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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is Vogue’s December covergirl – and she brings by a few interesting quotes:

On wearing black: “As Brad’ll tell you-and my kids-apparently Mommy only wears black,” she says. Because she was a Goth, right? No, she says, it’s utilitarian, it’s practical: “I like to get up so every pair of pants goes with every top, every dress goes with every shoe. I’ve a very tiny closet. Brad’s always laughing at me. Some days, yes, I have the nightgown that looks like a dress that I can sleep in and pick the kids up at school. And maybe take a meeting if I switch into heels.”

Jolie on her complicated life:
“I was feeding the babies”-Vivienne and Knox-“while I was reading the script [of Salt],” she remembers, “and I was feeling very round and lovely and Mom-y, and I’d been living in a nightgown for a very, very long time.” Part of the reason she did it was to get back in shape (“practicing the stunts is where you get your strength back”).

On playing strong female characters, specifically in Salt:
“I felt it was a weird thing that every time you ask for a strong female role, it’s written in this strange way where it uses sexuality far too much. Or it’s all about being a woman and beating a man. So it wasn’t a surprise to me that the only way to do a strong female role properly was to not have originally written for a woman.”

… says Angelina.

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  • Elle

    I usually like “skinny” (on certain people) but she looks much better with a little more meat on her bones.

    • monkey

      Agreed, and I think she looked painfully skinny in Salt, I think she gained weight since then.

  • Princess

    She only looks good on the cover of the magazine,i don`t like the photots.
    This woman is so strange in the way she talks

    • boo

      SO WHAT?

    • emily

      You are so jealous to her becuase she beautiful but you ugly

      • neutra

        How old are you exactly Emily?

        • Melissa

          …and what nationality are you? From your poor grasp of the English language I’d say it wasn’t your first (or second) language.

      • snoops

        emily you sound like a silly 11 year old – regardless of age – dont call people ugly just for having a different opinion that you – doesnt your mommy teach you anything?

  • She’s very pretty but there’s just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. She looks like someone with a lot of skeletons in their closet.

    • missy

      I’m totally biased toward Angelina but…

      I love this photo shoot. Real movie star quality- no grunge- high fasion-ness. We don’t have movie STARS anymore.. she’s one of the greats.

      Also love the hint of mystery. She talks about her life but doesn’t tell it all. Again MOVIE STAR QUALITY! We don’t know what she eats (or doesn’t) or what soap she uses. We just know she’s the resident beautiful femme fatale. Its Old Hollywood, and I love her for it.

      Oh and she’s GORGEOUS. She’s the one woman I think would make me faint like a teenage boy if I met her, lol.

      • Zaza

        I completely agree with you!

        • Paulina

          i agree 100% too

    • OMEGA


  • Those black and white photos are magnificent!

  • Lovely stare on the cover! Very pretty.
    I’m not feeling the third pic, though. Ô_o
    She’s lucky to have a complexion that goes well with black, but I would find it so boring not being able to combine different colours when dressing.
    Some people just don’t see the fun in it and are more practical, but what can I say? Angelina would look beautiful in old pajamas.

    • Melissa

      I think the third pic is quite photoshopped, her waist and hips are very slim and dont have such an exaggerated ‘hourglass’ look as the 4th pic

  • Shelly

    Masonic floor,checked.
    She is so cliche with the “strong woman” thing.Go and raise your kids,nobody cares anymore.

    • Nicole

      Have you noticed all her answers sound like pageant answers – perfect, rehearsed, and probably completely disingenuous

      • ginger

        Have you ever noticed that EVERY interview for EVERY TVshow or mag’s rehearsed and perfect??

        So, no news here!!

        BTW.. she looks beautiful.. I really really admire her for everything she’s achieved in her professional and personal life, as well as a social role model (due to everything she does to help other people..)

        she does ROCK

        • Nicole

          dude, no duh, im not an idiot…but i mean, in comparison to old angelina…yeah, she was nutty and raw (i get it, she has kids, etc etc, cant be clearly ridic), but that is what made her endearing…now its just bleeeeeeh

          • Tim

            Move on jealous bitch

          • ginger

            Well, Nicole, I get what you’re saying, but I still think she looks way more beautiful and self centered now than she used to, and I actually like that.. I don’t find her “bleh”.. I admire her because she’s been through every stage of her life and hasn’t cared about anything anyone would think and know she’s in this new phase and I’d say it suits her perfectly…

            BTW, no need to insult Tim.. this is just dialogue =S

            anyone should be allowed to express what they think.. even if you don’t agree with it…

          • Tim what the hell??

          • Nicole

            Thank you – see, i used to love angelina, she was by far my favorite actress and i’ve seen every movie she has been in. i loved her more when she got even more complex (in comparison to how she was) with the adoption of pax and getting involved with humanitarian relief efforts…but then it was (to me) like she went overboard – trying too hard?

            plus the fact that she got sooo skinny (which could be grief of the loss of her mother etc) just made me feel she wasnt her anymore, but “hollywood her”

          • ginger

            Yeah.. i know.. there’s been a change there. But I don’t think she’s “trying too hard” at least when it comes to humanitarian efforts.. I mean she’s, along with Bono from U2, one of the celebs who have ACTUALLY cared about others.. in such way they would go and help with their own hands.. That’s something I really admire from people like them.. But yeah, there’s sth different.. when it comes to her public image on hollywood.. it’s too hollywood.. you’re right about that..

            and sth I don’t like’s that since she became this “bad girl” she only got “strong” rolls.. it became a cliché.. I mean, she’s so so talented… but now she’s been labeled as a bad girl and she can’t get the label off.. I don’t like that.. I looove movies like Gia..but she doesn’t play those characters anymore, she’s always killing bad dudes with her big guns.. cliché…

  • wonderwoman21

    I looooove that last photo with her in the corset!

  • Sidney

    All black every day would bring me down, but to each their own. I like her. She does have a bit of an obsession with strong women i feel, but what she’s saying about the way they’re portrayed in movies, i find to be at least somewhat accurate. Her movies are good imo, but she’s always very her. Then, loads of actors have their quasi-little niche and keep being type-casted to a degree even if they’re right on top of the food chain in Hollywood so i guess she’s not alone on that.

  • salma

    I love her, she is my favorite celebrity since I saw her for the first time, I love her on her wild years and I love her now.

  • Serafiina

    She is gorgeous. I love her profile.

    • caroline

      she really is 🙂

  • Helena

    I never liked her, don’t know why. Somehow I always associate her with being manipulative, controlling and cold. The image of “Saint Angie” creeps me out.

    • terry

      If you don’t like her. Please get out of here. Nobody welcome you jealous bitter .

      • padme

        What is with all the personal attacks against other commenters lately? Let’s just stick to the topic, which is discussing celebrities, not each other.

      • Anna

        Since when are the brangaloonies in this forum too? On every site they calling everyone who doesn’t see Angelina’s halo, bitter and jealous. It gets old. Just like Angie and her imagecontrol.

        • snoops

          agreed! about the brangeloonies thing I mean. I cant believe all the childish, strange, nasty comments being made here towards anyone who isn’t a fan of angelina! Terry – in addititon to the others who have made comments like yours – you sound childish, obsessive, and mentally unstable. Do you actually think angelina would even be impressed or pleased by anyone making such mean and ridiculous comments such as yours?

          I think angelina is beautiful and a wonderful actress – but the brangeloonies give me the creeps! I can imagine them sitting at home cutting pictures of angelina out of a magazine and building shrines in their bedrooms.

          • Nicole

            lmao! sooo true, i mean i guess its good for brangelina to have such a solid fan base though…even if it is fanatical

  • Diana

    She sure is really beautiful, though I don’t like her so skinny. The last pic is amazing! The best one

  • Marissa

    She reminds me of a fish, especially in the first pic. Honestly, I am sick of the whole “look at me, I’m Mother Theresa” bull crap she’s trying to do. This entire ‘good mother’ and ‘humanitarian work’ is only to cover up her mentally unstable head.

    • missy

      Not to go against your opinion but…
      I don’t think the hungary people care why she helps them. At the end of the day, the needy benefit and that’s what really important.

      • ladyb0sss

        wow. nicely said. never thought of that.

      • Sally

        She doesn’t really do that much. For someone who makes millions and millions and millions of dollars, the amount she gives to the needy is actually proportional to one of us giving a few hundred a year. So we all get big eyes at her without thinking about the math; the truth is, she keeps most of her millions and makes a big deal about the drop in the bucket she decides to give away.

        • Casey

          I disagree. I don’t know the exact figures, but just from the listed amounts of donations to charities and the listed amounts of money she made from the movies she did, she donates a lot more proportionally than the average person. You do realize that the average person barely donates anything, right? Some people are charitable and will donate what they can from their small incomes, but the majority of people will never donate anything in their lifetime. That’s not taking into consideration all of the charity work that she did herself at the actual site, and not to mention the adoptions.

          No one is going to give away every cent of their income, and it doesn’t make sense for us to expect anyone to. It doesn’t make sense anyone to actually do it. She does give a large portion of her income away, and that’s the stuff that’s listed on sites like TMZ. What about the stuff that doesn’t make it in the news?

          I’m not getting big eyes because, “She donates so much!” But I do get big eyes because she donates at all, even if its 5 cents. And I do get big eyes because she actually visits the places and people that her charities works with. It’s easy for us to mail in a check and pat ourselves on the back for being such good people. It’s a lot harder to actually be there, get our hands dirty, see the faces of suffering people.

          • Sally

            Well, lol, even if you disagree, i didn’t make it up out of some sort of anti-Ang sentiment. I read it in an article on celebrity donations in some paper. I don’t remember what paper it was ~shrug~ I honestly think that your “wow, she gets her hands dirty!” is exactly what her carefully crafted image control wants you to believe. It’s naive to think that she really does more than photo opps with the poor. When your congressman shakes hands with the homeless, do you seriously believe he’s pure and devoted? She’s a movie celebrity. I’m more impressed with people who really do, day in and day out, work to help their society; those truly hard working people don’t get their photos in the magazines.

        • padme

          If she’s not a politician why would she need to craft her image in this way? Is she going to get voted out of Hollywood if she isn’t a philanthropist? lol people get famous specifically for their greed and lavish lifestyles. She’s going against what the public loves to see. Nobody wants to think about starving children in war-torn countries.

          So what if she gets her picture taken everywhere she goes? She’s still helping these people. I wonder how much time and (percentage of) money you spend helping the homeless and the sick in your own community?

          • Sally

            Again, you’re really naive to think image only matters to politicians. Obviously, she wants a positive image because she needs a strong fan base to support her movies; Hollywood is a huge industry, obviously, and you buying the clothes she wears and advertises, the magazines she frontpages, the tabloids that write about her— it’s endless. it all comes down to money. Honestly, it’s very narrow-sited to think image control isn’t important for her. As for what I do for the poor, hahaha, you have no idea what I do, and I don’t intend to brag, so just don’t go around accusing other people because your Angelina worship blinds you from understanding reality.

          • Casey

            Sally, you can’t compare Hollywood to politics. The purpose of the latter is to vote in people qualified to make decisions to lead our nation and the world, so politicians desperately try to portray a wholesome, sensible and charitable personality.

            Do you honestly think Hollywood is the same? Perhaps, in some ways. But I think the “best” way to be most successful in Hollywood is actually to do the direct opposite of that. The most famous Hollywood celebrities are the most lascivious and most spendy. See Jersey Shore. See Kim Kardashian. See Lindsey Lohan. People follow Hollywood celebrities not to see how intelligent they are, or how kind they are. They follow them to gain a peek in the rockstar lifestyle, to how much they spend, etc. That’s the appeal of Hollywood, not wholesomeness.

            Honestly, if Angelina really wanted to be a successful actress, and make the most money she can make, she would do away with this charity nonsense and schedule tabloids and talk shows to talk about weight loss, follow it up with some nude editorial, and maybe release a sex tape. Then she will wear designer gowns costing over hundreds of thousands of dollars on the red carpet, buy expensive houses, and party.

            Sure, I think part of her charity work is tied to the image that she wants to present. But honestly, that image is not the most efficient one in her line of work.

            Also, you stated earlier that she always has cameras on her when she does charitable work. Have you ever considered the possibility that she is using her fame to put spotlight on various people suffering around the world? “I’m famous, people pay attention to what I do, so I’m going to go to this third-world country and talk to these poor women while I’m being filmed, because people will watch me, and in turn watching me, people will watch these suffering people.” It’s not the most selfless act, but at least it’s taking a gift bestowed upon one’s self (fame) and using it to help others for at least a few minutes. Do the Lindsey Lohans of Hollywood do that, without it being a reality-show, I mean? No, they don’t. But yet in gossip and therefore fame, they are worth infinietly more than Angelina Jolie.

            The Natalie Portmans and Angelina Jolies of Hollywood are forgotten…no one really gives a damn that much. Not in comparison to Kim Kardshian. The only reason why Angelina Jolie gets so much attention is not because of her charitable work, but rather, because of the Jennifer Aniston scandal. Even today, her name is rarely brought up without Jennifer being mentioned.

            Btw, before you go on about how I’m “blind” like you did with padme, AJ is not even in my top 10 of celebrities. I just commend good work when I see it and when it is due, and I think people are quick to criticize others without taking a good look at themselves first. I will be the first to admit that even given the luxuries that AJ has, I would not be as charitable.

          • padme

            Thanks Casey, you put it better than I could.

            Honestly I think it’s pretty lame to criticize someone for doing charity work. Who cares if she’s famous? She’s helping a lot of people. Did she adopt 3 orphans just for publicity too?

            The most publicity she ever got was for having an affair. I bet she made a lot more money on Mr & Mrs Smith than on A Mighty Heart. Your logic just doesn’t make any sense. If she wants fans to spend money on her, there are far more profitable ways to mould her image.

            And I certainly do not worship her. I just see a person doing good deeds and think she deserves some respect for that.

  • Polly

    The most beautiful magazine cover I’ve seen in a while. I don’t like the gown shot. All the others are great.

  • Sophie

    I think this is the first interview I’ve ever read of hers that’s not trying to hard.

  • Kimberly

    The photos are lovely BUT she’s wearing outfits that make her look like an hourglass and we all know that she’s more of an apple.

    She has one of the most carefully crafted images that I have ever seen. It’s an image. It doesn’t represent who she really is.

    • ling

      she’s a “lollipop.”

      • Kimberly

        From the older photos taken of her during the filming of Gia, she gained all of her fat in her abdomen. I consider this an apple trait, not a lollipop. Lollipops are thin all over except for the boobs.

      • Anna

        Look at the other pictures of her on this site, she clearly has an apple shape. Since she’s skinny she has skeleton like arms, hands and legs, but still a wider waist and stores fat in her abdomen.

  • lizzy

    “So it wasn’t a surprise to me that the only way to do a strong female role properly was to not have originally written for a woman”

    i LOVE that, though it’s truth is grave. strong women please unite!!!

  • Maya

    Wow- They took 10-15 years off her face and posture! Almost as good of photoshop as her St John’s ads used to be.

    • kita

      Better than Jenifer Aniston injected a ton of botox and collagen. It’s fake young

      • Anna

        And why do you need to drag Jennifer Aniston in that discussion and not one of almost every other actress in Hollywood who had surgery??? Get over it.
        And btw: Don’t be so naive, Angelina is a Hollywood star- even if she hasn’t had major surgery done to her face, she’s still far away from “natural”. She had a tummy tuck and it’s widely considered she had a nose job, too. Oh wait, that’s a big surgery….

        • I actually find Jen to be a lot fresher and healthier looking than Ange anyway. Jen is also, what, 10 years older than Ange?

        • Nicole

          and did you see that photo floating around where there was this awkward ‘pull’ action on her jaw to her neck/ear (looked like there was a tendon there)…general consensus was someone was a bit too vigorous with the ‘lift’

  • Katy

    I really like her last comment. It’s very true. But then I wonder why she’d down so many of those over-sexed action roles in the past. I guess it’s just a job.

  • Laura

    This woman is always stunning, the pink long dress…wow

  • maria

    They managed to take her hands and arms out of the focus-that was necessary.Think she s still a beautiful woman but the death of her mother might have taken some longing for life of her.Replacing that with all the kids etc…

    Nevertheless,she uses lots of words without sying anything.As a pro should do it.
    Besides that fact am I not in the postition to watch a movie with her or Pitt without thinking that s jolie and that s pitt.

    Jared Leto said once that a good actor is one who you don t recognize on the screen.And I didn t recognize him playing Hephaistion through the whole movie Alexander the great.

    • artemis

      i didnt either 😀 he’s great

  • I just don’t find her attractive and her personality doesn’t appeal to me

    • loria

      Who care you like her or not. But she is a beautiful one

      • because this site is for opinions.. :S

      • neutra

        Dear Loria/Emily/Terry (I assume you’re all the same person because of the broken english and the ridiculously articulate and informed opinions & rebuttals)…

        Not everyone has to like the same thing as you. I too dislike Angelina. This doesn’t make me jealous or bitter as there are plenty of actresses that I find beautiful, but Angelina just isn’t one of them.

  • Do


  • Amelia

    She is looking a bit healthy which is wonderful, although I can’t help but think it’s due to a little smoothing over in photoshop.

  • mia

    I adore Angelina. She’s not perfect and she has a ton of skeletons in her closet, but I love that she doesn’t just sweep it under the rug. I love that she marches to the beat of her own drum and she doesn’t just go to poor countries as a photo op – she actually spends time there. Regardless of her motive, doing that is admirable.
    She’s also a phenomenal actress and a beautiful woman.

    • Okay Moving On!

      the only statement ve agreed with so far. well said!

  • pixie

    I have always been a fan of Angelina. She is a great actress and such a classic beauty. Gorgeous!!

  • Priscila

    She is so pretty. Skinnier or fatter, her beauty always shines. Awesome bone structure, amazing eyes and sexy lips.
    I’ll forever love her because she went to Pakistan, that was really nice and brave. Over 20 million people were affected by this tragedy and they are still suffering, she was one of only celebrities to talk about it.

  • Cherrypie

    She is the perfect woman, in every way.

  • Nessa

    Still beautiful after all this time. I also love the fact that she is somewhat curvy.

  • Erica

    She’s a beautiful woman and I find her personality quite intriguing – she’s a real individual, if you know what I mean. But I am really disappointed in her continued skinniness – why couldn’t she have kept just a little of the ‘lovely and round and Mom-y’? She has a really nice figure when she is heavier – when she is thin, her hips disappear and she looks very v-shaped.

    I guess I am disappointed because I always saw her as an independent spirit and didn’t think she would bow to the pressures of Hollywood – yet here she is. So many actresses have gone from healthy, yet slim, in their early years on camera, to being very thin and sinewy later on. I just find it really sad that the majority of them seem to follow that path. They’re like models – they end up with virtually the same measurements!

    • Casey

      I actually don’t think Angelina’s skinniness is due to Hollywood pressures. It just doesn’t feel like it to me. Her skinniness, if intentional, seems to be a personal thing. The reason why I say that is because usually when celebrities lose a lot of weight, they like to dress themselves up and go around baring all and talking about how much weight they’ve dropped and how they did it.

      The skinnier Angelina got, the more she covered herself up, the less she “dressed up” for events, and she never bragged about her weight loss.

      • Erica

        Yes, I think you might be right, I hadn’t thought about it that way! It’s still sad that she has got so skinny, no matter what the reason is.

  • maddie

    i don’t know why people criticise her for always taking strong woman roles or wanting to be a strong woman ….there is still so much to be done regarding the feminist movement….and its sad that women here cannot see that

    she is gorgeous and even though i don’t like all of her films i think the humanitarian work she’s done is great….i also don’t think its contrived i think she genuinely cares….she doesn’t only throw fancy benefits like rich people she visits countries and MEETs the people who she is helping.

    • Brite

      I am totally agree with you.

    • solaxi

      I def agree with you about the feminist movement thing…



  • Tammy

    Are you sure you are perfect? If not , stop criticizer anybody. God bless Angelina Jolie

  • Donna

    I love Angelina Jolie. She always is my beautiful star. Skinny is no matter. She look like a model. Women with 6 kids still keep the good shape. Do not expect her more. See, Jenifer Aniston pay alot of money for trainers , chefs to make her slim. diet, baby food, gym, slim food, yoga etc. but she still look fat.Jolie doesn’t needs those. GAIN WEIGHT IS EASY BUT LOOSE WEIGHT IS SO DIFFICULT

    • Kimberly

      I have a question for you. Why do people always bring up Jennifer Aniston in Angelina Jolie threads? That happened a long time ago. Let it go.

      • Serafiina

        Agreed. There is no need to bash Jennifer while admiring Angelina.

  • Thomas

    Wow! Beautiful face and sexy body. Skinny with curvy

  • solaxi

    i think she is absolutely gorgeous…but…there is something aboiut her personality that irks me…i think she comes across as insecure in her comments. no idea why cuz she is beautiful and seems smart

  • warren

    She got extreme beautiful face. And her body just right to me. I like skinny women. She skinny but curvy. She got boobs, big thigh,tiny waist,long legs.

    • artemis

      lol you’re crazy
      half the posts here are yours

      • solaxi

        and she def doesnt have big thighs? my god if they are big thighs…

  • Casey

    She is not only beautiful (and getting more beautiful with age), she also seems very grounded, and from this interview, she seems very insightful and intelligent.

    A lot of people are saying she’s disingenuous, but I have to ask how? Her comments are usually the least typical…she says things in a way that I haven’t heard a celebrity say before (such as the thing about female roles, if that was “rehearsed” then we would probably be hearing the common “I like playing strong female roles! I think women should have a positive role model to look up to, like me!”)

    As for her charity, as someone said, she doesn’t just send money or throw benefits. she goes to the places, gets her hands dirty. Even out of so-called charitable people, very few would be willing to do that. I know I wouldn’t. At that point, I think it’s genuine, because it requires a lot of sacrifice.

    She just sounds like a really cool, mature woman. Definitely a good role model for women today.

    • Kimberly

      A girl I grew up with is a major player in Hollywood and she’s highly respected. Her take on AJ: carefully crafted image with a princess type attitude on the set. Apparently, she has a strong sense of entitlement. She witnessed this while on the set with AJ.

      I don’t question her charity work at all, but I do question her character. I am more likely to trust a loyal friend over the media. That’s just my opinion and nobody has to agree with it.

      What we need to remember is people are often quite different in public than in private. When she became involved with charity causes, she realized that she had to change her image.

      • Nicole

        very cool to have that little ‘inside scoop’…and what you say is not surprising to say the least…thanks for that tidbit of information

      • Anna

        Actually I heard something different from a friend in the entertainment industry (she’s an art director). According to her, though Angelina has a carefully crafted image, onset she’s always a professional, and is usually very focused on her work, which sometimes off as standoffish.

        I’m sure there’s many opinions of Angelina out there, but from what I can glean, she has healthy children, is active in charity, and has a loving husband.

        I’m not sure about her character, since I don’t know her personally, but that’s just the way it is in the entertainment industry.

  • fiona

    Never liked her look, or her personality. Seems, she has some plastic surgerys. I like more natural beauties.

    • Futon Fighter

      You’re not going to find any in Hollywood EVERYONE has had something done even if it’s non-surgical.

  • Natalia

    i’ve always liked her n she’s always been one of the most beautiful actresses in my eyes.. i don’t think she is overated or anythin, but i do agree this is totally a matter of taste. she looks good in these pics (i mean, seriously, ppl, wot not to like here??? :))) ), but i also think there is a big difference between thin-n-toned and just painfully-exhausted kinda skinny. sometimes she just looks depressing in all those black clothes n stuff. however, she will always be one of my favs!

  • Lucy

    Where does Jolie actually stay when she’s on these humanitarian trips? I know she is with the victims by day, but does she go back to spend the night in a 7 star hotel and is fed like a king? If this is true, then she contradicts herself way too much.

    • Priscila

      I don’t think that there is 7 stars hotels at the countries she goes to do charity….

  • gabrielle

    to me, she is PERFECTION. God has really been at his best while creating her
    perfect face. perfect. perfect. there can’t be smth more beautiful than she is

  • Lovely

    Gorgeous, gorgeousss woman. She’s like a Golden Era movie star,

  • wyndie

    i love her looks most of the time, but her chin just seems more prominent than usual in these pics…

  • ladyb0sss

    hmm. salt was not originally wittern for a woman ? cool. learned something new today. i actually like the way shes talking about playing a strong female lead. i never notices but its true with all the sexiness and seducing when its a female lead. although theyre fun to watch . thinking this way is definitely different . anyone agree?

  • Amanda

    I really don’t think that anyone can deny that she is a gorgeous woman and a great actress. In addition, she is one of the people in Hollywood I actually have a level of respect for. She doesn’t act as though she’s some saint, she has her flaws and has mistakes in her past. She doesn’t just act as though those events never occurred, but she also doesn’t let them stop her from moving on as a person.

  • burckybear

    She is fantastic, sexy, caring and a true role model for others. Mr Pitt is a lucky man… Although i do quite like jennifer Anniston.. If it was me, i would have said to Jen “I will marry you, but i have to have a go on Jolie – what man wouldnt?”. That would have saved their relationship

  • Futon Fighter

    She’s right about strong female characters. The most famous female character originally written for a man was Ripley in the Alien series.

    How the only covers of Vogue that don’t do something odd with the cover girl’s looks the ones with Halle Berry and Angelina?

  • Sonia

    She’s fabulous: great actress, beautiful face and body, and a more mature personality, despite some skeltons in the closet she probably still have.

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