AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord in a Bikini on Shape’s Cover

AnnaLynne-McCord-in-a-Bikini-on-Shapes-Cover - AnnaLynne McCord in a Bikini on Shape's Cover

90210 hottie AnnaLynne McCord (22) is on the cover of “Shape’s Sexiest Bodies of Hollywood” issue… and she’s looking great! Here are some passages from the interview:

Shape allowed me to express that I’m happy with who I am, and I’d like, namely young girls, to know that being aware of your body type and what you’re eating is very important.

On her love for Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas: “My mom told me she used to eat one every single day when she was pregnant with me. [laughs] I’m like, ‘Mom, you’re the reason I’m totally addicted to Taco Bell!”

On finding ways to work out outside of the gym:

“When I first moved to L.A., I didn’t have a lot of money to join a gym or take classes, so I improvised. My sister and I went to the library and looked over their DVD collection and discovered Neena and Veena, these Egyptian twins who have a whole series of belly dancing routines. We did them all. When you’re shaking your booty, you can’t help but feel beautiful and sexy.”

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  • Sidney

    I must disagree with her on the belly-dancing; depending on how hard the routine is, there’s a big chance for me to feel more ridiculous and clumsy than beautiful and sexy, but it’s still fun 🙂 She looks great and i know she’s really fit irl, but the shape covers always look very much alike. It’s like they airbrush the same muscles to everyone, idk.

    • Uma

      I know, i honestly hate that magazine and their identical covers, lol. AnnaLynne has a great great great body, better than how it looks on this cover. She is a real inspiration.

    • Rede

      I agree. All of the women who appear on this cover seem to look pretty much the same. The same type of swimsuit, the same big smile. That is why these kinds of pictures don’t appeal to me at all. You can never realise how fit they really are by looking at these pictures.

  • amazon

    agreed. she doesn’t even have that shape! she is a straigt up and down.

  • artemis

    i love her
    she’s so nice
    and she isn’t straight yuck lol
    she has curves

  • Melina

    I just love that girl!, she´s soo beautiful and she has a nice figure..AnnaLynne is the best

  • machmalow

    Perfect :p

  • Sanzida

    I think I will look into that Neena and Veena DVD thing. See if it helps

  • Casey

    I love how they make the cover so dramatic.

    “The one bad habit I need to break!” I’m assuming that’s alluding to her liking Taco Bell?

    Anyway, her body looks great. I would say they didn’t change much to the shape of it, because that’s pretty much what her body is shaped like.

    • anon

      No i read that issue and her bad habit its that she barely gets enough sleep ! It wouldve been funny though if thats what they meant… I agree the headlines are always exaggerated. I like her body too because even though shes super skinny and thats not my favorite type, she has alot of muscle !

      • Casey

        Oh okay, haha. I didn’t read the issue so I thought they meant the Taco Bell thing. I was thinking, “That’s not a bad habit worthy of a headline!” 😛 But lack of sleep is not much better either!

  • Too much photoshop !

  • rosie

    i can’t get myself to care about this girl one way or the other.

  • Natasha O

    *kanye shrug* She looks good but IDK all these covers looks the same

  • Why do they always photoshop those cover girls so much?..
    As for this girl, I can totally understand how others find her extremely attractive, but I don’t for some reason. I think she looks a bit boring. Great body, though.

  • Melina

    yes, i don´t understand, i think heir faces look very fake.
    Without Photoshoop it would be better and they would not look boring.
    but she is pretty anyway!

  • jojo

    I just can’t find nothing pretty about her.

  • Nkeon

    la la la la

  • Aims

    Amazing body!!!!!

  • Coolie

    She defently has the kind of body men prefer! No doubt about that.

    • jojo

      I strongly disagree. Men like boobies and butt… She doesn’t seem to have any of them.

      • i’m pretty sure men will like her body. plus i think she looks great. don’t care for her face though.

        • jojo

          In fact, most heterosexual men I know don’t like her body nor her face.

          • and how do you know? any man will like a woman regardless of what shape she has and if most men are just into women that just have boobs and ass then i think that’s shallow. you can’t tell what a man should or shouldn’t like.

      • Casey

        Lots of men like her. Maybe not men you know, but men do like her.

        • jojo

          well, I can’t stand why. She has an ugly face and a weird body with absolutely no boobs or buttie whatsoever…

        • Aims

          Actually the hard cold truth is that most men do prefer petite woman. Hello? Most beautiful woman in hollywood are on the smaller side of the scale. I’m sorry but I dont know any men who like waking up to a woman who could eat them for a mid-day snack, roll over and squish them to death in their sleep or snap their shins if they try to carry her! Also, tiny woman make a man feel stronger, more manly and better overall (read in cosmo!). Genetically men are attracted to a woman who is considerable smaller – there is no doubt about this. Also, smaller boobs (A or B cup) and tiny features look much better in the long run (no saggage and less weight gain) – Men are not stupid – they know this and choose mates accordingly.
          Anyone who disagrees or says men they know say otherwise – well maybe they say otherwise because they are nice enough not to offend you.
          The day you see Brad pitt, Orlando Bloom, Ed westwick, Justin timberlake or Jude law date a girl who’s a beefer and not exeptionally petite – let me know. Attractive men are attracted to attractive woman.
          I’m sure there are some men who prefer beefier woman but the truth is they are SETTLING – usually those men aren’t as attractive, might be short and cant do any better or see the woman as a cashbank and might as well marry her so their lives are easier.

          • jojo

            this comment of you is so stupid… Read in COSMO. So now all that’s in cosmo is truth????? And there’s a HUGE difference between annalyne mccord and a woman who could eat a men for a mid-day snack, in fact, thats a pretty disgusting comment of yours. There isn’t such a thing as TRUTH when it comes to beauty, people have different points of view.
            Monica Belucci, Liv Tyler, Penelope Cruz… These are georgeos women who are thin but yet not curvyless (annalyne mccord IS straight up and down, and thats what I dislike about her).
            Also, what I find most unactracttive about annalyne is her FACE, not her body.

          • Ramie

            I agree with Aims. Some men may prefer big women, but they are not men that I would find attractive anyway. Attractive men are attracted to attractive women.

          • Uma

            Sure,i have no idea why i respond to you since all your posts make me want to puke a littly in my mouth. Just you know, the only two sizes are not under and overweight and most men DO NOT prefer a or b cups. I’m extremely skinny – skinnier than you. i’ve seen you post your stats, and men always say that if i’ve lost my boobs i would be way more unattractive. I’m a c btw. So no, men do to not prefer fat shapeles overweight women. But they don’t prefer unhealthy underweight either. And what you read in cosmo – omfg – facepalm

          • Ellia

            Aims, I don’t know if you understand the definition of ‘petite’…she is a tall girl. I’m surprised you find her figure attractive.
            And petite figures = less weight gain? More like less room to hide weight gain.
            You contradict yourself. If you’re talking about being thin, say thinness. Don’t use the word petite.

          • Eve

            “Read in Cosmo”. LMFAO!!!!
            New Bible?????
            A or B cups???!!! Yeah, sure, of course, that is why all this plastic surgery business is just doing so well :-))))) because most women are going for boobs reduction :-))))) very nice way to flatter yourself. If your BF is BS your ears with this, so…just be happy. It is like with us, girls, you can say you BF: I like your petite D**K, because who wants huge things?! But deeply inside we never mind to have smth bigger ;-)))))))))))

      • suzushii

        Men are not BORG.

        Some men will like her.
        Some don’t.
        Some are only attracted to sword wielding female kangaroos in PVC outfits.

        • Sidney


  • lol


  • Alexia

    She has such a great body, wow!

  • KERI

    i hate Shape covers. the cover girls never look like that. anna lynn has a lot of acne and is quite pale and scrawny

    • jojo

      really????? she has acne??? how do you know???? i’m really curious

    • Melina

      I´ve never seen a picture like that!
      I don´t think she has acne.

      • neutra

        I have a comment just above that is awaiting moderation because it contains links. The links are high res photos that show the terrible condition of her skin, even with makeup.

        • Melina

          wow, thanks for the links. i did not know that before.

          • KERI

            also i don’t mean so say she’s not pretty and that acne is a bad thing (i am a former sufferer) but that magazine completely conveys these girls to be something that they are not

  • Sally

    I cant read her butterface

  • terri

    she has an average face at best and her body is straight.

  • Melina

    But she has a lot of muscles, and she´s still thin, i think that´s very beautiful!

  • CK

    i think she has a cute face(reminds me of michelle Pfeiffer a bit) and very nice body, i like that she is thin but has muscles.The main thing is that she shouldn’t lose any more wight. And as for the skin i also saw on some pictures of her that her skin really doesn’t look good even with make up…and if i’m not mistaken she is a spokesperson for some site about acne and admitted problems with skin…i’m not sure on this one though, maybe i mixed her up with smb…

  • B.

    Yeah, every over of this magazine is incredibly photoshopped. It irritates me quite a bit. It’s sending the opposite message of what they’re trying to convey. Regardless, Annalynne has an amazingly fit and toned body. She’s gorgeous.

  • Kitten

    The comments in response to this post are proof that no matter how phenomenal you look, people will always find something to criticize. I think her body is off-the-hook and she is very pretty.

  • aramantha

    Are these “men” you girls are dating even men, or straight for that matter? When AnnaLynne was on Nip/Tuck it was ALL about her. Men went CRAZY for her. She has a great body, a gorgeous face….she has some acne but the girl is YOUNG….no big surprise there. You people will criticize ANYONE from the comfort of your chairs you probably NEVER leave all day as you munch your potato chips and ice cream, bitching about every pretty girl you see because YOUR fat ass will never look like her. Get a life, seriously. And an actual man. I don’t know one guy who doesn’t think this girl is smoking hot. You guys sound like jealous little middle-schoolers.

    • JES

      Are you sure that you’re not another fat ass who needs two chairs to hold your butt complaining about the other fat asses eating potato chips and getting their keyboards greasy?

    • neutra

      Actually all my guy friends (well, those who actually know who the hell she is) thinks this girl is scary looking (and that she ways way too much makeup) . OH MY GOD, SHOCK HORROR! But that’s because not everyone is into the whole blonde made up look. My guy friends, for example, are mostly into the Zooey D, Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis types- cute, beautiful and elegant. Saying that every guy thinks Anna is hot is like saying every girl thinks Brad Pitt or someone equally generic looking is hot, which they don’t (myself included.)

      And I don’t think acknowledging she has acne is wrong- for the people who do aspire for AnnaLynnes look, I think it’s important for them to know that underneath all the ‘hollywood glam’, she is like every other girl and has perceived ‘flaws’, and that no one is ever perfect.

      Oh yeah, and I don’t eat potato chips. And I just got back from my daily one hour gym session and I’m eating lunch whilst I’m on the computer. So please don’t call me a fat ass. My opinion about what constitutes ‘attractive’ is just different to yours. It’s arrogant to assume we should all have to agree with you, particularly on a matter that is so subjective.

      • JES

        neutra are you responding to aramantha or me? My sarcastic response was aimed at aramantha since we have no idea what she looks like and she could be equally if not more “fat” than the other “jealous” posters who disagreed with her opinion that AnnaLyne was beautiful.

        • neutra

          I was definitely responding to aramantha 🙂

      • jojo

        totally agree with you, neutra. And the most guys I know feel the same way about beauty: they prefer Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Zooey, and other girls, who are more of a classy and beautiful and unique way than annalynne…

    • Sidney

      Where do these commenters come from?? (A rhetorical question just in case it wasn’t obvious) No need to risk your heart by getting overly upset, ppl will agree and disagree whether they eat chips and ice cream or not, lol.

    • Haylie

      Maybe you are the FAT ASS!

  • Cassie

    Wow, she’s so hot. Love her Body.