Ashley Graham: “I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach”


On being the hot girls in DNCE’s music video:

“I didn’t think the video would have the impact it did. I just thought it was going to be cute. But the comments have been so positive. These girls are like, ‘OMG, thanks for putting “real women” in a music video.’ I don’t believe in that term, but, you know, bravo to DNCE for stepping out of the box and really taking it there by having a girl who typically isn’t represented.”

On her body:

“You know what’s so funny? I think women think I’m inspirational because I’m unapologetic. I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach. But I work my body like I don’t because I don’t know any other body. I don’t know how to feel thin. I just know how to feel like Ashley.”

On how muscly guys love bigger girls:

“Those were muscle guys, and those are the types of guys you don’t think like curvy women, but they love them. Girls my size are like, ‘Oh, I could never get a guy like that.’ Actually, you could, girlfriend! I’m living proof that you can have whatever you want in spite of what people say is a ‘flaw.’ Whether it’s a race thing or not being smart enough or pretty enough—there are so many things that are hanging over women’s heads, but you have to fight through it.”

On the fact that there’s no such thing as the Perfect Body:

“I’ve been a size 12, and I thought I was so hot. But now I’m a 14 to 16, and I honestly couldn’t be happier—I’m just content. Of course, I look at my body and think ‘Oh, I want to tighten up my arms a bit, or I wish my ass was lifted higher.’ But nobody has the perfect body. There’s no such thing.”

… says Ashley.

More of her Elle spread next!


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13 thoughts on “Ashley Graham: “I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach””

  1. This is hugely ironic because i remember seeing the unretouched photos of that last shot in the dailymail and they smoothed out hr cellulite here major/

    side note i find it really funny ashley is saying she;s a 14/16– i went to her instagram and theres a pic of her next to amy schemer where amy is noticeably fatter than ashley- yet she claims to be a size 6 lol. ashley still pretty chubby- guess she’s got better proportions than most fat women, and she’s put together- but if she’s 5’9 she would look much better even at 160 lbs- she’s probably about 200 right now.

    • Amy Schumer is the worst liar about her size. She claims to be a 6 and is actually about a 10-12, maybe even 14 (though pics do make her look wider than IRL). Ashley is taller than her, though, which explains why she can look slimmer and still be a larger size than Amy.

  2. How come they don’t apply the same standards to men as they do to themselves? How com these fatties feel they are entitled to sculpted adonis bodied men but god forbid one of them refuses a fatty and suddenly they are superficial and mean and society sucks. You don’t want to work out eat right and take care of your body? You love your back fat and cellulite? Good for you, as long as you act the same about the men you date and you do not claim they do not hold you to any standard. And no, actual fit men don’t go for fat girls, maybe she is talking about those “muscly” guys who while they might work out and lift heavy, they still carry out around a lot of fat and probably wouldn’t be able to run a mile. You know, the guys who claim that it’s all muscle but the last time they saw a hint of a six pack was in another lifetime. You can keep them, you deserve each other.

    • She kinda sounds like one of those fat guys who think they deserve a slim curvy bombshell girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, those fat guys are at least a million times worse than Ashley … but it’s just a common theme that people demand their partners to be of a certain “quality” while not reaching that standard themselves

    • That is not precisely true. I dated a few guys who liked the bigger version of me better (and those guys could go for men’s physique competition any given day). Not that I feel comfortable being bigger but they said women should have some fat around their stomach otherwise it’s like touching a man. And bigger girl means bigger butt which is a hipe nowadays… .
      btw I’m 179cm/size 8-10, I’m strong, I workout and eat clean. Just observing the facts here.

    • Very well said! Agree with you so much! Sometimes I hear how overweight girls complain that athletic men don’t pay attention to them. But come on… So you want a man who takes care of his body, but you refuse to put some effort in your own body? And it’s of course society’s fault lol…

    • Wow, a deçent looking woman demands men to be hotter, outrage, it’s not like ugly fat old men have been getting_ and demanding_ hot young models, sinçe AD 289

  3. I don’t know any guy who finds her hot. Sure there are guys into her just like there are guys into Vlada Roslyakova. But she’s not like a Kate Upton type girl that has every guy I know drooling. Who cares what men thinks, but I don’t get how she’s constantly being portrayed as this type of woman that most men are crazy about when they’re really not that into her. Also don’t get me started on her other annoying nonsense.

    its great that she’s in a loving relationship and guy she loves, but just because she’s with a muscular guy doesn’t mean they’re all into plus sized women. I’ve seen the opposite as well. Personally I like it when the couple is similar in size, style etc maybe because I’m tallish and skinny and like tall and skinny guys

    • I kind of follow the whole fitness thing and most those guys like girls like this youtube named nikki blackletter– muscular with just a little fat, muscular butts. not big fat girls like ashley. people int fitness are naturally going to be into people who are into fitness. when a guy says he likes thick- he doesnt mean fat, he means boobs, butt, thighs, small waist and still a normal bmi.

  4. I’m a regular gym goer with loads of those “muscly guys” as friends and workout buddies, and I can’t think of a single one of them finding her particularly desirable just by her looks. Yes she has a very beautiful face, but the kind of guys she’s refering to really prefer someone who pays a similar attention to their fitness and heath as they are, in my experience.

  5. Is she referring to her husband? To be fair I haven’t even noticed his muscles… Everytime I see them together Ashley oversizes him quite a lot.

  6. Get over yourself. You’re not curing cancer. You’re just as “inspirational” as slim women selling their bodies.
    Being fat is not brave, sorry not sorry.

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