insult it.

          • Casey

            I think what Kelly was trying to say is that veganism is a philosophy, not just a diet.

            As a result, to push their bigger agendas of preserving animals and such, a lot of vegans like to stretch the truth on things like the nutritional apsects of the vegan diet, and the ease at which one could accomplish it.

            I’m not saying every vegan does that, but I have seen plenty that do…enough to make me not trust the “facts” that come from vegans because there is a great chance that there is personal bias in them. I would much rather listen to both general practice and natural doctors, and peer reviewed journal publications because I feel like their “facts” are a lot more honest and objective.

            I read an interview once by a doctor who caters to alternative health patients (lots of vegans and vegetarians), and he said in his 15 years of practice he has only seen one vegan who wasn’t in some stage of malnourishment. That vegan was a vegetarian for a long time before she became a vegan.

            I think that about sums up the vegan lifestyle for me.It’s possible to be a healthy vegan, but extremely unlikely for the majority of people who become vegans. After all, to be a healthy vegan you really have to be well off both time-wise, financially, and educationally. The large majority of people who become vegans don’t meet all 3 of those criteria, and their health suffers as a result.

      • do

        you don’t need to supplement! If you are following a healthy vegan diet and eat at least 75 percent raw you will thrive!

        • Jessie


          Raw FTW

          • mary-ann

            vegan diet almost killed her says a woman who give her kids chips and cheetos to eat and her doather wants to be john.ok..and what she eats now-some nice juicy air?

      • You have made a really strong point, that most vegans overlook because of their obsession with animal rights/etc. Any diet that requires supplements is not a healthy diet. There is a valid argument that supplements are just as unnatural as eating animal products. Simple fact is, if you have to take vitamins while on a vegetarian or vegan diet, than you should consider changing your diet. I was born a vegetarian, never had meat in my life, and now practice a vegan diet. I have never taken pills, supplements, medicine or even had shots. I just had blood work done last week, and I’m in great health. i’m in my 30’s. I think the truth of the matter is that our bodies are like programs, once we have hardwired them to live on certain diets, it is difficult, and can even be unhealthy to make drastic changes to that program we have defined. I am convinced that a vegan diet is the future of our race, but this future will be embraced by our children, not by the average carnivore trying to turn vegan.

      • Fiona

        My bro is a vegan, been one since he was 14, he’s now 18. (He does it for health, not religion) and he takes supplements, but so do carnivore me :D, the only reason? It can’t hurt. He gets his protein from nuts, beans, legumes, tofu and the such. And he is way healthier than a normal guy his age. I think AJ could have been very healthy as a vegan if she replaced the meat with nuts etc. instead of cutting it out without a replacement. Humans DO need protein!! Many people make this mistake!

      • Veg*ns do NOT need to supplement. Pill pushers create the myth.
        I eat fruit and veggies and seeds. NO supplements. Doing well because we are primates. There’s a marathon winner eating this way – It’s called the 80/10/10 diet by Dr Douglas Graham.

    • Amanda

      You have to take into account what’s healthy for one person isn’t necessarily healthy for another. She needs to find something that works for her, not what’s the trend or what people say should be done.

  • Casey

    Makes sense. A vegan diet is not sustainable in the long run (5+ years). Despite the noble philosophy behind veganism, a human body was not made to live on that kind of diet.

    Regardless, I don’t think she is eating much better, although now I feel like it’s because of death in the family. Depression can make people stop eating. But I feel like for her, if she is still depressed, it is going on for a long time and perhaps she should seek help.

    • madeleine

      you always sounds so wise in your comments…i enjoy reading them

      btw who died in her family?

      • Casey

        Thank you. 🙂

        And her mother passed in 2007 from cancer. It was after her death that Angelina’s image (and weight) began to change.

  • Ukraine

    Yes, she’s thin but still gorgeous!

  • MirandaWannabe

    Vegan for a long time? How long? Because, if she was a vegan when she was in Tomb Raider, she needs to go back to that! She looked bangin’ back then!!! I don’t know what she puts the weight loss down to (veganism, eating meat, stress, depression, whatever) but she needs to gain some of it back – being skinny ages her, and (in my opinion) she looks so much better with some meat on her bones!

    • Jenny

      I actually read an interview about this back in the day! She had to gain weight for that role and was on a strict diet with high protein meals after muscle building workouts so she could fill out those shorts.

      After reading a different article, where she said stress makes it hard for her to keep weight on, I just feel like giving her a hug. (I apologize for not knowing what article is from where).

  • Nina

    Some people just have to eat meat and some can go without it. It’s in your DNA. You just have to listen to your body.

    • Casey

      Yes, but then that would be a vegetarian diet, not a vegan one.

    • amazon

      its in your DNA?????????????? where did you get that info?

  • Anne

    I hate statements like hers, because they just confirm stereotypes, since she’s considered to be famous.
    One comment of Angelina Jolie counts more than nutritional studies. You can look it up on wikipedia, if you’re looking for the easy way. Of course you have to watch what you eat to be healthy, but no matter what your diet is, that is probably the only way to go.
    I’m a Vegan for 8 years, I get regular check ups, get my blood tested to see if I lack any vitamins or minerals and guess what- I’m perfectly healthy. I acknowledge that being a Vegan or Vegetarian is not for anyone, but for me it’s one decision that makes me happy, I couldn’t imagine to consume animal products.
    People should get informed before judging other people and their diets and not base their opinions on a comment of a woman who, I’m sorry, doesn’t look healthy (anymore).

    • snoops

      thank you Anne. It bothers me when people say that a vegan or even vegetarian (!!!) diet is unhealthy or unsustainable, I wonder where they get their “facts” since there are many vegans and vegetarians who are living proof that it can be a healthy way of life. I know people who have been vegan for 10+ years and in perfect health. Vitamins and minerals have MULTIPLE sources which is why with a little education and effort it is more than possible to design a healthy diet without meat or animal products.

      As for the subject of supplements brought up in some other posts – many people who eat meat take a dietary supplement, many people who dont eat animal products do not take supplements, and vice versa, I really dont see why the issue is being brought up since it is possible to be deficient in vitamins or minerals on any diet if you are not taking care of yourself and thinking about what you eat. For a year I broke from vegetarianism as I was living in eastern europe with a family who basicly forced me to eat meat, the mother claimed I would drop dead without meat and that vegetarianism was deadly (lol) that people are “made to eat meat” (says who exactly? Did these people have some part in the design of the human body? Lol. There is much more evidence to support the pro’s of abstaining from red meat and dairy products than there could ever be against it) ironicly during my time eating meat I felt much less healthy, and developed anemia.

      And btw if angelina is an advertisment for eating meat then I am happy to stay vegetarian, because she looks very unhealthy.

      • Casey

        The reason why supplements were brought up is that vegans and vegetarian diets require supplementation since important food sources have been cut out of one’s diet.

        The thing about supplements is that people really simplify it when supplementing is a complicated process. “Oh, I lack iron so I’m going to pick up iron supplements from the pharmacy.” Okay, so what iron compound are you going to purchase? What are the advantages and disadvantages of that particular chemical compound? What other vitamins are you going to include in order to increase absoprtion of iron? What are you going to exclude? Will your diet support this supplement or interfere with it?

        Supplementing is not an easy process. Current science doesn’t even know how to properly do it. It’s trial and error. It is possible to figure it out and thus people can be healthy vegans and vegetarians. No one is denying that. It’s just worrisome how many DON’T figure it out and AREN’T healthy vegans and vegetarians. And how vegans promote to soon-to-be-vegans how EASY it is, when it’s not.

        You also brought up the fact that people who eat meat can be on supplements. Yes, but that’s kind of irrelevant. Anyone who doesn’t follow the recommended omnivorous diet will need to make extra effort supplement their nutrition, whether artificially or naturally, whether eating meat or not. That doesn’t excuse veganism, since the vegan diet IS one of those diets that requires supplementing to meet one’s nutritional needs, otherwise it is unhealthy.

        And who says our bodies were designed to eat meat? Biology. Everything about us, the way we process protein, the way our glucose sugar levels rise and fall, our teeth, the length of our intestines…everything indicates that we require at least a certain amount of meat. Now, if you’re smart, you can do away with meat by giving your body everything it gets from meat from other sources. But how many people will, no, CAN, make the effort to do that?

        • Carla

          My God, every freaking time the subject of Veganism is brought up you jump on every comment with the same arguments without ever citing references. What is your problem? Just eat your steak and shut it, instead of preaching to people who are happy with the way they life. Do you really think what you or someone else writes here is going to have an impact on someone’s life? People who are Vegans/Vegetarians won’t start eating meat because of your rich arguments and omnivores won’t stop eating meat and lose all they hair (and apparently teeth-WTF?) because someone writes “I’m happy being a Vegan and it didn’t kill me”.
          Writing such a long comment doesn’t make sense for what I’m trying to say, I know, but that bugs since a very long time.

          • Casey

            This is a discussion board. I discuss. If you don’t want to hear what I have to say, don’t read my comments. Simple.

            And if you would actually read my comments you would realize that I was not “preaching.” Nor criticing, for that matter. I was not telling vegans to stop being vegans, nor that they should follow my advice. In fact, I specifically said several times that the vegan diet CAN be healthy.

            I was just expressing my concerns that it may not be a feasible healthy diet for the majority of people. If you find that so provoking that it “bugs you” for “a very long time,” then I don’t know what to say. A healthy debate on any topic is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing. If you can’t handle it, I can’t help you.

          • Anna

            Carla, I don’t think she needs to cite references because the knowledge she’s trying to convey is pretty elementary. I think your comment is the unnecessary one because first off, you’re completely misconstruing her words, and second of all, I don’t see anything wrong with a healthy debate. Obviously no one is going to change their lifestyle because of a comment they read on the internet, but it’s an interesting point to bring up for other people to read.

            And from what I can see, you’re the only one being antagonistic about the entire issue.

          • Kimberly

            I completely agree with you.

          • Sands

            Whoa. Let it be dude. Your comment was stress inducing.

          • Chillwaves

            …it is a discussion. So unchill dude, so unchill.

        • Anna

          No, being on a vegan diet does not require supplements. I have been vegan for 3 years, never taken a supplement, and get blood tested regularly to make sure I’m not deficient. A lot of people who are vegan take supplements to be on the safe side, or to make life a bit easier in terms of meal planning, but it certainly isn’t a requirement of being vegan. In fact when I was a full out meat eater I was borderline anaemic, but since I became vegan my iron levels have been normal. And I’ve found it very easy. I’m not good at meal planning, but instead just listen to what my body asks for. Just as it’s annoying when people overemphasise how easy it is to be a healthy vegan – just because I found it easy I don’t think it gives me the right to preach to others that it is, since every body is different and has different needs – it’s also annoying when people make these mass generalisations and assumptions about “needing” supplements to be healthy.

        • snoops

          But can you go out, kill a cow or a pig, bite through its flesh with your meet-eating teeth and eat its flesh, without getting sick afterwards? You know, like all the other omnivorous animals do. They do not cut it up and stick it in a oven to roast before their body is able to deal with it.

          Just a thought. I feel that anything we can eat, natural, as it is (veggies, fruit, fish, legumes, fungi, etc) then yes we can say we are designed to eat it. If you cant eat it natural then maybe your body isnt designed for it and you will be fine without it.

          BTW as for intestines – knew a coronor who told me that red meat-eaters intestines when they die are full of rancid old red meat that has been there for years, coz the body isn’t breaking it down.

          • snoops


          • Chrissy

            steak tartare, carpaccio, sushi…and yes you can – it’s the mental idea that people can no longer get around – the same reason many people don’t kill their own food. I used to regularly eat raw meat (beef) as a child. Our ancestors were eating raw meat, in fact they were scavengers like hyenas and raccoons until tools were developed in the stone age.

            a lot of those “red meat eaters” don’t get enough fiber which is what causes the blockage in the intestines, this is common for many diets that are centered on the processed foods mostly available in the developed nations (I’m amazed that the coroner was so engrossed in these people’s daily dining habits btw).

          • Cidalia Martins

            Can we eat beans and other legumes, wheat and grains (what vegans rely on for protein) right off the plant without cooking them first without getting sick? Nope.

        • Elisabeth

          Actually, if you had any knowledge about this you would know that our intestines are too long for it to seem natural for humans to eat a lot of meat. Also, the enzymes needed to process meat disappears when you stop eating meat. Meat eaters are also more sick than vegetarians.
          If we are to judge by our teeth (Like you mentioned) then I think it’s natural to conclude that humans are made to live off a diet of mostly vegetables, supplemented by fish and meat. We are NOT meant to eat as much meat as we do.
          Even so, with all the suffering the animals have to go through, not to mention the environment, how anyone can stand eating meat is beyond me, not when we have better options today.

          Granted, I’m not a vegan, but a vegetarian, but your condescending comment annoyed me.

          • Casey

            corn – 3
            bacon – 10
            lamb – 5
            raisins – 12
            beef – 11
            mango – 12
            cheese – 11
            mint – 10
            soda – 1
            water – 14

            basil ginger coffee beans

            Frist off, Elisabeth, my comment was in no way intended to be condescending. If you read it in that way, then I think you may be projecting feelings into my words that aren’t there.

            Secondly, I have adaquate knowledge on the subject. I am not an expert, but I am not clueless either. I have enough knowledge that I am able to have a decent discussion on the matter.

            Third, I’d like to point out that you’re not arguing with me or what I’ve said, but rather with what you twisted my words to mean. I was responding to a person who said nothing about us indicates that we need meat. So I listed a few things of the top of my head about us that most people would be familiar with that indicates we are equipped with the tools to eat meat. E.g., our intestines being too short for veggie only diets. I could have gone on and on in more detail (molecular level), but aside from the fact that it would be overkill and people wouldn’t understand it, there would be no point to. It is a well-known fact that humans are omnivores. I was just reminding the original poster of that.

            Unlike the way you interpreted what I’ve said. I never claimed we are solely meat-eaters, nor that our diets should consist of predominantly meat. On the contrary, all scientific evidence indicates that the best diets are mostly vegetarian, with small quantities of meat. Diets with lots of meat have been proven to be incredibly unhealthy.

            The choice that vegans and vegetarians make, to not eat meat because of animal cruelty, is a noble one and an explanation for deviating from a normal diet in itself.

            What I don’t understand is why then so many vegans and vegetarians have to go a step further to defend their choice by attempting to convince everyone that the human species is not an omnivorous one. Humans are, have been, and for the long future will be omnivores. Anyone who disagrees with that is a fool.

            Attempting to prove that humans are not omnivores does not make the vegan diet any more right OR wrong. Becoming vegan is a CHOICE, and a noble one, and that’s all there is to it. There is no need for extra defenses and convincing, especially by blatantly denying facts that are elementary school knowledge. It only discredits the whole idea of veganism by doing that.

            The only thing that I attempted to discuss here is the fact that the diet is that a lot of people do not do the diet correctly, because they are either not capable of it, or decide to do it on a whim without educating themselves on how to supplement first (And for those saying vegans don’t supplement, yes they do. Supplement doesn’t only mean taking vitamin pills. It means getting nutrition from a source different than the most common one because you can’t or choose not to eat the most common one).

            This will be the last post I write on this thread. I am sad to see that so many vegans and vegetarians have such closed-minds and are unable to have a civil discourse. Most of you didn’t even read my comments before jumping to conclusions about what it is that I’ve said and reacting agressively. I guess it either has to be your way or no way.

            Fine, you are all right. We should all be vegans and let’s not worry about the fact that the majority of people don’t have the resources to be vegan correctly. Happy now?

          • Casey

            And the first part of my comment had nothing to do with this, it was just a list of things I need for various recipes. 😛

          • snoops

            Casey – Im sorry but your comment was just way too long, longer than my screen can even fit in, I just stopped reading at the word “fool” since anyone calling others a fool on a gossip blog (especially over something which is still in scientific debate) is writing something I’m not interested in wasting my time reading, especially when it is such a needlessly long post and if it is lacking in manners. Its closed-minded to speak that way just because others have a different viewpoint than you.

            I dont understand why some people are so threatened by vegetarianism or veganism – its not like we are terrorists for goodness sake we just want to have peaceful living and not causing harm to others. Live and let live. We are sick of having to defend our harmless, personal choice to people with some strange issue against it. It doesnt affect you, so please chill out with the relentless militantism and accept that you are not always right about what is best for others who you dont even know.

            P.S – there is a post from a nutrionist near the bottom of this thread, you should consider reading it because she actually knows what she is talking about from a professional level which no offence is more valuable than just reading stuff on the internet or magazines and then considering yourself an expert on the subject.

          • Casey


            1) What exactly did I say that makes my comments contrary to that of the “nutritionist” you mentioned below that I should consult her comment? I’ve already read it, thank you, and agree with most of what she has to say.

            2) How do you know that I get my facts online or from magazines? I don’t from either, thank you.

            3) People aren’t fools for disagreeing with me. But it is foolish to argue about something that’s been fact for thousands of years, has visible evidence today, and the majority of research support. Humans are omnivores. Don’t want to be an omnivore because you don’t want to kill animals? That’s great, but humans are still omnivores. There is no need to defend your choice of becoming vegan or vegetarian because the philosophy behind it makes sense. So like I said, I don’t understand why some vegans feel like they HAVE to defend themselves, often wrongly.

            4) The only mannerless thing happening here is that my comment of, “Gee you know the majority of people who do vegan diets aren’t healthy because they’re not doing them properly” becomes interpreted as, “Veganism is stupid,” and gets responded with, “YOU SHUT UP YOU DON’T KNOW WTF YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.”

            Hope that was short enough for you.

          • Casey

            And just to quickly add, I have no problems with veganism or vegetarianism. Many of my friends were one or the other. I would be a vegetarian, but my body type doesn’t allow it.

            However, I don’t think veganism is a sustainable diet for a large majority of people. Vegetarianism, yes, but I think veganism requires more effort than a lot of people are willing to put in.

            All I was doing is attempting to have a civil discussion, before you and others completely twisted my words to mean something else and attacked me. If you want to attack vegan haters, attack them. But don’t make me out to be one when I am not.

        • One fact that you are missing is that, it’s very possible to function on a healthy vegan diet without any supplementation. It’s just a newer process that we are still figuring out, and most studies contradict this ability.

    • adrianna

      All she is saying is that it didn’t work for her body. Vegetarianism and/or veganism isn’t going to work for everyone. it may work well for some, or alot of people, but not everyone.

      I was a vegetarian for 5 years. I took a lot of vitamines, and ate all the right foods to make sure that I was getting all the nutrients that meat had previously supplied me with. For those 5 years, I was constantly tired, sluggish and underweight. It didn’t work for my body, and it doesn’t work for everyone.

      CHill out. All she said was, “I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

      That’s it. Veganism didn’t work for HER. End of story. You’re doing the same thing as she is right now. Stating your opinion, just like I am, as well.

    • Jenny

      The difference is, when you eat the basic food groups and include foods that come from animals, you don’t need regular blood work to confirm you aren’t starving yourself. A person can survive easier on milk and potatoes, because a potato has everything necessary to live except B12 and some extra protein.

      That being said, there is a cultural stigma aginst healthful eating. It would sometimes be much simpler to tell people “I’m vegan” than to try explaining the reasons for keeping healthy eating habits that include steak, eggs, and milk. I like to take my moderation in moderation. But if I had to choose between a processed food filled diet and veganism… I’d have to take vegan.

      • Jenny


  • French Cha

    and did drugs almost kill her too?

  • Chillwaves

    Yea I tried the vegetarian lifestyle and lots MASSIVE amounts of hair. Turns out I am extremely prone to anemia (recovering now) and to maintain vegetarianism I would have to have been eating copious amounts of green veggies and supplementing also with Iron tablets. I do respect and admire a lot of the philosophies behind abstaining for meat but it personally wasn’t for me.

    • Vicky

      Or you just didn’t substitute Vitamin B12, the only vitamin that is only in animal products.

      • adrianna

        Or it just wasn’t right for her body.

      • Bellerina

        The reason B-12 is found in animal products is because animals GRAZE on grass that is unwashed. B-12 actually comes from the Earth.

        And you actually only need a small amount at a time because the body stores it for long periods.

        I use nutritional yeast when I cook because I think its delicious and it packs extra vitamins and minerals. And I don’t wash my organic vegetables (with the exception of spinach). I merely brush off any visible dirt. These are both adequate methods of receiving B12.

        Supplements are recommended for almost all persons regardless of diet because few people eat a large enough variety to truly sustain nutrient levels at all times. Especially with this fast food culture in the Western World.

        • Jenny

          Please know, that not washing your vegetables is a bad bad idea. Most of the things that can harm you from unwashed vegetables are not man-made. The problem with man-made products is: often the long term consequences are not known. However, bacteria, parasites, animal feces, all these are not good. If you’re looking for Angelina Jolie’s body, however, a good case of the worms should get you there no matter what you eat!

  • Chillwaves


  • The Princess

    She should try really eating a big juicy steak sometime lol …

  • Leah

    I understand where she is coming from. I suffer from iron deficiencies and red meat is so much better than iron tablets. My family are vegetarians and its suits them but personally I don’t get the nutrients I need without eating meat.

  • Sanne

    I don’t think a vegan lifestyle is good. It’s neither good to take vitamine-supplements, cause when there’s a vitamine you have too much in your body, it could harm you (exept from vitame C).
    I’m a vegetarian for 7 years right now (I don’t eat any animal, don’t drink cow- or goat-milk, barely eat eggs) and have had some serious issues by not eating meat. I’m getting my vitamine B12 getting up by shots right now, but else, it would damage my body more.

    • Vicky

      Many omnivores also don’t get enough vitamin B12, despite eating meat. And also: you can damage your body by taking to much vitamin C.
      For someone who follows a diet like you do, you shouldn’t be so judgmental of the vegan diet.

      • Casey

        You can’t damage your body by taking too much vitamin C. Or the B vitamins. Or any other water-soluble vitamin. It is impossible to overdose on them. I guess you could damage your intestines from the acid for the short time being but that’s about it.

        Omnivores who don’t get enough vitamin B12 despite eating meat most likely have health issues that prevent the proper absorption of vitamin B12. It’s not necessarily an issue of malnutrition, but malnutrition due to other factors like damaged intestines, parasites, or genetic deformities. Which is not the same as intentionally choosing not to meet dietary requirements.

        • snoops

          Techincally you can damage your body by taking too much vitamin C – rarely there has been fatal cases (extremely rare). problems from overdosing (or continually overdosing over a long period of time) are very unlikely though as like you say its water soluble. But I just felt I should point that out coz this is a weight website and I know of some girls who have deliberatly liked to overdose on vitamins for a laxative effect without realising they can be damaging their bodies.

          • adrianna

            Well, I suppose if you took the entire bottle in one go, then you might harm your body, but most of it just wouldn’t absorb into your system, and it would come out in your waste. That’s why you spread out your vitamine-intake, it won’t all absorb at once.

        • Vicky

          Basically, too much vitamin C can cause: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, Abdominal cramps, Headache, Insomnia and Kidney stones

          • Casey

            Yes, basically things having to do with intestinal irritation.

            However, taking too much vitamin C won’t damage you in the same way as taking too much vitamin A will, for example. Vitamin A builds up in your body. Take too much of it and you risk some serious complications, the most extreme of which is organ failure.

            That’s the difference I was trying to point out.

          • Amanda

            That’s why it’s used by people with IBS (I’m one of them) when they get constipated.

            Anything in excess can do harm. I got the shits for drinking a whole bottle of apple juice (and that was through out the day.)

        • Check your facts, dear: B6 and folic acid can both cause some ugly problems if you overdose. I understand that your hatred for the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle means that you have to post contrarian views everywhere you go, but for god’s sake, at least do a little research first.

          • Mello

            Ha, Some studies say that vegetarianism reduces aggression, elevates mood, and decreases anxiety….according to that data there are some ppl on this site who might benefit from cutting meat out of their diet.

            Many experts in the field and ppl like my dietician/professor at uni say that they need more information to really know…i guess they aren’t as smart as ppl on this site though.

          • Mello

            God my post was mean. Out with the meat 🙁 for me too I guess.

          • Casey

            “I understand that your hatred for the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle means that you have to post contrarian views everywhere you go, but for god’s sake, at least do a little research first.”

            Amazing. Your comment is absolutely amazing.

            Forgive me. How dare I express (in a civil manner) well-intended concerns about a diet that has been shown to be unhealthy for a large majority of people who practice it, since they don’t know how to do it properly?

            I must have forgotten that no one is allowed to say anything negative ever about veganism, because your highness is in support of it, and therefore it is the ultimate Truth and everyone must follow it to heart without asking any questions, no matter how valid they are.

            Clearly, I must “hate” veganism, and must have been “preaching,” otherwise, how do you explain my lack of 100% support for a diet that you have determined is the best? Forget the fact that you won’t find any hate in my comments, nor any preaching to anyone.

            I’ll do a little more research but only if you actually read my comments all the way through before calling me out. Thank you and good bye.

  • Sidney

    Well, being a vegan you might have to put more thought into what you are eating, bc it is extremely easy to just have some meat and add a bit of vegetables fruits and dairy. But, i’m pretty sure if you eat well as a vegan, the only vitamin you’ll be lacking is b12, which is quite important for humen, but taking one supplement isn’t so bad imo. I personally like milk products and fish, but all in all i’m not too much of a carnivore, so, whatever is the healthiest, to me it’s more about finding a good lifestyle for you.

    • mia

      Actually, you miss out on animal sterols which are important in hormone balance and protein potentiation (allowing protein to be properly used). This is important in hair growth, muscle regeneration, nutrient regulation, and many other things. I’m a personal trainer that has specialized in nutrition.
      However, with proper supplementation (which can be difficult sinc MOST vitamins contain iodine from shellfish or gelatin or various other animal byproducts just to hold the pill together). I’ve successfully trained vegan clients and planned a healthy diet for them.
      I was a vegetarian for 5 years but had to give it up when I began training because I was working out enough that I couldn’t possibly get the nutrition I needed from a vegetarian diet anymore and was getting too thin and unhealthy. As long as you plan accordingly, you can be healthy and vegan/vegetarian.
      This biggest problem is majority of the people who do become vegan are doing it solely as a misguided attempt to save animals without considering nutrition. I’ve seen many of my vegan/veg friends gain considerable weight because they eat very little protein, eat too much soy (which increases the body’s estrogen levels causing it to hang on to fat and making it difficult to use protein in muscle repair), and carbs instead of healthy veggies (and far too much Pabst Blue Ribbon).
      So it’s just a matter of doing the diet in a healthy matter and supplementing where necessary.

  • pinacolada

    i agree i just done eat meat because i hate the taste of it and my nutrition suffers. i have to force myself to do it its gross but i gotta do it for my health, the vitamins and supplements and tofu and chicken arent cutting it

    • snoops

      chicken is meat…..maybe you have an absorption problem, it surprises me to hear people say their health suffers simply from not eating red meat.

      • Chrissy

        @snoops, I noticed in college that I got really tired/irritable the less red meat I ate. I wouldn’t even get it once per week, because A) I was dieting and B) it was expensive and rarely served in the dining hall unless I wanted a hamburger. I found that if I made sure to get it once per week, i wasn’t run-down by Friday. I also noticed that I could drastically change my energy levels during my period by whether or not I ate red meat. I didn’t get it (red meat) for a while and I was physically ill during my period, something that previously never happened.

        But I did some looking cuz your statement got me thinking. Chicken has about 1/3 of the iron of beef, though it has twice the protein. Beef has 5 times the iron of raw spinach, I think the anemics (I’m borderline, usually depending on my red meat consumption) feel better faster, it’s got a pop. I’m tired and hungry, I eat a burger, I feel almost instantly better, not the hours that it takes for other foods to hit my system.

        Sorry this just kept getting longer :-/

        • snoops

          hey, just thought I’d mention that thing about this absorption because when I was anemic, I was eating meat and even taking iron but still was losing weight and my iron levels not going up, my doctor had me tested for an absorption disease because apparantly they are really underdiagnosed and most people dont even realise they have it. Scary :S. Thankfully I got the all-clear and it was just a rough patch in my health (had a lot of stresses with school etc at the time also which I think contributed)

        • Jenny

          That’s interesting! I never knew that the difference in iron content was so drastic.

  • Monique

    There is absolutely no reason you cannot be healthy on a vegan or vegetarian diet
    I am a vegan and in doing so I have educated myself in foods that will supply me with the nutrients that I used to get eating animals and animal by-products.
    With my vegan lifestyle, I am healthier, thinner, more tonned, healthy clear skin, and more energetic
    We are all different, and that is my experience with veganism 🙂

    • adrianna

      That’s good for you, but maybe it just wasn’t right for her body.

  • nobody

    wish I could be that thin! she lookes amaaaaazing

  • veganbean

    i have been a vegan for 5 years, a vegetarian one year more. and i am in the best shape of my life. my training abilities sky-rocketed, and my running career has improved exponentially since 2005 (think: running 9 min miles, struggling the whole way… to running 7 min miles easily, completing 4 10-milers, 2 1/2 marathons, 1 full marathon in the last couple of years). do i attribute that to being vegan? not necessarily. it could be a freak coincidence… and according to most of the logical arguments most people presented here, it must be. my hair should be falling out and i should be passing out from lack of iron or b 12 or something. but i’m not. my doctor says i’m healthy… i’ve seen my blood work-ups… my iron level is in the normal range for a competitive runner, my b 12 is fine, my hormone levels are normal. does that mean this lifestyle wouldn’t hurt someone else? of course not. just because it works for me, doesn’t mean it should work for angelina jolie. and my guess is, she probably did it the stupid way: “oh sweet, these pretzels are vegan. that’s what i’m having for dinner!” (i.e. how my roommate GAINED 30 lbs after going vegan). with that said, the omnivorous lifestyle is ALSO not for everyone… nor is eating dairy… nor is eating gluten. so everyone just chill their s*** out here… eat whatever the crap you want, and stop trying to preach to everyone else about what they should/should not be eating for whatever reason (isn’t that what most people dislike about militant vegans anyway? that they’re so preachy about food and what you should be eating and why you’re a horrible person for eating meat? so what’s the difference here, if you’re arguing the other side? hmmm). unless you are an r.d. or nutritionist who actually knows someone personally, you can’t really make a valid argument one way or the other. k, thanks.

    • Julia

      You are awesome.

    • +1

      • sara

        + 23

    • snoopsing

      lol the funny thing is i have met more “militant” meat-eaters than I have “militant” veggies/vegans. I strongly dislike when people push their beliefs on that matter on to others “oooh u shouldnt be eating food with a face! murderer” or “oooh u gonna die and ur hairs and teefs fall out coz vegetarains are unhealthy and the animal is gonna get killed anyone so whats the point not eating it?” ….ugh. why cant people just accept that people are either going to eat meat, or not, and nothing anyone else says will change it.

      Very good comment from you.

    • Chillwaves

      I really liked your comment. Like I said I want to be a vegetarian so bad. Mostly because of my buddhist philosophy. But It just personally did not work too well for me. Maybe I should plan it out more or consult with a nutritionist preferably. Just dont have the time right now, but it is good to get other views on the matter. Thanks.

  • Julia

    This comment by Jolie is upsetting. I have been vegan for almost three years and am in the best shape of my life. I have run a marathon, several half marathons and I am training for another marathon. To say a vegan diet almost killed her is ridiculous. Her diet almost killed her perhaps, but that has nothing to do with it being a vegan diet or not. Also in response to needing supplements on a vegan diet-that is a lie. I take a multi and that is it (which many meant eaters do as well). To people like Casey, etc. do your research before you knock a lifestyle you do not understand.

    • adrianna

      Why can’t people understand that everyone’s bodies are DIFFERENT??!! Some require things others do not.

      It’s awesome you’re healthy and happy and only need a multi, but not everyone is like you. Maybe she is inclined to get anemia. You don’t know.

      Everyone is different and every body needs different things.

      • French Cha

        i agree with u ! i’m pretty “shocked” that anyone talks about her lifestyle first of all !! because “Angie” talks about food and that’s it !!! what about drugs??? even if she’s not on drugs anymore (not sure…), she travels a lot and maybe she’s more tired or something like that… so, it’s not just about food (to me).

    • anonymous

      I have been reading the entire comment threads. is Casey normally a problem or something so people want to rip on her? Because it looks to me like her comments have been mischaracterized, and she has been attacked for things she didn’t say. She doesn’t seem to have knocked any lifestyle at all. She did get pretty flip with Snoops when she thought Snoops was being rude to her but her comments on nutritional absorption, the need for well balanced diet, the likely biological basis of omnivorism in humans, and the nobility
      (as she put it) of abstaining from meat/eggs/honey for animal rights reasons all seemd pretty non-confrontional (and pretty similar to Snoops). So what’s the deal?

      Also I think everyone should give themselves a pat on the back. I never thought I’d see a Jolie posting that didn’t lead back to “the triangle” and it happened! Apparently nutrition is more fascinating that gossip! Yeah!

      • Casey


        I’ve kind of stopped reading the comments on this thread (via email subscription). It was mere chance that I was clicking next and happened upon your’s and saw my name, but I’m glad I did.

        I’m thankful that you actually took the time to read my (and other’s) comments before responding.

        I wish that other people had done the same so that there could have been a nice discussion of veganism, rather than pointless banter back and forth. But I guess because it is a philosophy, people can be very touchy on the subject.

        That is all I wanted to say. 🙂

  • rebecca judes

    THAT IS BULLSHIT!!!!! I am a Vegan and have been for 4 years and i look nothing like that.

    • Amanda

      That’s you! Just because you don’t look like that then good for you! Why be offended? She’s talking about how it effected her. If you aren’t feeling what she is saying, because you are not experience what she experienced then what she is saying is not for you.

  • I think that not a particular diet almost killed her; malnutrition did. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous, the main rule for everyone is to eat enough food. Of course, it should be balanced. But nowadays it would be quite hard to find a person who eats perfectly right according to the nutritional pyramid. So, IMO it’s really important to eat enough food on a daily basis, not to starve yourself and at least to try to eat as healthier as you can. I also think that diversity in food choices is also highly needed. It’s fine if one decides to be a vegan or vegetarian for their own reasons as long as they are healthy and feel good.
    So my point is-listen to your body and don’t follow any trends. Just eat whatever your body truly demands.

    • jenP

      I’m guessing when she was vegan she really didn’t eat enough food. In order to get all the nutrients vegans need to eat more often and eat high quality foods. She still looks like she doesn’t eat much to me.

  • RAchel

    Bs, being vegan never killed anyone, I’m not a vegan but a few of my friends are and they are the healthiest people i know. If you do it the right way and no pills aren’t a supplement for food, but everything a vegan misses in a certain food can be replaced by other foods. If you done the vegan thing and you ‘lost hair’ or something else you obviously did it wrong.

    You’d think that someone with her amount of money would know how to stick to a certain ‘diet’ style. Guess that proves it, money can buy beauty and get you out of jail but it can never ever buy brains 🙂

  • *as healthy as you can*

  • Sidney

    Just got to thinking, her quote aside, i wouldn’t really want beauty secrets from her. I happen to think that even in her gaunty skinny days she still looks absolutely beautiful, but it’s her natural beauty, her facial features and physique. I don’t think she looks that fresh. Some people just look glowing and ooze that healthy vibe even if with a closer look they are not that exceptional looking. With Angie it’s pretty much the opposite for me.

  • heather

    this whole thread is about veganism…wtf?! i think she’s full of **** she just needs to eat SOMETHING period. she is way overrated (just like all celebrities), who cares? aaaaacccckkkk, hate her

  • heather

    …..AND, the nose job just makes her fat a**hole mouth look even bigger and grosser

    • jenP

      lol, your comment made me laugh.

  • Natasha

    Quick unrelated comment…I’ve just started my gym class in college today and had my measurements taken they are 31-34-37 what body shape am I? BTW I’m 5’11…Any input would be greatly appreciated…

    • jenP

      I’m no expert but it sounds like you have a “bell” body shape.

    • bobo


      • Natasha

        I don’t feed into the negativity so good day 😛

      • Kimberly

        Really, was that necessary???

    • wow your waist is bigger than your bust? I can’t imagine what that would look like :S

      • snoopsing

        I actually think she may have measured in the wrong places. 31 inches around the ribs and 34 inches waist doesnt add up. Its not always clear where exactly to measure.

        • Natasha

          you may be right this was my first time doing it I’m gonna measure it again…

  • She is still one of the most gorgeous women i’ve ever seen. She is a little thin for my taste, but who am i to judge….as long as she’s happy, then who cares how thin or big she gets. As far as this whole vegan vs meat eater debate…..who gives a ***t. Everyone’s body is different and knows what works and doesn’t work for them. Life is too short, people need to lighten up and be happy. I love my steak and dairy, and don’t care if anyone likes it or not.

  • Lisa

    I think not having organic yogurt or kefir every day would drive me to insanity. Being a plain old vegetarian suits me just fine.

    • sara

      ahah i smiled to your comment because that’s what i thought XD (kefir ftw)

      • Lisa

        Sooo good. I could eat the whole container, lol. Yum!

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  • Ana

    I don’t get the Angelina hype anymore, esp when she is this skinny, her body looks horrible and being this skinny doesn’t do much good for her face.
    If any other celebrity was this skinny they would get alot of bad feedback.

  • Balthazar

    yeah. none of that was boring at all! and to say “you don’t like my comments don’t read them” is the most passive aggressive comment ever. certainly have some preachers on this site. and LOOOOONG comments! seriously, where do people find the time??

    • Chrissy

      we’re at work 😛

  • k

    ok…so being vegan nearly killed her. Why does she still look like she’s at death’s door?

    • bbkdsgnr

      Couldn’t agree with you more.. She looks almost dead to me.
      I have nothing to say about her being vegan or not, but in my opinion she looks nowhere near healthy.
      (bodywise, her face is still beautiful)

  • Lana

    I’m vegan and i NEVER have to take supplements and i am perfectly healthy, she must have been a lazy vegan.

  • Jemima

    It’s totally the truth, but only if you don’t take all the proper supplements along with the diet.

  • Jes

    I agree with others that said Angelina’s problem wasn’t an unhealthy vegan diet but an unhealthy diet in general. I also think the protein obsession is overrated.

  • The biggest takeaway from this thread is to do what works for your body. And remember that you don’t have to commit – why not try a vegan meal or two per week, or participate in Meatless Monday? You don’t have to eat nothing but tofu and wheatgrass to make a difference in your health and the health of the environment (think about how much greenhouse gas is emitted by the meat processing industry).

  • Every time I see a picture of her, I feel like shoving a burger down her throat.

    • Lisa

      That would enrage her. haha

  • Erica

    I don’t think her diet looks like it’s working for her now – red meat or not! She looks decidedly undernourished.
    I am a vegetarian and I don’t think I would feel healthy with no eggs or dairy – but any diet can be unhealthy if you don’t eat a wide range of food.
    I have heard several people say that they have tried vegetarianism or veganism and found they feel healthier than ever – but others need their meat and quickly feel ill without it. I myself can’t stand meat and even eating a lot of high protein foods like eggs or tofu makes me feel sick – so it’s quite individual. If she feels healthier eating meat then that’s how it is for her – but I don’t think the vegan diet is bad for everyone. Unfortunately when she says things like ‘the vegan diet almost killed me’ there will be plenty of people who use it to justify their dislike of vegetarians/vegans.

  • Sarah

    Oh gosh, seriously a vegan diet is easy to maintain if you do it correctly. I am a nutritionist as well as a long time vegan. I can garuntee you that most vegans are getting more nutrients thana most omnivores. Firstly most people should take a multivitamin, regaurdless of diet. Look around nature, if we were “naturally” meant to be drinking mile wouldnt we still be hanging off our mothers breasts?, what other animals drink milk for their entire life? not to mention the excess hormones pumped into the meat and milk today.

    With nuts, legumes, soy products and green vegetables as well as wholegrains a vegan diet can be maintained, for women , taking an iron supplement during menstration is the only real vitamin necessary.

    So to all you non vegans out there saying its not “natural” how about you look at what natural means, humans have blunt teeth, not developed for tearing meat like all carnivore animals have, but blunt grinding teath that are meant for plants. So If you were to really look at the human body as an animal as a scientist you would agree that it was designed to be a herbivore. Not to mention the high saturated fats that our bodies cannot properly digest that are slowly killing us (ironic isnt it)

    I do not judge you for being omnivores so dont attack vegans and their personal decisions. Any one who partakes in a diet that isntdone with correct research and nutritional knowledge will “nearly die” regaurdless of that being vegan, cabbage soup diet or consisting only on a diet of macdonalds.

    remember a vegan diet could consist of hot chips and soft drink just as much as wholegrains and vegetables.

    Know the facts before you attack

    • snoops

      Well said Sarah – so many on this site seem to fancy themselves as doctors/nutrionists so I’m curious to see if they will either back away from your post (since you ARE a nutritionist so they can’t trump you) or if they will claim to know more than you, a practicing nutirionist.

      Also your point about the blunt teeth – I brought this up before (look at all other animals in nature who eat meat, they have sharp pointed teeth made to tear through flesh) but none of the “experts” have gotten back to me on this. Would like to challenge those who claim biology says we are made to eat meat to go out and see how they manage if they try to tear the flesh off an animal with their blunt teeth, or maybe just pick up some quarter pounders from the supermarket and eat them raw. See how healthy they might feel afterwards. Haha. I mentioned before also about my friends father was was a coroner who said red meat doesnt get broken down properly in the body.

      • Chrissy

        Anthropology major, though not an expert: we have both kinds of teeth, tearing and grinding, like other omnivores. the teeth (molars in particular)are blunted over years of grinding, with use. “Canine” teeth will wear down as well, with a lack of tearing.

      • Kimberly

        I find your comment particularly antagonistic and I wasn’t going to weigh in on the subject because I’m not sure this is the forum for it but rest assured, some of us are well educated on this subject.

        Maybe you should just let it rest?

      • anonymous

        You are both correct and incorrect. The human body is obvioulsy designed to eat and absorb plant matter, but it is also obvioulsy desingned to eat and absorb animal matter as well. Humans are not biologically designed to be herbivores. We are biologically designed to be omnivores. (And probably designed not to consume milk after toddler-hood. The dairy industry has done a great job of marketing milk.)

        Snoops’ comments about a hearsay statement from someone’s coroner father is one of the least persuasive things written on this site. I suppose since my friend who owns a Roto-Rooter tells me about how corn kernels are not completely digested that is proof that grains are bad for you? Silliness masquerading as logicial argument and done with such a bad, combative energy.

        • Kimberly


    • Amanda

      “I do not judge you for being omnivores so dont attack vegans and their personal decisions.”

      How does that make any sense. So you! Don’t judge omnivores, but what does that have to with so don’t attack vegans? You! Are an individual who is not judging another individual, but that does not go for other people. Just like you are attacked by other individuals for your choices so is the other person. That person as yourself is going to base their ideas based on the experiences from the encounters they have had from individuals.

  • madeleine

    im a vegetarian and have been since i was fourteen….i was going to be vegan but i thought it would be best if i waited until i was older so i’d completely finished growing.
    i love the vegetarian doctor is hindu and happens to be vegan and very helpful, but then again my friend is vegan and is extremely underweight and unhealthy….it all depends on your diet obviously.
    the only problem i have is when people become vegans just to lost weight….and not for philosophical/moral reasons… just sounds so dumb when you ask the why their vegan and the answer is “ummm like i wanted to get skinnier”…..and that is an answer i got when i asked a dumb bimbo

    • Amanda

      But then again who are you to judge their reasons? And what is it any business of yours anyways? Sounds like you are trying to be the vegan thought police. Everyone has their own reasons many of which have nothing to do with you or why you think people should become vegan. I mean seriously judging someone, because they are chose a vegan diet to lose weight. So what? So we all have to have philosophical or moral reasoning. Humanity is not that black and white. There is something called: The Individual.

  • catc

    a vegan diet is not healthy or natural. bad for your body. i go with the paleo or eat-stop-eat diet.

    • Erica

      A vegan diet is as healthy or as unhealthy as you make it – just like any other diet. An eat-stop-eat diet is not natural either – it’s just a way of losing weight quickly. These are just fad diets that few will maintain for any length of time. Human beings are amazing creatures and very adaptable – but one thing we all seem to like and need is variety. That doesn’t mean that you should be an omnivore (I’m vegetarian and very happy with it), but whatever diet you choose to follow, you need to eat lots of different types of food and stay away from processed and highly refined foods. It’s really not very complicated. No one should need an extreme diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle – you just need to be logical about your food choices and get regular exercise.

  • gabrielle

    every time i see this woman’s face there’s only one word which crosses my mind: perfection!
    in what concerns a vegan diet, there’s a very simple explanation. in the evolution of the human kind, we developed as “omnivorous” creatures, logically, meaning that we have always had a diet based on both animal and plant aliments.
    this is written in our genetic code, so every time we try to change it without being forced by a certain anomaly, it’s natural that smth not quite ok will happen!

    • Erica

      I still think it’s down to the individual. Some people seem to do great on a vegan diet while others need their meat and dairy. I don’t think there is a general ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when it comes to diet – it’s really just down to how your individual body deals with the fuel it’s given.

  • A POORLY PLANNED vegan diet will almost kill someone. Not a well balanced one. Also, people wave the veganism/vegeterism to hide eating disorders all the time! Im a veg head & was a preggo vegan who gave birth to a HUGE & healthy baby. So….there!

  • Godiva

    A vegan diet isn’t natural because there are no reported cases of any group of people being able to sustain the lifestyle. There are groups of people who were able to survive on a diet of close to 90% meat and there are, of course, cases of vegetarian societies. However, there are no reported cases of veganism. It is a new phenomena because it is only able to survive once you supplement your diet.

    I do think that it works wonderfully for some, but like many people said it does NOT work for everyone. Some people are allergic to soy and glutton and this type of diet is not ideal.

    Also, there needs to be a difference between lean, non-hormone, non-antibiotic meats and the crappy meats that are available today. I think that is why Europeans, in general, are healthier than most Americans is because their quality of food, overall, is better.

  • Lauren

    What on earth do vegans eat? Just lettuce leaves and beans?

    • Celine

      Yes. Add sand and you got yourself a meal. removed by admin*

  • size0??

    Funny hw she carrys any extra weight in her stomach area. I bet she wouldn’t look good in a bikini at all. Her face and complexion are very beautiful.

    • Lisa

      lol, rude. As if she could afford to lose any more weight.

  • so interesting how we only hear about this NOW!

  • I’ve found vegan diets harm more then they help and are very very outdated as far as nutrition data and research goes. Meat, Vegetables, some fruit and nuts, Healthy Fats is the basis of what a diet should look like. On the ethical side of things Agriculture for vegan diets does more damage to the environment then grass fed cattle does. Though I have to say Grains and Dairy is the biggest lie that the health organizations ever spouted. Thankfully Angelina has said it out loud, and I’m with her – my Vegan diet (yes with proper nutrition and vitmains) destroyed my body – 5 years later and its only just really recovered from it.

    • Chrissy

      I’m curious about what you said about Graind and Dairy…. can you elaborate? I don’t think i have enough to go on to even google it.

  • Aryn

    Quote aside, is anybody going to say anything about those god awefull bangs?

  • …..

    way to go angelina. now a whole bunch of people think being vegan can kill you. awesome.

  • CK

    i think its the same old “everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another”
    i think everyone must make his/hers own decision about “to eat or not to eat meat”, it must be based on how this persons system works, feels, etc

  • zenjen

    yeah and we are the only animals that can read, write and talk. And yet is this natural? 😛

  • My housecat has sharper teeth than I do. Man is able to eat meat by a means of tools, not by nature.

  • zenjen

    And what’s your point? Monkeys use sticks to fetch out ants. It’s about how you use your enviornment and what you can make to provide yourself with sustenance. Obviously this comment seems out of place from my other but I think at the end of the day it is a matter of personal choice whether someone eats meat or has a vegan diet. We are all built in a special way so for some meat is great and for others they thrive without it.

    But as for ethical and moral reasons “milk” is a drink that some world populations have relied upon. In Europe it is a fact that local populations in Switzerland have a higher tolereance for lactose.

  • solaxi

    ugh she frustrates me the more i hear her talk. i used to think she was superwoman. so amazingly beautiful, smart, sexy and mysterious. now i find her annoying! but thats my fault for putting her on a pedestal

  • My point is, sure we can adapt the tools to catch meat, but we can’t all of a sudden grow the saliva needed. Or, the complex organ functions needed to digest meat & flush all of the toxins that are in it. Also, in nature animals eat other animals RAW in order to digest it.

    • Jenny

      Complex organ function needed to digest meat? To fully digest plants cows, along with all ruminants, have four stomachs. And they puke it up and chew it again because the cellulose doesn’t break down. Meat needs to be cooked to speed digestion, not because it is undigestible raw. However, I think it would be difficult to find fresh kill that hasn’t gone rancid when you live, in the center of Chicago. Besides, once again you have the problem of bacteria and parasites when you eat anything raw. I think half the misunderstanding in the world comes from knowing only a small scope of an issue, not questioning the value of your sources.

  • M.

    Simply put, there are lots of people, including myself, that are vegan and very healthy. So… a person CAN be vegan and healthy. No question. Now, is a vegan diet natural? Let’s be honest, probably not, but to be fair… Is eating hormone-injected, factory-farmed meat natural? Also, no. Do I have to take a B12 supplement? Yes, but I get more than my share of every other nutrient and vitamin by eating a diet full of beans, rice, greens, fruits, and vegetables. Once again to be fair, do most people in the Western world get all of the nutrients they need by eating a meat-centered meal with little fresh veggies or greens? No. I’m certainly not saying that eating meat is wrong or that eating meat is unhealthy, but the important thing is to eat balanced, and it IS possible to eat balanced and be vegan. It is very clear that people can be vegan and healthy because a lot of people are vegan and healthy. It requires thinking about your food and balancing your diet, but really, is that a bad thing? Most of us could probably spend a little more time focused on balancing our meals. Also, regarding B12, there are lots of foods not known to the western world like Tempeh, seaweed, and certain nuts that have been used as meat substitutes in other cultures for hundreds of years. India, the second most populous country in the world, is nearly half vegetarian due to religious and cultural reasons. If we say without meat you can’t be healthy, we are completely disregarding other cultures that have thrived on vegetarian diets for centuries. Apparently, Jolie did not balance her diet properly, or maybe, her vegan days coincided with her Billy Bob, alcohol, and drug era. Or her depression not eating enough to keep her weight up days. Who is to say what led to poor health… Also, if she is eating meat now; she looked much healthier in the past… so?… Regardless, one movie star’s statement about her personal experience does not devalue the huge number of healthy vegans in the United States working against factory farming and trying to balance out the rest of the country’s meat-centric mentality.

  • Kitty

    Why do any vegans take B12 supplements? All fortified soymilks have plenty of this, as well as many other vegan milks such as rice and almond milk.

    By the way, I have been a vegan for many years and have never been happier (I eased into it by being a vegetarian 2 yrs prior to becoming vegan). I can eat way more and not feel guilty about it, and my body is literally more relaxed without all of the meat hormones inside it. I hate how meat-eaters buy into all of the propaganda that those hormones is good for you. I also am very annoyed at the lack of respect. If you’re an omnivore, respect people who are saving the lives of 1,800 animals a year. Don’t insult them. We know what we’re doing. Angelina Jolie obviously did not. No vitamin supplements are necessary on a vegan diet if you eat fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, fortified milks, whole grains, etc etc etc the list goes on forever for vegan options.

    Please read Alicia Silverstone’s vegan cookbook. It will make you think twice about the whole “animal products are for your health” misconception that the desperate meat & dairy industry spend millions on to try and convince us.

    And lastly, there are TONS of doctors out there that believe that being vegan is the healthiest thing for your body. So read both sides of the arguement before picking your bias.

  • Kids develop up so quick!

  • slimsousa

    You guys spend way to much time bitching at each other. I can’t believe I wasted ten minutes of my time reading your bitchfest.. **** what you want and call it a damn day already… Beginer vegan here. Oh wait, I lost a clump of hair… now I must eat some meat to grow it back… Get a grip people. Take care of each other and the planet however you can and let’s all just chill out and enjoy life !!!

  • Rebekkah Golden

    I’m 100% with SHELL! (scroll up to see her comment)
    If all you vegans are “eating the diet mankind was MADE for” and are “so NATURAL”, then what did your ancestors do before Big Pharma and the local convenience store came out with these pukey “marmite” concoctions? That stuff is not NATURAL, hello!!! You’re a bunch of morons. Fruit and veg are good for us, but unless you put some meat and dairy in your body, your HAIR will FALL OUT and your muscles will atrophy and you will have dental problems like you wouldn’t believe. Spare yourself the grief and don’t go all the way vegan. Angelina Jolie looks horrible. She looks like a dried up old woman! She needs some color in her cheeks and a SMILE on her face!!! She seems like a very gloomy, depressed person. Go have a Big Mac, Angelina! SERIOUSLY.

  • Rebekkah Golden

    Oh, and Kitty? You talk about “fortified milk” — exactly how is it “fortified”? Ahahaha, Big Pharma again! What did your poor ancestors ever do before processed foods and supermarkets to get this “natural” vegan “forified” milk? That is so funny. Do you think they just did without calcium because of PETA? Nnnno, they survived by having animal products! Weak, pale, mangey looking vegans make me sick. And if you vegans don’t yet look mangey, you WILL!, because your hair will not get enough nutrients eating rabbit food and no matter how many animals you don’t eat, it WILL fall out! Pass the lettuce! ROTFL. Also, you vegans have selective “kindness”. You won’t kill an animal but you murder plants constantly, and you are WASTEFUL! You use 20 carrots for a glass of juice! Hypocrites!

  • Rebekkah Golden

    Snoops, you and Sarah are idiots. Sarah the nutritionist, and she can’t even spell? Oh, I am falling over laughing at you both! “our teeth are blunt.” Rotfl! Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Go purchase some of that ‘natural’ “fortified” “vegan milk” with Kitty and some of the other mentally challenged vegan dumba**es. Oh, and don’t worry about your blunt teeth either, because they will fall out very soon I am sure! LMAO

  • Jenny

    I have tried both the Vegan and Vegetarian diets several times through the course of the past 20 years and each time I do, I always end up deficient in nutrients, tired and my hair falls out!! I have done this on two occasions under the guidance of a nutritionist and also through the Dean Ornish program through my local hospital.. it was supervised by a nutritionist and a doctor. I have read a gambit of books on the subject just to educate myself, joined a vegan forum and local Vegetarian support group to talk with lifelong practicing vegans/vegetarians and worked to maintain a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet… I even took the supplements suggested, but the end result was always the same… feeling fatigued, hair falling out and my blood sugars soared! I felt sick, tired and my husband said I was cranky! Each time, when I went back to eating protein sources from animal products, I would start to feel better. I’m not writing these things to challenge anyone here because I have friends who have been hard core vegans/vegetarians for years and have never had one issue or problem like I had. To tell the truth, I would prefer to be a vegan, but my body for some reason, just won’t take it. It has baffled me, but a visit with a recent nutritionist suggested that some people are metabolically not suited to this kind of diet. It appears that I’m one of them. What I do instead now, is try to eat organic as much as possible and I have “meat free” days one or two meals a week (We do Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Mondays!)

    Please don’t post all sorts of comments about how I wasn’t doing the diet right because I did my homework and was a very educated Vegan/Vegetarian (I tried both). I probably have more educational books on the subject than most Vegetarians do. I did the whole thing.. ate Tofu, Beans, Lentils, Brown rice, Nuts, Almond and Rice Milks, fortified cereals and products, ate plenty of fruits and a huge variety of veggies etc.. etc… but still no good.

    It’s been frustrating, but I finally decided that I’m just not one of those lucky people who can survive well on a total plant based diet. I don’t use that as an excuse to not eat healthy, but for me it has to include some sources of animal proteins. I feel much better eating that way and the results have been good. I guess you could say that I’m a Flexatarian more than anything.

    In looking over these posts, it seems there is quite a debate. I think it just comes down to preference and what makes each person feel healthy. We all have different genetic makeups and what is good for one is not good for another.

    I will say that one issue I keep hearing over and over is that cows milk is only for baby cows. That it’s not natural for us to drink it. If you ever lived on a dairy farm and had to milk a cow… watch what happens if any milk is spilled on the ground.. the kitties and dogs come running to lap it up! If it’s not natural, then why do other animals drink it? It must be there is some sort of instinctive nutritional benefit for them. I do find that dairy milk is easier for me to digest vs soy milk, which seemed to upset my stomach. I do like Almond or Rice milk though.. never had a problem with that.

    Curious to know if anyone out there has had any similar experiences and how you resolved it.

    Thanks!.. and let’s keep this tread respectable. No need to fight for position… fighting only causes the message to get lost in translation, bu reasonable discussion is better taken. 🙂

  • char

    I became a vegetarian almost a year ago . I have been programming my diet into the fitday program for the last 2 weeks, since I have cut way back on flour and sugar (I only eat those on the weekend) According to fitday, my weekday meals are almost perfect in regards to getting the proper nutrients. The only thing I can not seem to get enough of is potassium. One of my concerns about the vegan diet is the same as others mentioned. It doesn’t seem like a perfect diet if you need supplements. I ate fairly healthy as a meat eater and as vegetarian before I cut back on the sugar and flour. Now I am eating extremely healthy and feel great. I eat nuts , beans, soy products and whole sprouted grain for protein and get enough ( recommended amounts are between 10-15 percent of your day’s calories). I have not needed supplements as a meat eater or a vegetarian. I have tried programming in a day’s worth of vegan meals into fitday and it does not come up with all the day’s vitamins and minerals. For myself, a well planned vegetarian diet keeps me healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe it is the middle road between meat eater and vegan. If people would plan any of the three choices properly I am sure they would all be healthier. Perhaps one of the big advantages of being a vegan is the lack of refined sugar in their diet. I am sure we would all benefit from that. To each his own and happy, healthy eating!

  • Captain Obvious

    Dear Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores, etc:

    Eat what works best for your body, in conjunction with your lifestyle and beliefs. I’m confident that McDonald’s will never prove to be beneficial to anyone’s health (fast food generalization), nor that it is a contender in starting religious beliefs organizations. Thus, I dare suggest that ALL people can maintain a normal, healthy baseline from abstaining from unnatural, over-processed foods we have come to know, love, and call sustenance. Go to the grocery/farmer’s market/produce stand/your backyard garden and buy uncooked, unprocessed, all-natural PLANTS, MEATS, WHILE GRAINS, LEGUMES, NUTS (respectively). It isn’t that difficult to understand, nor to put into practice. To each, their own.

    I would rather put my tax dollars toward a nutritionist/personal trainer combination visit to a morbidly obese person 3 times per week than to send them a disability check through Social Security or have my state provide them with a motor scooter. Complacency, laziness, greed, selfishness, and ignorance is what has created our problems as a species, healthwise. We each need to do our part to fix it.

    I respect each of you for holding true to your beliefs. Thank you all for sharing a bit of yourselves with everyone. I am sure that, collectively and together, we can repair our sick brethren.

  • Captain Obvious

    **Please pardon my typos above.
    Thank you.

  • Jan

    I choose to be a vegetarian because I don’t like full cream dairy, butter makes me gag, I don’t like meat either and I am nearly 65 years of age and have survived for 4 decades on only eating minimum amount of chicken and fish and lots of fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes. Vegan’s look even better and keep their cheekbone definition all their life and I have too because meat is no good for your skin and causes premature aging.

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