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  • MissMarilyn

    I love her! She’s got such a gorgeous face and a nice figure

    • HB

      Agreed! And she seems to be really healthy, too.
      I’m a fan 🙂

  • Andi

    did anyone else’s eyes drop straight to her crotch?

    • Yes! Looking a little….sweaty! Grey is such a bad colour for workout gear, if you ask me – sweat stains galore! I’m not a fan of her acting, face, or figure really (sorry, that sounds so picky!) but she’s extremely dedicated to her fitness, so good for her!

      • jemima

        lmao I agree on all accounts

        • Ash

          Yes. I was like eww, cooter sweat, lol.

    • Hazal

      Haha Andi 😀 Nice to read your comment cause I thought I’m the only one 🙂

    • Neri

      Yeah did she like pee in her pants or something? Little sweat going on there??

    • Tam

      Haha! Yeah, it was hard not to notice! Oh well, must’ve been a good workout!

  • seijidan

    I see her puss is wet :/

    • Powwow

      Innapropriate :/

      • hasita

        inappropriate? it sounds like he is saying what he sees… gosh

        • Powwow

          And I’m saying what I think… Gosh!

          • seijidan

            im sorry.. let me rephrase it… i see her va va voom is wet :/

          • hasita

            lol im just saying.

  • sarah

    That i was the first think I’ve noticed.
    However,she looks good.

  • This… is why I always wear black spandex pants… I love her whole attitude towards sports and food though. I can really tell she works out a lot.

    • Powwow

      Yes, I agree, she reminds me of Jessica Biel too.

  • JaneParker

    Yes, something weird going on down there. And the pants also create an almost cameltoe situation. But she looks great. She’s my age and I wish I were as fit as she is.

  • jamie

    umm yea grey is not a good choice for work out clothing when you are a sweater….i made that mistake once and it was not pretty!

    she looks really athleetic and fit but has really big calves…they are almost as big as her thighs

  • Tally


  • LohanNKardashianFan

    love her hair and face, but that’s it..

  • Ana

    I feel embarrassed just looking at these pictures, what was she thinking?!

    • LauraCM

      Lol, wow – dramatic much??
      If you’re talking about the sweating…that’s just what happens when people work out…no big deal…
      Anyway………..I must say, I was surprised to see she is 25. I don’t know why I always thought she was nearer 30.

  • Unfortunate sweating.. I have a pair of cute grey and pink workout shorts from Nike that I’ve been dreading wearing. Either they will look fantastic on me during and after my running session or they will look AWFUL. Im just afraid that the latter is more likely…

  • Chelsea

    I’ll never be that thin. Maybe next lifetime, Chelsea, maybe next time. Lol

    • Monique

      lmao! Can we be friends?

      • solaxia

        Lol you two are cute. I’m loving her legs here!

  • Splenda

    I think it is refreshing to see someone in workout clothes who has actually worked up a sweat.

    And now I am off to change out of my own sweaty tennis clothes.

  • lc

    Love her figure.

  • babybincer

    She looks like a man. No fat, no curves. Too skinny.

    • ary

      you seriously think she looks like a man? i can’t see that at all, her leg shape is quite feminine, even with those biggish calves. Maybe i’m used to seeing men with bulky thighs, but still….

      • annemarie

        I think he/she was trolling.

      • Mia

        Most men I know carry weight in their stomachs, not their thighs. If anything, it seems like a lot of guys have chicken legs. Also, I know a lot of men who have A LOT of problems trying to gain muscle in their calves. So yes, I agree with you, there is absolutely nothing manly about her body, nor her face.

        • serena

          Agree, Ashley is not masculine at all. She’s skinny and fit, I think her legs are nice. Big calves show that she actually works out a lot and doesn’t just cut calories to be skinny.

        • ary

          lol, i’m surrounded by men with non-chicken legs..huge thighs muscles, like two hams :p . Ashley’s are very thin, and honestly i find chicken/slender/feminine legs more appealing on men too: http://www.realsolutionsmag.com/ezine/31/issue31b.asp
          😛 this guy was hotter before!

          • artemis

            he looked better before…a lil. still not hot and the armpit hair kills it >.< the fact he shaves is a huge improvement.

    • lc

      Too skinny? From where? She isn’t manly.

  • jenna

    I never realized how skinny she was until I just saw her in the movie Butter. She’s a stick!

    • happygolucky

      Stick of butter?

  • Polly

    Honestly, I would love to have such slim and muscular legs like that, unfeminine or not. But I know my body type, and I don’t think that will ever happen. She’s like the new Jessica Biel. Fitness Fiend.

    • goldfish

      she may workout alot but i wouldn’t compare her to jessica biel, she has a much more womanly curvy body

  • Mia

    Never wear light colored clothing when preparing to sweat a lot. I’ve learned that the hard way. I wore light blue shorts during my last marathon and in my finish line picture it looks like I wet myself. Lovely.

  • carrie

    she is skinny. maybe 5;4 115 ish?she looks tiny

    • Bird

      I think she weights a lot less, i will say 100. Im 5’4 and weight 100 lbs and I will look huge standing next to her. But im not that toned and muscle does weight more but I dont think that much more…

      • Adriana

        Just because you are 5.4″ and weigh 100 pounds and in your words would “look huge standing next to her” doesn’t necessarily mean she would weigh less than you.
        Everyone has a different body composition so it’s no good to compare.
        Friends and family that guess my weight ALWAYS guess my weight to be 15 pounds less than it is and it’s not like they are being nice and just knocking off 15 pounds because my actual weight doesn’t sound like alot anyway.

  • annemarie

    In the last picture it looks like she’s about to step on her loose shoe-string…

  • Casey

    I’ve never really liked Ashley Greene. I don’t like her acting, I don’t find her figure envious, and I don’t think her face is attractive. I do think she should be commended for being fit, but I feel like as a celebrity you should have more going for you than that.

  • retrobanana

    i always admire her fitness and i feel like she definately changed her style up but yeah i think she is more famous for her thinness and fitness than her acting ability..

  • happygolucky

    She exudes energy and happiness here and looks great. I love a healthy-looking, athletic body.

  • Stace

    It’s refreshing to see a celebrity leaving a gym who actually looks like they have worked out!

  • Ysatis

    lol those pics are quite unfortunate

  • Caro

    I don’t understand people going outside in workout clothes. come on ! don’t you have enough clothes to put some sweatpants on? same for the shoes, it is gross to use the same inside and outside ! I know that where i’m from, it is not even an option to walk outside like that. even for 10 meters. no matter what, be classy lady !

    • serena

      Well, I’m guessing she just left the gym and is about to get into her car and drive home to shower. A lot of people do that because they don’t want to shower at the gym. But anyway wearing workout clothes like that is pretty common in America – I see women dressed like that running errands all the time. We’re a nation of slobs lol 😀

    • MissMarilyn

      i go to the gym every day except for sunday. And out of ALL the people I see there, I don’t see anyone who leaves the gym in anything other than their gym clothes unless they have work/school/some other commitment RIGHT after. Maybe if its cold someone will bring a jacket along, but its a huge pain in the butt to haul some fat bag full of sweats, go into the locker room, find a locker, stuff them in there, go workout, go back to the locker room, make your way through naked elderly people to your locker, put on clothes that you’ll literally be wearing for five minutes (because it’s not like you’re going to do anything else but go home and shower when you’re sweaty and gross), and then go back to your car.

      I never bring a change of clothes to the gym. I go in my gym clothes and leave in my sweaty gym clothes. And do I look cute? No. Are my clothes at that point disgusting? Yes. But I do not care because I am only wearing them at the gym and then inside my car. Then I get home, take them off, and shower. It’s not like I’m seeing people or having social interactions while in my gym clothes.

      • Aafje

        Yeah I never change my clothes either and most people I see there don’t either…I do notice a lot of people changing from snow boots to regular shoes because many of us walk there because it is a University gym…thats about it though. Some people even go straight to class in their gym clothes if they dont smell bad. No one really cares, at least people are making effort to exercise.

      • Mia

        Ditto. My gym is 2 blocks away from my house so I walk there and back in my workout clothes. It seems silly to get dressed to walk home just so I can jump in the shower and get dressed again.

    • Stace

      I’m curious to know where you’re from, Caro.

  • Katheryn

    I thought it was Selma Blair for a second!

  • Mara

    I used to find her so beautiful, but weight loss has kind of affected her face. She’s rather plain to me now and slightly resembles Michael Jackson.
    I don’t even mind the skinny figure (though I think she has looked concernigly skinny in the past), it’s really mostly her face and charisma that has been affected. Looking at pictures of her from just three years ago, she was soo much prettier IMO.

  • KC

    Ugh, I hate the look of those kind of workout pants. Not just the color and the unfortunate sweat stain–the whole look is just so ugly to me.

  • Aafje

    Lol @ everyone acting like looking good while working out is important. Who cares how you are dressed you are there to EXERCISE not look pretty.

    • PinkLadi

      lol i agree. i never look particularly cute during/after working out, however, i do so hate crotch sweat! Mostly bc people stare and it’s creepy. And judging by the comments on this thread, a lot of them are thinking exactly what i suspect them to be thinking.

      • Aafje

        well yeah no one wants visible crotch sweat but leaving the gym…i just don’t care. I don’t look great going in to the gym, I look worse leaving… who cares…I’m sure i sweat in all sorts of awkward places. Oh well…at least I did enough to sweat lol

    • Sofia

      I don’t even bother trying to look pretty at the gym… it’s so hard to do so when you’re doing an intense sweaty workout LOL

  • artemis

    I’ll never like her figure or nose, but she has a cute face. i liked her in the twilight saga. her character in lol was bad, not her :)) but there was this scene which i found funny when miley cyrus and another girl were staring at her saying ‘wish i had her butt’ and the other girl says ‘mine’s so flat’. but ashley’s butt in that scene is very small, especially compared to her wide back.

    • annabanana

      haha that is funny. Those pics dont make her figure look all that great. Almost like Kesha… maybe thats why she works so hard to be thin and fit?

      • artemis

        i guess so. it’s better than doing nothing. i think she should get more muscles on her lower body/butt. i have a very small torso so i guess that’s why i think her shoulders/back are very very wide and distracting but i think some don’t care or they like it, which is good, it’s cool that girls and guys have different tastes cause we all look more or less different from each other.

  • Lauren

    You know you’re a trainer when…the first thing I noticed was the angle of her ankles and how she probably has fallen arches. She needs more supportive shoes lol

  • burckybear

    proper sweaty hoof!

  • Nikki

    Her legs are amazing.

  • ellentjie

    This is why you wear black tights to the gym – crotch sweat