Avril Lavigne Talks Hair and Personal Style

December 20, 2013 in Avril Lavigne, Celebrity Quotes by Versus


On what makes her beautiful:

“I like to have long hair. I wear it down a lot, especially because I have more of a tomboyish style. I’m a shy person, so my hair is maybe a safety net. I’m not sure, but I’ve always loved long hair.”

On her style over the years:

“When I was a teenager, I had stick-straight hair, black eyes, Dickies, vintage T-shirts. For my second album, I started wearing bondage pants, shopping at Gothic stores, black streak in my hair. For me, that was growth. For my record The Best Damn Thing, I put pink in my hair and wore heels and dresses.”

On her fans copying her signature looks:

“It’s flattering! It’s always cool when I start a new look for an album and it catches on with the fans, and they start showing up to the concert dressed how I am.”

On her biggest beauty risk:

“I’ve always wanted to shave one side of my head, but it took me about four years to get the nerve. I was in Paris one night, andI was hanging out with [Marilyn] Manson, and I was like, ‘Let’s shave my head!’ He shaved my head, and I finally did it. It was so easy. I thought growing it out would be a way bigger pain in the a** than it actually was. I grew it out because I was married.”

… says 29 year-old Avril in Allure.


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