Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli for 2013 Passionata

Bar-Refaeli-122012-2 - Bar Refaeli for 2013 Passionata

Bar Refaeli is back in lingerie for the 2013 Passionata Spring collection and, as always, she looks picture-perfect. Here’s what Bar says about her most comfortable ‘outfit’:

“I feel I look my best when I’m comfortable — especially when it comes to underwear. Since it’s the closest thing that ever gets to my body I want it to compliment me, not steal the show!”

See 2 more shots next!


Bar-Refaeli-122012-1 - Bar Refaeli for 2013 Passionata  Bar-Refaeli-122012-3 - Bar Refaeli for 2013 Passionata

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  • Clarence Beeks

    This woman’s body is my idea of perfection – she, and Doutzen Kroes. I also think she is very, very pretty. I like Bar. Athletic looking, but feminine.

    • Jay

      i love bar’s body too! i think it looks even more amazing without all the photoshop, which is really saying something.

      • Linda

        I know, I din’t really like her before, but she has grown on me.

  • elle

    beautiful!! What a great figure, toned and not emancipated

    • elle


  • Wizzer

    Boring and one note.

  • Hazal

    Great figure!
    Btw: she has a model casting show on German TV (only God knows why) and it’s a huge flop. People are already annoyed by the 10000th season of Heidi Klum’s Germany’s Next Topmodel so it was clear from the beginning that Bar’s show will fail.

    • Lini

      I’m from germany and didn’t even know that she has a show in german tv 😀 but she is such a pretty woman!

  • Pixie

    Pretty and nice fit, toned body!!

  • ary

    i like her quote! And she looks great as usual.

  • violet

    average body, average face, terrible poser, hard to believe she’s made it as a model really!

  • kateuk

    She’s a goddess!

  • Winnie

    she has a great body, but her personality annoys the hell out of me

  • Stace

    The definition of perfection right here, folks.

    • speckle

      *Rolls eyes*

  • mary

    Great Body, ok face

    • Anastasia.


    • jenna

      agree as well. i’d love to have her body, but her face is just average. actually when i see pics of her, i usually think “not pretty”, but she looks better than usual here.

  • cklowds96

    Not to compare all the VS models but when I saw the second pic I totally thought it was a slightly plumper Candice. Regardless she’s beautiful though slightly plain facially to me.

    • Mishael

      Omg, with all that photoshop she does look exactly like plumper Candice on the second shot. Was is it on purpose?

  • serena

    She is beautiful, and I wish I had a cute little pink retro fridge like that lol.

    • Aafje

      Haha I was thinking the same thing. I want it to be blue though!

  • speckle

    Sooooo overrated. Average body, less than average face. I can’t stand her squinty little eyes.

  • Rosie B

    Nice shoot with the retro theme.. she has a great body as well.. not too skinny like some other models 🙂

  • sarah

    I love her face, but her body is too normal…nothing special.

  • Mishael

    She is cute to me but not model material. Her stems are too short and stumpy. Especially, her arms. Her legs look no longer and less toned than mine even on this shot. And I am 5’6 and not model at all. I mean, that I expect models to have better physique than mine.

  • N

    Great body, my goal!! 😀 any weight guesses?

    • ceecee

      she is 5ft 8 and I think around 130lbs 🙂

  • Emilie

    Her body is great but her face is just ok

  • Puppe

    She looks great really 🙂 she is a normal beautiful girl. I like it that she does mit have thise gladiator abs.

  • Puppe

    *not have, sorry

  • mimi

    with a body like that she should be a model for Costco!!

    Happy christmas

  • lc


    Photoshop overload.

  • Nobsnob

    Commenting her figure based on overly photoshopped pictures: what’s the point?

  • speckle

    In every picture I see of her, she looks so much older than her 27 years. She has old skin.

    Smoker, maybe?

    • deppfan

      That may be caused by too much tanning. The more the skin burn the quicker it loses its elasticity let alone the gross sunburns.

  • Nene

    Love this shoot,especially the background and colours.Nice body.

  • lol

    Cute! but those are not her legs. In real life her legs are shorter and thicker than on these pictures. She is an attractive woman but no model worthy like Miranda Kerr.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I don’t think Miranda Kerr is so pretty, and her body is just skinny.

      So see? All sorts of opinions. 🙂

      • JJ

        I think Miranda Kerr looks like an elf. She has such an odd face.

    • serena

      You’re right that Bar’s legs are not as long in real life; I’m sure Miranda is longer and leaner. But Miranda is also nearly flat-chested and her body is very skinny and shapeless. Her face often looks babyish, which is odd when she models sexy lingerie. In comparison Bar looks like a grown woman who can fill out a bikini or bra. So each has their strengths and it’s unfair to say one is not model-worthy.

      • lc

        “Babyish”? I’m not sure I would go that far. At least Miranda’s face is memorable, Bar has no outstanding features/bone structure/ anything. And I’d hardly call Miranda “shapeless”. She may not have voluptuous curves, but she’s really not shapeless.

        • violet

          yeah, miranda is shapeless, like a ruler, up and down, no boobs and no hips!

        • serena

          Lc – Miranda is known for her youthful cute face with dimples – this usually works for her but in certain pics she looks way young, which is odd when she’s modeling lingerie. And yes she has a very straight up-and-down figure. Elsa Hosk, Candice S, and Barbara Palvin aren’t voluptuous (A and B cups)
          but they have curves. But Miranda is just skinny. I prefer Bar’s figure, but again, just my opinion.

          • lol

            Miranda stands out. Bar looks like a million women you see everyday. Miranda isn’t shapeless. Just because someone is thin doesn’t make them shapeless. that would me like me calling all women with short thick legs “fat”
            Miranda also has a younger cuter face. When she’s 35 she will still look 25. Bar already looks older than her years. Bar is pretty in a girl next door kind of way, but women like her are ten a penny. She doesn’t look like a model at all.
            The point is If I saw a women like Miranda my head would turn because she is out of the ordinary, Bar is pretty but looks like a million other pretty women. I can understand how most women would feel more comfortable with Bar though because she is more relatable.
            But saying Miranda is “shapeless” is just something so called “curvy” women say to make themselves feel better.

          • serena

            “Just because someone is thin doesn’t make them shapeless.”

            I guess you didn’t read my comments before responding. I clearly listed several VS models who are just as thin as Miranda and said they have curves. Curvy is a shape, not a size. Even if you’re Miranda’s #1 fan you can’t deny her figure is very straight up-and-down. Bar otoh looks like a grown woman who can model a bikini, no need to stuff her bra like a little girl first lol 😉

          • serena

            Anyway maybe “shapeless” was the wrong word to use. I simply meant ruler/column shaped. Although in some photos Miranda has a noticeable waist but in others her torso looks so very straight.

          • lc

            Well, yeah but she does have a waist. And I don’t think being able to fill out a bikini means that you necessarily model it better, or that you are a “grown woman”. Just my opinion.

    • Emilie

      I agree, that is NOT her legs. But I can see why they photoshoped them, her shortish and thicker legs are the “worst” part of her body

  • binks


  • speckle

    So, small-chested woman are “little girls” who need to “stuff their bras”? (Eye roll, and I’m not even small-chested.)

  • natalia

    Almost perfect, could use a little more muscle definition and little less softness. Face, ok. cool name

  • La la la la

    I always really like her spreads. Her legs are looking great. Passionista does cute shoots, I remember last year they had her in an adorable head scarf. I really like the pic of her smiling so big with her red lips. Pretty!

  • Candy

    Her face is boring. Every time I see a picture of her I say, “who”?, oh yeah her.

  • annabanana

    this is the model i can relate to the most, as i am not tall and gangly, but more normal sized (5’4″). Our bodies are actually quite similar though I am not in as good as shape as her! but i like seeing her model because she looks like I would in the clothes/lingerie

  • mystic

    Perfect body! miranda kerr just doesn’t compare, she needed to have a baby to give her some boobs and butt, Bar has this as standard lol!

  • Michelle

    perfect body…face is meh.

  • Irene

    She looks so well. Why so much photoshop?..