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Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: “Essentially important in my contribution to the world”

lena6 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world"

On getting naked so often in Girls:

“I don’t think I’d be able to do that if I didn’t think it was essentially important in my contribution to the world. I don’t think I’d be able to do this and put myself in all these situations on camera that are kind of humiliating and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to sit there doggy-style for ten hours while they shoot or whatever. It’s not sexy or glamorous.”

On body image:

‘My parents both have really healthy attitudes about their own bodies but also about the range of things that can be beautiful. But they also just always made me feel pretty and cool and smart, even in the moments when I have known – and still know – that my body wasn’t fitting into a traditional Hollywood idea of the female body. This could very easily be taken out of context, and I think it’s funny now, but I remember looking in the mirror as a kid and it would be like for an hour at a time, and I’d be like: “I’m just so beautiful. Everybody is so lucky that they get to look at me.” And of course that changes as you get older, but I may have held on to that little-kid feeling that was me alone in my bathroom.’

… says 27 year-old Lena in Marie Claire.

FFN_Dunham_Lena_METAND_081913_51183964 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world"

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lena2 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world" lena3 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world" lena4 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world" lena5 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world"  lena11 - Lena Dunham on Getting Naked on Screen: "Essentially important in my contribution to the world"

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  • Candy M.

    yeah, yeah- tell us something new.

    • Alyssa

      Can’t comment on her comment, but me and my boyfriend tore through the first 2 seasons, albeit cringing through some parts. I liked the show, I’ll be watching the 3rd season even though one of the main characters left.

    • b

      Oh, but she did. She told us that getting naked for a crappy, self-absorbed television show was “essentially important in [her] contribution to the world.”

      I’m calling it: Socrates, Galileo, Newton, Tubman, Anthony, Curie, King, Mandela, DUNHAM!

  • NOPEnopenopee

    She’s unattractive and obnoxious.

    • lc

      ^ This.

    • sims

      I think she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, including mine. I’ve heard too many articles about her being a nightmare to work with.

  • CK

    if you grow up in negative or neglected household,like your parents or whoever brings u up has problems with self-esteem, esp. body image/disordered eating habits you most likely(not necessarily) will grow up carrying the same attitude towards yourself, its great that her parents were so positive.And to me Lena’s body is not the most aesthetically pleasing but i mean uncensored sex life is a part of the show so yeah people get naked there a lot, so i would be surprised if other characters had been shown nude but she wouldn’t.

    • megs362

      Agree. I don’t have the same view of myself, but it is awesome that she feels like this and I can only aspire to doing the same for my own kids one day.

  • I like this quote from her really – and I don’t really like her show or her attitude in general usually.
    I’ve kind of always been like that myself – I sort of think I have some kind of reverse body dysmorphia! Even though I know I’m heavier than ideal, I can still see the positives and tend to think I look good overall – though I have days when I look at myself with harsh reality and feel like crap! But, I’d rather walk around with my head held high being a little deluded about my attractiveness, than be constantly berating myself for not being thinner and feeling down as a result. Confidence is a big part of what makes someone attractive in person – and you can’t project that if you think you’re fat and ugly!

    • Mia

      It’s not reverse body dysmorphia, it’s called a healthy self-esteem. Why is it that people who are not ideal are made to feel guilty or abnormal for liking themselves?

      • Kimberly

        Very good comment. Women with healthy self esteem are often labeled arrogant and obnoxious.

      • You’re right Mia – I shouldn’t think of it as a bad thing. I guess in this society it just seems to be the norm for women to pick out every flaw in themselves and magnify it – and it’s especially so if you’re overweight. When overweight women have confidence in their looks people think they are promoting obesity and in denial that fat=unattractive without question. I totally disagree with that of course, but I guess when I’m insecure I can’t help but listen to the criticism and believe that I am delusional for thinking I look good. I should be glad that I can see myself in a positive way when so many other women can’t.

        • swissmiss

          Actually, I read somewhere that the majority of people think of themselves as more attractive as they really are. This self-illusion is not working for people with affinity for depression though. So I think it is a good sign, when you are happy with yourself. It does not only show that you are self confident, it also shows that you are not prone to depression! 🙂

          • solaxia

            Erica, oh God seriously i have wasted YEARS of my life worrying about what’s ideal, what’s not, what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, stressing over mistakes I made, or things I didn’t do…and the list goes on and on. Lived in absolute emotional agony over these ‘ideals’ and you know what?! I nevere knew what the ideals were because they just changed from decade to decade, group to group and person to person. I say, good on you and I hope that I find the strength again to love all of me. Flaws and all…though I personally think flaws are a myth because just because they don’t fit with some medica prescribed ideal doesn’t mean they are wrong! They could be even BETTER imo.

            Example- everyone in Hollywood has straight, white veneers. I’m not saying that’s ugly…but it doesn’t interest me. Then a girl (or guy) comes along with a wonky front tooth and I may think they are just gorgeous looking. An ‘out of proportion’ body with all these so called ‘unfeminine qualities’ such as small breasts, and narrow hips, but yet a big bum and legs…can make me green with envy (in a nice way) and I could possibly think that person is far sexier than the model Ideal. I always loved Mena Suvari’s body. She isn’t even close to what my body is, but I found her so much sexier than someone like…Marissa Miller…call me crazy but meh that’s what I felt.

            So…back to the point…what is the use in tearing yourself apart for a perfection that doesn’t even exist when the whole time all you do is hurt yourself. I much prefer your way of loving yourself and thinking your beautiful no matter what…what a much happier life one could lead!

          • That’s interesting swissmiss, but I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate as I’ve battled anxiety and depression for years! I just don’t tend to get so down on my appearance as I do on other aspects of myself and my life. As I said, I’d rather be a bit deluded than putting myself down all the time. Also, I have had quite a few positive comments about my appearance from strangers and family/friends over the years – so I guess that has helped me maintain a healthy self esteem about my looks because it doesn’t just come from me!

          • solaxia – I have wasted time worrying about those things too, only to also come to the conclusion that ‘ideal’ changes from time to time, place to place and person to person and *the* ideal doesn’t exist! And would I even want to be ideal if I could be? I don’t think I would because flaws are what gives any person character, as you say. Plenty of people have great figures or perfectly symmetrical faces, but sometimes that leaves me cold – it’s too perfect, too predictable! I’m the same as you about the perfect white teeth – I think they’re too much and tend to roll my eyes at those I know who get their teeth whitened all the time. People who are too well put-together put me off – I just don’t feel comfortable around them as I feel they hold themselves to impossible standards and likely will judge me as harshly!

            I think we all have the desire to be perfect at times though – to make other women envious and to be desired by all men – but those feelings are pretty shallow and ultimately only make us feel bad about ourselves. Trying to embrace who you are and see that you are beautiful and worthy of love and admiration is the best goal, imo – when you can hold your head high others tend to think more of you and treat you with more respect. I think that’s really what we all desire – more than being physically ‘ideal’.

          • Candy M.

            @Erica- I truly don’t want to be mean, but I have to write a reply to this. I think, in my experience and studying, that there is one basic ideal. You write that you came to the conclusion that there are many and that it doesnt exist, after previously thinking so. Perhaps as a coping mechanism, which is why see people like Marilyn Monroe rewritten as ideal beauties when we have proof and multiple accounts saying she was an ordinary looking woman who took hours to get ready and would get a thrill going out without any makeup because nobody would bat an eye or even realize it was her. From all accounts- she was nothing extraordinary. From the art of seduction-“A few years later Marilyn was trying to make it in the film business. Producers would tell her the same thing: she was attractive enough in per¬ son, but her face wasn’t pretty enough””the truth was that image took hours to create. Marilyn spent years studying and practicing the art of makeup. The voice, the walk, the face and look were all constructions, an act. At the height of her fame, she would get a thrill by going into bars in New York City without her makeup or glamorous clothes and passing unnoticed.” But now, as to say that ideals are changing, we say marilyn was beautiful- when in fact the one lauded as beautiful from that era was 5’7(tall for the time as carmen dell orefice told us her height of 5’9 was a giant,5’7 would be like 5’10 today) and 103 lbs-Audrey hepburn. And models, like carmen dell orefice who was featured here the other day, were skinny, or skinnier, as ever at 5’9 and she said 100lbs when she began her career.
            So no- in the past decade the ideal has changed very little- little variations. And we can go further back to the society that predated the west- ancient egypt and see the same thing existed there. The aristocracy was always drawn as tall, thin, and beautiful. Its considered one of the first societies where beauty took huge focus in society, beauty was extremely important to them, as it was the ancient greeks. We see that reflected in their art- which was mainly representing an idealized form as opposed to previous art like the venus of willendorf. Venus was not meant to be a representation of beauty, neither was marilyn. Even the Venus de Millo was meant to convey an “impressive appearance” rather than “ideal female beauty”. Rodin rhapsodised that her stomach was “immense like the sea” The established view of de Millo is a “matronly version of the Hellenistic Aphrodite”, not an ideal female beauty as you might hear from somebody less knowledgable about the context and the views of the society is was produced in. Its no secret that the ancient greeks flat out viewed a fatty body as unbeautiful.
            Perhaps part of the reason we are always saying ideals change is because most don’t have any context of what a person or image is representing.

          • Candy M.

            And your comments about “too perfect, too predictable” make it sound like you find that unrelatable and threatening. Thats maybe why you criticize vs models who don’t have flaws. It really just sounds to me like they threaten you” I’m afraid they’ll judge me”. You saying models are ugly or not “your ideal” sounds like a coping mechanism to me.

          • @ Candy M – so you are saying that VS models are without flaw and their body type (tall, thin and not generally curvy) has always and will always be the ideal? Well, I don’t agree. People do have different tastes and different ideals – and although I agree that fat has never been ideal (and I’ve never claimed it was), I still don’t believe there is one ideal of beauty that exists in every culture – and across the ages to boot.

            I don’t know why people have a problem with my saying a mainstream model is ‘not my ideal’. I like slim figures, despite what some people on here think, I just prefer them with a little more softness and curve than is currently the ideal in the fashion world – doesn’t it seem to you that the current ideal is at least more toned (athletic but small-framed) than it was 40 years ago? And just because I don’t think most VS models are perfect, doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re attractive – they are undoubtedly so, they are just not ‘ideal’ for me. This idea that there is perfection in any human being is strange to me – no one on this earth has the perfect body in my view and I’d be kind of freaked out if they did!

            And about feeling threatened – yes, I suppose I do a bit when people are too ‘perfect’ and I don’t think I’m alone in that. But mostly I just have a bit of an aversion to people who take a lot of time over their looks as I find that often goes along with a personality that clashes with mine – not always, but often. More ‘type A’ personalities that want to be perfect and will spend a lot of time trying to achieve that – that doesn’t gel with my personality type. Just as mine doesn’t gel with many others and many on here don’t get where I’m coming from.

            When I write my comments I am truly not trying to put any body type down – but I do hold some as more ideal than others, as many people here do, and maybe that doesn’t go with your ideal or the ideals of the mainstream – but it’s perfectly valid nonetheless. And I don’t see why you had to make it into a personal criticism of me – it sounds as if you are wholly convinced of your point of view and can’t accept that others may not see it the same way.

          • Annie

            From my perspective the ideal was skinnier, at least in terms of bmi than today. Today’s ideal to me is muscular, curvy, and someone who basically looks “gustproof” and “plenty of meat on the bones” without looking fat. Back around 40 years ago the ideal was for a smaller more delicate build yet softer tone did not matter so much. To me the skinny ideal was at it’s height of popularity in recent history during the 1960-70’s and the ideal weight has been gradually increasing since then.

          • Candy M.

            ” so you are saying that VS models are without flaw and their body type (tall, thin and not generally curvy) has always and will always be the ideal?”

            Basically- yes. The tallEST, slim at least, whr is mainly subjective so no i guess for that part. I personally like rulers, but i don’t think thats objective. Candice and Gisele are equal. Gisele and say Beyonce are not. Beyonce is shorter, by a lot, has fat in the WRONG places like her knees and knock, shapeless arms and legs. Beyonce has obvious flaws. Gisele does not have any obvious flaws, that is correct. She is one in a million- there are no flaws on her and i dare you to find one.The face, all you need to do is a simple side by side.

            I don’t think its ridiculous to say number two will be considered more beautiful at any given time or place.

            “I still don’t believe there is one ideal of beauty that exists in every culture – and across the ages to boot.”
            Do you have anything to back that up? Ive shown plenty of proof otherwise. Beleiving isn’t worth anything in an argument. Belief is blind. You haven counter argument or proof to back this up, so no argument.

            “doesn’t it seem to you that the current ideal is at least more toned (athletic but small-framed) than it was 40 years ago? ”

            The ideal is slightly taller because people are taller, the ideal may change if people change as in the standard gets higher. When audrey hepburn was around, 5’7 was like 5’10. So as people get taller, perhaps in the future average height will be 5’7 and the ideal will get taller. And no- I can find many toned models from before this era. Grace Jones is more toned than most models today in fact. janice dickisnon, there are old pics where she is at like 13 percent fat. Audrey hepburn couldn’t be carrying much fat at 5’7 and 103 lbs. The point is, the ideal has changed SLIGHTLY. There are small changes- its the same basic thing though.

            “And just because I don’t think most VS models are perfect, doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re attractive – they are undoubtedly so, they are just not ‘ideal’ for me.”

            Then why did you call them “almost ugly” when the fashion show was posted last year?

            “And about feeling threatened – yes, I suppose I do a bit when people are too ‘perfect’ and I don’t think I’m alone in that.”

            As shown as the other comments here, where women who are flawless or close to it are criticized as a defense mechanism.
            “Researchers say that a skinny, airbrushed model tends to trigger a coping mechanism in women, which makes them become defensive against buying the product out of scorn.”
            ““Arguably, the ‘size zero’ debate is merely another side of the infantilized, hysterical box women thought they had clawed their way out of a century ago, an insidious means of suggesting that though we can run companies and governments we’re still not quite rational creatures, too dainty and delicate to cope with the dissonances between the Bambi-limbed aspirations of the catwalk and our own wretched, cellulite-smothered carcasses.”
            “According to Dr Tamara Ansons, one of the researchers, this is because a pretty model triggers a coping mechanism in women – scorn – which helps them feel better about their own looks. ”
            “We found that the way the picture of the perfectly shaped model was used was very important in determining a positive or negative effect on women’s self-perception.”
            “Yet when the exposure to the idealised image of a woman is blatant, a conscious process is activated and consumers employ defensive coping strategies.
            ‘For instance, they belittle the model or celebrity to restore a positive perception of themselves. So the product in the advert becomes associated with negative reactions.’

            And yes, i am convinced of my pint of view due to the proof, not blind “belief”

          • Candy M.

            “We wave it away with a cliché “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” meaning that beauty is whatever pleases us (with the subtext that it is inexplicable). But defined this way, beauty is meaningless—as Gertrude Stein once said about her childhood home, Oakland, California, “There is no there there.”

             In 1991, Naomi Wolf set aside centuries of speculation when she said that beauty as an objective and universal entity does not exist. “Beauty is a currency system like the gold standard. Like any economy, it is determined by politics, and in the modern age in the West it is the last, best belief system that keeps male dominance intact.” According to Wolf, the images we see around us are based on a myth. Their beauty is like the tales of Aphrodite, the judgment of Paris, and the apple of discord: made up. Beauty is a convenient fiction used by multibillion-dollar industries that create images of beauty and peddle them as opium for the female masses. Beauty ushers women to a place where men want them, out of the power structure. Capitalism and the patriarchy define beauty for cultural consumption, and plaster images of beauty everywhere to stir up envy and desire. The covetousness they inspire serves their twin goals of making money and preserving the status quo.”

            Ive talked about Naomi wolfe before- as one of the reasons for this pc movement. Ridicolous. You have to be severely uneducated to buy into this shyt.

          • Candy M.

            ” As we will see, Madison Avenue cleverly exploits universal preferences but it does not create them, any more than Walt Disney created our fondness for creatures with big eyes and little limbs, or Coca-Cola or McDonald’s created our cravings for sweet or fatty foods. Advertisers and businessmen help to define what adornments we wear and find beautiful, but I will show that this belongs to our sense of fashion, which is not the same thing as our sense of beauty. Fashion is what Charles Baudelaire described as “the amusing, enticing, appetizing icing on the divine cake,” not the cake itself.”

          • Candy M.

            “We can create a big bonfire with every issue of Vogue, GQ, and Details, every image of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford, and still, images of youthful perfect bodies would take shape in our heads and create a desire to have them. No one is immune. “

          • Wow Candy M. you sure do take this seriously!

            I’m afraid I cannot see past you truly believing that Gisele is ‘without flaw’ and VS models are perfect – that is your subjective opinion, not some sort of undeniable fact. Gisele, imo, is not perfect and I’m sure many others agree. And I have never called VS models ‘ugly’ – I think I said that one model (can’t remember who) in the show was ‘almost ugly’ – that’s not the same as ugly! Also, they are not all perfect or flawless in my eyes (or anyone’s, I assume) and I find some very pretty and others not at all. Is that really incomprehensible to you? Is it really that I just feel ‘threatened’ by them, perfect goddesses that they are?! Honestly, deeply tanned, very toned models with very straight figures are just not ‘ideal’ to me – I can see how they are attractive to others, but they’re not to my taste. When I speak of an ‘ideal’ I speak of my own view – not the entire world’s people’s throughout human history!

            Do I have evidence to back up my claims that the ideal has changed and hasn’t always been (your, by the sounds of it) ideal? No, because I really don’t take it that seriously and I can’t be bothered trying to trawl through aesthetic history to find it – I’m extrapolating based on my own observations and (what I think to be) simple logic, that ideals have changed just as fashions have come and gone. If there is an ideal that I think has existed through the ages, I think it is for young-looking women with feminine characteristics who are neither too thin nor too fat. There’s quite a bit of room for personal and cultural ‘ideals’ there – and Gisele doesn’t fit every one of the iterations of female, young and slim – nor do all of the VS models. They all do and they all don’t, if you see what I mean?

            But, still, I seriously can’t get past you and Gisele Bündchen, and now I feel I know why you are picking on my comments above all others – because I don’t find her (or others of her body type) generally stunning and that irks you because you idolise her. She’s a great model, but she’s not ‘without flaw’, imo.

          • annabanana

            @ Candy, you seem pretty unaware of a lot of cultures that are not your own, to be honest. You can look for “proof” (in quotation marks because just cause someone wrote it in a book still doesn’t make it true, no matter how educated that person is) all you want, but the fact is there are tons of people in the world who have zero exposure to modern modelling industry or anything like it and their “ideals” are not even close to it- in many countries being tall and very thin is considered unattractive because its not sexy. Even many African Americans, who are technically part of western society, have different standards, such as butt size, and to them a model is just flat and unappealing. Maybe you need to get out of the books and go talk to some real people – maybe some people who aren’t white and who don’t live in the U.S. or Europe… then you would realize everything you’re saying is just ridiculous and stinks of white privilege – of course that white tall and thin model is your ideal since it fits in with who YOU are and to think other people prefer someone’s else looks over YOURS is just terrifying.

            And this is coming from an American white girl….

        • Mia

          Yes, and this idea may be a little out there, but think of all the valuable cognitive resources being wasted on picking out our flaws and feeling bad about ourselves. Think about how much space we “free” up by feeling confident and not nitpicking our appearance. I know I feel more accomplished at the end of the day when I’m not obsessing over the way I look.
          Also, Erica, on a personal level I think your positive attitude towards yourself is reflected in your comments towards others. Women who nitpick themselves, also nitpick others, and I don’t really see you doing that. I don’t think anyone is doing it to feel better about themselves, I think it’s just an addictive way of thinking…perhaps a little cognitive behavioral therapy would these people some good.

          • Great comment Mia – I agree! I think many of us could use therapy to bring about a more positive way of looking at ourselves and others – it would be a better world if we did!

          • anonymous

            “Also, Erica, on a personal level I think your positive attitude towards yourself is reflected in your comments towards others. Women who nitpick themselves, also nitpick others, and I don’t really see you doing that.”

            You can’t be serious. Please tell me you are being sarcastic? because that is ALL she does. nitpick other women’s whr and puts down slim women,

        • anonymous

          Women who truly have good self esteem do not go around pulling down other women’s shapes all the time. Yes I am looking at you kimberly and erica. Both of you like to put down other females bodies unless you can personally relate to them. You both come across as arrogant, but I don’t think either of you can claim to have a healthy self esteem. If you did, you wouldn’t go around bad mouthing women who you think don’t have the right WHR or women who are naturally thin.

          • Anon

            anonymous/anon- I don’t think that’s true. Erica’s postings come across as insightful, intelligent & inoffensive.
            Everyone has a preference/ideal and some here are actually quite rude & disagreeable about expressing it, but why continually pick on her? I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it.

        • tequilla

          2 Candy M dont you have a job lol? 🙂
          Imo beyonce is really like 1 000 times more atracttive than that model.

    • Nobsnob

      “But, I’d rather walk around with my head held high being a little deluded about my attractiveness, than be constantly berating myself for not being thinner and feeling down as a result.”


  • Winnie

    And the award for most overinflated sense of self-importance goes to…

    • popo

      Do you then prefer low self esteem/ false humility? I think i’m one of the few that loves her show and her obnoxious self. She’s pretty real and doesn’t sugarcoat sh**. She shows her vulnerable self – physically and emotionally fully knowing that she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And i don’t see how looking in the mirror and loving what you see is a negative thing. Women spend hours in front of the mirror criticizing their flaw- I’d rather have her attitude and be happy.

      • Ale

        Exactly 🙂 She’s said some weird stuff, but I really like this quote.

      • Winnie

        Learn to read, I didn’t say anything about her so-called self-confidence. The fact that she thinks her being naked on TV is some huge contribution to the world however, is laughable. She needs to get over herself.

        • Hellonhighheels

          Actually, I think it is a pretty significant contribution. She is bringing variety to the types of bodies women are exposed to in media. Not just either size 0 or size 2 with various sized implant “variety”, but what many women actually look like.
          Constantly seeing these so called “perfect bodies” on TV can most definitely cause insecurity and self esteem issues when you start to compare. When you look around there are thousands of different body types and sizes, so why is there such a limited range celebrated in the media?

          Personally, I loved her comment and wish my self-esteem was 1/3 as great as hers. That’s how I would want my kids to feel- so why shouldn’t I feel that way too?

          Erica- great comment as usual. Love your positivity and views on things.

          • Winnie

            I find it really sad that anyone would consider being naked on TV an important controbution to the world whether you’re considered to be the “ideal” or not…the fact that she has so much clout with this show and that’s the most important message she cares to convey is pathetic. I’m sorry, but there are more important issues, one’s self-esteem shouldn’t revolve around their looks and that’s basically the only “positive” message I can see a character like Hannah conveying because from what I’ve seen/heard her personality sucks. At the end of the day, trying to challenge and change the beauty ideals is futile since all you’re really reinforcing is the attitude that looks matter. The only message I’ve gotten out of her crap show is “Hey look at me! I’m a sh*tty person with bad self-esteem but it doesn’t really matter because my self-worth comes from the fact that some decent looking guys wanna have sex with me!”

          • Candy M.

            This is what I’ve been wanting to say, instead of focusing in changing the ideal which is futile and will never work- focus in your other attributes. Ive never understood why every woman feels she needs to be beautiful. If you are great, not everyone is though so just get over it if you aren’t move on and focus on other things.

      • serena

        “She’s pretty real and doesn’t sugarcoat sh**”

        Haha yeah right! No coincidence her fanbase are young angsty hipsters. I only watched Season 1 which was her whining about having to get a job and having miserable sex with some guy she doesn’t like. Lena is a rich girl with well-connected parents and an inflated self importance, she acts like flashing her flabby gut is the cure for cancer. No surprise her co-stars are all well-connected rich white girls too – she caters to that demographic. Maybe that’s why I don’t get the hype.

        • serena

          And just so you don’t think I’m being unfair – I watched 8 episodes of “Girls” since it was a big hit. Some funny lines here and there. But I think her talent is exaggerated quite a bit.

        • lc

          Perfect comment, serena.

      • Mia

        I do think false humility is much worse,and I don’t think there is anything wrong with being confident. Although, I don’t really believe Lena when she says she loves her body, but whatever. I will say though, that I think her show is extremely overrated. Maybe I’m too old,and of a different generation, but I just don’t get it. Plus, I live in NYC, but in one of the outer boroughs (Queens), and I cannot related to her show at all.

    • lc

      Winnie, I could not agree more. Absolutely true lol.

      • anonymous

        winnie wasn’t talking about Lena Durham she was having a dig at Candy. I am sure winnie likes and approves of Lena.

        • Winnie

          You’re still here? I thought you’d taken a break from this site after V exposed your split personality 😉 in any case, I’d appreciate if you would refrain from stalking my comments and misconstruing them. Unlike you, I mean what I say and I mean it when I say that I want nothing to do with you OR your alter egos, so get your kicks from twisting other people’s words, thanks 😉

    • anonymous

      “And the award for most overinflated sense of self-importance goes to…”

      Oh the irony. Says the one who insists everyone is jealous of her.

  • Lea

    I don’t like her not because she has confidence-that’s great and I think that everyone should feel good about themselves-but because she thinks that being overweight and getting naked is changing the world. Her show is complete crap (in my humble opinion).

    • Winnie

      You hit the nail square on the head Lea

    • liz

      Agreed. Her show is pretentious and crap. They say moat 20 plus year olds are like the girls in the show. Count me out. Thanks. I watched 3 episodes and got annoyed

  • blaire

    Yep, getting naked is important…everyone seeing your goody bits…super important. really get a life Lena. Strong women around the world that actually contribute good to the world, and this chick is saying getting naked is important…yes, maybe in your bed with your husband. but not for money on hbo. you got naked for money, Lena, nothing more, nothing less. Dont make it out to be this super important thing.

  • JaneParker

    I think the naked thing is getting way too frequent and a little annoying, really. I watch Girls. Not my favourite show on earth as can’t relate that much to the characters, personality wise, but it’s alright. But her getting naked was interesting and refreshing at first, and even a bit shocking considering her far from perfect figure. Now I feel it’s getting old and like she’s pushing it for shock value when the shock factor is gone.Nevertheless I don’t dislike her and even tho she’s not curing cancer, I have to admire her balls, since I think my body is more attractive (also far from perfect) than hers and I would never dare to expose myself like that. So in a way I feel she’s helping different bodies get more acceptance, even if she’s doing it in an obnoxious way.

  • LMG

    I like how the “Hollywood idea” of a female body is often portrayed as largely unnatainable and unrealistic, but I feel it is a reflection of our true human nature, or programming deep down, genetically, to prefer fitness over non fitness. Attractive physical aesthetics are a marker of fertility and strength that are desirable to the human species. Its the ideal because we al know it should be. She’s doing nothing good for the world, maybe doing harm in making the unfit feel at ease being that way. She seems to be in it for herself, a way to cope with her overweight and weak body.

    • clea

      “She’s doing nothing good for the world, maybe doing harm in making the unfit feel at ease being that way. She seems to be in it for herself, a way to cope with her overweight and weak body.”

      Why such a concern-trolling and condescending attitude? This is one of the many issues I have with the fitspo movement, even as I consider myself a part of it.
      No one is obligated to be attractive, or fit, or even healthy. And no one is morally superior for being any of those things!

      God forbid people feel comfortable in their bodies, regardless of what they look like. Similarly, no one is obligated to like their body, even if others perceive it as conventionally attractive Our bodies are not who we are, fundamentally, as people, and the way our bodies look or feel really shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern. Do you, and get out of everyone else’s way.

      • ary


        • clea


  • clea

    I don’t care for her. Another white “feminist” whose work lacks the perspectives of people/women of color and who frequently spews homophobic and queer-phobic garbage.

    It’s great that she is showing off a body that is conventionally unattractive, but it seems like half of her reason for doing so is to boost her own self importance.

  • LMG

    I wasn’t making a comment on morals, but rather personal responsibility. Taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy weight is part of being a responsible adult, much like paying your bills, or having good credit. Obsessions with perfection are not productive, but if you are not healthy, then no, you should not be OK with it or feel comfortable with that.

  • lc

    No, actually the world could have absolutely gone without your “most important contribution” to it, I’m sure.

  • Tia

    If she’d only gone naked for her role a few times than yeah, she could make a case saying that she was just trying to “show real women” or bring a new perspective or whatever. But she does it all the time now which makes me think she only wants the attention and is trying to hide it by pretending to be a role model. As if any woman really aspires to be like her: spoiled, immature, slightly overweight, awful dresser, foul mouthed, and completely self absorbed. She’s not even good at her job (and she’s said that as much herself that she can’t act).
    Surely she has to be aware that a high % of people dislike her and mock her for her crudity/nudity so if she was really trying to “contribute something to the world” (which I guess is beauty comes in all shapes and sizes? I honestly dont know what her message is supposed to be) that she should go about it in a different way.

  • Jui’

    Well she looks fine here, good sturdy figure. Agree about the sunblock. I am second in whiteness only to redheads, blue eyes and natural blonde medium level 7 hair. I cant eve go out in the sun for 15 minutes without my hair turning level 8 or 9 or even level 10 blonde. Sunblock, hats, special sun umbrellas, spf gloves and sunglasses are an everyday thing for me, and have been since I was 14.

    • serena

      Lol good sturdy figure? Aren’t you the one typically saying models are too chubby (I won’t repeat some harsh comments you’ve made under different username but you know what I mean). In candids Lena has a ton of cellulite and flab. Either these photos are very photoshopped or maybe she is losing weight? If so good for her. I don’t like her but she looks much better than usual.

      • Jui’

        Serena I have already explained to you as “rinj” what is responsible for my new outlook on things. My mother just died of a massive heart attack. I found out a year ago that even at 5 ft 7 in and 108 or 110 with water gain, and at 16% bf, that I had almost borderline high cholesterol. As a really thin/somewhat lean person at 16% I thought I could still eat anything. I mean why not I would eat like mad and the only part of me that got a little big was my butt, the rest of me was way thin. Its been a year of organic, paleo plus rice no nuts and 1 to 2 hrs of cardio 6or 7 days a wk and my cholesterol has dropppped first 38 points, and then more, and soon I will be back at 120 again. Even getting down to 104 lbs and 12%bf and dropping my cholesterol did not change my perfectionistic and shallow minndset. My mom dying right in front of me did. I dont know how you knew it was me, my comments, my outlook on people and their bodies is vry different for me now. Now I try to relate to everyone that health is most important, and to forget about shallow judgement of bodies. I am also trying to see the beauty in different bodies, large, short, whatever. This site is good for me to practice that. If you want to rat me out fine. But you should know that all my comments are moderated and v does know my ip address and they still go through. I can only hope she is pleased with my change in outlook. I am. And even if you choose to complain to her about me even though my comments are nothing but positive, then that is fine with me. I wont sweat it. I am too busy sweating for my health everyday. I have done my 3.4 mile jog today and will do my weights and watch what I eat and will lower my chol. And get it back to 120, I am not far. I will be great no matter what you choose to do. Bye serena/rinj/Alanna/ispyatroll/iseeyoutrollin and my favorite, the very bitter alina. I hope you find peace with your body, honestly serena. Do what you will, I will continue to be healthy.

        • serena

          I’m very sorry to hear about your mom – my mother died last year (lymphoma) when I was 21. I can relate to how upset you must feel right now.

          But I am not rinj/alanna/iseeyoutrollin etc. and it is offensive for you to claim I am. I have posted using ‘Serena’ or my initials ‘sf’ since 2011. To be blunt you constantly offend people so is it surprising multiple users dislike you? But clearly we post from different locations and IP’s or else the comments would get deleted.

          You called me fat for being 115 lbs – but my cholesterol is perfect, blood sugar great, no health issues, 16%bf, I’m a swimmer, lift weights 🙂 My body is not perfect but that’s ok – I have always been at peace with it despite flaws. You make fun of everyone and ironically are the one with health issues so does that give you perspective? Now you realize health is more important than looks.

          I hope you have luck with the paleo diet and get down to 120 soon for your own sake. If this was a forum I would love to swap recipes with you! I hope I did not make you upset, and again I am truly sorry about your mom and wish you luck in your health goals.

          • Jui’

            Serena, I never called you or any model f.a.t. but thank you for the kind words and I am too sorry for your loss.

          • Jui’

            serena, you know it wasnt until candym who I consider a good friend, it wasnt until she said to me one day, ‘I guess I prefer HF model crossed w/ a fitness model’, that I myself realized that that is a more accurate and less offensive way of describing what I find attractive, and what I must have for myself. HF models, tho I think models generally represent the most beautiful people in society, HF models always seem to lack the muscle definition that I love, and are never really as lean as I like, even tho they are thin. And you understand the difference btw lean and thin right? And fitness models are IMO not very attractive and too bulky for my tastes. So all the nitpicking I did, I really just needed different words to express my preferences. I hope the women here understand where I am coming from. And yes being 12%bf and 104 at my height does color my perspective, in a way I am not sure many can understand. Thats why candM and I get along so well. We are built similarly, and see things, see others bodies in a similar way. A way that most people, do not. I am truly sorry for every hurtful, nitpicky comment I ever made here. I may still have my opinions and preferences, but I no longer think they are paramount, and I no longer think it is good to voice them, or for others to hear them. I am trying to see the beauty in all different body types. And trying when making any comment, to make sure it is positive and not negative.

        • rinj

          i am not serena. you might think so natalia but it’s not true. i’m very sorry for your loss.

      • anon

        Thats rich miss 15 minute 5k/serena/alina/alanna/ispyatroll.
        That’s why Andrej Pejic, a beautiful transgendered man, is a successful model; he fits their ideal better than 99.9% of women ever could.”
        “That’s why Andrej Pejic is the perfect model. He is a 6’2″ biological male, androgynous pretty face, and very successful runway model. If men like Andrej were more common, there would be no need for female runway models – just for commercial/print ads!”-Alina

        • alyssa

          don’t forget me.

        • rinj

          you are a nasty person anon, is all i can say.

          • anon

            how am i nasty? Just showing the truth

  • Tracy

    How can people call her crude when male actors expose their beer bellies, flab, etc all the time? Why is it so funny when they do it? Since Lena is sincere, is it not funny anymore?

  • Lola

    If everyone dislikes you, at least learn to love yourself.
    Is she supposed to be depressed and never show up in public till she gets numerous plastic surgeries?
    So many young women are depressed and actually commit suicide due to self-hatred and feeling of inadequacy induced by the common opinion of what constitutes beauty.
    Beauty is overrated anyway.

  • Corinski

    I think she looks really good in the black & white pictures – maybe marie claire should do make up and styling for her in the future 🙂 anyway, i like her show, i like that she got naked on it and i believe that it kind of contributed in a positive way to society but i also wish, that she stops now getting naked in every single episode… Its annoying :/

  • B.

    Important? Why? EVERYONE (women, of course) is naked nowadays in all tv shows and movies; the rebellion would be just opposing to that sexist cliche!

    • Nobsnob

      Everyone who is ATTRACTIVE is naked nowadays at one point of another on tv and movies. I never sex scenes with girls like Lena since god forbid a less-than-ideal body is shown as desirable on screen.

  • Jui’

    Why did I think the article mentioned sunscreen? Naked, screen, guess thats why. I see. Well good for her if she is confident enough to do that.

  • Jui’

    Could someone explain to me, are most women pears? Evevthe ones I see called vase or apple or skittle or even ruler sometimes, look to be bigger on the bottom than the top. It looks like nearly everybody is a pear? Is it true?

    • Alexis Christine

      Most of the time woman’s bodies tend to be heavier on the bottom yes, that’s what our bodies tend to look like as woman. But some are heavier on top also. But I agree with you, Most woman I see are pears.

  • snugglepup

    Bah I don’t want to be a hater but she’s so annoying and I just want to get the hell away from her.

  • anonymous

    I don’t understand why a magazine like Marie Claire would choose to have this awful woman on the cover of their magazine.

  • MerryHappy

    Slow clap for her. She’s a regular Nelson Mandela.

    • lc

      LOL! Yeah, like if being naked on TV is your “greatest contribution” to the world, that says a lot about what you have to contribute/what you have contributed…

      • MerryHappy

        Exactly. “Essential to her contribution to the world”… seriously? her contribution to society is not being conventionally attractive and getting naked on a tv show about entitled self absorbed condescending women? She actually thinks that’s important. I can’t even process how self absorbed this girl is. Any contribution she thinks she’s giving anyway would be negated by the elitist hipster tone of her show.

  • Mara

    I’m not a fan and certainly think she has an exaggerated sense of self-importance, but I almost like that quote. I think people are reading to much into the headline – she’s not saying that getting naked on TV will save the world. Just that it is what she feels she wants to contribute to the world. The worth of her choices may be questionable, but she isn’t really claiming to do something huge, at least not in this quote. She’s just doing what is important to her, period.

    But yeah, from her other quotes, I didn’t get the impression that she’s very inspiring or likeable as a person.

  • nannou

    ugh she’s hideous, but probably a good actress

  • monalaura

    Lena seems to be such a weird person.
    I don’t think she is a good actress, she only ever plays someone similar to herself.
    I find the Idea, that she thinks her getting naked in her TV-Show is an Important Contribution is so arrogant. How can she think that??

    The first couple of times she wore her birthday suite i thought, wow she is confident and all the hate about her figure, really bothered me.

    But after the millionth time of stripping down it is simply enough. Even if she had the body of a Victoria Secret Model, it is just weird to strip down every couple of scenes…

  • Kim Kardashian (twitter username: Kim – Kardashian) – Kim always seeks the lime-light, and her Twitter account
    proves this. Her celebrity nose job was probably a long time coming, but personally I found her
    more attractive before. A day without a glimpse of this favorite
    celebrity would spell sadness or frustration.

  • malika

    seeing her naked in show makes me think : not that skinny ppl have sex too. Normal looking ppl have sex too. We are used to see models getting naked on tv, that’s why this is shocking. But Lena pls, stop promoting overweight body. Get at healthy weight and promote health. All we see today are skinny ppl and plus size ppl- Where did normal ppl go?