Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen in Denim Shorts

Mary-Kate-Olsen-in-Denim-Shorts - Mary-Kate Olsen in Denim Shorts

Mary-Kate Olsen (or Ashley, if you insist) was spotted leaving a hotel in the SoHo yesterday, while wearing a pair of denim shorts, flip flops, shades, one of her trademark baggy tops and another one of her trademarks: frizzy hair.

How do you feel about her visibly worn out top? See it better after the jump!

Mary-Kate-Olsen-in-Denim-Shorts-2 - Mary-Kate Olsen in Denim Shorts

Mary-Kate-Olsen-in-Denim-Shorts-3 - Mary-Kate Olsen in Denim Shorts

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  • keri

    she’s so cute

  • salma’ben

    nice legs , beautiful legs , fit body and SAD face I think a smile could make a diference .

  • Emily

    Wow, if i was a BILLIONAIRE I would stop buying clothes from the thrift store, have someone else do my hair everyday, and wear a huge smile!

  • janet

    i LOVE her, i love everything about her, even her bleached eyebrows!

  • Lucy

    Isn’t that Ashley….?

  • Steph

    I thought it was Ashley too.

  • Sally L

    Yes It is Ashley

  • hula

    She’s Ash, not MK.

  • jennifer

    How can you tell the difference?

  • liv

    that’s ashley NOT mary kate

  • Clara

    Yes It is Ashley .)

  • Ally

    Ahem, it’s Ashley.

  • Anna

    How can you tell the difference? [2]
    i think it’s MK

  • machmalow

    It’s Ashley ^^ and with a great pair of legs !

  • Versus

    Hmm… my source says Mary-Kate. And so do other places on the Internet, but you guys might be right.

  • sammy

    shorts are nice,,,, but i would put the hair in a bun …slicked back

  • Juliette

    That’s definitely Ashley. IMO, she’s the cuter twin. The other one has this weird duck-lip thing going going on.

  • Annie

    She’s Ashley, MK is in London for fashion week.

  • Rebecca

    thats ashley because of her haircut. she has an angled bob whereas mary kate has long hair.

  • Cinthee

    She is so cute! I think this is Ashley and she is pretty, has great legs, and a cute face. (Both Mary-Kate and Ashley share these qualities)

  • sharlene_threase

    Thats Ashley their faces are slightly diffrent and Ashley is taller. Its so obvious!

  • Micaela

    she is to rich to be looking like a bum, I’m sorry it had to be said.

  • Elena

    MK’s hair is longer and her face looks different. Plus, she’s in London. Eitherway, I like her outift here. Simple, casual = great.

  • Jules

    It’s Ashley. MK actually went to London the day after this so it could have been her, however it is Ashley.

  • MissKitty

    Not attractive