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Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor ‘FAT’

180688920_101 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT'

We all admired the new Miss America Nina Davuluri a few days ago, who managed to win the competition and stood strong in front of her racist critics. But the New York beauty of Indian descendant, who was recently nicknamed Miss Diversity is back in the news, this time for not so positive reasons – but for calling the former Miss America ‘fat’. The full story from NY Post:

It’s the “potbelly” calling the kettle fat. Miss New York — who allegedly slammed her predecessor, the current Miss America, for being “fat as s- -t” — has wrestled with her own weighty demons. Nina Davuluri, 24, even made her battles with bulimia and her pudgy past part of her platform as she vies for the Miss America crown Sunday at 9 p.m. in Atlantic City. Before The Post’s Page Six revealed the backstage ugliness following the state pageant in July, Davuluri, of upstate Fayetteville, was considered a favorite for the national title. She shed 53 pounds in only a few years, her physical trainer, Tia Falcone, told The Post.

“Nina is probably more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside,” Falcone told The Post, unaware of her client’s alleged fatso faux pas.

“She had to really work hard to get to where she is. It makes you more humble.”

But Davuluri’s competitors would say humble pie is one course she hasn’t had nearly enough of.

After being crowned Miss New York on July 16 in Staten Island, Davuluri, who nicknamed herself “Miss Diversity,” was overheard not only slamming Miss America (and former Miss New York) Mallory Hagan as a fatty, but entertaining bigoted remarks from her guests, sources told Page Six.

“Davuluri invited friends back to her hotel room after her win. A girl in the next room overheard their conversation, and was so offended she decided to tape part of it,” a source said.

“A friend of Davuluri was supposedly heard making racist remarks, and Davuluri is allegedly heard on the tape blasting Miss America, ‘Mallory’s fat as s- -t.’ The recording has been making the rounds of pageant contestants and officials.”

Davuluri, the first Indian-American to don the Empire State’s tiara, has herself been on the receiving end of racism.

When she first performed a Bollywood-style dance as part of her pageant act, she met resistance.

“She was discouraged from doing it,” Falcone recalled. “They told her she’d never win — too foreign. But she did it anyway, and she won.”

She performed the dance in the pretaped talent portion of the Miss America contest Wednesday.

The personal trainer and the beauty queen met about two years ago, when Davuluri walked into Falcone’s gym in Syracuse with a Living Social coupon.

“She was just beautiful, even though she was trying to lose some weight,” Falcone said.

Davuluri weighed about 137 pounds, down from her peak weight of 170, she added.

During college, Davuluri battled bulimia, according to a profile of the pageant pro in The Post-Standard of Syracuse headlined “A doctor-to-be who detests the word ‘skinny.’ ” Rich foods were her weakness — she would chow down long after feeling full.

At the time, she said, losing the flab felt like an unattainable goal.

“I thought to myself, ‘I can’t do it,’ ” Davuluri told the paper.

Falcone disagreed.

“I wanted her down to 18 percent body fat and 117 pounds,” Falcone said. “She met that goal, and that’s where she still is now.

Miss America 2012 Mallory Hagan:

180688685_10 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT'

Nina when she was over 50 pounds heavier:

miss-new-york-before - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT'

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180143192_10 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT' 180684633_101 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT' 180687273_10 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT'   180740747_10 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT' 180765733_101 - Miss America Nina Davuluri, Who Used to Be 170 Pounds, Called Her Predecessor 'FAT'



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  • Katya

    So she’s 120 pounds now? I wonder how tall she is… I read somewhere that she is 5’7″. If that’s the case, I really don’t she looks like she weighs 120 pounds. I’m not saying she’s fat or anything..she looks healthy thin. I would say she’s more like 130 to 135 pounds.

    • mary

      Agreed, no way she ways that little if she is 5’7″…but I dont believe for a minute she is that tall. I saw her on Kelly Ripas show last week and they were both standing barefoot (doing her bollywood dance) and she was maybe an INCE taller than Kelly. shes no more than 5’4″ in which case I believe she would be around 120 pounds.

      • mary


    • Angie

      That’s a good guess. My body looked just like hers at that weight (I’m 5’7 also). Definitely in the lower or mid 130s

  • serena

    @Versus I think these measurements are way off. If 5’7 she doesn’t look 117 lbs or 18%body fat at all. However the NY Post is a joke so take this with a grain of salt.

    Personally I think these contests are a bit of a joke, mindless entertainment…I know ordinary girls much more attractive, smart, and poised than Nina or Mallory.

  • popo

    I’m not a fan of either – but Nina’s definitely better looking in my opinion. I don’t really know how to react to the “fat as sh**” comment from her but she can afford to shed a few kilos as well. I know everyone wants to applaud her for “not looking starved” but she does have her problem areas. That being said she has a very strong and sensual appeal to her.

    • Dani

      Maybe in your mind she “should”, but in reality, at least weight-wise, she is healthy. In your opinion she has “her problem areas”, but in reality, these types of things aren’t truly problems. Her so-called “problem areas” aren’t harming her and therefore, aren’t problems. Sorry – your comment just really irritated me.

      • popo

        It’s okay. Clearly they were just my opinions. Being an Indian myself i think there are women (and not just from my country) that are way better looking than her and have better bodies than her (in my opinion) and from what i hear- have a better personality than hers. In my eyes, she’s far from an ideal candidate for a beauty pageant and the same applies for the woman that won previously. And i don’t see why that should irritate you, since none of those comments were about you.

  • tequilla

    who knows if thats even true.. many people are against her as miss america. i ve heard americans wanted the one with tattoos that hunts, lol, what a bunch of rednecks. oh and @anonymous “And her knees are way dark and ugly.sorry” you are such a racistic idiot.

    • tequilla

      well, VS sorry for the i.d.i.o.t comm. but that was my first reaction..

    • Iana

      Your comment about Americans being rednecks was misinformed (not to mention stereotyping). The contestant from Kansas whom you’re referring to did have tattoos (as have past winners) but she was also in the army and was trained in archery. She was my personal favorite to win since she was a very interesting mix of tough/smart/attractive , but I think she lost the judges when she made a comment about how she wanted her talent to be archery but that wasn’t allowed so she had to settle for singing instead.

  • Robaid

    Hmmmm… I don’t know if I believe this story…

  • mary

    Less than a week after her crowning and already a scandal…sounds like she fits right in with the Miss America pageant! But seriously, if the above is true then she is a moron for saying all of that. I also dont think she looks 50 pounds heavier in that bathing suit pic…maybe 25

    • Lydia

      I agree, that is not 50 lbs.

  • Marike

    wow, so much weight loss, good for her. news flash, women being bitchy, SHOCKING, not, LOL! we ALL bitchy on skinny vs curvy. if woman is not bitchy, then its news flash. all beauty queen contestants must be making remarks about the other girls, I always picture them fighting and scratching, pulling hair and wigs off behind scenes (LOL!!!).

    • Diane

      Like hoo hoo , how can she say that!!!??? When you are bitchy yourself!!! All beauty pageant contestants are bitchy, even everyday normal people, duh!!

    • Tst

      Talk about hitting the hammer right on the nail!!! We chicks suck, always bitchy. LOL LOL LOL

  • Sandy


    • P

      Thanks for telling her to F*&* off so I didn’t need to 🙂

  • amber

    The bitchiest person in the whole story, if it’s even true, is the woman videotaping a conversation at a private hotel party and then spreading it around to their peers and judges. Why aren’t we blasting that woman for being sneaky, conniving, backstabbing, and underhanded?

  • Gabriella

    White, black, brown, green, whatever… It just seems to me that they’re all vapid b#tches.
    Like a previous poster said, I can find women who are more beautiful both on the inside and outside, more poised and interesting than all these women.
    Why do people still care about these pageants?

  • char

    what a bitch…
    you can’t make yourself ‘miss diversity’ as your pitch, and then be racist. people seem to think that ‘diversity’ just means ‘MORE BROWN PEOPLE!!’…. it doesn’t, it means lots of every race. Don’t get why the other comments are just concerned with her weight – such a horribly ugly person should not be Miss America. I feel sad for all the young girls she will go on to influence. Just more bad in the world.

  • lc

    Wow, if this is true, catty much. These pageants are pretty lame tbh, and I don’t find Nina to be pretty at all anyway. Pot calling kettle black, indeed. She was fat before.

  • Lydia

    even when mallory was “fat as shit” she looked gorgeous. even in these photos here, uh, she is normal. not fat.
    why even call someone else out as fat when you WON, im not saying it is okay when you dont win but wtf bitch? unreal. especially coming from where she came from.
    how catty of her, someone needs to rip her wig off.

  • malika

    well Nina is not that good looking to me actually. It is not nice calling someone fat and specially if you were. What can I say more than just…woman ccc

  • Iana

    This whole story doesn’t sound likely. Someone in the next room just happened to overhear all this? It’s possible, or maybe equally possible that this “source” just wanted to sell a story to the tabloids to make a quick buck by cashing in on the publicity Nina’s gotten.

  • Snip

    First, the allegations are all baloney hearsay until a confirmed recording is ponied up. So let’s hear it.

    Secondly, the word “diverse” is code for non-Caucasian, correct? An Asian colleague of mine told me matter-of-factly that I myself am not diverse. After pressing her, I learned that this is just another way to say white. As a white person, I’m telling you it’s fine to say white. lol

  • Kimberly

    This woman is Miss America? Good grief…I see better looking women everyday at the local junior college. If this story is true, she has a nasty personality too.

  • She looks great! i dont care about her past! she looks heatlhy and curvy. Whoc ares if thats not the real number? and who cares if she was heavier a couple of years ago? and i am tired of reading racists comments. people.. we are in 2013… cut the

  • Winnie

    “pageant queen makes catty remark”

    …why is this a headline? women are catty on the regs. when they’re in competition with one another? even more so. pageant circuit? well–you can pretty much put an exponent on that. whether she said it or not is up for debate, but this is pretty much a non-story.

  • Anushka

    The story sounds slightly fabricated but if it is true, thats a pretty mean thing to say.

    On a side note, I personally find Mallory better looking. Though I like ninas skin more.

  • Ophelie

    If it’s true that she made that comment she’s an ass. Mallory carries the weight better, she’s more statuesque. No way Nina is 120. Anyways, pageants are démodé anyways.

  • Nene

    This could be true or false.

    Whenever women are involved in such cat-fight,silent war,rivalry-whatever you might call it- I often take it with a grain of salt.

    To be honest and blunt,women are the most envious,unpredictable and complicated creatures ever,hence I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a set-up or plot by her fellow contestants or bitter girls to cast this girl in bad light.On the other hand I wouldn’t be shocked if she(Miss America) made such hateful comment.
    And NO i don’t have a low opinion of my own specie just saying it as I see it.
    And yes I’ve met truely Amazing women and girls with an extraordinaryly human heart and spirit.

    Be that as it may,all these beauty queens are hardly real representatives of true beauty and attractiveness.
    I don’t know about you guys but I see gorgeous girls around in my Uni.Some of them stunning even without a speck of make-up.This is saying a LOT…

  • katarina


  • carrie

    yeah no WAY is she 5’7 117 lbs. i am 5’4 and when i am 117 lbs i am small. smaller than her definately. she is probably 135 ish or maybe 140 at 5’7 which is still thin but she is not tiny by any means

  • Alecia

    117 lbs my a**!! She has no right to bash Mallory on her weight. Their bodies look pretty similar to me.

  • Laverne

    1. She’s right. That other girl is fat.
    2. It would be offensive if she had said those things in public. But as I understand it, she said those things in private.

  • Justine

    Hahaha! This “story” is ridiculous. Who cares? It’s effing Miss America. Most girls, including many of us, are catty, but I’m going out on a limb by saying that pageant girls are probably even more catty and nasty than the rest of us. Why is this “news” to anybody? And both girls aren’t exactly gorgeous. I don’t know, neither are particularly appealing. Pass.

  • retrobanana

    omg these girls are all so mean..when i was little i had a picture of the pageant girls as sweet barbie prinncesses and yeah they’re just like girls you meet at the bars backstabbing mean girls with crowns on..they might as well put tiaras on miley cyrus, kendal jenner, and amanda bynes and call it a day

  • Lori in MD

    See thats genetic, shes just meant to be a big girl, and yes shes still alil fat here after the weight loss. This is as good as its gonna get for her. Dont care about the story, shes not pretty. I do think as others have said here she was a pc pick.

  • Alex

    I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Ninas thighs dear god. Standards were always just mediocre I mean its a beauty pagent that takes place in my hometown of NJ, but it seems the standards have gotten really low now, I mean shes just ugly there is no other wat to say it. Glad for her that winning will give her a good self esteem.

  • Alex

    way to say it #

  • ellentjie

    This sounds like a made up story at the moment. I don’t watch any of this beauty pageant stuff but the story continually says “allegedly”. It sounds like it is all a rumour and the fact that it is coming from competitors makes it even more unbelievable. If somebody has a tape recording of her saying things, why haven’t they released it?

  • Katey

    Nina makes Aishwarya look thin and pretty. Preity Zinta is an example of a beautiful Desi woman. Not Nina.

  • Katey

    Also surprised they chose someone sooooooo chunky ahemm. Wow.

  • bhosad

    Damn dude- I’m indian and I can safely even say that Nina is ugly as hell. She’s still fat. Nasty thighs and those flopping pancake tits:( disgusting….
    How she is Miss America is beyond me. I’m sure she’s got a nice personality and is smart and all but shouldn’t pageant contestants have to be somewhat attractive to qualify?