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Celebs and Outfits at the Alice + Olivia Soiree

alice-olivia-120610-12 - Celebs and Outfits at the Alice + Olivia Soiree

Lots of young celebs showed up at the Stacey Bendet Holiday Party For Baby Buggy in West Hollywood last night – in this batch, we’ve got a bowey Kourtney Kardashian (who’s looking slimmer), a still-rocking-the-pixie Ashlee Simpson, a back-to-brunette Katharine McPhee and  a leggy in stripes Nicky Hilton.

alice-olivia-120610-7 - Celebs and Outfits at the Alice + Olivia Soiree

See the other 2 girls next!

alice-olivia-120610-4 - Celebs and Outfits at the Alice + Olivia Soiree

alice-olivia-120610-1 - Celebs and Outfits at the Alice + Olivia Soiree

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  • wohoofiona

    Whats with the washing detergant

    • lizzy

      i was thinking the same thing!

      ashlee is my favorite here. kourtney sucks.

      • flossy

        I wish Kourtney would just go away, she’s only famous because she’s somehow managed to wedge herself up Kims surgically enhanced arse without Kim noticing.

      • Leah

        i didn’t notice the detergent, but that’s so weird!
        ashlee is my favorite too, i love her outfit and her hair
        i’m glad katherine mcphee is a brunette again but i hate her outfit. and why is kourtney wearing a huge bow?

    • mel

      i think it might be softener for baby clothes, since its a ‘baby buggy’ party 🙂

  • southerngumdrops

    kourtney is tiny!! i’ve always found it interesting when people are thinner AFTER they have a baby than they were before. Maybe that’s because I’ve never been pregnant though.

    is it because you don’t have time to overeat because you’re so busy with the baby, or that sometimes women freak out a bit trying to lose the baby weight and then go too far?

    thoughts from those who’ve had children before? i’m at a loss…

    • I haven’t had children, but I know people who do the opposite after having a baby. They eat more and exercise less because they stay at home to look after the baby. Part of me thinks that maybe it is easier if you can afford a nanny – then you can get time to exercise and you won’t be tempted to eat leftover baby food all the time (that’s something both my parents did – never let food go to waste!)

      I think some women probably do freak out about losing the baby weight and go too far – just as you said. But for some lucky people they just go back to their normal weight after giving birth without too much trouble. The opposite is true for others – pregnancy changes their metabolism and they find it much harder to lose weight and much easier to gain than they did before. It’s like anything with weight gain/loss – there’s more to it than just simple diet and exercise, your genes play a big part too.

    • annalee

      Breast-feeding makes you loose weight. Also, when my sister had a baby she lost a lot of weight because she walked around aaaall the time, as this was the best way to make the baby sleep. She also had a some spare time as she was staying home with the baby and not working, so she had a lot of “projects”, like trying out a raw food-diet and pilates and such. She’s never looked better. When it comes to celebrities I think they get a little obsessed with loosing the weight and hire nannies, personal trainers etc.

    • Annie

      I commented on this phenomenon a while back, although it seems to mainly be a celebrity thing. I’ve had two children, and I just returned to my pre-baby weight each time, perhaps a few pounds under. It’s a myth that all women who breast feed lose weight immediately, though. I couldn’t get the last 10 lbs off each time until I weaned my children.

      I think a lot of celebrities get so freaked out by the changes in their bodies during and after pregnancy that they over compensate. Plus, they’re heavily invested in still being viewed as “sexy” and not as someone’s mother.

    • Leigh

      I weigh significantly less after having my son. I was a size 6-8 before getting pregnant (I’m 5’9 and was around 148 pounds) and now am a 0 at 118 pounds.

      I think it was a combination of a few things. I felt like I rarely sat down the first few years, and was constantly holding a baby/toddler. That takes a lot out of you! Sitting and enjoying an actual meal was rare. Most of the time it was take a few bites and then run after my son who decided to dart off into the resturant kitchen, etc. I had an EXTREMELY active toddler, so I’m sure things would be different if I had a more calm child that would just sit and color. So many people would comment to me at the pool/gym/library, etc ‘do you EVER sit?’ Nope.

      I also got way more health conscious after I had my son…I drank way less, ate better foods…etc…and since the weight was kind of falling off me, it motivated me to get into running and yoga, etc.

      I realize I’m extremely blessed in a way the baby weight and then some just came off so easily. We’ll see how it goes with #2…just found out I’m expecting. Here we go again…….! 🙂

    • Ana

      I have found I lose extra kgs after having a baby, I usually lose all the baby weight within a week and then at about 3 month pp I lose an extra an extra 3 or 4 kgs. And I don’t exercise. It was a bit harder with number 2 but I put on more weight. I also do extended breastfeeding.

      It my weight loss secret, I think i need to have another bub lol.

    • ellentjie

      Kourtney lost so much weight because she became obsessed with losing the weight because she’s in the spotlight all the time. She went so far that she collasped while exercising. So…maybe in this case it’s not a natural weight loss

  • Faith

    It can be genetic as well women in my family have a baby then just loose the weight afterwards without trying. And Ashleey Simpsons outfit is lovely.

  • loooove kourtney<3 so damn cute

  • Hazal

    Luv Kourtney’s & Aslee’s outfits!

  • every picture i see of nicki hilton makes me more and more convinced that all these images of her “super skinny legs” are absolutely fake

    • Mia

      I don’t think they were fake, I think she’s gained some weight recently. You can tell especially in her upper body that she is slightly heavier than she used to be, and maybe when she loses weight it affects her legs as well.

  • riotgrrrrl12

    i cant really tell a difference in kourtney, but i think ashlee is definately looking even slimmer these days!

  • siennagold

    Ashlee’s outfit is really nice!

  • gabrielle

    loving Kourtney! so cute and petite!

  • chechebelle

    I just have to say this…

    The term is LOSE weight, not “loose” weight, like a lot of you have been writing.

    …sorry. Just irks me.

    • huahuahuahua. This is a very common mistake. My students do it all the time.

  • Anna

    thanks @versus don’t you agree about kourtney’s slimmer figure?? What body type is she? Whats worse a petite bell or a vase…I can’t determine which one I am…

    • Versus

      I agree that she is slimmer and I think that she is normally a pear, but she has breast implants, which make her look more like a vase.
      I don’t think that one shape can be ‘worse’ than another, they all have positive and less-positive characteristics. Bells have small breasts, while vases have large breasts. Also, bells gain a little on their lower tummies as well as on their curvy hips, while vases have curvy hips and longer waists.

  • I don’t really like any of their outfits but if I had to choose one it’s be Nicky’s. I think Ashlee’s hair was soooo much prettier when it was long and had that auburny colour.

  • Soph

    for those of you wondering why she is thinner after having a baby…its b/c she is a celebrity. they dont have the responsibilites and stress actually normal everyday mothers have. they dont have to worry about money, or work. she has the time and team to help her work out, cook for her, assist her.

  • Sims

    Damn Kourtney is SO skinny!

  • solaxia

    Ashley’s hair looks great like this. I personally love her new nose (I know it was a while ago now!) I akso preferred her hair dark or that red colour though. Nikki has gained recently and she looks much better for it imo