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Lena Dunham on Skinny Actresses: “I feel so lucky to be freed from that prison”

Lena-Dunham-01102013-3 - Lena Dunham on Skinny Actresses: "I feel so lucky to be freed from that prison"

On how she is different from the skinny actresses:

“Now, meeting actresses who such a big part of their job is about what they look like, I feel so lucky to be freed from that prison. I ate cake for breakfast on the day of the Emmys, I ate cake for dinner, my workout didn’t require Spanx, and I still feel like I looked better than people expected me to. It was amazing. I could feel the envy of every woman in the Sunset Tower.”

On receiving gifts from her fans:

“I cannot deny it, and I cannot get over it. And they actually send them in my size. No one’s being an a****** and sending them to me in a 4. They’re sending me clothes, they fit, and what people should know is that I always wear them. Somehow even if I wouldn’t have bought it, the fact that it was free and my grandma’s depression-era mentality make me think it is the most beautiful thing I ever owned, and I wear it for several days straight.”

… says Lena in V Magazine, while posing for Terry Richardson.

Check more shots from the magazine, plus a picture of Lena from the mentioned Emmy’s after the jump!


Lena-Dunham-01102013-1 - Lena Dunham on Skinny Actresses: "I feel so lucky to be freed from that prison"

Lena-Dunham-01102013-2 - Lena Dunham on Skinny Actresses: "I feel so lucky to be freed from that prison"

152686930 - Lena Dunham on Skinny Actresses: "I feel so lucky to be freed from that prison"

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  • Megan

    This chick is hilarious.

    • sia

      Lol. Nothing wrong with eating cake for breakfast… also theres nothing wrong of eating a healthy breakfast because you actually care what you put inside your body..

      • Robin

        Oh my god, so you mean that when I eat cake for breakfast one time because I really feel like it, I’m going to die of a heartattack? Holy crap on a cracker.

        • Katie

          yeah that’s cool that she feels like eating cake for breakfast and dinner, but fact is that isn’t anymore healthy than not eating at all. i like that she’s different than most actresses right now, but the fact that she thinks she’s the sh*t for eating cake for breakfast is just annoying. That doesn’t make her cooler than an actress who eats something healthy. like she’s proud of being unhealthy…

  • Hazal

    If I hadn’t seen those pics, I would have thought that the quote is from a fat/obese woman. Over-dramatisation à la Hollywood again..

  • April

    Peope would envy her if she could eat cake for breakfast and dinner and still look GOOD afterwards. She’s very average, even for an “everyday” girl.

    • Cecilia

      Far under average IMO.

    • sia

      well shes lucky because she can pig out since she doesnt have to live up to the beauty standard. And sure, she looks absolutely normal. But people can be thin and actually like eating healthy because theyre doing their body good. Food doesnt make everyone happy. Also whats there to envy. Shes a cute normal girl, nothing special about her looks. I wouldnt want to have her body

    • Lisa

      More like they’d call her a liar if you could bounce a quarter off her ass, because that’s what a lot of people do when someone who looks good says they eat cake for breakky.

    • b

      She’s out of her mind. Everyone was envying her?

      • loos

        I think people are taking her comments far too literally. She means that she’s lucky that her success hasn’t come about because of her looks. Her career doesn’t depend on them and that’s a rare thing in Hollywood for an actress. The other actresses are jealous of her not because of what she looks like but because she doesn’t have that pressure to conform to Hollywood’s ridiculous ideal and so can eat as she pleases as opposed to starving herself and working out for 8 hours a day like most other actresses and wannabe actresses (which despite what people say on this website is NOT healthy). Must be nice and I’d imagine very rare in that world. Personally I’d rather watch a show that has a variety of women body types and faces (like the real world) in it than a show that features women who all fit the same mould – fake boobs, painfully thin, long tonged hair, packed on makeup, tanned skin and botoxed to within an inch of their lives – boring!

        • Loxy


          • girl21

            Everyone is taking her far too seriously, this is a typical joke for her and she is just being funny 😛

  • Megan

    I dunno, relatively-speaking, I don’t think it’s dramatic.

  • Rose

    Although I like her second quote, I still can’t stand this girl. She is way too hipsterish for my taste and her show is awful and very far from reality. To me she comes out as a dumb elitist who likes to bash everything and everyone. I remember the infamous post about her thighs on here-maybe her idea was to promote body acceptance, but to me having an unrealistic notion of your body and then shoving down everyone’s throats the whole “ugh thanks god i’m not skinny and idc about it!!!~~” comes out very insecure to me. It’s not about being fat/chubby/whatever… It’s just that not wearing pants on an official event is stupid and also bashing on skinny actresses/whatever is stupid as well.
    I know this probably sounds quite mean but… sorry not sorry.

    • Candy

      agree agree agree. One of those snobbish people who think anything looks related isn’t worth their precious time, that anybody who does is frivolous.

    • Heather

      Agree…I wanted to like her and the show, but its bad. I just find her annoying. She’s a girl hater…putting them down if they are thin or do anything to make themselves look better. I know girls like this.

      • jemima

        This is precisely why I can’t stand her. She is not a feminist; she can’t be or else she wouldn’t be so exclusive. Feminism isn’t about “not caring” about her weight but putting down women who do care about their looks….
        And her show is physically painful to watch and is hyper unrealistic.

        • Soph

          The way she goes about it is somewhat flawed but really, she is actually doing a lot for women and she is highlighting some serious issues in the western world and how we interpret perceived flaws. By the big deal made about her alleged ‘dimply thighs’ being shown when she was wearing short shorts that time, she highlights how we have been conditioned to hate and resent women who do not fit the ‘ideal’. It’s like they make us uncomfortable.

          Lena may be riding her high horse a little, but compared to the SO many actresses who just bang on about their diets and perpetuate the idea that the only way to be beautiful is to be skinny and bathe in their own elitism (cough cough victoria’s secret models), Lena does a lot, and should be supported by women everywhere.

          • Soph

            Oops, VS models are not actresses, I basically mean women in the public eye.

          • jenna

            I think she’s doing a lot for women too. and I do not think she hates on women who are skinny. I’ve seen her movie, Tiny Furniture, and I’ve seen her show, and her co-stars are all thin/skinny (and since it’s her movie and show, I’m sure she has a decision in casting). I think she’s just very secure in the fact that she’s not skinny, yet believes she’s attractive nonetheless, just like the millions of other women out there who are “average” and yet still attractive. I think she just enjoys representing the norm.

        • artemis

          ugh, i hate that guy that plays her ‘bf’

          • Shiv

            I think you all (in the above posts) are looking too deeply into her and her comments. She knows she’s not like other Hollywood actresses and she’s obviously being asked questions like “You’re nothing like the other actresses, does that affect you?” and her response is well no. I like her because she’s different. I find her completely refreshing and isn’t into the kind of ‘Hollywood glamour’ notion that everyone else is into.

            As for the show, I like it. I thinks it’s cleverly written and yes that is my opinion and you don’t have to agree. I like that the main character isn’t some hot, skinny, rich, daddy’s girl with a Chanel bag and 100 pairs of Louboutins. I like that ‘Hannah’ (Lena) is like me and my friends, finishing uni or almost finishing uni and still not sure what they want in life or what they want to achieve.

        • Laura

          “Feminism isn’t about “not caring” about her weight but putting down women who do care about their looks….”

          Err… She’s not putting down women, she’s just saying she’s comfortable with the way she looks. Which is great because she looks perfectly normal and so do a lot of other women who might have gotten the idea that they can’t be attractive unless they look like Candice Swanepoel. For the majority of women it’s just impossible to look like a VS model, so most women will never look like that. Why should they feel the need to feel bad about their bodies because magazines are constantly rubbing pictures of stick-thin women in their faces?
          People like Lena Dunham might actually be quite helpful as a role-model to other women when it comes to accepting their own bodies. I wish there were more Lena Dunhams.

          And while I’m at it, I don’t even think Candice Swanepoel is attractive.

    • iveylola

      Soo true! She’s way too cocky about nothing, I’m sure no one envied her or even thought about her. Why is she continuously on this rant if she’s so confident? Probably feels the need to go on and on because she’s well aware of her averageness and this is her way of getting attention

    • Robin

      I have no idea who she is, so maybe her personality is annoying as hell, but I kinda like this quote and I think she is absolutely stunning.

      • Soph

        Shiv, I’m actually talking about how society perceives her and the points THAT makes, not merely Lena’s comments. I think the fact that she gets attacked for her body and how everyone is shocked to see her nude when in fact semi naked women are EVERYWHERE (in the media etc) says a lot about our intolerance for bodies that differ from the ‘norm’ or the ‘ideal’. Not reading into anything too much, just observing.

  • Lauren

    She is like those girls who bash other girls who wear makeup and dress nicely. She expects praise for putting 0 effort into her appearance and pretends to not care what others think of her when she clearly does.

    • Rose

      10000% agree.

    • Jewel

      Yes! Seriously I don’t get it… I don’t get how some people who don’t take care of themselves expect to be viewed in admiration while they bash people who work hard to maintain a certain look. If anything, someone who sacrifices a lot (except health) to achieve great looking bodies and faces is far more commendable than a below-average chick who says she eats cake 24/7.

      • artemis

        i very much agree, it’s the effort that should be appreciated. she isn’t even slim or smth to brag about how much junk she eats while thinking she still looks impressive, lol. i eat bad things all day, everyday, except when i eat an orange or smth but i’m way smaller than her. still, i know it ain’t good because it’s unhealthy..

    • Spot on!

    • artemis

      man, i hate those people that do that. i’m obsessed with my make-up, so what. i like it cause it’s pretty and also cause i do have flaws to (kinda) cover.

    • annemarie

      I agree with you. Such people seem to be jealous and too lazy to put any effort , and yet they think they’re some special snowflakes that deserve more than others.

      And it seems like there’s a trend among all the not-skinny-but-not-obese celebrities to bash skinny women and to expect to be admired for that.

    • Polska Blondynka

      Lol agree.

  • ary

    yeah, eat your cake and shut up already. I liked her first “f*ck u all” quote, but now she was just annoying.

  • Nicole

    I think she’s so cool. I saw her on Letterman. She’s smart, funny, and has got great self-esteem. Good for her.

  • Anastasia.

    Oh Lena, she knows she fat mess with an fugly face, so she likes to bash the thin hot ones. And I like that last picture of hers, she covered from neck to toe.

  • Kylie

    Whatever, she’s brilliant, she’s funny, she’s confident. People will hate no matter what, but it doesn’t matter. She’s so much more than a body.

    • Indigo Lace

      I couldn’t have said it better Kylie. I honestly do feel she gets a certain amount of resentment for choosing to be free of the pressure of being measured constantly based on appearance. I’d rather be her over Kim Kardashian anyday!

      • JJ

        Surely there’s some middle ground between these two extremes? Why does one either have to NOT care what they look like, or ONLY care about what they look like?

    • goldfish

      i love her show- she is hilarious. i think people should relax and not take life so seriously all the time

      • Neri

        Well me too! I just recently watched to entire first season of the show – and I it’s so great! I really love her writing – she’s trying to portray each of these women as ‘normal’ human beings with ‘flaws’ and all 🙂

        ONE THING though – she’s says her looks doesn’t have anything to do with her character. I disagree – I think that the way she looks has a LOT to do with the character she’s playing and her succes – ‘being’ not the tall, blond and skinny girl etc.

  • gsl

    love her show and i actually do like her. saw her naked, shes maybe 10 pounds overweight but i woudnt say fat…its very common in this country to have a lil extra meat anyways. just goes to show u dont have to be stick thin in hollywood to make it, just have a great personality and brains, like lena, rebel wilson, melissa mccarthney and so on

    • Flemiel

      I personally don’t think Lena has a great personality. Or at least comparable to Melissa and Rebel. Melissa is such a beautiful person and not even just physically. She’s just classy and recognizes she’s plus size and she may have “problem” areas and she dresses to suit her body.
      Rebel on the other hand isn’t as classy but she’s freaking awesome to put it bluntly. She’s hysterical and beautiful. She makes fun of herself and her size but never makes people who are thin/fit feel guilty about it.

      I think it’s just pretty presumptuous of her to think just cause she eats cakes as meals then those who are skinny should be jealous. Some people love being healthy. It makes people feel great. I’m thin and I probably eat just as healthily as Lena and sure people may be jealous I can eat like crap and stay thin (not saying people think like that but I’m taking advantage of my metabolism now since I won’t be able to eat like this forever!) I would never think people should be jealous that I eat like crap regardless if I care or not. In fact, I’m super jealous of people who love healthy food and can eat that always!

      UGH idk if that even makes sense but something about that comment rubbed me the wrong way. What does she even mean my workout didn’t require spanx? If anything I feel like spanx would be a result of not working out! haha

  • Mia

    I liked the first part of the quote. As a person who has been “freed of that prison” I can attest to the fact that not worrying about weight constantly is very liberating. BUT (and this is a big but), the fact that she had to go on and bash other people in hollywood in the next breath makes me think that she isn’t really as confident as she claims. She is very publicly putting down other actresses out there, and it’s so obvious that it’s a manifestation of her own insecurities.

  • Stephanie
  • wonderwoman21

    Yeah she’s free from that prison because she doesn’t fit in it.

    Totally unimpressed with this rich girl’s bought success.

  • Georgy

    that dres is so hideous and doesn’t suit her one bit :-/ … eeek …

  • Mia

    I also want to add that it sickens me that celebrities get gifts from fans. I mean we’re talking about people who earn literally millions of dollars a year getting gifts from the other 99%. It’s truly disgusting.

    • MissMarilyn

      …. well that’s not exactly her fault, is it? haha

      • Mia

        well she does have the option to donate these gifts, doesn’t she?

        • MissMarilyn

          but isn’t that kind of rude? I’m sure she eventually donates it when she gets tired of it like most people do with their clothes that they don’t wear anymore but if someone spent money on a gift for me, I would feel like such a jerk if I just donated it. Like I understand that there are people needier than me, but these are items that someone put time and effort into, thinking that I would like them and then spending money on them? No I don’t think donating is necessarily the best thing in that regard. I don’t donate my birthday presents although I’m sure there are people much more needier than I am.

          • Mia

            No, I don’t think donating is rude. You get birthday presents from people who know you and care about you, while she is getting gifts from perfect strangers…the fact that you don’t see the difference is surprising. Plus, she can do it in a compassionate manner by telling her fans that she would rather they send gifts to her favorite charity instead of to her directly.

          • MissMarilyn

            I think giving clothing to a famous person you have never met is strange, but if I did I think I would hope that they kept in… or else its kind of like a one-sided I care enough to send you a gift but apparently you don’t like it at all. I don’t know. I think the concept of fans sending a celebrity a gift is strange but I don’t think its strange that the celebrities keep them. (unless it was like a very strange/inappropriate gift)

        • April

          Donating them is what I’d do, I’m sure they get a ton of crap and you only have so much room for it all.

    • Mara

      I assume they sent her trousers, for their own good.

  • Rachel

    I dont care how fat or skinny she is but her attitude annoys me.

  • Elle

    She’s a pig…. Dislike everything about her…. her hair, her clothes, her body, etc. Haven’t liked her since I saw that disgusting election commercial likening voting for the first time to losing your virginity. Get real.

  • HB

    I mean… that’s really unhealthy, Ms. Dunham.
    I like her attitude on not caring so much about appearance in itself, but jeez, take care of your body!

  • linda

    Im sorry, but she looks like a man to me…

  • MissMarilyn

    I like Lena. I like her on Girls (that show is hilarious and she is hilarious) and she seems smart and funny in all of her interviews.

    I’m all for loving ones body, and while Lena’s a little overweight (have seen her naked on Girls!) I think she looks fine. She’s not obese. If she doesn’t want to lose the weight, its not a big deal, because it doesnt seem like she’s big enough to be suffering from fat-related health problems.

    However, advocating cake for breakfast, cake for dinner…. okay that’s clearly not healthy. Stay on the slightly heavier side if you want (that’s fine if you’re healthy and happy with yourself) but don’t advocate silliness, because there are some people who are much more overweight than Lena who are suffering health problems. I agree it’s important for people to love their bodies and I agree that a lot of people in the world need to realize that there is a lot more to life than what you’re eating and how much you weigh, there are people that are facing dire health problems if they do not lose weight.

  • Cristina

    Well I like her but I find she kind of brags regularly: “I could feel the envy of every woman.” In my opinion, it’s safe to say that anyone who has ever claimed that someone is “jealous” (in any form) is completely, laughably wrong.

    • Linnie

      Yup, she’s right on top of my “people I envy” list. She’s sharing the top spot with that Samantha Brick woman.

      • Cristina

        Hah! So true!

  • Dorothy

    i find it hard to believe that the women at the emmys in sunset tower were envious of her. contemptuous, yes.

  • Hh

    Lame personality.

  • Hanna

    Why can’t she just be happy with the way she looks without comparing herself to other actresses? Even if you have a great body, I’m sure it’s not fun to obsess over what you eat all the time. Can’t she just talk about herself without comparing to the ‘skinny actresses’? The only thing that would make this worse is if in two years, she’s lost like 30lbs and everyone looks back on her interviews.

  • Stace

    You know, she’s not really that fat or anything, but this girl’s attitude is super annoying to me. How is she even famous?

    • Mia

      I’m pretty sure her father is someone famous. Look, I have no doubt she has marginal talent, but I also have no doubt that if it wasn’t for her connections there is no way in hell she would have gotten a show on HBO.

    • Emeline

      Family connections

  • Polly

    I would have liked the quote much more without “I could feel the envy of every woman in the room”. Women should do what makes them feel happy + best. If it’s eating cake for Lena, go girl. If it’s detoxing on spinach and lemon water, go for it. But then again Lena is trying to be humorous so it should be taken with a grain of salt. I just wish these actresses wouldn’t capitalize on their sizes and weight so much, whether skinny or larger ones. It’s become quite the bore.

  • Mish

    Who is this woman i’ve never heard of her. She sounds bat shit crazy.

  • Candy

    It seems every “star” is famous due to family connections these days. Kate Upton, Gwen, this girl.

    • gen

      Whaat? Who are Gwen Stefani and Kate Upton’s famous relations? And how much clout do you honestly thinl Laurie Simmons has? Id never heard about her because I along with most of the rest of the country am not an art-conscious New Yorker.

      • Cristina

        I think she means Gwyneth and Kate Upton comes from the Whirpool family. Fame or not, with money comes influence.

      • Candy

        I meant Gwenyth Paltrow and her mother Blythe. Kate Upton comes from a rich family with connections. Lily Aldridges family is FULL of people in the fashion industry.

  • in the first picture her tongue is way toooo big

  • heathers

    I adore her… she’s intelligent and hilarious and ridiculously adorable.

  • I just don’t like this woman. I tried to like Girls and her because it’s great to have a female written and driven tv show about young women for a change (and even better to have the lead not be glamourous and thin) – but I can’t relate to it at all and a lot of it just makes me glad I don’t know women (or men) like that.

    She seems spoilt, self-centred, defensive and just not nice. I think it’s good to accept yourself and be proud of your choices – but putting other people down is not the way to do it. I believe there are many women in Hollywood (and the wider world) in a self-imposed prison of vanity and that’s very sad – and Lena has an unsympathetic attitude that is full of mocking and superiority. I just can’t like that – and I don’t even find her very funny most of the time. And this will sound mean, but the reason she has never been in the vanity prison is because she doesn’t have the looks in the first place – it’s really not so much of a choice as it is just the way of the world – but re-reading her comment, maybe she was insinuating the same thing herself!

    She has other talents though, even if I personally don’t really appreciate them. She has made a mark and it’s good to see a woman out there who is not cookie-cutter at all – I just wish she could be more gracious and classy about it. And it’s nice that so many of her fans send her clothing in her size – even if I think that’s a bit weird!

    • Jackie

      I pretty much agree with you… I don’t really like her but I still kind of respect her though. I think that it’s true she doesn’t really have the looks, BUT I think she could if she really wanted to. Honestly with weight loss and a nose job (which is very common in hollywood) she would actually look quite pretty. Add a stylist, someone to do her make-up and hair and she would fit into hollywood perfectly.
      So that’s pretty much why I respect her. She’s the way she is and doesn’t strive to reach an ideal. I’m guessing she has a lot of haters (when reading through the comments on this site) but wouldn’t change herself to please people.
      Like I said I don’t really like her, but I respect that she “marches to the beat of her own drum”, which honestly not very many people truely do.

    • Emeline


    • Adriana

      Agreed, can I just say that I really like the way you write your posts. You always state your opinion but in such a nice way.

    • Eve


  • JaneParker

    I kinda like “Girls”, and I kinda like Lena. But… 1) She is not THAT fat. She might be slightly overweight but that’s about it (and her body shape is very unfortunate), and 2) I don’t buy it that she doesn’t care. I’m sure that there are women that actually, genuinely do not care, I just don’t think she’s one of them.

  • Jewel

    Envy of every woman? LOLWUT I think she mistook the “Omg look at this slob” looks for envy. It’s ok we all make mistakes. I don’t know if she’d look better with longer hair but I find her fugly.

    • jenna

      Not sure why a lot of people on here don’t get that she was joking in saying that.

  • Mara

    She should really just shut up about her size or stick to a simple “I love who I am”. Always having a go at actresses who conform to the standard doesn’t exactly make her sound confident, but rather defensive and unlikeable. It’s also quite ridiculous of her to claim that all the skinny actresses are jealous because she can have her cake. Um, everyone sets their own priorities and who are you to judge what makes others happy?

    • lc


  • serena

    Too bad she IS in that prison – she discusses body image and being overweight (her words, not mine) constantly. If she were to put down cake for 2 seconds and possibly lose weight, her fans would call her a hypocrite. I’m not a big fan of watching pretentious bratty hipsters cry about having to get jobs, so I couldn’t get into “Girls”. Like Gwyneth Paltrow and many others, she is proof that family connections, money, and a smidgeon of talent can get you very far in Hollywood. She sounds like she’s desperately trying to project an image of not caring, but it’s coming across as the opposite; very insecure. At least she can write?

    • Lana

      lol – you are on a freaking body/diet website – perhaps you should watch and read a bit more of the “pretentious bratty hippster”- media, so you would know a bit more about Lena and what her writing and work is about. She talks about a LOT of other things than her weight. Educated yourself.

      • Lana


      • serena

        Lana, I have seen “Girls” and “Tiny Furniture”; is that “educated” enough for you or should I start kissing her butthole directly to soak up her brilliance? 😀 And yes I know she talks about more than just her weight – she’s put her foot in her mouth over discussions of race and privilege multiple times for example. Hard to take her seriously, though you’re welcome to worship her if you like.

        • Lana

          Wow, what a classy comeback.

          • Dorothy

            lana, we know you’re really lena and that comeback was like, ooooooo snap.

          • serena

            Haha thanks dorothy 🙂 I notice Lana did not deny my accusations that Lena is a spoiled trust-fund hipster whose family connections (Judd Apatow) landed her a TV show while more talented writers and actresses struggle to get by. Not to mention her racist and sexist comments she’s gotten criticism for. I guess you can’t refute facts!

    • AnnieC

      +1000. Her body insecurity shines through every interview, since she can’t stop yapping about her weight. She’s just another trust fund baby with delusions of grandeur and nothing new to say. Her pretensions of being “real” are laughable.

    • lc

      I agree %110 serena. Amen!!

  • Sidney

    she seems so full of herself. And insecure at the same time, or else she maybe wouldn’t feel the need to put down beautiful thin women, who yes, may suffer from trying to be perfect and it’s good to address those issues but it can be done it a much more constructive way. Also some people just like to live healthy and look fabulous due to that,

  • Nobsnob

    So much hate in the comments. Confirms that people are pissed off that this girl doesn’t give a sh*t about being Hollywood-compliant aka rail-thing and gets away with it.
    She doesn’t obey to the implicit rules of “be thin, be hot” and still get recognition and that, weight-obsessed peoples on SvC can’t accept it.

    • Annee

      absolute truth…look at the above link from yesterday@ letterman! Love it and I like her attitude

    • JJ

      That seems like an odd statement. Who is pissed off at her? More like laughing at her, I’d say. She’s a fugly girl with a dumpy figure. I think the negativity comes from the fact that she basically puts down hot women–no one is jealous.

      • lc

        Spot on, JJ.

      • tr

        No one cares? Yet there are pages and pages of vitriol being spewed on this page! Hilarious contradiction, no? Let her “dump on hot women”. Why do you care enough to make a comment? It’s absurdly amusing to me that Dunham, a person of probably average intelligence in a sea of dunces that is Hollywood makes a comment and so many people criticise her to the hilt! But “beautiful and perfect” VS models who, IMO sound like plastic parrots without brains are praised to the nth degree for being “naturally thin” and “perfect WHR” while regurgitating the most generic and mindless answers a person can give in an interview!

  • Jacky Daniels

    i would be sick after that two cakes 🙂 but really i think its good for her that she is so free!

  • JJ

    Have you ever seen her show? These have to be photoshopped pictures, because she is VERY unattractive. And she’s not fat, per se, but very dumpy and obviously doesn’t work out or eat well. I know this because she takes every opportunity to get naked.

    No one is envying you, dear.

  • Priscila

    She is a beautiful woman. But I think is sad how she dealt with the criticism over the lack of race divesity in her tv show.

  • mary

    lol she is very unattractive and sounds delusional

    • Lisa

      Is she delusional BECAUSE she’s unattractive? Would we take her seriously if she were pretty, or less so? I’m not disagreeing btw, I think she’s too far up her own ass.

  • Ann

    How on earth is she “freed” from it when it seems to be ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT?!!

  • retrobanana

    she is an idiot…she isnt talented..and she deserves that L on her forehead…

  • michelle

    Love her!! She is hilarious and I get 100% what she is saying….you can’t deny there are actresses out there who probably follow a super strict diet and exercise plan that don’t like it. I see these comments about people enjoying eating healthy..but if cake wasn’t so damn yummy we wouldn’t be having this conversation. This girl is lucky as are all average to below average looking women who get to succeed in Hollywood despite not being hot and having a rocking body. I would trade places with this girl over any thin, hot actress any day! Who wants that job stress, even for the $$$? And I am prepared for the bashing that I must be fat or unhealthy….I am not. I eat healthy 80% of the time, I work out, I live an active lifestyle…and I eat cake, sometime for as a meal!

    • serena

      Michelle, I promise that no one cares that you eat cake or will lecture you. Nearly every human in the developed world eats dessert (if not cake, maybe ice cream or candy or whatever). But this chick acts like she’s the second coming of Christ because she eats cake and is slightly bigger than the average actress. It’s not like our choices in life are being anorexic vs. eating cake all day (which frankly sounds just as neurotic as being anorexic). Most women I know in real life, including myself, eat dessert and are still half Lena’s size. So she comes up with an elaborate mental fantasy about how everyone is jealous of her to cope. It’s sad and you shouldn’t feel envious of her (or anyone) Michelle.

  • Lisa

    If she’s as bright as she and her fans claim, she would know that, intellectually speaking, there really is no such thing as non-conformity. Not conforming is still conforming, even if it isn’t to the mainstream. You can never be completely outside of a societal response.

    If you want to do things differently, just do it without fanfare. If you’re doing it right, people will trumpet you, you won’t have to blow your own horn all the time.

  • Arianna

    I can’t get past the cake for breakfast thing. I get what she’s saying…she’s not starving herself in some “anti-food prison”… but am I supposed to be happy or impressed? There’s nothing wrong with eating well and working out to be healthy. Once again, I’m sick of the extremes.

  • Candy

    Looks have always been part of acting, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn, Audrey. If anything there is more diversity in Hollywood as Lena would never have made it in the past. I hate it when people act as if the present is just the worst time ever, people use to watch people kill each other for fun. Our entertainment is not that bad.

  • scoob

    How can she claim to celebrate freedom from the chains of ‘the feminine ideal’ when she is treating her body like a garbage can and only focusing on how good she thinks she looks? This is not health or empowerment. This is laziness and lack of self restraint masked with pseudo intellectualism. If she was truly bucking the system, she would be eating healthy and talking about how good she *feels* not looks.

  • lc

    She is an idiot and needs to STFU already. Pretentious, whiny little brat.

  • JC

    1. You shouldn’t eat cake for breakfast no matter your size. Why do people think this is something to be proud of or celebrate?

    2. It is entirely possible to look good without starving yourself, wear Spanx, or live under any extremities in terms of diet or exercise. I never understood why so many celebrities seem to work so hard to maintain their looks, because it shouldn’t be difficult unless they all ruined their metabolisms when young or all have naturally bigger builds.

    3. Most people I know who talk about “freedom” in eating have just as unhealthy relationship with food as the people who are super restrictive. Eating cheeseburgers every day is no better than someone who eats 1200 calories a day.

    4. Where has moderation gone in society? It seems all we do now is talk about one extreme or the other..

    5. Why do average to unattractive celebrities always seem the most insecure?

    • Aafje

      well to #5 the average to unattractive ones are probably the most insecure because everyone in the business is always telling them they are average or unattractive or they should lose some weight lol.
      If people were constantly telling me I looked bad I would probably be depressed.

  • Aria

    If she were really “freed from that prison” she wouldn’t be talking about it so much. Nobody talks about Ellen Degeneres’s body. Nobody makes a huge issue of Sarah Silverman’s body, or Amy Poehler’s body. Those are women who don’t really talk about it. They do their thing, and people respect them. I don’t know much about Lena Dunham, but I do know that she seems to be fairly focused on the fact that she is not as thin as other actresses. Something she needs to realize is that she doesn;t have to be because she’s not trying to get the same kind of work that they are. If she were trying to play Catwoman then she would absolutely have to be concerned with the shape she’s in. It’s different, and it’s not exactly fair for her to criticize other actresses or insist that they envy her. I promise you; they don’t.

    • serena

      Great comment Aria. The fact that this trust-fund hipster thinks she’s a brilliant revolutionary for being chubby (not even fat, just a bit chubby! who cares?) is hilarious. There are SO many accomplished, talented, smart women out there who do their jobs brilliantly and don’t incessantly talk about their weight to get attention. Lena is not one of them.

  • benjay

    Well… to be blunt this girl is digusting… I also hope she does not do anything drastic when her boyfriend tells her he is G A Y…. sorry but its true… I am not being mean, its just the honest truth. She needs to grow some hair and workout more… if she wants to be a boy, she is very close.

    • Aafje

      yeah…calling people disgusting…totally not being mean at all

  • Sofia

    Just saw her at the Golden Globes. She looks so ungraceful and dumpy

  • Lizzy

    What’s up haters?? Honestly how many of you have written tv shows and movies and gotten them made before the age of 30. She’s not just getting a part in her daddy’s show. She writes, directs and produces the whole dang thing. really. Maybe it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s an accomplishment for sure. Having your own show on HBO is a big deal, it’s in great company. Also, I think she’s cute, not beautiful but cute and sassy. And for the love of god, she’s not making a public service announcement about eating cake for breakfast everyday, she’s making a point and being funny.

    • Aria

      Her show is definitely an accomplishment, and I’m certainly not saying that she’s untalented or that her fame is unwarranted. I just think that she talks a bit too much about her weight. Her work could speak for it’s self, but she’s needlessly provocative about the weight issue, and she’s probably not even considered overweight. She doesn’t seem to understand that her choice of projects don’t require her to be thin. If she tried to start acting in serious films, or started trying to get the leading lady roles, then she would have to be thinner. As it is, you may see a comment here and there about how bad her thighs look in shorts, but no one really cares that she has a few extra pounds on her and bringing attention to it makes her look silly.

  • Camila

    i abosolutely love her. I love you Lena… You’re awesome

  • Lux

    1. Cake for breakfast won’t kill you. Even someone with an otherwise healthy lifestyle might opt for cake (or a doughnut) on occasion.

    2. Self esteem has nothing to do with how you look, but how you percieve yourself.

    3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    4. Every person lives in a different reality based on their own thoughts and perceptions, therefore you shouldn’t really care about what others think, the exception being someone you either love or respect.

    5. You can’t be a judge of one’s health just by looking at them. A physical exam and bloodwork is probably more accurate.

    6. It’s possible to be fit and fat. It’s also possible to be skinny and unfit, hello skinny fat.

    7. Diversity is good. It is also a natural phenomenon, we do not all have the same genetic make up.

    8. A lot of celebrities do cleanses and eat very litte before an event to avoid the “food baby”. It’s my guess that this is what she was referring to as far as jealousy… If I was hungry I’d be grouchy and jealous of eating people too. Anyone who’s been on a diet or done a cleanse will get this.

    9. One of the reasons there aren’t many average people in Hollywood is casting agents generally cast characters from either end of the spectrum. An actress friend of mine who is fit was told to either gain 15 lbs or lose 15 lbs if she wants to land roles.

    10. Quotes in print can be misconstrued as they are lacking the accompanied emotion and delivery, and are often out of context.

    11. The reason celebrities are gifted clothing and products is it is a good source of publicity for the brand if a celebrity is photographed wearing it or endorses a product by expressing that they love it without being hired as an official spokesperson.

    12. Yay GIRLS!!

    • CK

      what an awesome comment. Thx, a good break from a ton of negativity above…wow, seriously didn’t expect everyone to be so mean.

  • erin


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