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Janice Dickinson Gets Naked at 55 and Talks Body Image

Janice-Dickinson - Janice Dickinson Gets Naked at 55 and Talks Body Image

Supermodel Janice Dickinson (55) was brave enough to pose in a literally ‘nude outfit’ for Closer Magazine  and to share a few thoughts:

‘I love my body, but it’s a compulsive obsession.

‘I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic.

‘I relax, meditate and do 80 minutes of yoga every day. I hike and make sure everything I eat is organic. I eat steamed fish, chicken and turkey, plus salads, carrot juice and supplements.’

But when it comes to plastic surgery, Janice thinks that:

‘There’s no such thing as too much. Whatever it takes to make an individual feel better, I’m all for it.

‘Then in my 40s I signed up for Botox and now I have it every six months.

‘My advisers say I should get rid of the neck. You can have an incision in the back of the neck that will tighten it up.

‘Am I considering it? Always. I’m going to be the best looking corpse on the planet!’

FP_5263813_Dickinson_Janice_MOE_062410 - Janice Dickinson Gets Naked at 55 and Talks Body Image

P.S.: Daily Mail says that Janice is a size 6 UK.

Let’s hear it!

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  • The Princess

    awww maaaaaan… why that pose? lol

    • ChelBell

      That is the most unflattering pose EVER. Who wants to see someone naked with their leg cocked in the air like that?

  • Ines

    I say, she would look much better with a few pounds more.
    To skinny and your are looking old cause you don’t have any subcutaneous fat left and than welcome wrinkles.
    Which you can see at her stomach. Not a nice view at all.
    Think it’s gross.
    And all that beauty operation stuff, maybe your forehead looks like 35 but your chin and cheeks look like 80.

    Think that could be an advertise for ” This can happen to your body if you are too skinny and too tanned etc…”

    • Mizzy

      I agree that being too skinny can be aging, but her face actually looks pretty good for 55 – thanks to the plastic surgery.
      However, I think she is sending a terrible message by saying that you should get whatever amount of plastic surgery that makes you happy. First of, 99% of the world’s population cannot afford plastic surgery so we have to find more “normal” means of coming to terms with our flaws. Second, plastic surgery is still SURGERY and carries the risk of serious complications. Third (and this is a little out there), but I always worry for the children of individuals who have had plastic surgery..I mean they are going to be born with the parents’ old features!! how would that make a kid feel to know that his/her features were not good enough for his parents so they had to go and get them fixed? I imagine that’s a pretty crappy feeling…but then again, Janice is probably not thinking of anyone but herself.

      • Mizzy

        Oh, and just to add. I don’t think it’s “brave” for her to get naked considering she would do just about anything for a buck and some attention!

        • solaxi

          good point about the kids thing Mizzy…i always wanted a nose job but then someone pointed that out to me! made me think twice about it…but im not sure that i want kids now anyeway…but still for now my priorities have changed

          • Leah

            i agree about the kids thing to a certain extent, but in janice’s case, if you look at pictures of her when she was younger she was GORGEOUS, so it’s not as if he kids really have to stress about getting her old features

      • southerngumdrops

        i’ve often thought about the kids issue too. I think it’s most obvious when someone gets their nose fixed….does the kid ever notice this? It’s all someone’s personal choice but i’ve always wondered this as well…

      • Roslyn

        I don’t think future children should be a concern. Genetics aren’t so simple; I don’t personally know anyone who shares identical features with one of their parents. I wouldn’t say that I support plastic surgery, but for something minor (having big ears pinned back, having a bump removed from the nose, etc.), I don’t really see a problem with it. It’s not a face transplant! I do agree that Janice Dickinson has overdone it, however.

      • mike

        YOU SAY HER FACE LOOKS GOOD ? you need glasses

  • artemis

    her body is good
    her face is lol

  • Beans

    At least she’s being honest!! I’d rather this over Kim Kardashian’s “109 lb” crap.

    • Kaiser

      True. I don’t find her attractive at all but at least she she speaks out what everyone else denies.

    • Stella

      I agree, It irks me when celebs who have had OBVIOUS plastic surgery go on these tirades about how awful it is and then deny they’ve had any work done. It’s almost as irritating as the Hollywood ladies with 6packs and mega defined quads,tris,etc. claiming they don’t work out.

  • Katy

    her body looks amazing, but she was a super model! Obviously she’s very obsessed with how she looks. Her face looks a little wack though, she needs smaller lips and less cheek filler. I think the organic food trend is a bit crap, but at least she’s trying to take care of herself!

  • i know every human being has a right to their opinion, but i dont respect the way she makes young girls feel. I know im supposed to comment on her body here but i have nothing to say. The way she denied plus size models into her modeling agency because she wants to continiue her “high fashion” unhealthely skinny ideal. Fine, some pppl are naturally thin and tall but it should always be healthy and the way she calls some other models and ppl “fat” even though they are perfectly healthy she helps manipulate young girls minds into thinking that as well. i get really angry thinking about some of the things she’s said in the past so im unable to even look at her without feeling angry for all those young girls!

    • RAchel

      I agree. I’ve seen her show and other programs about her and she is just an awful person. As for her body, she can botox all she wants but she already looks older than her age in my opinion so she’s just wasting money.

      How she ever became a model is beyond me. Her face alone, even when she was younger it is just ugly and though being a model is about the body, i do think they pay somewhat attention to the face.

      It’s not brave of her to go naked at that age, especially not when your body is 99% plastic and you got an ego like that. It’s one thing to be proud of your body, it’s a whole other thing to love yourself that much. It’s called being a narcissist.

    • Casey

      Yes. She has a big mouth for sure. And I do believe calling some models fat wasn’t even because she though they were fat but because she wanted attention. Being in the industry for such a long time, she really knows how to get the cameras and blogs on her.

  • she’s 55 and she’s a size smaller than i do… ok, i’m not an international standard, but for me it’s still awkward…

    • Ines

      Who cares about being a size smaller ?
      2 sizes bigger would make look much better.
      Depends on your height and weight.
      Hilarious to say somebody is size smaller. that says nothing about your body at all.

      Just an example I have a very trained friend.
      She is not looking awfully muscly but defined and trained and she doesn’t fit into the legs of skinny jeans in her belly size. if they are fitting her legs and butt, than never her waist….
      or me, I’m tall and I bought a leather jacket in size m it fits me quite well, but if its getting colder its way to short at my hips. so i bought the same in another color in l, now its bigger but also longer…
      So what does that say about my figure??

  • Sidney

    She’s impressive looking in a way, and even sexy to a degree, but still, i don’t think she’s looking too great for 55. I always remeber she’s 60 + My mom is 58 and though a lot homelier than Janice, i think she looks more fresh and yuothful. And i’m putting it down to the excessive surgery. But whatever she wants to do, i don’t have a problem with it. She feels like she’s looking her best and that’s all that matters i guess.

  • Ana

    she looks like Iggy Pop

  • anon

    A good looking corpse? Is that all her life boils down to?

    What about there being more people in the world who actually make useful contributions to society?

    Maybe her obsession with perfecting what’s on the outside is supposed to make up for being an ‘ugly’ person on the inside.

    We don’t actually take our corpses with us when we die.. if anyone here believes anything about the human soul and the afterlife. We take spiritual growth, wisdom, emotional intelligence. And unfortunately for people like her once she loses her physical body she really will have nothing to show (spiritually) for the life she has lived.

    I may sound harsh in saying this but I think this is so true for alot of people in the world right now who think like this.

    • amanda

      I agree with you completely!! As much as we all worry about our looks, it’s important to remember that it’s not to be the main focus of your life. Looking beautiful should be a consequence of being healthy and having confidence in yourself aside from your appearance. Thank you for reminding me of this, sometimes I forget!

    • She’s famous for being a supermodel. Asking for her to make “real contributions to society” is like asking a dog to write a dissertation on why your comment was ridiculous.

  • snoops

    I agree with most of the comments here, she is just so nasty, inside and out (so it would seem, every show I have seen her on she has been really vile). She is completely shallow and self-obsessed, she is mean towards other people,she is very irresponsible (I remember she was once quoted as saying she “wished some of her girls (models) would get anorexia” because she felt they were all “fat and lazy”,despite the fact she only hires skinny models. That’s just disgusting right there.

    She reminds me of an evil character in a disney movie or something…really vain, really mean, and despite all her efforts, ugly.

    • shane

      I agree completely. She truly is one of the nastiest screwed up celebs out there, so she can keep her body advice. Yoga and meditation, please, what the hell does she meditate on? Alll she ever does is talk about her self and her body and insult other people. I guess eating organic erases a good decade of cocaine use. LOL!

  • acrat

    Is it just me or in the second picture does she resemble an older Jayde Nicole?? Hahaha…. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

  • She certainly looks great for her age and I respect how open and honest she is about her cosmetic procedures. That said, she should ease up on the Botox a little. The stuff can absolutely be overdone!

  • Nicole

    I respect her honesty but I can’t say I agree with her choices :-/

  • lynn

    Vanessa Williams was honest about her botox too but she’s not a belligerant phyco. Dickenson honestly looks like something from tales from the crypt demon night. I’m sorry but she’s frightening with the airbrushing.

  • lizzy

    i respect her honesty. i agree with eating healthy and staying active. i agree that self-esteem is priceless and we all deserve to feel good about the way we look, but…

    i just find it ironic that she is so strict about making sure everything she EATS is organic and natural, yet she’s ok with injecting chemicals and cutting up her body, all to be ‘the best looking corpse.’

    why anyone thinks their corpse needs to be the best looking is just so terribly sad to me.

    does someone’s self esteem really justify doing all that to one’s self?

    i guess i can’t wrap my head around it. i feel great about the way i look and i would much rather age naturally and gracefully. women who try to look young forever just look so fake to me. youth comes from the heart, and hers has always been in question for me.

  • Kate Mcewen

    Ugh fake..skinny in an old person way. Reminds of my grandma skinny but not really toned looking. I also watched her show and hated how she treated her models. And correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t she supposed to be on the next season of Rehab with Dr Drew? according to the Vh1 website she is… love how she blathers on about how she takes care of herself but it supposed to check into rehab…all the organic food won’t help you if you have a drug problem…

  • ikram

    Mmm…. Not sure that I wanted to see her naked….

  • Jill

    From what I’ve seen and heard of Janice, she not only has a gollum-like body (by choice), but she’s an evil bitch. I wouldn’t take any advice from her.

  • Princess

    Her face lloks like a horse face.She still got a body for 55

  • size0??

    Her face looks pretty good for 55. Why in the world would she pose like this its horrible. I have heard she has a major drug problem too so for her to talk about how much she takes care of herself is pretty much nonsense!!

  • b

    love that crazy broad.

  • Casey

    I think she has a hot body and is looking good.

    Regarding her personality, it’s really crass, but I don’t believe she is unintelligent. She comes off as the kind of person that understands very well the impact of every comment she makes.

    Regarding her comments about plastic surgery, I agree. If it will actually make someone happier, then I don’t see why not do it. My sister had a jaw abnormality…her jaw was really underdeveloped and she was always completely self-conscious as a result. Well one day she went and had jaw surgery and got it fixed. She didn’t become addicted to plastic surgery, nor did she want to fix her other flaws. She just became a happy and confident person. In those instances I would encourage anyone to get plastic surgery if it will improve their life the way it has improved my sister’s.

    It isn’t always about what’s on the outside when you get plastic surgery…it’s about what’s going on, on the inside. Becoming more confident means you will have more opportunities in life to better other aspects of yourself, such as intelligence, wisdom, and the things that you would carry with you beyond the grave.

    And as for the person saying 99% can’t afford plastic surgery, I don’t understand why that is relevant. If someone has the money, they should use it to make their lives happier. By that analogy, anyone with money should not buy an expensive house or a nice car. That’s very communistic.

    But I do also agree that those who are mothers should consider the potential risk of passing down their insecurities to their children and really weigh the benefits of going through with plastic surgery.

  • nannou

    XD yeah she looks like Steven Tyler, I think she stole some expressions from him or was it the other way around??

  • j

    ugh, i think she’s gross… she’s gone too far with the plastic surgery… and i remember when she was on the Surreal Life, i saw her ass (while she was in panties) and it saggy skin is not a good look.
    she’s definitely FIT for her age…but the saggy/wrinkly skin and plastic surgery obsession makes her look a mess. plus she behaves like a nutjob! lol

  • LOL

    Hey she works hard for her body. Putting $$$ into it like no other. If anything she will probably be the best looking corpse. I’m all for plastic surgery too, if it makes you feel better about yourself, do it.

  • elysie

    I just don’t understand plastic surgery. Maybe a bit here and there is fine, but even if you don’t have wrinkles or sagging skin, you still look old. I would never guess her to be less than 50 looking at her. And no matter how great her skin might look, she’s still not attractive IMO.
    It’s amazing what a difference personality makes in my opinion of how attractive a person is. If a person is smily and bubbly all the time, I automatically will give the person the benefit of the doubt of being pretty even if they really aren’t that attractive. If they’re a bitch it doesn’t matter how pretty they are, I’ll find them unattractive.

  • Amarige

    Healthier habits in her youth would have saved her millions in plastic surgery costs…

    • That’s funny! I don’t know her, but if it’s true that she’s ever abused drugs, I agree with you! xD

  • Lisa

    Dude, that face.

  • Susan

    Her body looks good and her hair looks really nice and silky.

  • Jane

    The body looks great — for a 55-year-old and otherwise — but the face is scary. Plastic surgery should be tasteful and discreet and you should always err on the side of too little!

  • O

    i love how she was so brutally honest with people on her show but she was scary. idk much about her but whatever works for her i guess. however, i do agree with the fat. Fat actually makes people look younger, and if people don’t eat it at all well they age faster. healthy fats are good

  • Essence

    Cant believe people are saying her face and body are nice/goid/whatever. Ugh, she is so unnattractive. She is a complete body of wrinkles and plastic. She is so fake. You eat organic food yet get chemical injections every 6 months?? Ridiculous. I have no respect for her and if I met her in real life I would pray she doesnt speak to me cuz I would really tell her off. No like for her at all, she’s so extra…. ugh. I dont mean to go on a rant but look at the picture of her face, her chin is so long then the rest of her head is straining to connect to her neck! That is so shameful. It doesnt look right.

    • Essence

      meant to say good not goid

  • Hum. Really nice body for her age. Face, not so much, judging from how she used to look.

    As for her quote, I’m in favor of plastic surgery, so I don’t hate it. At least she’s honest! Only I’d never treat it so carelessly. Like someone here said, it’s still surgery, with all its risks.

    The part when I get disgusted is when I read some of the comments here, about how she treats her models and such. If they’re true, she’s not someone I could possibly like. Not that I care enough to investigate, though.

  • Regardless of what she says, she looks fake, not good, and she wasn’t the world’s first supermodel. She’s way too arrogant, don’t like her at all. Admittedly her body shape is good, but doesn’t suit her age – look at her skin.

  • Kimberly

    Looks aside, her attitude and personality nauseate me.

  • I feel sorry for her. Seems that the only thing she is concerned about is her body and plastic face. Honestly, I think she looks horrendous. She’s trying to look as young as possible, but her face,her skin give away her real age, no matter how many surgeries she’s had.
    She’s 55 and talks like a superficial, yet confused teenager who suffers hard adolescence.
    I do not respect this woman by no means.

  • sparkle

    i admire her honesty, but i hope that when i am 55 i might have evolved a little beyond the negative, spiritually disenfranchised obsessions of my early twenties.

  • Megan

    She’s either A.) Aspiring to be Danielle Staub, or B.) Danielle Staub’s inspiration.

    And Danielle is that awful woman from Real Housewives of New Jersey for those who don’t know. 😀

  • aj

    I think she looks haggard and really disgusting. It’s sad, she’s spending all her energy to be all skinny but it just looks foul IMO.

  • prefers to be plush

    Skinny only looks good until *maybe* age 40 and then it starts to add years because the thinning skin develops fine wrinkles and also reveals all of the bones, tendons, muscles, and veins underneath in great detail. Janice would look better with 10-20 more pounds, but she’ll never be able to do it because she’s got BDD. Btw, great comment about Jayde Nicole, Janice does appear to be Jayde’s future. Except Jayde’s eyes are already so yanked up at the outer corners I’m not sure how much more yanking they can take before they’re vertical.