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Barbara Palvin Was Called ‘Fat’ After Her Sports Illusrated Spread

barbara-palvin-2016-photo-sports-illustrated-x160011_tk5_0152-rawwmfinal19201 - Barbara Palvin Was Called 'Fat' After Her Sports Illusrated Spread

All the details from Daily Mail:

Barbara posed for a slew of images for both the Swimsuit Issue itself and Sports Illustrated’s Swim Daily website, modeling sexy string bikinis, cut-out monokinis, and, in a few cases, no top at all.

Yet despite her clearly sizzling sex appeal, some people have been incredibly nasty online.

‘You’re So fat sorry Barbara [sic],’ wrote one Instagram commenter with an obvious disregard for the rules of grammar, while another seemingly delusional person wrote: ‘When her body is not even that bomb but her face is so I have hope kind of.’

‘She looks pregnant [to be honest],’ wrote someone on another picture of Barbara lounging on the beach in a swimsuit.

Shocked by the few hateful comments, Barbara took to Twitter to slam those who couldn’t keep their negative thoughts to themselves.

‘Wooow. I got some nasty comments about me being fat,’ she wrote. ‘Well I am not as skinny as I was when I was 18. But I don’t consider myself fat!’

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  • prettydarnfunny

    people SUCK. i wish there was a camera snapping a photo of the person sitting behind the computer/ipad/phone when they leave nasty body shaming comments like that…

    LOL, i can only imagine!!!

    • Kia

      Exactely!! Probably a failed anorexic wannabe lol…
      Go barbara,you have the right attitude for these ranty haters, you look beutiful and yes, not overweight or extraweighted at all. Still rocking it bab! They are gonna talk

      • Tatianna

        How exactly does one fail a mental condition?

        • lia

          Well, to be medically classified as anorexic, you need to meet a certain bmi cutoff. So I guess theoretically if you starve yourself but aren’t skinny enough you can be a failed anorexic in the eyes of the medical industry?

          • Agatha


  • Annie

    Instagram is probably one of the worst places in terms of body image. All these boney, photoshopped “fitness models” posing with their detox tea and whatnot annoy me to NO end. No wonders some people on there have an extremely warped perspective and leave comments like these.

    Barbara is a beautiful girl with a healthy looking body and I think it’s great SI chose her as a model. I want to see more girls like her in big campaigns.

    • Agatha

      I always wonder this when people complain about the fitness models: Why do you follow them? I don’t follow any of those type of accounts and I don’t have to deal with such “annoying” people. If you like similar pictures, yes, they are going to appear in your suggestions. IG is a great platform, I share my art there and I’ve found other artists and interesting folks.

      • HB

        Well, I used to follow this overweight woman who was working to train other overweight people and get fit along side them. It was inspiring. But tons of fitness models, regular models, even “adult” actresses showed up in my feed. That’s the only link I can think of that would’ve put them there. I clicked on one, and instead of saying “based on accounts you follow,” it said “popular post.” So it’s not all the user herself. I now just try to stick to the friends I follow, and keep from even looking at the feed.

      • Annie

        I used to follow a lot of “fitness” accounts when I first started working out again last year until I realized many of them are likely former “pro ana” girls who shifted their obsessions instead of actually recovering. I have since deleted my account because it made me miserable and unable to appreciate my own progress.

        • Agatha

          I agree, a lot of people that I knew had eating disorders in the past are now in the fitness craze. You really don’t know what’s behind the picture.

          Yes, social media can become quite toxic, specially because a lot of people post only to inspire jealousy. And I don’t really know why other people follow/like/friend that type of behaviour. Humans are masochistic.

          I actually deleted my social media too. But that’s another story.

          • lc

            Exactly how I feel about social media. Toxic (and pointless imo) indeed.

          • Ellia

            Amen! Social media really tethers people to some parallel existence that’s actually a lesser copy of our real one..ain’t nobody got time for that! My friends have my phone #.

    • HB

      I agree- it’s so unhealthy. My younger sister has a “fitness” account where she basically posts thinspo/fap material all day of random Australian fitness models and VS girls. Vomit.

  • YoungHearts

    “…wrote one Instagram commenter with an obvious disregard for the rules of grammar.”

    Lol, trust the Daily Mail to use ad hominem attacks.

  • Zoe.

    I saw some of the comments on her Instagram and thought they were so messed up. I mean, if she’s fat, then what does that make the average American (or Brit for that matter?) Has she gained since she first started modelling? Yes. Do I still think she looks stunning? Yes.

    • chris

      She’s not fat, but the average American and Brit woman IS fat. I think thats why people are so upset. They see a woman, unfairly, being criticized for being fat who is much thinner than they are and they take it really personally. Barbara looks fine and healthy, but the average american woman is overweight, thats a fact.

      • Zoe.

        That’s exactly what I was saying, but maybe I didn’t make it clear? My point was that if someone of Barbara’s weight is ‘fat’, then the majority of the population must be morbidly obese in comparison. I’m just saying it seems bizarre to call someone of her size overweight when she’s several sizes smaller than the average person, and it’s highly unlikely that her critics are perfect tens themselves.

        • Lia

          If you follow her on IG the people calling her fat seem to be skinny teenaged girls. maybe they idolized her when she was thinner and so they call her fat for gaining. like I don’t think it’s middle-aged overweight people calling her fat

          there’s also some people who think all models should look like twigs for some reason.

  • lc

    She isn’t fat! What a horrible thing to say to a young girl/woman. She may not be skinny or fit but that doesn’t mean she is fat. For fat, see Beth Ditto, Tess Holliday, etc.

  • S

    Ridiculous. She is smoking hot. Just pro ana weirdos with no appreciation for a womanly figure.

  • chris

    She isn’t skinny, but I can appreciate different types of beauty than my ideal. Not fat- fat is Ashley Graham. This girl is an average weight.

    • Zoe.

      “This girl is an average weight.” Really? I’d describe her as quite slim personally, just not particularly toned.

      • ayu

        It is average in Europe, and above average in most Asian countries…

        • ayu

          I think she looks great, btw.

        • Kia

          Ahahah “in europe”. Are you from europe? Have you travelled around a bunch of european countries? Because i am and i did and that body ,unfortunately!, is still not average

          • Demi

            I am from Belgium and most of the girls in my college are as slim as Barbara but there are also bigger girls. Her body is slim but average slim

          • Sun

            I’ve been to every single European country except a few of the Easternmost and Portugal. Other than in the UK, Barbara’s pretty much average sized. Average as in you look at 10 girls her age on the street and at least 6 of them would have a similar sized body.

  • HB

    I think Barbara looks great, healthy, and a nice variant body type for a model. She’s not super lean, but who says anyone has to be?

  • gg

    hyperboles and exaggeration. nothing to see here. no outrage necessary.

    i love her tiny teen face.

  • Calia

    Of course some idiots called her fat. Welcome to the Internet. Do these people only expect positive comments on their social media where so many trolls abound?

  • Uma

    Really, it’s like some people are discovering the internet in 2016. You can be the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world, there is a troll out there who will call you fat and ugly, if you put yourself up for it. Again, as with all other models, this is your job. This is what you do for money. You sell your body. The hating and trolling is “not fair”, but for ffs, do they even realize how shallow they sound with these comeback? “Omg, there is someone on the internet who doesn’t like me! I must prove them wrong! Everyone MUST like me”. How about ignoring them? That’s how you show you don’t care. And really, all those discussions – again – about how those trolls/haters/whatever look. THAT IS NOT THE POINT! THEY ARE NOT THE ONES SELLING THEIR IMAGE/BODY FOR MONEY. Also, I am ugly, do you think this makes me incapable of seeing other ugly people? What kind of stupid argument is this anyway? Everyone needs to stop being so god damn sensitive to every little critique. Especially on the fvcking internet. Sorry about the rant but I am honestly so tired of these overpaid princesses complaining about such shallow matters. They have no idea what it’s like to live in the real world and have a real job, if this is their main issue in life.

    • Ellia

      Yeah, but to ignore a follower in the first place, she’d still have to read one of their rude comments.
      I don’t think it’s okay for someone to seek out her personal instagram page just to tell her how crap she is. Models are pressured by their agency to have a social media presence. And I don’t think she earns enough to hire a full-time assistant to do it for her. I understand your point, but they’re still human.

      • Uma

        No, you completely missed my point. This is 2016, internet users are mostly trolls. Have you ever read youtube or popular newspaper comments? Either all of a sudden a large part of the population has gone completely imbecile, or, and here’s a wild thought, there are a bunch of bored people who get off on being trolls. When I said ignore, I meant exactly that, ignore them. You read them, laugh/wave it off and move forward. Stop making a drama out of it, only encourages trolls.

    • Zoe

      Sorry, but I completely disagree. I’m assuming this isn’t the first time Barbara’s received troll comments (probably more like the thousandth), which means she must have previously ignored them. However, like the average person she is human- I’ve personally learnt to ignore people who are constantly criticising me over time, but there comes a point where you’ve simply reached the end of your tether.

      On one hand, when you ignore a bully or troll, you’re ‘winning’ because it gives them the impression that they’re not affecting you; on the other, it also kind of makes you a bystander, which can encourage the bully to carry on. After all, you’re not defending yourself so what they’re doing must be acceptable, right?

      I’m personally tired of people suggesting that models and other celebrities should lie down and take abuse just because their salaries are considerably higher than the average person’s. Having more money in the bank than most people does not suddenly mean that you are devoid of feelings, nor does it mean that having to deal with troll comments ‘is their main issue in life.’ I’m pretty sure the likes of Barbara do have other issues in their life to do with family, relationships, health etc. However they’re hardly going to post about such personal issues online are they?

      Let’s say someone works as a junior editor at a fashion magazine, but suddenly gets promoted so they’re earning a six-figure salary as senior editor. If word gets out and they suddenly start receiving abuse from jealous co-workers or even strangers, they wouldn’t be expected to just accept it- even if the were ‘overpaid’, they would be perfectly within their rights to defend themselves or complain about their treatment.

      Professions such in the fashion and retail industries, for example are arguably equally as superficial as modelling- yes they require more physical and mental work than modelling does, and pay less most of the time, but they’re not really contributing anything to society like ‘curing cancer’. Why is it that we wouldn’t expect people in such professions to take abuse, when we expect the same of models?

    • lc

      I feel bad for her, because she is so young and seems pretty sweet (seems, lol). But yes, I pretty much do agree with you about the Internet age and how people generally handle it.

  • asynia

    Her face is gorgeous!

  • Poison

    If she is fat, Kate Upton is a effing cow. just sayin’ (sense the irony, pls). I’d really like to see those picture perfect individuals, who barf these comments on the websites…

    • Agatha

      Pretty sure they must have a similar BMI, but Kate has a different body shape. You’re not better than the troll that wrote that comment. I don’t care if you disguise it as irony.

  • angry_bird

    She looks stunning in this picture, I think she should just ignore the trolls

  • Mel

    Barbara’s certainly not fat. That green swimsuit, however, is terribly unflattering. It’s like SI tries to make their models look worse than they actually do! That said, society seems to be very conflicted about what we want as beauty ideals. We don’t want to see “unhealthy, anorexic” models, we want “real women with curves”. But when presented with a healthy bmi woman, neither skinny nor fat, we’re outraged that she’s not more toned or defined. Though I suspect DM may be making much hay of this too

    • HB

      I agree it’s a terrible swimsuit, but I can see how guys would find it sexy.

  • Deborah G.

    She is so beautiful. Not fat at all but also not model thin.

  • Aleksandra

    In my opinion she is not fat, but she is not a model material any more. She is clearly not doing any sports, and soon someone will tell her to hit the gym and loose some kg.

  • Megan Donaldson

    but, but she’s perfect!

  • liese

    She’s not fat. She is a healthy weight with a soft figure. But we’re used to seeing models who are lean, skinny, so people go and call her ‘fat’ because she doesn’t fit their underweight ideal.

    Not too long ago her figure would be seen as ideal, but the ideal has changed into something more athletic and toned.

  • Alyona

    People complain and leave comments on the thin models pictures saying they need a cheeseburger, then when someone isn’t super thin, they are fat and gross. Cant please everyone

  • MD

    She is definitely not fat…..could she use a little toning maybe but she looks fine. I remember someone else mentioning being tired of all the fitness models showing their “perfect” bodies while hocking detox slim tea and supplements. Well while some of the really toned and slim ones are natural most are taking HGH, steroids and other drugs to attain that look and having people believe the junk they promote will give others the same results. Busting your behind in the gym still often leaves some women with some flab here and there including models. However, having said that the whole body positivity and all bodies are great movement has basically made any women with a camera phone and an Instagram account think that they are a “model” which unfortunately feeds into the rampant narcissism of today’s milannials. So yes a variety of body types should be seen in the modeling world but we still should be able to give credit to the truly exceptional bodies also without feeling guilty……..The next question is what should be considered a truly exceptional body LOL….

    • chris

      I think an exceptional body does come in more than one package, but I don’t mean that in the PC, insincere way. For example, I think a tall, lean, thin,woman with long toned legs and a tiny waist has an exceptional body. But I also think a woman who is 5’7, a little soft, but has good proportions, small waist, fuller bust, hips, butt, proportionally longer legs can have an exceptional body. I think its important to have a contoured appearance to the body. You can have a little fat, but it has to be in the right places. Like, you can’t have a fat belly, a fat back, fat arms, fat ankles, fat neck. Some people can achieve an incredible body with exercise and diet, but a lot of people just don’t have the right proportions, or can’t budge the tummy fat or etc.

  • Xi Xi Topp

    I don’t feel sorry for her…well, maybe a little bit but the fact remains that being fat is not like having the bubonic plague. Like seriously, grow up everyone lol or don’t & continue to reassure thin people that they are “not fat, they’re beautiful.” The latter is totes an awesome message to send to young people!!

  • Winnie

    I called this when I saw her spread. She’s gained a noticeable amount of weight since she first hit the scene and the way this shoot was shot was not flattering at all. That being said, she’s not “fat” by any means, and she still has a pretty face + enough of a social media following to book lucrative commercial jobs so she’s good.

  • ShatzeNoPola

    I mean really? Do these girls really feel that bad? You’re a supermodel in a worldwide recognized magazine, you get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, you get to travel the world for free…life is not sounding too shabby for you. I would take a few “fat” comments to trade places anyday. I mean obviously there is nothing wrong with you if you get paid to pose in magazines. So F the haters. Block em! Your life is so much better than those miserable commenters sooo you win!

  • Sarah

    What a terrible world. She’s beautiful, there shouldn’t be anything else to say. This just confirms it to anorexic minded people like myself that the whole world truly does see skinny as being the best you can be. No regard to the fact that she is likely healthy, just that she doesn’t have clearer bones and a smaller physique is all people care to mention! I am at a healthy weight but want to get thin and “dainty” again and this supports it. Anyway, besides all this bs, I’ve loved Barbara since the first time I heard of her. She’s great looking in my opinion

  • DaniH

    It’s better to completely ignore all social media but she seems like a sweet girl. Pretty face, beautiful body… hopefully she won’t let it get to her and just keep going.

  • Robert

    She is obviously not fat. But for a woman that makes her living showing off her body, you would think she would make an effort to be more toned. She can not skate on her perfect face alone much longer.

    • S

      but.. some people like this look? like i think barbara looks a lot better modelling lingerie than some of the other lingerie models because she fills out the bras and i think she has shapely hips and stuff that look nice with lingerie. why does every model have to be particularly toned? why cant there be different ones 😐

  • AmberHope

    What I dont get is why Ashley Graham is being celebrated and everyone on social media saying its a huge step forward for women and bla blah blah and yet somehow its ok to slam someone who is of an average weight?

    • AmberHope

      She has a great body btw! And super gorgeous.

      • AmberHope

        Also not trying to diss Ashley, I actually think she looks good in her own way too. But its ironic how people want diversity and then cannot accept it when it comes.

  • rin

    Wow, all the while people were pretending that Ashley manatee looked good. People are insane.

  • tequilla

    god she is a beauty! and her body..if she had boobs..well than she would have body close to mine lol preferences

  • sharlane

    She looks perfect. Slim but not underweight.