Angelina Jolie

Angelina’s Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

So this is how a very skinny apple shape looks like – so skinny, that you can barely tell, actually. Why Angelina’s an apple shape?

1. The little fat that Angie’s got on her thin body appears to be located in the abdominal area. Of course, that’s normal for all women who gave birth recently, but I noticed that this has always been Angelina’s shape, even when she was carrying more (and healthy) pounds – bring the pounds and the curves back!

2. Angelina’s got a full bust, not the most sculpted waist, a relatively flat bum and the thinnest arms and legs (and feet!).

Lots of pictures after the jump!

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress-2 - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress-3 - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress-4 - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress-5 - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress-71 - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

angelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-in-a-tight-dress-8 - Angelina's Super Skinny Apple Shape in a Tight Dress

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • kitty

    i do not like her at all!
    she looks old, has no waist and the dress is awful!

  • Gracie

    I thought an apple shape was broad shoulders, gradually tapering down to thinner hips, like an upside down triangle. Angelina seems more balanced.

  • Versus

    @ Gracie,
    I like to differentiate apple shape from the reversed triangle (V shape), although many classifications don’t separate the two.
    The shape that you mentioned sounds like V shape to me (broad shoulders, thinner on the bottom), not like apple shape. Apples don’t have broad shoulders (neither does Angelina), they just gain weight in the middle area.

  • Gracie

    Oh, I see. Thanks, Versus.

  • S7777

    I love her.She is amazing actress and always looks very good.She has a great sense of style .Just look at Maddox he is so cute.

    I totally understand her.i have the same body type-my arms and legs are very thin and my veins are visible and I`ve never had well defined waistline.I didn`t know that it was an apple shape.Now I know.Thanks.

  • lizzie

    How in the world is she still called sexy and beautiful? What happened to the Tomb Raider days?

  • Holly

    I like the hair and the sunglasses. However the shoes are a mess!!! They make her look neglected and they highlight the whiteness and skinnyness of her legs.

  • freedom

    because she is overly skiny ,its beigginning to take a tool upon her face. her cheeks ar equite sunken and she has deep lines where she never had before ,nor she should b/c she is only in thirties!
    her hair is quite flat these days. and i don’t think she gained weight fro mthe last time we saw her .last time she was wearing losser clothing and only revealing her extremely thin lips. the samles t angelina’s waist has been has been 29″. thats her fitest!
    so can really calssify her as an aple shape after she has confessed to geting breast impants? or did she get them removed? without her impants what shape would she be?

  • ilovesugar

    OMG ppl she just had TWINS
    SHE looks RAKE thin for someone who just gave birth! she’s lucky cause she has rail thin limbs.. and the stomach (once it goes down) will make her look anorexic again.

  • class A hot

  • Bella

    she didn’t have implants. and if her breasts were smaller she’d be a ruler.

  • renee

    I think theres some JEALOUS people in here. She is beautiful. To look that good after kids is an accomplishment.

  • M

    Thin or average weight apple shapes look great. The heavier ones look awful.