Janice Dickinson Gets Naked at 55 and Talks Body Image

July 29, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes by Versus

Supermodel Janice Dickinson (55) was brave enough to pose in a literally ‘nude outfit’ for Closer Magazine  and to share a few thoughts:

‘I love my body, but it’s a compulsive obsession.

‘I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic.

‘I relax, meditate and do 80 minutes of yoga every day. I hike and make sure everything I eat is organic. I eat steamed fish, chicken and turkey, plus salads, carrot juice and supplements.’

But when it comes to plastic surgery, Janice thinks that:

‘There’s no such thing as too much. Whatever it takes to make an individual feel better, I’m all for it.

‘Then in my 40s I signed up for Botox and now I have it every six months.

‘My advisers say I should get rid of the neck. You can have an incision in the back of the neck that will tighten it up.

‘Am I considering it? Always. I’m going to be the best looking corpse on the planet!’

P.S.: Daily Mail says that Janice is a size 6 UK.

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