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  • amazon

    they seem like genuine friends which is lovely. unlike their dresses 🙁
    on another note, i would say vanessa is slimmer than me, but definetly much plumper over the shoulders and arms. how is that? body shape has a lot to answer for!

    • I was wondering the same Thing!

  • Princess

    I like Vanessa dress better but i don`t like her makeup,i hate it when they make their faces looking paler then the rest of their bodies.She got beautiful legs.

  • they are both so pretty!

  • Looks like young Hollywood is not size Zero anymore!
    Not a fan of the girls or the dresses

  • Brit

    Vanessas hair looks like a triangle! I often do my hair and it turns out like that and I try to redo it ha

  • ruby

    I definitely think that Vanessa’s short hair has added weight! One of my friends had hair down to her wasit, and one day she decided to chop it all off; it’s as if a lot of the time, long hair disguises weight.

    It’s like the colour black, it can really work wonders!

    • amazon

      thats not good news. my own hair was recently chopped by a an over eager (blind!) hairdresser 🙁

  • Meghan

    I personally am not a fan of either of them. Way too much makeup, although I don’t think either are very beautiful, and I don’t love their fashion choices here. They do look healthy though.

  • Halle

    Ever since Ashley got her nose job, she has looked completely different. It’s like her facial harmony was disrupted or something. Her face looks much more pinched and aged.
    I think Vanessa is a cutie, it’s interesting to see how she has gained since her HSM days.

  • i dont like the dress, and too much make up. Vanessa looks so puffy ?? weird.
    How old are they ? I’m 19 and I look wayyy younger ! they’re younger than 19 ?

    • Meghan

      No, they are both in their early 20’s- you’re right, the makeup drastically ages them.

      • Em

        I agree.. they both look so much better in natural makeup. Vanessa’s especially ages her and washes her out. Ashley looks better.. but it still isn’t the most flattering look imo.

    • Em

      Vanessa is 22 and Ashley is 25, so hopefully they look older than you 🙂

      It’s so hard to know hollywood ages since so many play characters a good deal younger than their actual age… such as their characters in high school musical.

      • thanks, yes I guess i thought they were younger because of the characters they play!

      • padme

        Well High School Musical came out in 2006. So Vanessa at least was the appropriate age.

  • AlexD

    I guess im gonna be the first (or only) person to say this but I think they both look bar. not digging either of the dressed, specially ashleys that hides her amazing body. They both look kind of.. dirty.
    Ashleys hair color looks bad (there are better ways to make dyed hair look more natural. here it just screams fake color to me) and the style is blah and unpolished. Im surprised by the lack of body makeup on them, too

    • AlexD

      look bad*

    • mel

      I agree with everything you said. They could have done so much better. And Ashley looks like she’s gained weight because the dress shows her non-skinniest part (her arms) and conceals her slimmest feature, her legs.

  • Amina

    I hope people dont hate me for this, but vanessa’s upper half looks big! 0_0

  • Hazal

    Vanessa Hudgens is a cutie IMO. But I think here she and Ashley Tisdale look so tacky.

  • dietallthetime

    they both have definitely gained…this is what happens when you deprive yourself and you suddenly eat like a normal person. not saying they look bad, but they (especially vanessa) seem slightly bloated.

    • Cecil

      or what happens when u age?

      • dietallthetime

        yes, your metabolism slows down as you age….but i don’t think this is the case for vanessa. the reason i am saying this is bc just a few days ago i saw pics of her and she looked pretty slim. and just in a matter of days she seems to have gained/looked bloated. at least that is what happens to me. if i follow a strict diet and all of a sudden i eat lots of cabrs, my face will bloat! i hate it! and this bc the body will retain fluids as soon as more food is being consumed

  • anna

    vanessa hudgens has gained weight…woooaaahhhhhh

  • dietallthetime

    also, when your face is bloated…your face can look less elegant…this is the case for vanessa in these pics

  • gah.. i have the same problem as vanessa. she has bigger arms although shes really slim. i hate the fact that i cant wear tube top dresses because when you see just my upper half, i look a lot bigger than i actually am. just like vanessas close up. but if u see her legs theyre so skinny and toned..

    what body type is that? bigger arms smaller legs. but bigger bum, smaller boobs? LOL. confusing isnt it?

    • Sidney

      I fit your description as well. Whenever i’ve gained even a bit from what i consider my ideal i stay completely away from tank tops /sleeveless shirts. I think those attributes can be present in many bodytypes, i think i’m close to a ruler though i have some waist and a bum, sometimes i think i look like a V-shape too. Idk. I think Vanessa looks pretty, and i actually like the hair and make-up somehow, but the dress does highlight what in my mind is her weak point, aka the arms.

    • amazon

      if you have the same proportions as Vanessa appears to have above- lucky you! I would be happy to swap my slightly skinnier arms. I saw her baring her midriff the other day. Now thats something I can’t do 🙁
      oh and I think its actually just an unflattering pic above as I’ve seen loads of others from the parties and she looks slim as ever.

      • jadeee

        same here, i have skinnier arms and legs but my weight goes to my stomach making me look thicker i think.

        her face is so pretty that at any weight i think she looks good. i think the pressure of having to watch what you eat at her age probably just pisses her off and she sometimes eats whatever she wants like a normal person. the camera is just so unforgiving.

      • haha . thanks! but id switch with you! i do love flat stomach but thats something barely noticeable (except in the beach). i think its easier to hide slightly bulging stomach than arms. it definitely would be easier to dress in the summer if i can wear tanks and tube tops.

        i think it may not look as bad as in these photos but she does have the same problem as me, its just normally she knows how to pose them . haha . that typical pose where you put your hands on your waist. it really slims your arms. i would know because i do the same thing , because its either that or ill hate the picture.

        i think its part of the reason i kind of like her, i noticed hayden panettiere is the same. she looks big when she bares her arms and then i realized she had such a nice toned stomach.

  • vanessa does look bloated..not like she gained weight, just like puffy or something. neither looks great imho. i think its the makeup though. less is definitely more on young girls

    • dietallthetime

      yeap, she is bloated, either from drinking or for eating more after a calorie-restricted diet. when you eat more than your body is used to (especially if you have been consuming under your metabolic needes), there will be fluid retention from the excess calories. i’ve seen this over and over again with actresses who tend to diet a lot…

      • dietallthetime

        from* eating

      • dietallthetime

        needs* sorry lots of typos lol

  • they both look like they have gained weight recently…like very recently…because there was a post on Vanessa like a week ago where I thought she’d lost quite a bit

  • mel

    I really think Ashley’s dress is what is making her look a little larger than usual. Her arms have never been the most toned and her slimmest part is her legs, and the dress hides that. I hate Vanessa’s hair and it looks like she’s almost sinking her head down into her neck. That pursed-lips, head-down look works with longer hair, but not with this new shorter cut.

  • serena

    vanessa looks gross

  • Nessa

    I like that their not stick skinny, it’s refreshing to not see stick skinny girls. most people look better when their not stick skinny anyways, and vanessa looks curvier, which I prefer for vanessa. Asheley looks old on the other hand. don’t know if its the dress, or makeup???

  • Brit

    Kind of want Vanessa to wash her face and start over maybe take some excess makeup off with a blotting tissue. Would probably feel nicer as well

  • mary

    both mediocre looking at best. mediocre talent wise as well.

  • Teresa

    I really think it’s just the angle. They’re probably really tiny in person.

  • Anne

    vanessa has a better face, its cute and exotic somehow, ashley is just so blah but she has a better body and height, it sucks when ur short like vanessa everytime u gain weight its so noticeable

  • I don’t think either of them are pretty girls usually but they are looking a lot worse than usual here. I think less and nude makeup suits them better,

  • alia

    i do not like vanessas hair like that!
    and i beleive the dress shes wearing does not fit the event..al are wearing long beautiful gown and she shows up with this, and its agly too. i love ashley tisdales fashionsense and the dress shes wearing is beautiful. i like vanessas face more tho.

  • Ingrid

    they are so young, but the make-up makes them 10 years older

  • I usually like red lips, but I think the make up doesn’t look good here, they look like the joker

  • lc

    Neither are very pretty to me, but this is worse than usual. Vanessa looks heavier.

  • Chelsea

    Vanessa is naturally extremely gorgeous, her makeup her isn’t doing her any favours nor is her hair – no shape to the hair at all. I think she could pull off shorter hair but shorter hair with some kind of style rather then the mop-like do she’s sporting here. She also looks pudgy around the arms, I’m not saying she’s fat by any means but I’ve always remembered or thought of her as thin so it was kind of suprising. Likely the long hair took attention away from her figure I suppose.
    Ashley, I think she’s a cute girl but I much prefered her face before she had the nose job even though it was apparently for medical reason (sure, everyone and their grandmother have deviated septums) I think it looks too… much like a typical plastic surgery nose now if that makes any sense. Plus, Ash looks best with less makeup. Not a fan of red lip on her.

  • CK

    they look like 2 teenage girls that wanted to look like grown ups so they raided their mothers’ closets and make up bags, the result is – they look ridiculous…