Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth, Who Can Pull It Off?

Celebs in Daisy Dukes: Ashlee, Jessica & Kate

Celebs-in-Daisy-Dukes-Ashlee-Jessica-Kate - Celebs in Daisy Dukes: Ashlee, Jessica & Kate

Summer is waiting to happen!

Our slim celebrities are ditching long jeans and opting for short daisy dukes – here’s a bunch who did just that this week: Ashlee, Jessica and Kate.

Who pulls off the daisy dukes look best?

3 individual pictures after the jump!

ashlee-pete-050210-3 - Celebs in Daisy Dukes: Ashlee, Jessica & Kate

FP_4934189_Timberlake_Biel_CWNY_050210 - Celebs in Daisy Dukes: Ashlee, Jessica & Kate

FP_4934843_Bosworth_Kate_CWNY_050210 - Celebs in Daisy Dukes: Ashlee, Jessica & Kate

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kate definately looks the best

  • Casey

    Kate looks the best. Don’t know what’s going on with Ashlee, not a flattering pic I guess. And I never liked Jessica Biel’s figure. Her calves are thicker than her thighs…her legs have no shape.

  • camille

    those shorts are not flattering on ashlee at all. the high waist makes her legs look short.

    jessica looks good. in the last post she was in every was saying she got too skinny by i think she still looks strong (her arms!). now if she would only realize that she and justin are over…

    kate looks good too. i think she looked better when she had more muscle mass and is a tad on the thin side these days.

  • CéliAmbre

    i used to like skinny people a lot, but somehow i think ashlee looks best here. she looks most…real. but of course all three are gorgeous women 🙂

  • CK

    Kate- looks ok, but i liked her body looks better with more muscles
    Jessica- don’t really like shorts, but she has great legs
    Ashlee- good legs, but this shorts look smth like what’s left of her sister Jessica’s “famous” mom-jeans…horrible,unflattering

    • Leah

      completely agree on all three

  • Natasha

    Kate looks hot here but then again the shirt is big(and I know its supposed to be that way) and I never necessarily had a problem with her lower body I just am not a fan of her body though I love her face from the waist up Jessica doesn’t look too thiny thin here and Ashleys fashion sense has seen better days burn those shorts.

    • Natasha

      BTW Kate looks radiant and knows damn well that she better be looking good for Alex Skarsgard o_O

  • kate 😀 oh n jessica but jess is a bit 2 muscular 4 me

  • Cory

    ashlee looks sloppy. kate looks like she has a very restricted diet while jessica looks like shes more concerned about fitness. both jessica and kate looks good but id rather have jessicas body as it is so admirably fit.

    and justins tattoos look so tacky. i didnt know he had so many but i hate those calf tattoos on men. so cheap looking

  • suzushii

    Kate looks the worst to me. Her legs look like they’ve been in a cast for the past 2 months. Not a good look.

    I think Ashley looks the best, even though the high waisted shorts -look horrible on anyone.

  • artemis

    kates outfit is perfect
    her legs are bony

  • mimi

    converse + shorts = stumpy legs.

  • AlexD

    all women are in good shape. out of all i probably like jessica best but im not a huge fan of any of their body types. as for their boyfriends, justin is pretty hot, skarsgard guy never appealed to me, ew, and i cant help but cringe at pete wentz middle school emo kid outfits eww eww eww cant wait to see him dress like a man.

  • lc

    Kate looks best.

  • Kae

    Ashlee and Jessica have nice legs, whereas Kate has really knobby knees. As for the shorts, Kate is wearing the best looking pair.

  • Aims

    Kate looks awesome but so does Jessica – great fit bod! Ashlee looks dumpy in that outfit – its sloppy looking – bawhaah pete wentz is sooooo little! What is that dude 5’5?

  • Ashley

    Well Jessica obviously looks best – it has nothing to do with the shorts – just because she has JT on her arms 🙂

  • Paris

    Kate! Most definitely

  • Clare

    Kate, she has fab legs, which you definately need to carry off these shorts!

  • Jenna118

    I like Jessica Biel’s look – both body/clothes. She’s so freakin strong… If you put the three in a cage together she’d definitely win LOL. I like Ashlee’s leg shape though but yeah, the shorts are YUK but hey she’s hiking in the woods not shopping on Rodeo…

  • miaowface

    I think Kate’s got a bit of an unfair advantage seeing as she’s in heels and the other 2 are in flats, but having said that, I don’t like her legs at all, she doesn’t have any calf definition, and her knees look really bony. I like Ashlee’s legs the best. The shorts aren’t flattering, and teamed with the converse it makes her legs look short, but I think they have the best shape.

  • Jemima

    LMFAO at Pete Wentz and his baby backpack.

  • Jules

    Kate Bosworth looks great IMO.

  • beil of course. ashley just looks sloppy.