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Giuliana Rancic: Gisele and Rachel Zoe Are Super Skinny and They Got Pregnant!

FP_4545606_Rancic_Giuliana_MAC_021610 - Giuliana Rancic: Gisele and Rachel Zoe Are Super Skinny and They Got Pregnant!

36 year-old TV host Giuliana Rancic is trying to get pregnant – and her doctor, the media and the public all advise her to gain some weight in order to achieve her goal. Giuliana’s reply to them: ‘Rachel Zoe, Gisele, Kelly Ripa and Posh are super skinny and they managed to get pregnant!’ Details from Radar:

And when it comes to speculation that Giuliana is too thin to get pregnant, she scoffs and calls that talk “ignorant”, telling “Look at Kelly Ripa! She’s half my size and has no body fat and has kids.

“Giselle (Bundchen) is a supermodel, and I’ve pinched her in real life just to see if she has body fat – zero body fat! Look at Victoria Beckham, she’s on her fourth child.

“It’s unbelievable to me the amount of ignorant comments that come in and it’s just uninformed ignorant people. Rachel Zoe is pregnant! To all the haters, get informed! Go Google it…it has nothing to do with anything.

“There are thin girls with infertility issues, normal sized girls with infertility issues and overweight girls with infertility issues. Unless your doctor tells you your weight is affecting you in some way…once the doctor rules it out, that’s really not it.”

FP_6548218_GoldenGlobes_RIJ_1_011511 - Giuliana Rancic: Gisele and Rachel Zoe Are Super Skinny and They Got Pregnant!

See more shots of skinny Giuliana after the jump!

FP_4545603_Rancic_Giuliana_MAC_021610 - Giuliana Rancic: Gisele and Rachel Zoe Are Super Skinny and They Got Pregnant!

FP_6548215_GoldenGlobes_RIJ_1_011511 - Giuliana Rancic: Gisele and Rachel Zoe Are Super Skinny and They Got Pregnant!

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  • Anne

    i dont like her, or her voice,
    and her doctor DID tell her she was to thin and needed to gain some weight so she could get a baby. it was on her show,

    • Calro

      Yeah I heard that too. She contradicts herself.

  • alyssa

    removed *

    • Anne

      I agree, she looks removed* and her body looks nasty at the weight, just because gisel bunchen had a kid so what? why is she basing her life on everyone else’s body and weight

      • Versus

        Kindly do not compare women with not-cute-looking animals, I remove such harsh comments.

        • Anne

          oops sorry 😛

  • jenna

    yes skinny women get pregnant if they are naturally skinny. who knows what ANYONE in hollywoods real weight is. they all starve themselves. if she cant get knocked up, its probably because shes too old, not too thin.

    • she may as well try to put on some weight. she would probably look way better.

  • Polly

    Oh come on, every chance she has she’s saying “It’s not because I’m skinnny that I can’t get pregnant”…okay, it might not be the whole reason, but I’m sure it contributes to your inability. She looked painfully thin at the Golden Globes, she seems to be in an immense amount of denial about her body.

    • Anne

      Ya, she gets thinner everytime i see her, and its funny how she says “all the haters” i feel like it sounds something Kim K would say not her lol

    • Lilly

      It was terrible to see her at the Globes! She is not skinny or thin, she is gone further than that! She is now looking exactly like an anorexic!

      Gisele is slim and HEALTHY looking, Giuliana looks just really not well!

    • jenp

      I don’t think she realizes that everyone is different. Some women barely need any body fat to ovulate. I was only 92 lbs at 5’4″ when I became pregnant and people thought I would have a miscarriage because of my size.

    • smcoke

      She’s in COMPLETE denial; you can tell by how defensive she’s being about her weight. It’s like the last thing in the world she wants to hear is that she needs to put on weight in order to conceive. Stay anorexic-ly skinny OR have a child.. she’s choosing skinny. I know living on TV and in the media all the time puts a ton of pressure on people to stay in shape. But she just looks frail and probably needs to own up to the fact that she needs to eat more & exercise less.

  • jjj

    She looks great.. But it is also great that she is pointing out the obvious.. Everyone seems to have agendas today. The anti thin movement blames everything on being too thin. Some doctors are the same way. Thin people get pregnant all the time, unless you are unhealthy, being thin isn’t necessarily the problem.

    Additionally if you start out getting pregnant at a lower weight, the weight you gain won’t cause as much damage to your body as if you were overweight and got pregnant. Thus why stars are able to snap back to their old weight without all the typical problems you get when you are pregnant. It’s kind of just common sense..

    • Emily

      HER DOCTOR said she needed to gain. Isn’t that who she said people should listen to? Who cares about the public, but she should listen to her doc.

    • Kimberly

      Yes, everyone has an agenda today, even the pro-ana crowd.

    • Nikki

      I don’t think ur right about the last part, but obviously i’m no doctor, so u might be… I think celebrities are able to “snap” back to their old bodies because they are working seriously hard! I heard Jessica Alba say she was working out several hours per day, after her pregnancy, and was crying sometimes cos it was too hard…
      I think “normal” moms tend to be more absorbed with their new child, and less about their looks, but of course, their careers don’t depend on how fast they get their good bodies back.

      I’m glad i’m gonna be a normal mom, who isn’t in the spotlight. But i do admire their persistence, and hope i’ll have some of that and gradually get my body back after pregnancy… but i don’t plan to do it in less than two months!

    • padme

      Clearly she is having infertility issues. Obviously Victoria Beckham & the others she mentioned probably don’t. According to HER DOCTOR If she wants to increase her chances she needs to gain weight. Apparently having a baby isn’t important enough for her to do that though. So she needs to gain some weight or quit whining about it.

  • Kyle

    She is absolutely right, weight CAN be the issue, but it doesn’t mean that it IS the issue. If I remember correctly, she had put on a little weight at one point as recommended by her physician? Regardless, I get why such comments would upset her, infertility is an extremely emotional issue for those going through it. For the public to claim she is responsible (by starving herself, over-exercising, etc) they are in a way making her feel responsible for her own infertility, which may not be the case. Many women are infertile or have a hard time getting pregnant, and it is not necesarily something they have any control over. Whether that is the case here or not, none of us know. I hope she finds some luck in her quest to be a mother, whether that means gaining weight, adopting, or whatever else she may need to do.

    • Nataleigh

      A++ comment

      • Ivory

        i’d give it an A+ too, i agree with you.

    • mel


    • Priscila

      Agree with you.

  • Nataleigh

    There is thin and there is too thin, and she’s in the too-thin camp. Even Rachel Zoe was up a little when she got pregnant. I don’t think she needs to gain anything extreme like, 20+ pounds, but an extra 10 would do a world of good for her.

  • Ashley

    This woman is obsessed about her food rituals (she posted what she eats on her web site and “tips) and her exercise! She definitely restricts herself.

  • nannou

    I find her extremely annoying and too old looking for her age

  • jane

    I’m sure it cannot possibly help her fertility to be that thin. It’s ridiculous that she suggest that people get informed, as, in fact, underweight is a well-known cause of difficulty getting pregnant. Maybe there ARE other contributors, but I am sure any medical professional would tell her to gain weight, as that would almost certainly help.

    If you read her website, she posts her diet and exercise habits. She is a big fan of “tricks” for suppressing your hunger and she exercises all the time. She herself admits that a lot of exercise and restriction goes into her being this thin, so it’s not the natural weight for her body. She’s right that some other extreme restricters have gotten pregnant, such as Rachel Zoe. So what? People’s bodies are different. It doesn’t say anything about whether or not her body will allow her to carry a pregnancy at her extremely low weight.

    I honestly feel bad for her. I think it must be awful to be so trapped by the obsession with thinness that you can’t let it go even to have a child. I don’t blame her — I understand how she probably feels, b/c there but for the grace of God go I — but I feel sad for her.

    • lc

      A++++. I agree %100.

  • mel

    I actually support her – so many people see thin as being really unhealthy, and she’s helping to dispel that stereotype. At the same time, it’s hard to tell what’s the line between just naturally skinny and unnaturally skinny.

    • cait

      but she IS unhealthy. have you read her diet?

      • mel

        No, I have not read her diet. Maybe that’s why – but I still feel like thin women shouldn’t be judged on appearance, but if she revealed an unhealthy diet that may be different. But you don’t know that’s the reason she cannot get pregnant, some women just have a harder time at any weight.

        • Evelina

          Agree Mel! Thin/Slender women shouldn’t be judged so “mercilessy”. I always like all the different bodyshapes women have and see them all as beautiful and elegant and Weight I like medium and slender- it’s thin can be very lean but its very healthy and natural thin like the Beautiful Giuliana here and Beautiful Taylor Swift. There’s is ALMOST ALWAYS a THICK line Between telling when someone is Naturally Thin/Slender and Somone who is not, like again Giuliana and also as examples Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen who DO NOT have Sunken, Gaunt, Faces, or are Generally ILL Looking Obviously at all and have Always been like that for as long as can Remeber, So OBVIOUSLY Natural. Anyhow Giuliana Actually always been lean, slender, She even said in a interveiw that she was lanky as kid and teenager so obviously it’s only NATURAL for her.

    • Bonnie

      I agree with her main point but who she is undermines it – her doctor told her to gain weight to aid getting pregnant on her own show, and also she’s obsessed with her weight and eats a very low calorie, almost no-fat diet (not at all conducive to health, especially reproductive health) and exercises like a fiend.

      So yes, plenty of skinny women are fertile, but if you have disordered habits and put too much strain on your body you are more likely to have problems in that arena; and weight does matter, because if you are undereating and overexercising AND you are bone thin, there are even more serious effects on your health than their would be if you were at a more normal weight.

    • Cristina

      You support her just because she is thin; you are not one second better than the people you accuse of judging her just because she is thin. Here is a woman who has been told by her doctor that she needs to gain weight for fertility reasons, whose diet and exercise regime are made public by herself and are clear signs of an unhealthy attitude, yet you support her. And you dare put down other people, as they have the common sense to inform themselves before commenting. Sorry, but this pro-thin thing is getting out of hand. It is one thing to prefer skinny bodies – i prefer them too – it is very different to support people regardless of obvious truth just because of that. That just shows brainwashing. And even more, you are proud of being brainwashed.

      • mel

        What? Where did you infer that I supported her solely because she was thin? I support her not because of her weight, but because she is speaking out against all the people who are associating thinness with infertility. Personally, I think she would look a lot better with more weight. Also, I don’t know her diet and regime, so I do not know whether she is unhealthy. I’m only supporting the idea she is promoting. Too many actresses say “skinny is not good, skinny is unhealthy,” and it’s just refreshing to see someone defend themselves, or at least resist that. I am not brainwashed, contrary to your beliefs. Again, I do not like how thin she is. But that doesn’t mean she should be pressured into becoming larger. And how am I proud of being brainwashed? Give me evidence of me being “proud” of being brainwashed.

        • I don’t think it’s wrong for actresses to be saying that “skinny is not good, skinny is unhealthy,” because it’s often coming from someone who was/is unnaturally skinny. So who better to tell the truth than someone who is experiencing it.

          Obviously not all skinny people are unhealthy – in fact, two of my best friends are a 0 and 00 and they both have big, healthy appetites balanced with just mild exercise routines.

          And while I agree that slim/thin people shouldn’t be pressured into gaining weight if they’re healthy, telling someone as thin and unhealthy (I think we can all agree that she’s unhealthy, based on the posting of her diet and attitude) really should gain some weight both for her own health, and the health of her unconceived child.

  • Rebecca

    i usually like the thin look but she just looks creepy

  • hays

    It can’t be healthy for the baby to have a mother who is underweight though. Maybe she should be more concerned with that.

    • Anne

      i agree, if her doctor is telling her to gain weight for her baby THEN DO IT! she should care more about her baby than herself looking good in dresses

      • Emma

        Exactly! She’s afraid of gaining weight, but if she wants a baby and wants it to grow in a healthy body, she needs to get over her fear of fatness (way easier said than done, she obviously has deeply rooted issues with her body image). She’ll gain weight over the pregnancy anyway! Why does she care about getting fatter when the end result is to be fatter? It’s not like she can or should restrict during her pregnancy and prevent fat gain.

        • Anne

          I agree, i mean come on, the baby is a new life that she should care about, and so what if she gains 10 lbs? she CAN lose it, but if the baby is unhealthy becuase of her poor choices, then thats not fair to the baby.

  • Katy

    if she’s so thin that’s she’s not menstruating, she wouldn’t be this in denial about it I hope. But the stress she puts on her body through undereating and overexercising could also be contributing. But i’m not her doctor, so I can’t really say.

  • nay

    She should listen to her Doctor that gaining weight is considerable thing to do. At that point, especially being in the late thirties, is not to focus on other people and get in the right mind set for a family.

  • chiquita

    Being too skinny makes hormone levels–espescially estrogen, decrease. When supressed, the female body does not ovulate properly. IT BECOMES MORE AND MORE DIFFICULT when the levels decrease.

    Being thin is an issue. It is. She is not at a healthy BMI. Fat, especially for women, helps regulate hormone levels.

    Girl needs to gain weight. She might be infertile, but why risk not having a baby for some vanity pounds?

  • Evelina

    She DID Gain Weight even more than the little recommended 5 lbs, 7 lbs. But that was February-March 2010 Last Year. Though Several Months Later she DID get pregnant in July of 2010 and Sadly Miscarried well after the weight gain which she very, most likely naturally came off before she had gotten pregnant. So yes I’m definitely seeing her Focal point, and Absolutley Agreeing with Giuliana that it’s definitely getting a little too outdated- old now and that Infertility has so many unknown underlying causes and obviously it’s not her weight now.

  • Curious

    If she’s 5’7″ what do you all think she weighs? 100 pounds or less?

    She looks frighteningly thin to me; and just unhealthy in general.

    • Sienna

      She’s 5’8, Giuliana said so herself. She even Said that she not supposed stand right next really close to Ryan Seacrest because he’s short.

      • She stands next to him on E! News. I don’t think Ryan has too much of a problem even Joel McHale jokes about his height!

    • skinnyme??

      Shes really thin but I wouldn’t say 100. I would say 115. The top half of her body is the most thin. Any weight she has is in her hips.

  • aj

    She’s so obsessed with being ultra-skinny, it doesn’t even look that good for all the fuss and effort she puts into it… maybe Posh spice etc bodies cope with being that thin better than hers does

  • flossy

    She really wants a baby and I do feel for her, but she was asked by her doctor to cut down on the exercise and to gain weight to conceive and she did as asked and she did conceive so it is IMO evidence to suggest she was given the right advice. However once pregnant who knows what happened and I wish her all the best. Also when she compares herself to Posh and Giselle she has to remember both women were in their twenties when they first conceived Guiliana is in her thirties and late thirties at that so she hasn’t factored in her age so her general statement about skinny women doesn’t fly because those women were younger. Rachel Zoe is in the same age group as Guiliana but who knows how many times she may have tried to conceive or what treatments she may have undergone.

    • Sienna

      She did also take into account her age many times and said many quotes and interveiws it’s all my age. Either way it’s Defintley getting WAY TOO OLD now.

      • Anne

        her age does matter, but then again my mom has me when she was older than guiliana, so it could still happen, but being unhealthy plus age doesnt really help her

        • Anara

          I agree. My mother had me at 38. Then again she was a bit meatier than Giuliana, so it might have been easier.

      • padme

        Well she’s the same age as Victoria Beckham & she is pregnant again now.

  • I can understand if it’s unsolicited advice from “well-meaning” friends and relatives but if her *doctor* has recommended that she gain weight, then she shouldn’t complain.

    I’m kind of struggling with the same issue but in the opposite direction, my doctor has instructed me to lose weight and I am trying. Never for a minute did I think, there’s women who are fatter than me getting pregnant and having babies, so why do I have to lose weight. I don’t think it’s mature to compare yourself to other women, because not everybody is so open about their health issues.

    • mel

      Unrelated, but I love your avatar and username! Haha 🙂

  • amy

    it is very hard to believe she is naturally skinny. i dont think she is. she is unnaturally skinny, thats why she cant conceive. it DOES have to do with weight. she probably doesn’t even get a period.

  • Hey, i’m sorry to post something off topic but I just joined today 🙂 I keep getting notifications of new posts on this topic, yet I don’t see those posts here in the link, why is that?

  • shaun

    she is obsess with being skinny…she is constantly talking about her bodies and the bodies of female celebrities. Look @ her when when she interviews female celebrity on the red carpet, her first or second question is always about their bodies,

    on her website, she does the master cleanse very often, something that should only be done 3 times a year at tops.

    she annoys me, and im feel badly for her. i hope she finds happiness

    • Anne

      come to think of it, she always does talk about bodies! On her show fashion police, she always goes “She has the body to pull this off” or “look at her body” those are the main points she makes

  • DB

    ok I agree with the part she says that all types of women have infertility issues (body)..but she is so annoying. we get it..youre thin. But comparing your body to other skinny celebs is stupid. We’re all born with different body shapes. She should just shut up and eat some damn bread.

  • First, of all, she sounds ridiculous. Second of all, she’s wrong! As many other people have responded, weight is not always the issue but it absolutely can be.

    When my mom had me she wasn’t trying to get pregnant (but she wasn’t NOT trying either, if you get my drift.) But she was underweight, and not even so much as Giuliana Rancic. She wasn’t menstruating but eventually gained enough weight back and became healthy enough to start again. Soon after her period went away again so she went back to the doctor, thinking something was wrong but she was just about to have a beautiful, fun baby girl! 😉

    Sure, Rachel Zoe and other thin ladies can get pregnant but it all depends on the person. And if Rancic’s doctor advised her to gain weight for this reason, well, I’m inclined to think that she should.

  • I just read her diet. She sounds quite sick just from the way she wrote it. She seems to obsess over even the tiniest amount of butter or oil going anywhere near her food-“Tell them you’re allergic to butter so that they don’t slip it in there like a lot of places do.” She refers to vending machines as “the plague” and high fructose corn syrup as “the devil.” Hmmm

    • Exactly! I read a copy of her diet from someone who reblogged it I guess. The sad part was that there were people praising the diet, and criticizing those who criticized it.

      They brought in all the usual arguments: It’s better than the state of obesity in America today, it’s perfectly sustainable, blah blah blah.

      First of all, when you factor in her exercise regime it’s not healthy at all.

      Second of all, it’s not her diet that’s unhealthy, it’s her attitude.

      It’s completely terrifying. I mean, I know a girl like that. We’re at school and she eats tiny, tiny, portions and I only see her eat every once in a while. At my school, football is HUGE. I saw her outside running a half hour before the game started. Not that there’s anything wrong with running or not liking football, it was just unsettling to see her running through crowds of people trying to get into the game. And if you look at her you KNOW she’s not healthy.

      I know a lot of people around her get flack for comparing skinny women’s bodies to pre-bubescent girls but I can’t think of any other accurate way to describe her. She’s straight up and down and it’s not because she’s naturally like that. I mean, you can obviously tell she’s a girl with her body, because of the shape of her thighs, and she does have a small-but-there chest, but her hips are so narrow it’s terrifying, and she looks so frail. I can’t imagine her menstruating, let alone ever being able to get a child out through natural birth.

      It’s just scary when you see someone so skinny with a diet you know is unhealthy.

      • Kimberly

        I must have read the same blog as you did. I have a very strong nutrition background and I agree with you. Her extremely low calorie diet is completely devoid of essential fats, which are needed for hormone production and storage. There are many reasons for infertility and we don’t know why she is having trouble, but she’s certainly lacking in essential nutrients. If her doctor told her she needed to gain weight, that’s not a good sign. I have rarely heard of doctors telling women to gain weight before getting pregnant. Regardless, I hope she changes her diet a little bit.

      • Anne

        omg! i used to be like that in school like no joke, i would just eat almonds all day for 8 hours when i was in school, the diet things that she calls machines the devil or whatever its not that bad but knowing everything combined and who she is, shes really obsessed and in denial, she thinks its healthy

      • Anne

        i dont analyze if she has a chest or hips or whatever but i mean look at her face! her eyes are popping out now, her chin is popping out, her arms are tiny her legs are twigs she was that thin in the begining of her career when she was young no way is that natural

        • Tenisha

          Your statement is very laughable. ” Quote She was that thin in the beginning of her career when she was
          young no way is that natural” Someone with Logical common sense would say “If she was that thin in the beginning of her when she was young then it has a probability of being natural”.

          • Anne

            wow tenisha thanks for informing me, too bad idgaf,

      • Anne

        I hate it when people say things like this: I love it because it is a NATURAL source of great energy perfect before a workout.

        Cocaine is natural as well, it that a great source of energy? It’s a good appetite suppressant as well.
        Oh and for her information, caffeine is natural as well. So why does she hate coffee!

        And this: Tell them your allergic to butter so that they don’t slip it in there like a lot of places do

        Butter allergy, I’ve never heard of that.

        I will eat half of the side of pasta and pass the rest around the table so my friends can try it to. That way you are impressing the table with your generosity and cutting lots of calories

        Hahahaha! Her friends are impressed because she generously gives them half a plate of plain pasta? WOW! My friends must really be impressed, because I regularly give them a whole meal.

        • Eve

          Same here…I was like “butter allergy”?! wtf

  • erin

    Malnutrition could be an issue too. It is possible that in addition to being very thin, her body is depleted of nutrients, possibly from unhealthy eating habits.

  • Farzi

    I have yet to post on this website, but I am a frequent visitor. After seeing the golden globes, the first thing I did was google Giulianna and the first thing to pop up was her weight. I think, like many others in the Hollywood business, she is obsessed with being excessively thin. It appears she works on keeping her figure the way it is. I too read her diet, and her “cheat day” actually made me laugh. She spoke about making her husband order what she wanted so she can take a bite, or take a bite of a dish and pass it around the table so she looks generous but she would save a lot of calories. It appears she constantly is thinking about her weight. She still adds cayenne pepper to her water to boost her metabolism – does she look like she needs a boost?
    I completed my master’s thesis in health studies and I can tell you that there are many factors contributing to infertility, however, you can clearly tell that something is telling her to look after herself before she begins to look after a child.
    I also read that on her show where she discussed these problems, she mentioned that she was worried about gaining weight because of her job – maybe this is another source of insecurity?
    It is actually quite sad, and I feel sorry for her. Obviously she is going through a hard time, but she needs to relax, and maybe someone to talk to.

    • I also laughed at her explanation of her ‘cheat day’. It seemed like her reason for everything was somehow food related. It’s so worrisome, When your entire life starts revolving around every bit of food you consume (or don’t consume), then you quite clearly have an obsession and an obsession is never healthy, regardless. What would she feed her child if she were to have one?

      • Farzi

        So true. I have a friend, not nearly as thin, but obsessive about her exercise routine and diet to a point where you want to shake her and tell her to stop going to the gym when she’s on vacation in Mexico. She works out 7 days a week, her cheat day includes dressing on top of her salad – I wish I felt that way about my eating habits lol.
        No one is saying to eat junk, but there should be a balance between carbs, fat, dairy, veggies, etc. She is def lacking in the carbs and dietary fat (is there any?).

        • Anna

          your friend clearly has a problem, stories like this make me really sad ’cause I have a friend who is a maniac too and she really is a shadow of her former self, such people need proffesional help…

      • Casey

        Agreed. I wonder just how desperately she is trying to get pregnant. If she really did want a child, why not just try being 10 pounds larger and seeing if that changes anything.

        I hope she realizes that pregnancy is going to make her gain a lot more than 10 pounds.

  • Sidney

    Yeah when i got too thin i just lost my period, so there wasn’t much arguing about fertility. So maybe she can have a child, but as others have pointed out, her skinniness can still be a health issue. Doctors’ advice don’t ALWAYS have solid arguments behind them (sometimes it’s just “common sense”), so i don’t know if there’s any burning reason for her to gain weight, other than the lowered risk factor, but she does look very skinny to me, and all those ladies she mentioned gained during the pregnancy, they were thin but you could see an overall change, so i hope she’s willing to do that and not starve..

  • Juanita

    Honestly, I’ve always wondered how Nicole Richie got pregnant and now wonder how Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham are preggos. May be they DO eat? I know when I was younger and heavily restricted my calorie-intake to around what I would expect those women to be eating my period stopped. That aside, why doesn’t Giuliana just gain the weight? Although if she is unable to even gain 10lbs to have a child then may be she isn’t in the right state to be having one.

    • suzushii

      Actually, even if they DID get pregnant, if they did it with an underweght, and maltreated body, the baby suffers, and they suffer.

      • mel

        I don’t think you can say for sure that the women above had a maltreated body and that their babies suffered for it. That’s offensive to any woman who’s underweight who’s gotten pregnant. Just because they were underweight doesn’t mean that their babies suffered! I know people who are very skinny and gave birth, and their babies are perfectly fine. It’s not right to infer that a baby is going to be unhealthy just because a woman is underweight (of course, it depends on the severity, but I don’t think Nicole Richie’s, Gisele Bundchen’s, or even Victoria Beckham’s weights were all that dangerous). And I think Nicole Richie did gain weight for her pregnancy.

        • Kimberly

          But some underweight pregnant women DO give birth to premature and underweight babies. A girl I used to work with was severely underweight and didn’t gain much weight throughout her pregnancy. She gave birth to her daughter 6 weeks early and she weighed only a few pounds. She was in the NICU for several weeks. After a bunch of tests, doctors concluded that her daughter was malnourished while in the womb. Her mother’s weight and eating habits were a major factor.

          This is not okay. Yes, lot’s of really thin women give birth to perfectly healthy babies but some don’t, and this a problem. To be quite honest, it’s selfish and irresponsible.

          • Casey

            I think what mel was trying to say is she doesn’t like the automatic association between thinness and infertility/fetal problems. Yes, some women like your coworker do stay thin throughout pregnancy which does affect their child. But is that really an issue of thinness, or negligence? To me, it seems that those kinds of things are more of an issue of selfishness and negligence…why would you not eat enough to feed your growing child? Likewise, people who overeat during pregnancy and put a strain on their child in that way, and people who drink/smoke throughout pregnancy knowing the risks. This is not an issue of weight…it’s an issue of carelessness.

          • mel

            Yes Casey, I wasn’t trying to say that skinniness isn’t an issue in pregnancy – sometimes it is. I just hate how it’s often automatically associated with infertility.

    • Chrissy

      Not sure about the Zoe. But i’ve read VB’s rider, and sure it’s not normal, but it’s absolutely packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fats (mainly fish for her protein). Also, she gained (noticeably, if you’re rather fanatically addicted to the woman) recently, which led me to believe that she was going to keep trying and had decided maybe her weight was a factor

  • Sonia

    I’m a medical genetics student and there are a million reasons why she can’t get pregnant. She should have karyotypes for her husband and herself to see what the problem is.
    She’s gorgeous though!

    • Evelina

      THANK YOU Sonia 😀 It’s So Refreshing to have someone on the Post here TRUELY Ackonwledged in UNDERLYING Medical-Health Knoweledge.

  • Annie

    I hope she never has a little girl. We don’t need yet another child/teen with an eating disorder.

    • Lila

      Sadly I agree…

  • Lux

    I can’t speculate on her fertility problems, however I don’t care for her personality much. I find her vapid, and narcissistic. She clearly has some vanity issues between her 1300-1500 calorie diet, and plastic surgery. Although I’m sure it’s distressing to have trouble conceiving, I can’t really sympathise with her for the public speculations. I mean when you put your life out there on a reality show, and share your neurotic eating habits in your blog, people are going to come to their own conclusions…

    • Kimberly

      Nice comment. I agree.

  • Lang

    Many people don’t realize it’s much harder to get pregnant after 35 if you’ve never given birth before. After 35, a woman’s fertility drops significantly. If a woman has already had children, her body creates a “memory,” and can more easily conceive.
    I believe she would look better with a few more pounds, but I don’t think the reason for her infertility is because she’s too thin.

    • Anne

      dude how old is she?

      • Tenisha

        Again very laughable, now a question. If you bothered to read the article it says she’s 36.

    • kate1st

      Sounds like pseudo science to me.

    • skinnyme??

      I totally agree. I think it is her age. She should adopt since she is so concerned with the weight gain.

    • Kimberly

      “if a woman has already had children, her body creates a memory, and can more easily conceive.”

      ????? I have no idea where you got this from, but it does not make any sense.

  • Anna

    excuse me but if you trying to get pregnant, and it doesn’t work out and your are sickly thin too, of course the first thing you should try is to gain goddamn weight!!! I don’t think every body is the same and even if nicole richie, beckham etc were able to get preggers at that low weight, obviously they still got their period and so on, but for mrs. rancid it is just not like that and it is highly likely that this is due to her very low bmi, so just give it a try and gain weight, although I think people who are so superficial and selfish and remain rather thin than gain weight just because this is their idea of beauty don’t deserve to have children, really…

    • Anne

      ya is she ganna look back in 10 years and be like i didnt have a baby so i could look good in clothes?
      Will she realy be proud of herself? Does she find herself attractive being this thin? Doesnt look that good imo esspecially when ur older u need more meat on your bones to look more youthful

      • mel

        Do you have to have a baby to be proud of yourself? What if looking good in clothes IS more important to you? Is that so shameful?

        • mel

          I looked back on this and I realized I might have misread your comment a little … sometimes I just get frustrated though because some people act like having a baby is like the greatest thing in life or something and when I say I don’t want to have one, people look at me like I’m weird or something. I know that’s probably not what you meant, and I might have come off as a little too forward. It just annoys me when people can’t understand that some women just don’t want to have children.

          • Kimberly

            I see nothing wrong with women not wanting to have children. I would certainly hope it’s for reasons other than wanting to look good in clothes. And FYI, lots of women who have had children still look great in clothes.

          • mel

            Well, since I don’t care at all to have a baby, and I love clothes, I think it’s reasonable to say that I care about clothes more than the baby. Now if I actually wanted to have a baby, I probably would sacrifice the clothes. And yes, a lot of mothers look great in clothing – Victoria Beckham is the perfect example of this, in my opinion.

          • Eve

            mel, I agree. I am from Russia and in my country if a woman does not have a baby the society is about to burn her on fire. It is so strange. It is your own business what is more important for you and there is nothing shameful about not wanting to have a baby! Most of my friends have got 1 or 2 kids by 27-28 and I cannot say they are all happy, they did what was “right”. I do my career and I moved to London recently for work. I am happy with it. If I happen to get a baby or two one day it is great. If not, I do not put myself under preassure I “have” to have a baby. Luckily I have some friends who understand me and don’t go like “you are too old, get a child!”. This is the reason why so many people end up being in misery – they do not what they want, but follow the society advice. And…what we have as the result? So many women hating their kids and blaming them for not getting a life they wanted!

          • Michelle

            Aren’t you young? I think it’s possible you will change your attitude, happens to many girls who say in their twenties that they don’t want a child.
            I personally don’t want a one and I still think it is probably the most amazing thing in life 🙂

        • jbcbg

          Since you already expressed you don’t want children, no one would care if you want to look good in clothes more than you want to have a baby. But since this woman has already said she really wants a child, yes, it is shameful – not to mention vain – that she refuses to gain the weight necessary to get pregnant simply because she doesn’t want to get “fat”. By doing so, she’s elevating looking good to a level way above having a baby – and when having a baby is so important to her, it’s worrying that her appearance is even more important.

        • Anne

          im not saying that u have to have a child to be proud of yourself duh not! im just saying that for someone who try SO hard, and crys over having a child, its pretty dam funny how she cant just gain some weight for it, its just weight, are they asking her to tear off her legs? no

  • boo

    it really doesn’t matter how thin she starves herself. she’ll still always be pretty average looking.

  • anonyme

    When you lose too much body fat, you’ll lose your period! And of course you won’t get pregnant, when you don’t have your period. Stupid.

    • Casey

      Not just that. You can keep having your period, but if you’re at such a low weight, and at such a low body fat, you may have enough hormones to have an actual period, but not enough hormones to release an egg, or have an egg be able to attach to your lining…which are much more important when trying to conceive.

  • moinmoin

    if being skinny is more important to her than getting pregnant… hum, she would be a great mama 😉

  • mandy

    Who says Posh didn t use fertility aids?
    Most women over 35 need some kind of fertility aid.
    She reacts defensive,so she knows there s some truth in the “gain weight if you want to get pregnant” and you know,mayber her man`s sperm isn t as,well,powerfull as Beckham`s or that from Joel Madden.

  • edith the elf

    I just read her blog-diet thing ( and it actually makes me so sad.

    Some of the rules she has are just ridiculous and really unhealthy. It’s highly likely she has orthorexia (where you become so obsessed with the pursuit of “being healthy” that it becomes dangerously unhealthy) and it’s definitely possible this is causing or exacerbating her infertility issues. It’s all just really sad. Being a slave to body image deamons is not a fun life at all 🙁

    • Lisa

      I don’t get it: none of these celebrities seem aware of whole grain pasta or brown rice. Not to knock Kashi, but if she had a good pasta or brown rice with her dinner, it’d be a better source of carbs than the bar. Like someone else said, I wonder if there’s a payout for mentioning it!

  • Daniel

    She’s so skinny, that’s freaking me out… And for pregancy, of course a very low weight can be an issue… My wife, when we first decided to have a kid, was really really thin. She was working and studying so hard, she was stressed out, so she barely ate… All she wanted was to rest. Her BMI was in the (very) underweight scale. She was lookng so sick…When we decided to have our first kid, our situation was really enviable. We both worked, had good salaries, and our schedules were flexible. So she wasn’t working as hard as she did durind her phd. And she was feeling relaxed, so stress was not an issue anymore. It took about a year and a half, before her weight got up, but it was not “normal” yet. As soon as she got back to her normal weight, a few months later, we got pregnant. I mean, one month later after she finaly got her BMI to normal, she was pregnant. I really think, in our situation, that the weight was the major issue of her infertility… But that’s our situation…

    • mel

      I feel sorry for your wife/girlfriend, whichever it is, because from your previous comments, I’ve inferred you can’t tolerate skinny women. So when she was skinny, did you think she was “prepubescent” and “not real,” like you think of skinny women now? That must have sucked for her!

    • Lisa

      If she was so unattractive at that weight, why marry her? Or did she drop the weight after you married?

  • lizzy

    maybe weight is the reason, maybe not. either way, she could afford to put on a few pounds and keep this whole business to herself. i believe that the more you talk about/want something, it seems to slip farther away from you. she should really just stop talking, get out of the public eye for a while, and focus on herself, her husband, and go from there. all this whining and comparing she does i think is really working against her.

  • Casey

    If a doctor said she’s too thin and need to gain weight to increase her infertility, she needs to gain weight.

    Not everyone is made to be thin. There’s Gisele, Miranda, and Alessandra who all had no trouble getting pregnant. Clearly, their thinness is more natural for them as it is not affecting their health and fertility. Then there’s Giuliana, whose thinness IS.

    I agree that there can be perfectly normal and healthy thin women who just happen to be born with fertility issues, just like the next woman. But if your doctor specifically told you that weight was the issue…then weight is the issue.

    • Evelina

      THANK YOU Casey in both your posts 😀 😀 😀 Nice to see someone else who have TRUE Underlying, Mature Knowledge.

    • Lisa

      I agree, Casey. I always love your comments here! 🙂

  • Issa

    she thinks kelly ripa is half her size? djeezzz, this one has no clue what she looks like

    • Cristina

      THIS; as I read through the comments i was quite surprised no one commented on this. I am sure there was some amount of exaggerating in he comment, but she still seems to have not much of a clue of just how tiny she is. And i know, i do suffer from a slight form of incapacity of seeing my own body, and i do the same thing, get angry and frustrated at people and say stuff that can’t you see that x is half my size so on and so forth. And when confronted with reality, well, it hurts. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by extremely rational and honest people who seem to manage to control my outbursts, a thing that really helps me no to get way more deeper into this situation.

  • mystic

    Could be more to do with her being apple shaped, less chance of concieving.

    • Anne

      lmao! where did u get that idea from? hahahaha

  • Cristina

    Omg, i just remembered, this was the idiot who said that coffee holds onto fat. Oh man, *facepalm*, why are we even discussing her?

    • Casey

      lol I just had to Google that after you said it.

      She’s like the ultimate aggregate of every pseudoscience diet fad. She strikes me as a person who will listen to everybody’s advice except of those who she should be listening to – doctors’.

      • Lisa

        agh, I know a girl like that! She’ll go to the doctor for every little thing, then whine about his advice. “He says to do this, but I read in this magazine that doing that causes… blah blah”

        We go to the same doctor. I’ve gone for almost 25 years to this man and he has never given me bad advice! Maybe a few moments when he had to take back what he suggested, but only years after when newer facts/theories came to light. I’m still here, so, couldn’t have been that bad. 😉

    • Kimberly

      Did she really say that? Wow, that’s a little embarrassing.

  • Issa

    and by the way, is it so much trouble to gain some weight just if its to see if it helps you to get pregnant? She’s holding on really thight to her low weight

  • Evelina

    From what it looks like and from Giuliana said herself I’d Believe her to be naturally thin and she has taken it almost a little too extreme at being thin from her diet and exercise routine on her already lean body. So from her Doctors Orders/Giudlines she probably was too thin at that time and it was affecting her fertility in her not getting pregnant from what her Doctor said. Though Several Months later in July of 2010 she DID get pregnant through her well aware IVF Treatment, (in which she carried all the way through 9 weeks in September and Miscarried because of Chromosonal Abnormalities, the most common cause of miscarriages 70%) not through weight gain which she did 5 months earlier in February of 2010 of a low 7 lbs , so who knows/ and there are so many underlying basics of human body’s physiology and everybody’s Biological Makeup is different it what are the needs and causes and responses ex.

  • MrsEllis

    Women this vain shouldn’t have kids. Nature works.

  • jane

    FYI, here is a sample paragraph from her recommended diet, from her online blog (she has since taken it down, but it’s reproduced all over the internet):
    “At about 7:15am I have an ORGANIC grapefruit. This is an amazing fruit that helps keep you regular and also helps flush out fat. Then I have either an egg white omelet with veggies and herbs (i like to add things like spinach (always) mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, onions, cilantro, herbs, and tomatoes, sometimes a little grilled chicken breast or turkey breast) I alternate veggies depending on what i’m in the mood for but i always do spinach. So good for you. And i ALWAYS say NO BUTTER, NO OIL…instead tell them to cook it in a light mist of Pam cooking spray. Tell them your allergic to butter so that they don’t slip it in there like a lot of places do. If they don’t have Pam spray, then tell them to use just a DROP or two of Oil!!! If you don’t like omelets, you can also do the same ingredients in a scramble or a frittata…once again, Pam spray or a drop of oil…NO BUTTER!!!”

    This does NOT sound like the diet of a person with a normal relationship to food and thinness. “Flushing out fat?” What fat?? The fear that maybe a little butter will be snuck in to her omelet if she doesn’t lie that she’s allergic? Her attitude towards food and weight has eating disorder written all over it.

    • Anna

      haha she is insane…so it really is for the better when she doesn’t get pregnant…I hope she doesn’t adopt too….I really really dislike woman like that…this is not self-discipline, it is just loco! how could she be a positive role model for her children…it is already hard to keep up a normal eating-behavior in this world and with a crazy mother like it becomes nearly impossible. so please crazy lady please shut up, carry on your weird behavior and your freaky body image, but do yourself and the world a favor and give up the idea of reproduction.

    • Lisa

      LOL the oil is actually healthier than the Pam, doesn’t she realize that? A little buytl hydroxy with your eggs, Guiliana?

  • Jemima

    I don’t necessarily think she’s TOO thin (although she could stand to gain five or ten pounds). I think she just has infertility issues. I feel bad for her for that :\

  • edith the elf

    I personally think she’s orthorexic. I just read her full diet diary (available here: and she clearly has an incredibly distorted and unhealthy relationship with food. Some of the rules she espouses are ridiculous and based on dangerous pseudoscience. The whole thing makes me very sad.

    • Casey

      I agree with you edith. She doesn’t sound like someone suffering from a true eating disorder, but she definetly has signs of disordered eating, mixed with anxiety about eating “unhealthy” food, and seems to follow pseudoscientific principles.

      Like I said on a post above, she sounds like an aggregate of every pseudoscience fad. She is probably someone who has a very obsessive or controlling nature, and then, being a celebrity, she probably came by the individuals who create these ridiculous diets, who told her that eating one drop of butter makes her unhealthy. And her, being obsessive innately, now spends her energy making sure she doesn’t eat a drop of butter.

      • edith the elf

        I agree!

  • @Versus – I’ve posted a comment on this thread twice now (the second time repeating what I wrote the first time), about 11 hours apart, and neither comment has been published. Can you please tell me why?

    • If it’s because of the link I posted, maybe you could publish my second comment just without the link? It’s now telling me I’m awaiting moderation, which has me a bit confused – is this a new policy for the comments section?

      • Versus

        Hi Edith,
        Your first 2 identical comments were picked by Spam and ended up there, I don’t know why – possibly because they included a link. Sorry about that, it’s published now.
        The third comment was awaiting moderation because it included the word ‘Versus’, so I am sending all comments that are addressed to me in a special folder, to make sure I answer them.

        • edith the elf

          Ahh thanks – sorry I was a bit confused.

  • Nikki

    Don’t know her, but form all ur comments, it sounds like she should get help for herself before she gets a child.

    The major issue isn’t her thinness, but her attitude towards food, sounds like she has an ED. And if u have an ED i don’t think it helps to have the world judge you and say ur crazy thin – i’ve read some other time on this site from commenters that people with ED actually will take that as a compliment. Or at least make u defensive like she is now.

    I hope she gets better for her own sake, but also possibly for her future child’s sake. It’s scary to think of her becoming a mother. I doubt that her child will learn about healthy body image and nutrition… and self esteem… It may be mean but I really really hope that she won’t be able to conceive right now. Not until she’s better. Not just physically, but mostly psychologically.

    Of course i don’t know her as i said, and i’m judging her by her statement, looks and ur comments entirely… so i may be wrong.

  • liz

    She has definite issues with food and while none of us can diagnose her with an eating disorder, it sounds like there’s a good chance she might suffer from one. She sounds like she’s in serious denial, too. Being underweight like she is definitely decreases fertility–there’s science behind that claim. As for the models who got pregnant at low weights–I feel like their thinness is probably more natural to them than Guiliana’s is so they are “healthier,” if that makes sense.


    one word~ buttaface

    • Anne

      butta everything! no matter how thin she gets her body doesnt impress me, its thin and veiny

  • Lisa

    I laughed when Guiliana talked about not being able to get pregnant, how she said her doctor told her that she was too thin. No offense, but she needed a doctor to tell her that? lol.

  • lc

    Idk. Bottom line is:

    She should gain some weight, SEE if it helps, THEN rule it out. Not just rule it altogether. It really can’t hurt to try.

  • Dani

    Two words for that lady – skinny ugly…

  • b


  • I can understand how a lot of women here feel like supporting her because as a thin girl myself who has lost a a lot of weight in a few years I know that people loooves to blame thinnes for everything even the most ridiculous thing I’d get a “maybe is because yoù’re to thin” comment ¬¬ But as annoying as it might get you have to remember that not every case is the same, this woman does look very unhealthy and even though any of us can determinate how much of her problem is due to and specific fertility condition and how much is due to her weight you have to agree that the last one is a very important factor in the ecuation and in her it does seem to be a problem, so I want to point out 2 things:
    1. There’s no point in comparing yourself with someone else’s bpdy because like I said everyone is different and taking Giselle as an example, I believe that she has been this thin her whole life and that her body can function perfectly with very little amount of fat
    2. What really scares me about this skinny celebritys madness is not how much they screw themselves to be that way is how they affect the whole wolrd’s perception of health and beauty, I mean one thing is an anorexic girl saying that it is ok to have bones sticking out and that everyone is jelous and so on because she`s obviously mentally affected with the illnes but when people around her starts to believe that she is normal and wishing to look like that, then there`s something really wrong going on in our society.

  • Chelsea

    Clearly she has issues, she’s so defensive about the subject. I think she should follow what her doctor has advised her to do.

  • burckybear

    what a moose

  • burckybear


  • Hello, its nice piece of writing about media print, we all know media is a impressive source of facts.

  • Lorelailiz

    She and her husband were on one of those morning shows taking about their show and the episode in question (infertility/weight gain). She said her doctor told her to gain 10 pounds. At 5’8 and 120 (with the gain), she would look fine and it would help her get pregnant. She told the person interviewing them that after much back and forth, she gained 5lbs–only. She didn’t get pregnant, so they implanted an embryo….she had lost the 5lbs by then and weeks later suffered a miscarriage. They were going to try again when she was diagnosed with cancer….and decided to go the surrogate route.
    As for being naturally skinny, she IS NOT. She must eat a very low calorie, restrictive, unhealthy diet, along with several hours of intensive exercise in order to maintain her low weight. Something people like Taylor Swift, Giselle, and other naturally thin people do not do. There may be many reasons why Giuliana is infertile, but such a diet and exercise regime, especially over many years, and the later age she started trying to get pregnant for the first time… alone causes infertility.
    All that being said, she needs to get healthy….she clearly is not….and I have no problem with anyone being thin….but starving and over exercising to be thin is as unhealthy and overeating and inactivity.
    If she and her husband truly want to be parents again, I hope their next surrogacy works……and I wish them the best of luck.

  • Bren

    Rachel Zoe had a surrogate.