Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova’s Super Skinny, yet Toned Package

anna_kournikova - Anna Kournikova's Super Skinny, yet Toned Package

Anna Kournikova was spotted jogging, and let’s just hope it was not with the purpose of losing (more) weight. The scary part is – no, not this actual pic – but the fact that Anna looked even slimmer some while ago. If there is such a thing as looking almost painfully thin, yet, at the same time carrying an apparent tone and fit look, then Anna fits this description just right.

What do you think? Should she grab the fork and add some fat on that super skinny, yet toned package?

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Curvy Girl
Curvy Girl

I would say the scary part is the actual pic. I can almoust hear her bones cracking. This girl should grab something to eat and fast…forget the fork.

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