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Jillian Michaels: “I always feel like my butt carries extra weight”

JM1 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight"

On what she loves about her body:

“My abs are the best part of my body. I know I’m lucky because when I’m in decent shape overall they tend to get toned very quickly.’

On her strong arms and back:

“My best reason for having strong arms is because I love to pick up my kids. I love having a strong back. Metaphorically speaking, it means I can carry a lot of responsibility on my shoulders – and I do – for my family, friends and fans.”

On turning 40:

“I won’t lie. This birthday was hard. I thought, ‘Oh, my God, am I halfway through my life?’ Buy when I think back on my 20s and 30s, I look better now than I ever have.”

On her least favorite body part:

“We all store fat somewhere… I carry all my weight in my lower body. No matter how lean I get or how many squats or lunges I do, I always feel like my butt carries extra weight. But what I realized is that you can’t have it all.”

FFN_f_51259934 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight"

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FFN_f_51259924 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight" FFN_f_51259933 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight"  FFN_f_51392654 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight" FFN_f_51396747 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight" FFN_f_51396748 - Jillian Michaels: "I always feel like my butt carries extra weight"

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • I like Jillian and she looks good. Her workouts always kill me though haha.

  • Sanne44

    I just love love love Jillian ! My body inspiration !!

    • Deborah G.

      Mine too.

  • She looks too muscular for my taste. And I did the 30 day shred challenge of her, but her talking and ‘motivating’ annoyed me so much. I truly believe her workouts are very good though.
    I feel the same with Blogilates. Love the workouts! Hate the talking.
    For some reason them saying ‘You can do this, only 2 more to go’ makes me wanna give up. Lol. Maybe I am just weird like that.

    • Lola

      Haha I feel the same way! I always mute them and blast some fun music instead. The “encouragement” makes me go nuts

    • Sandy

      Agreed. Great workout, but really annoying encouragement. Especially when you have to replay the same video day after day.

      I injured my knees doing the 30 Day Shred. It’s pretty tough on joints.

    • Emma

      Couldn’t agree more.
      The comparison to Blogilates is genius.

    • Poires Poires

      …I actually really liked Jillian’s encouragement, haha. I like how she takes the emphasis off of HOT BODY and puts a little bit of it onto bringing that same kind of work-out motivation into all parts of your life.

    • lizzilla

      I do both on mute, with either music or a TV show going on in the background to distract myself from the pain.

    • Marty

      Hahahahah exactly the same! I was so annoyed by all this talking that i started disliking Jillian herself :D. I finished the 30 day shred though, just because I didn’t want to give up, and I have to admit, it’s worth it , but she really got on my nerves just standing there talking and making it seems super easy.

  • M

    Not what I want to look like, but at least you can tell this one actually works out unlike kim k and eva longoria. When you work out( or at least work out consistently and work out hard) you have muscle tone which kim k and eva longoria don’t have. Jillian is a little beefy to me, not like pink, but she at least appears healthy and in shape.

    I have to hand it to her, she looks better than the 20 year olds you see walking around and she’s 40. I sometimes watch her show and I like her, she doesn’t put up with the excuses. She used to be fat, I think she’s a good inspiration for women who aren’t naturally thin- that you can still be reasonably lean with hard work. There’s no excuse for being 30 percent body fat and having a big bloated belly when you’re 25 unless you’re pregnant with triplets:

    • M

      The face reminds me of Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton. Linda was very lean and close to my ideal body though. Lean and trim, not an ounce of fat. Jillian is more achievable though, I don’t expect many women to look like linda

      • Jenny

        Yes, the manly looking face.

        • M

          I agree, manly face. I meant to add that to my comment

      • diqus_jdud_446yj2-hhf

        I watch T2 regularly, Linda Hamilton back then is like the closest thing I can find to what my body looks like, I wonder how tall she is?

        • M

          I just read that at that time she was 5’5 112 lbs- 18.5 bmi. Ate low fat, cardio and weight lifting. She’s slightly more muscular than I am, about 5 lbs I calculated based off bmi. More muscular than black swan though. Personally I think her body was near perfect, if she were taller it would have been.

  • Deborah G.

    I love her figure and hair.

  • yeahbruv

    I think her fat is spred out evenly on her body. sure she is muscly, so?! too manly for my taste but i see no butt(perhaps only the photoshoped enhanced one on the first pic)

  • Sandy

    She’s my least favorite trainer on The Biggest Loser. The way she does the ‘tough love’ routine with the contestants really pushes my buttons for some reason.

    It’s interesting that someone as physically fit as her could still sound so insecure (in other interviews, not just this one). I vaguely recall that she became a trainer because she was overweight as a teenager.

  • diqus_jdud_446yj2-hhf

    She always maintains muscle, and keeps her body fat at reasonable levels. She is smart with her exercise and diet approach, and she never had kids b/c she didn’t want them &/or didn’t want to ruin her body. I admire her for that. However, she is too short and bulky to be beautiful, though she is attractive.

    • G

      I think she’s gay, that’s why she never had biological children and probably the body too. I think the child is hers in that picture. I admire her because she used to be fat and now she’s in shape, proof that any woman can be in reasonable shape. Proof that kim k doesn’t work out lol. Personally for my standards I go for a Linda Hamilton look because I can achieve that with smart diet and exercise. I think Jillian’s a good role model for overweight women.

    • lexi82

      She has endometriosis, a condition which is very painful and makes getting pregnant very difficult. She has said she decided not to put her body through a painful pregnancy.

      • Snugglepup

        My friend has endometriosis and the doctors are telling her to have children to help the condition…?

        • Mel Brown

          its true it can help, but thats if you can even get pregnant. a lot of women who have it cannot.

  • Trinabelle85

    She looks fabulous. I like Jillian even though she has caused me pain with her workouts. They work though. 😛

  • Emma

    Her family is absolutely adorable!

  • Mel

    I think she looks great and I don’t really see any major problem areas. But luck for her big asses are in style, so if you have to have a “problem” are that’s the one to have!

  • asdf

    but she has no butt. She carries her weight in her thighs

  • MM

    I see a muscular woman with a small butt. Am I missing something? If she carried in her butt, it wouldn’t be completely lost in those shorts.

  • Uma

    I really really like her. I wanted to say I love her, but it would have been just so cheesy. From her workouts, to her though love, to her way of talking, she is one of the few celebrities I could call inspiring. And even though people say she has no butt, when you have a fixation with a certain body part, you tend to hang on to it and see its flaws regardless of what people say.

  • Snugglepup

    Can’t definitely see the extra weight on her behind? Seriously it’s kind of… flat to me.

    • Zoe.

      My thoughts exactly… I have no idea where she’s seeing this ‘extra weight’ in her butt. :/

  • MissMarilyn

    I love Jillian!! I think it’s really inspiring to see someone go from being overweight to being super toned and a fitness trainer (Is that the correct word? idk)
    Also she looks great, especially for her age! Love her abs. Don’t really see the extra weight in her booty in these photos hahaha but maybe it’s there.

  • kateuk

    I think a lot of women carry more weight in their lower bodies. I know I do. My abs show definition long before my thighs. I think her body is awesome and her attitude is refreshing.

  • zagazaa

    But she dont have a butt..

  • jjj2

    I think she looks great. Good for her!