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Bethenny Frankel: “I like that I have a nice figure, but I don’t feel any pressure about it”



On her fitness routine:

“I don’t have time to exercise. I could always stay thin, but I’d like to be fit. But what happens is if I go for four days to a spa, I’ll work out for four days. It comes back. But I have to get a rhythm, and it’s hard right now. I want to be a great mom and spend a lot of time with Bryn, and I’d never take an hour away from her to work out.”

On her body:

“I’m not overly concerned. I like that I have a nice figure, but I don’t feel any pressure about it. It’s not the thing that people identify me with. I mean, they do, but it’s not who I think I am. I’m flawed. I’ve created a success based on being flawed.”

… says 43 year-old Bethenny .


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  • Maja

    The one that did her Health cover should be fired…

    And she looks way too fragile…

  • RHM

    Ooh I think’s very concerned with looking skinny.

  • cloud9

    aaaaaaaah joker face

  • MissMarilyn

    I understand wanting to spend time with your kid but I find it hard that any celebrity doesn’t have an hour to spend to work out??? I mean you don’t have to go every day, 3x a week will suffice. There’s also being active vs working out at the gym, you could be active with your kid without having to leave them!

    She does have a very nice figure. I like her legs (from what I can tell)

  • lc

    Haha she is such a liar. She is QUITE concerned with it, she spends half her time on her OCD pursuits to the perfect skinny body. I don’t know much else about her other than that, and frankly imo she is quite annoying.

    • MerryHappy

      Yeah her entire claim to fame is the ‘skinny girl’ brand. I find it incredibly ridiculous for her to assert that she no longer cares.

    • She is so annoying to me too and I’ve only seen her on Ellen a couple of times! She comes across as insecure, neurotic and narcissistic. Not someone I’d look to for advice about life or health – or anything, really!

      Also, who associates her with her ‘nice figure’? Her figure looks pretty non-descript to me – being thin does not mean you have a nice figure! I associate her with her rapid-fire speech and OCD energy (and, if I can be a bit rude, her not-so-nice face!) – and I don’t quite know why she’s famous?!

      • lc

        Yep, agree with you both completely.

  • serena

    These women’s health magazines all look the same. Hot pink title to appeal to girls (SELF, HEALTH, etc). Airbrushed photo of a celebrity/model in the center. Then the same redundant articles like “10 Secrets to Burning Fat” or “5 Steps to a New YOU!” and the tips are cliche crap repeated over and over. How many ‘secrets’ can there be? Then 50% of the magazine is just ads to bring in revenue because fewer people buy magazines since you can get the same Health/Beauty advice online. Sometimes the celebrity interviews are interesting, more often they’re not.

    • MissMarilyn

      lol this is super true/funny

    • lc

      Yep, that’s the truth.

  • jess89

    “I’m not overly concerned. I like that I have a nice figure, but I don’t feel any pressure about it. It’s not the thing that people identify me with.”

    What?? The only reason I know who she is is because she has a series of products called “Skinnygirl.”

  • Lisa

    Four days at a spa, for what? To de-stress from her four days at the spa next door before that?

  • Winnie

    if that was the case she wouldn’t have gotten those atrocious lopsided implants…

  • retrobanana

    I know I am in the minorit y I find her pretty…not hot..not beautiful but pretty in a similar way jen aniston is…they don’t have great features and the yare kind of horsey looking but they look kind of pretty

  • Marty

    Says the woman who wrote the “Skinny Girl” series…

  • kblue

    She won’t take an hour away from her daughter to work out- yet she clearly doesn’t mind taking time away from her daughter to get Botox, fillers, cheek implants, etc!!!