Audrina Patridge, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Who Is Hotter?

The Hottest Girl in a Little Black Dress Is… Emmanuelle Chriqui VS Audrina Patridge!

the-hottest-girl-in-a-little-black-dress-is-emmanuelle-chriqui-vs-audrina-patridge - The Hottest Girl in a Little Black Dress Is... Emmanuelle Chriqui VS Audrina Patridge!

2 thin girls, 2 little black dresses… say no more! They need to be placed in a little battle!

The Hottest Girl in a Little Black Dress Is… Emmanuelle Chriqui VS Audrina Patridge!

Choose your favorite! And while you’re at it, how do you feel about Audrina’s hairstyle?

P.S.: They are 8 years apart, but you couldn’t tell (Emmanuelle’s 31 and looks much younger and Audrina is 23).

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  • Erin

    definitely Emmanuelle! Love her dress. and her fresh look

  • Emmanuelle hands down! Her dress really flatters her figure and in the looks department, she has natural beauty and natural tiggles going for her so she’s my clear choice.

  • Elena

    Are you kiddin’ me? Audrina is fugly! Emmanuelle is so cute, fresh and looks like she’s 18!

  • jess

    Cute boobs Audrina.

  • pOtAtO

    Emmanuelle without a doubt! Every thing is wrong about Audrina! the hair, the boobs out, the overtanned glow, the skinny look with the bony chest… ewww

  • may

    Emmanuelle. That was easy!

  • charlotte

    Emmanuelle 100%

  • K

    I want Emmanuelle’s face cream! She looks so young and fresh – and happy!

    Audrina looks kind of beat. Time to eat something and wear sunblock, hun!

  • VK

    Wow, can’t believe she’s 31!! She looks amazing for her age. If you’d asked us to guess which lady was 31 and which was 23 I’d have totally guessed the opposite way round. Audrina, looks a right mess, she’s overdone the fake tan, her dress is precariously balancing on her nipples and some one’s stuck a birds nest on the side of her head.

  • cloclo

    Emmanuelle! Audrina has to stop plastic surgery, it make her look older! Soon she will look like Pamela! Those girls don’t understand that plastic surgery makes you look AMAZING when you are in your 20’s but not when you get older… let see how they ll look in 15 years from now! I bet most of them will not even be famous anymore!!!!

  • gaby

    emmanuelle looks absolutely stunning! her dress flatters her figure and her skin is wonderful! i have a feeling that since she’s blessed with naturally tan skin, she was able to stay out of the sun a lot.

    Audrina looks worn out, leathery and down right ugly, im sorry 🙁

  • Freedom

    Emmanuelle Chriqui obviuosuly wisn
    she must have great skin care to look raddiant and young, in which i congratulate her. of course not being sprayed orange helps too.

    Audrina Patridge might have had a better odds in winning my vote if she wasn baked and If I didn’t see the evidence of spaced bob job.
    the hair is way too dated,it just doesn’t look good.

    • Freedom

      *sp wins

  • tina

    Whoa! Emanuelle looks FABULOUS for 31.

  • runner_girl

    Emanuelle. I love how all you people seem to think 31 is ancient :P.

    • may

      exactly what i was thinking

  • Bella

    Emmanuelle for sure. She is beautiful. Audrina isn’t fugly in my opinion, but at the same time I don’t care for her look. Also, her hairdo in this photo is not flattering or modern. Its 80’s esrly 90s valley girl.

  • alli

    i used to think audrina was pretty till i actually saw pictures of her on this site…she is sooo gross just a trashly looking, emmanuelle is da bomb she is soo pretty, in shape, and amazing!

  • e

    Emmanuelle, God, she’s gorgeous!

  • brittany

    emmanuelle! the hills girl looks super weird.

  • rahul

    please send me pictures