Anna Kournikova

Bikini Treat: Anna Kournikova in Maxim

Bikini-Treat-Anna-Kournikova-in-Maxim - Bikini Treat: Anna Kournikova in Maxim

Long-time-no-see Anna Kournikova is in Maxim this month and, of course, she isn’t fully clothed – she is showing off her athletic, thin and fit figure in expected tiny bikinis.

How do you like Anna’s figure in this dedicated-to-men shoot?

Bikini-Treat-Anna-Kournikova-in-Maxim-2 - Bikini Treat: Anna Kournikova in Maxim

Of course there’s more!

5 - Bikini Treat: Anna Kournikova in Maxim

Bikini-Treat-Anna-Kournikova-in-Maxim-3 - Bikini Treat: Anna Kournikova in Maxim

Bikini-Treat-Anna-Kournikova-in-Maxim-4 - Bikini Treat: Anna Kournikova in Maxim

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  • Hayley

    are some of these photos in 3D?

    • Joy

      That’s the first thing I thought :S

    • vivi

      I just have this image in my mind of some 13 year old boy with 3d glasses on oogling these pictures of her in a bikini. too funny!

      • Chrissy

        I’d say they are, Playboy hasd done one too, my bf has it at home

  • Yanyan

    great bod! 🙂

  • artemis

    she looks nice 😀

  • kayla

    She’s so beautiful and has a great body.

  • Anna is a true star! She looks amazing and I think she is the only girl in tennis so far who managed to be so popular and so beautiful!!

    • Cristina

      She is only popular among those who do not actually watch tennis. She is far from a great player and hasn’t done anything notable in years.

      • Raachel

        lol! Agreed. People ‘know’ she’s a tennis player but she hasn’t accomplished anything really in the sport world, if she had she wouldn’t be this desperate for covers on some magazine.

      • snoops

        and hey what about maria sharapova? She has dont lots of modeling she is much prettier and has a better body than anna. And by better I mean much healthier and nicer shape. The pics are so photoshop in reality she is soooo skinny her shoulders look way too big for her body and her hips are wasted away, and she does not have waist definition in candids either.

        • oana

          I subscribe!

        • Cristina

          I think you were replying to rich girl, rather than me. I must say i perfectly agree with you AND i wanted to mention Maria in my comment but i got too lazy 😀

  • CK

    she looks good here, fit and toned body and maybe its just me but when i see paparazzi pic of hers she seems just very very thin, even kind of frail unlike here, imho…but maybe its just clothes and angles…

    • bst

      exactly what I thought…

    • Chrissy

      and photoshop

  • Princess

    She looks hote and toned healty body but imo i prefer more hips in a woman

  • Beckers

    I dunno there is just something about female athletes that get their kit off that breaks my heart. Because sadly womens sport is still not taken seriously and I think this makes it even worse, just shows that you can train all your life for your chosen sport but men will see you as a sex object rather than talented. I kno male athletes have posed also but they are given the respect and acclaim for their sport and women need to work for it. Things like this just seem like a step in the wrong direction , although she never was the best tennis player.

    • Everyone knows she did not become famous for her tennis haha. She looks great here though.

      • Vivi

        Yeah, I think she’s mostly famous for being the relatively attractive blonde who not only plays tennis but also successfully climbed to the top of Mt. Iglesias, thereby earning the respect and envy of women worldwide (and probably many men!)

    • Mary

      don’t worry about them, they pose because of the money..they don’t feel used at all . I’ve always liked kournikova though, too bad she and enrique broke up, they made a pretty couple 😀

    • notserious

      ummm actually i disagree. I think it all boils than to talent. no one looks at the williams sisters or speed racer danika patrick as just sex objects or even michelle kwan, you would be taken seriously if you are the best in your sports…regardless of whether or not you are considered sexy…

      • Padme

        Wow you chose a terrible example with Danica Patrick. Have you seen those disgusting godaddy commercials? Just do a google image search of her. There are more bikinis than racecars for sure. The truth with the other examples is that most men probably don’t find the Williams sisters sexually appealing. The media does their best to sexualize female athletes which is pretty demeaning.

        • Beckers

          Yeah I think that is the case with the Williams sisters. It’s not about how talented they are or not they get sexualised if they are just slightly attractive. In the uk any women that had success at the olympics and was attractive ended up half naked in the sun newspaper.

  • Jill

    I’ve always admired Anna Kournikova ~ She is so gorgeous; I would kill to look like her.

  • Spook

    It looks like her hips have been widened and her waist nipped through photoshop. I distinctly remember her having a much more straight-up-and-down body. Not a fan for this reason. I’d much rather see her natural body. Then again, I’m not a 16 year old boy!

  • Katy

    i don’t get it. She’s not that good a tennis player and her face is kinda weird looking, not pretty. Thin blonde in bikini, kinda gets old…Besides the amount of photoshop they do in these mags.

    • Veela

      She’s still pretty, and talented in a sport a lot of guys like. I think that’s what makes her hot in their eyes..

  • aj

    too airbrushed. as per usual

  • wow , she’s tall!

  • fervor

    I hate when people say that she wasn’t a good tennis player. It’s not true at all. She was a top 10 singles and the #1 doubles player in the world.

  • Abbie

    It annoys me when people say she wasnt good at tennis, she got to number 8 in the world in singles and won 2 doubles grand slams and got to number 1 in the word in doubles, people just think because she didnt win a grandslam in singles she wasnt good, just shows the lack of respect for doubles players. She has done a lot more in tennis in such a short space of time (she hasnt played competitively since she was about 21/22) than many other players have in the space of a 15 year career!

    She looks amazing 🙂

  • Polly

    I just saw a photo of her jogging the other day and she looked emaciated, it has shocking how thin she looked. Maybe these photos were taking a while ago, or maybe the added pounds to her.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t find her attractive at all. She has nice legs, that’s about it. They photoshopped her body quite a bit to make her look as if she has a defined waist and curvy hips. She’s actually an inverted triangle.

  • fervor

    Having a ‘thicker’ waist is a common trait for tennis players. Most of the power they need to compete at the highest level comes from their core muscles, like their abs.

    If Anna didn’t play tennis, she would naturally have a more slender waist. She does have a very thin frame, though.

  • amazon

    i think this sums up why so many guys still come out with statements like, I like curvy girls like angelina jolie- the only pics they see are airbrushed like mad. i hope those teenage boys look up out of magazines and look at some real girls in their class now and again or they are going to get some big shocks one day:-)

  • b

    Looks great! I saw pics of her where she looked awfully thin…glad that it’s not the case here.

  • maddie

    she’s a prawn….chop off the head, keep the body.

  • Rachel

    I like her hair. (:
    I wanna reach out and touch it.

  • SSFader

    Wasn’t her face really bloated before? I remember seeing pics from 2 or 3 months ago.

  • Chelsea

    so jealousss; I need enriquee

  • Davide

    People who aren’t fans of tennis shouldn’t comment on Anna’s abilities. She was one of the most talented players of her generation and also one of the game’s biggest underachievers. She had wins over several great champions, like Graf, Seles, Hingis, Davenport, Clijsters and Sanchez-Vicario. The media pressure and expectations really got to her and she wasn’t able to translate her talent to consistent results, but she eventually suffered a career ending back injury.

    Now, that is not her body. She’s way thinner than these photos make her out to be.

    • Kimberly

      I’m a tennis fan and I watched Anna’s career with amazement. For a top tennis play, she had one of the worst serves that I’ve ever seen. She did well for awhile because she had decent ground strokes but she was overpowered by the stronger girls with more talent. When she beat other players it was usually because they were having an off day. Besides, Anna was always more concerned about getting attention, not playing good tennis.

  • Mia

    i think we don’t have to discuss her way of playing tennis. there must be a reason for her being a famous tennis star after all. moreover i think the blog isn’t about sports and you cannot deny she looks pretty good

  • sandy

    oh my, they fotoshopped her legs too much in the second pic!! if she would stand straight the bend leg would be longer than the other! it looks very strange!

  • Nessa

    lol I thought she was the chick from the hills for a second.

  • jjj

    She looks amazing! Just perfect here.

  • nothing changes when anna was playing tennis at 15 she never failed 2 blow my load shes just done id again