Ariana Grande Performs in a Tiny Outfit


Just like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande performed on stage in a tiny outfit during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night and looked thin and pretty while doing so.


Many more next!


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28 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Performs in a Tiny Outfit”

    • Whaaat?! She looks tiny! Like a little kid next to adults, her heels are just a lot taller than the ones the models are wearing, hers have crazy platforms. And not all the models are 6 ft tall, most of them are around 5’9 wich is tall but not ridiculously tall.

    • Really? I thought the opposite. Ariana is an amazing singer, just as attractive as these women (albeit in a different,petite way) and um she’s the only one on the stage with any actual talent, that being she has a beautiful singing voice. The other girls just.. walk

  1. I love the look on bregje heinen’s face it probably is noton purpose but its like I cant help it I look so much better than you:) Ariana actually looks really cute and better than I expected but I saw a picture of her, sara sampaio, jasmine tookes, and like three other models and she literally looked like a fan or some girl off the street her plainness stood out. Rihanna and taylor swift kind of can compete with the models because they have height and exotic looks, taylor having that ugly pretty girl face with perfect everything, skin, makeup, styling and riihanna just happens to have almost model like features…but ariana is just a cute girl…she cant stand next to, pose next to, take any pictures with models
    but im sure all her fans will disagree they probably worship her and the pink line and think she fits right in fine. her body actually looks cute, but its who shes standing next to that makes her basic

    • Actually , I disagree , the only reason Arianna doesn’t stand out too much is because she is literally too small to…arianas face on a models body would make people admire her so much more …but she’s short. Her face is more beautiful than almost any of the makeup caked on models on that show , she’s also younger than so many of them which explains some of it. But she really is more beautiful. These other women are tall , and that’s almost always enough to steal the spotlight because nobody can spot short people amongst the tall ones that’s all . All those models , if they switch bodies with ariana , would have been regular people, and not even considered pretty. It’s just that once you become a well known model there’s this mad hype about you and sometimes it’s not even justified lol
      And no , I’m not a fan girl as your comment states , I’m actually sick and tired of her baby expressions and hair and she does get quite boring with her eyebrows , but all said and done , she’s one of the prettiest people to me. If only she’d change her image , and I think she is now, little by little . Also I’m a short girl , 5’3.5″ (that half inch is important to mexD) and I don’t think tall girls are pretty and short girls are “basic” just because of height . It’s only one factor ,just like everything else .

    • Honestly why does it even matter? She’s a singer. She shouldn’t have to compete with supermodels. That’s not fair. One of the problems with society. Comparing women’s looks smh

      • I think tall girls on this site are insecure about their looks, but they’re tall so they just spout off as if that’s something we all aspire too because that makes them feel good about themseves. I’m average height and would hate to be any taller than 5’8, I like being smaller and more delicate looking. To each their own. I’m often quietly amused when girls refer to me as not being tall and then apologize as if it’s something I’m really jealous of :S

    • Me too… her body is like mine at my skinniest (healthy skinniest)… My boyfriend thinks ariana is gorgeous and so do i. secret a lot of mens really like short women.

  2. The thing that stood out to me was just how petite Ariana is. Her thighs are smaller than the models’! I actually think she is also more facially pretty than some of the models.

  3. I think she’s gorgeous and I do think she is a good singer but am I the only one that thinks her mass-crossover appeal is fuc*ing creepy?

    I mean Selena Gomez, always had the baby doll look but it’s clear thru her styling that she was trying to get away from that, not play it up! Ariana has that ridiculous ponytail, those over the top lolita-mannerisms, and she is in weight and height pre-pubescent like. I’d be surprised if this girl was more than 90 lbs- even at 5 ft(and she claims to be 5’2) that is very slim. Even more disturbing is she tries to bring this old-pedo-wet-dream sex appeal, she looks like a (very) underage-hooker and lets be frank, that may be what she is going for! She can be sexy, just try something different.

    and I really wish someone would burn those ridiculous high waisted shorts! They look horrible on EVERYONE and make everyones butt look flat and everyones waist look wide.

  4. Ariana is really beautiful and I think she could’ve made it without dressing like a wh*re. She just gives that jail bait vibe and it makes me cringe.

  5. I think she’s the same height as me (5’1”/155cm) but looks way tinier than me. If I compare her size to mine I think she could be as low as 88lbs/40kg-99lbs/45kg but 110lbs/50kg at tops. I’m 120lbs/55kg and she looks very tiny compared to me, but we’re totally different shapes (pear – topheavy hourglass) and I’m not very good at estimating weight 😀

  6. I agree! i’m short 5ft2 and skinny and so are most of my friends. And it looks as good or better than most tall women.i’m getting a bit over VS for this reason. Not because we are shorter that we look more childish… this is insulting!

    • Tall women often just like to put shorter women down because it makes them feel like they have something over other women. Sad fact for them is that just because your tall doesn’t make you pretty. I know plenty of tall ugly chicks who can’t get a boyfriend. And very few tall women are models.

      Most women on this site who go on about how good being tall are tall women who are not attractive enough to be models. Fact. Just like the girls who talk about how hot the curvy girls are, are curvy women. It’s a defence mechanism because we’re all insecure and trying to make out that our ‘type’ is the best type.

      • Lol it’s not a defense mechanism – being tall is required for fashion modeling. obviously short women can be beautiful but that’s besides the point – models have to fit specific measurements.
        Ariana is cute, but she doesn’t have long lean limbs or an elegant statuesque build, compared to models like Elsa Hosk.

        also modeling is more than just being tall skinny and pretty. Taylor Swift meets those requirements but she would be an AWFUL model.

      • also Ariana and Taylor are singers so anyway they shouldn’t have to compete with super models looks-wise. They are their to sing, dance and provide entertainment.

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