Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue

Ashley-Greene-Does-Teen-Vogue - Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue

Twilight beauty Ashley Greene looks pretty and smiley on the pages of Teen Vogue this month, where she rocks colorful and bubbly dresses.

How do you all like this shoot featuring 23 year-old Ashley?

Ashley-Greene-Does-Teen-Vogue-2 - Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue

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Ashley-Greene-Does-Teen-Vogue-3 - Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue

Ashley-Greene-Does-Teen-Vogue-4 - Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue

Ashley-Greene-Does-Teen-Vogue-5 - Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue

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  • Minik

    I really really like this shoot! No heavy makeup, no weird stuff, just a great looking girl with cute outfits and nice backgrounds. I’m wuite sure, that some think its boring, but I like it^^

  • Minik

    *I’m quite sure

  • burckybear

    She is pretty and seems natural

  • SOOO much better than Kristen Stewart…

  • Kimberly

    Beautiful! I like this shoot.

  • lc

    One word: Boring.

    She’s not pretty to me in the slightest. And her body is strange with her face.

  • For me, the photoshoot feels fake. It seems like she’s just trying to act inoccent and get her good reputation back after the naked photos she took of herself…
    Plus, I agree with Ic…

  • Boring. And I don’t find her face appealing.

  • Kate

    She seems natural but interesting. I find the lack of business in the shots refreshing. I never thought I’d be a fan of hers, but I’m starting to see how she’s beautiful.

  • Jenna

    She looks so pretty in the Twilight films but not so much in real life. There is something a bit rodent like about her nose and mouth, that sounds really harsh I know but I can’t help it!

    I do like the fact she has broad shoulders like me and she usually dresses well to flatter them but the first dress doesn’t suit her. It is harder to pull of feminine and girly fashions with broad shoulders I think.

    • I actually prefer her here to Twilight – I find her pixie haircut in Twilight only amplifies her pinched nose and mouth!
      Her body is good for her shape – she does have a V-shaped figure, but most of the time she dresses it well. I think this shoot makes her look very pretty and classic.

      • I don’t like the pixie hair on her either.
        this is a really nice shoot!

  • Grey

    I’m just impressed that teen vogue didn’t sex her up. Most teen girls look like street walkers these days, so this is a step in the right direction.

    As a model, though, she’s not the best. She’s better for acting.

  • Yawn.

  • Brit

    I find her ‘look’ quite cute, esp for Alice. Very unique face and very pretty dresses; although you can tell they’re pictures meant for teenagers which is fine!

  • AlexD

    this photoshoot feels so unnatural to me, maybe because im used to seeing her more grown up and sexed up, and read her interviews about how sexual she is etc etc.. of course this is teen vogue though and they always make celebs look like 14 year olds. what can i say

  • Inanna

    Her nose is soooo fake.

  • ajt

    She looks really pretty, but I can’t believe she’s only 23. She looks older to me. Maybe it’s the styling, I like the close, but the look isn’t saying fresh and young. Overall though, she has really pretty eyes and a great fit boday.

    • Valerie

      I agree. I think she looks a lot older here for some reason… honestly she could play a mom of young kids in a movie/tv show judging from these pictures!

  • flossy

    Bloody awful she’s a beautiful girl but these outfits truly hide her light under a bushel.

  • I just can’t find her pretty. All I see is a nose job that turned her into a chipmunk face and it’s sad because I’m sure she was very pretty before.

  • serena

    I love the fourth one. I remember her being really tiny in twilight, she said that she was working and training on set constantly and had little time to eat. I think she’s at more of her natural size now.

  • erin


  • Tiedye

    I find her naturally pretty, she doesn’t need much make-up or much hair styling to look good. In the fourth picture she almost looks like Sophia Bush.

  • No name

    Her nose looks weird

  • megan

    Not a fan of hers but I love the second picture and the dress she’s wearing in it! 🙂

  • Georgia

    She looks soo pretty!

  • snoops

    I dont think she has had a nose job, even though her nose has that nose job “look” to it, I think its just the way it is naturally, since there are pictures of her on the net age 16 in highschool with the same nose. Yeah she could have had surgery when she was under 16…but to if she was willing to get surgery so young, wouldnt she be the kind of person to get surgery again to make her nose look less..unusual? Just speculating but I think thats the nose she waas born with.

    • Jenna

      If it is a nose job I’d ask for my money back if I were her.

  • Yep

    I adore these clothes! I just love them!

  • Dani

    She looks like a housewife from the 50s and way older than 23.She looks pretty,the clothes are nice but for her age she looks boring…of course I don’t want to see her naked but a little more dressed her age.