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Samantha Brick: “There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat”

article-2310797-127C49C7000005DC-344_634x588 - Samantha Brick: "There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat"

Remember Samantha Brick? She’s the 42 year-old woman who claimed that women hate her because she is too beautiful. Well, Samantha is back and she has lots of things to say and be proud of: how fat people are failures, how she invented the ‘eat a pack of mints for brteakfasdt and lunch’ diet, how all her boyfriends controlled her weight and how she rents kitchen-free houses and drinks coffee that makes her tremble for breakfast in order to avoid eating. Lots of ‘gems’ in this article – take a look:

When my husband and I invited friends to dinner, I knew they’d want to bring something along as a contribution to the evening and made a point of saying that wasn’t necessary. So when one friend arrived and thrust a hefty box of chocolates into my hands, I rewarded her with ice-cold contempt rather than the grateful smile she was clearly expecting. At the end of the evening, that very expensive box of hand-made French chocolates was consigned to the bottom of the kitchen bin, the contents ruined by the coffee dregs I had deliberately poured over them.

I am 42 years old and have been on a permanent diet for the past 30 years. The logic is simple and irrefutable: any self-respecting woman wants to be thin, and to be thin you need to spend your life on a diet. I don’t believe overweight is ever attractive. Whether we like it or not, we live in an age and a part of the world where men and women regard thin as beautiful.

I was glad to see the back of Easter this month, as it seems to have been hijacked by the greedy masses who regard it as a free pass to gorge  on chocolate. Not a morsel passed my lips. Chocolate, cakes, sweets and any other calorie-rich, fat-laden ‘foods’ are banned in my home. For three decades, self-denial has been my best friend. And one of my biggest incentives is that I know men prefer slim women.

I have only ever dated men who kept a strict eye on my figure. My partners are not only boyfriends but weight-loss coaches. My first love continually reminded me that one can never be too rich or too thin, and my husband of five years frequently tells me that if I put on weight he will divorce me.

In the workplace, male bosses will always give the top job to a woman who looks fit and in control, rather than one who looks like a bulging sack in danger of imminent cardiac arrest.

article-2124246-09BDA2C8000005DC-462_634x592 - Samantha Brick: "There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat"

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I have some insight here, as I was overweight until I was 14 years old. Bitter experience taught me that the world pays no attention to dumpy girls. Little wonder that in my mid-teens I decided to lose my puppy fat, transforming myself as I lived, for the best part of a year, on Marmite on toast (no butter).

The first summer I felt thin coincided with a family holiday abroad. While this provided an opportunity to show off my svelte new figure, I had to watch my calorie intake even more carefully.

I fainted with hunger on one occasion – a minor hitch, eclipsed by the fact that I was being asked out on lots of dates.

At college I invented the Polo diet. Eating a pack of mints for breakfast and another for lunch, I could make each one last hours. I am 5ft 11in and slimmed down to a size 8. One of my lecturers was so worried she pulled me aside to voice her concern. I put her intervention down to jealousy, as she was a size 16. The Polo diet paid off: I could wear whatever I wanted and looked fantastic. I stopped only after a stern lecture from my  dentist about the  damage I was doing to  my teeth.

My 20s were dominated by dieting, and I managed to stay a steady size 8/10. If I put on a pound or two, I simply skipped a meal. I actually enjoyed – and still do – the hunger pangs. I see them as a reminder that I am not pigging out on pizzas and fast food.

I even chose holidays according to the indigenous diet. India was a favourite because I lost weight on meagre vegetarian servings.
To avoid culinary temptation, I even made a point of renting a house without a kitchen. Of course, constantly denying myself food was not and is not easy, but it has always brought enough rewards to make it worthwhile. Florida was a disaster,  so obscenely huge  were the portions. Never again.

In those days I didn’t use scales to tell me if I’d gained weight: I went by the fit of my clothes. My benchmark was a pair of unforgiving, size 8, Agnes B skinny-fit trousers. A friend and I had a coded way of referring to the success of my latest diet. ‘Ah! The Agnes B trousers  are on!’ she’d say, as I strutted across to the table at whichever restaurant we were meeting in.

In my early 30s I lived in Los Angeles. The entire city is permanently on a diet, heaven for a serial dieter like me. I was a size 8, and became accustomed to surviving on fewer than 1,000 calories a day.

I’d have a large black coffee for breakfast, so strong the caffeine would make me tremble. For lunch I’d eat a bagel with the bread inside scooped out and replaced with salad. Evening meals were either sushi or egg-white omelettes.

In Los Angeles, for example, where I worked as a television producer, I was never out of work and never without a boyfriend. My self-control has slipped, on occasion, and I have found myself putting on weight. When I married my French husband, Pascal, in 2008, I wasn’t at my thinnest. I suffered a bout of depression after losing my television company the previous year, and had gone up to a size 14.

Luckily for me, there is no better weight-loss incentive than a Frenchman. Pascal would not tolerate a fat wife and has told me that if I put on weight, our marriage is over. What more motivation do I need?

Today I am a size 12 and I never eat between meals. Elevenses isn’t an excuse to gorge on carbs – it’s just another hour on the clock.

Typically, I eat porridge for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and meat or fish with vegetables for dinner. Occasionally I allow myself some cheese, and I often have a yoghurt after dinner. I maintain a food diary. I never shop when I’m hungry, I always read the packaging, and I weigh myself every other day.

Like my female French in-laws, I follow an extreme low-calorie diet four times a year – one each season. I lose at least half-a-stone each time, though the side-effects mean that I don’t have the mental or physical fortitude to work.

The world admonished Kate Moss for claiming that ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ but I’d go further. As I see it, there is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat.

article-2124246-12716A26000005DC-186_634x524 - Samantha Brick: "There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat"
pa-14425857 - Samantha Brick: "There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat"

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  • silvy

    the part about dating men who care about her figure is the part that irks me soooo much. I really get down on myself alot, I work hard to stay slim, but my man wouldnt even notice if I gained 10 pounds (ok 30 he would but that has never happened) but my point is, he is with me because he loves me for ME. he notices the person i am first and it would ANNOY me SOOOO much to be with a man that was always looking at me and judging me.

    • Corinski

      She is just a troll – I don’t know why anyone still cares what this women has got to say. She picks one controversional topic after the other and always holds a view that is completely ridicolous and ignorant. Rings quite hollow to me. In 10 years she probably will write a book with the title “how i got you all”..

      • AnnieC

        LOL, right? And she’s not even good at it. It’s laughable how many people actually believe she’s serious and jump for the bait.

        • Marie

          you sure she is kidding?

          • AnnieC

            Yes, I am. It only takes a modicum of intelligence to realize this.

        • Marie

          wow you don’t have to be so impolite…
          watch this:

          I think she sure is serious about this!

        • lisa

          haha how could anyone take this seriously?? this is so obvious sarcastic and ironic and just supposed to be fun, if people dont get this, i dont what happend to this world 😀 i think shes funny 😀

          • NR

            Um, it’s pretty easy to think she’s serious when we already live in a society that thinks shaming people is the best and fastest path to health, beauty and love. We live in a place where fat people have things thrown at their heads on the street and complete strangers will walk up to your table at a restaurant to tell you you’re too fat to eat what you’re eating. If this woman is just “joking,” she appears to be right on target with the real trolls who say things like this every other sentence.

      • Isabel

        The problem with this woman is:
        A) You respond to her, saying she is a fool because she is not that pretty. She thinks *Rachel McAdams-Mean Girls voice* ‘Omg, you are soooo jealous!’
        B) You ignore her, she thinks this means you agree with her.

        I am just gonna close my eyes and pretend I didn’t read this.

    • Valeria

      That is wonderful that you have a man that doesn’t care if you gain weight. I haven’t come across that too often personally.

      All the men that I know i.e. friends/co-workers and who have been honest care a whole hell of a lot about women’s bodies and are the very first to say that they want women who have nice figures and who are not overweight. Men love attractive women and attractive female bodies. That is just the way it is.

      • MissMarilyn

        while it is true that most men pursue women who have attractive figures, I would hope that if you married a guy he wouldn’t leave you just because you gain 20 pounds. maybe he would encourage you to lose it in a healthy way but he (save a few a$$holes) wouldn’t just be like oh the love of my life got fat now im totally repelled by her gotta go

        if all men were like that, there would be SO many single mothers!! so many women gain weight during pregnancy

        • Debbs

          My husband married me when I was slightly overweight. I lost 25 pounds after the wedding. Don’t forget that men have weight issues and insecurities as well.

          • Missmarilyn

            Exactly. Or even insecurities about their appearances that aren’t weight related! The guy I’ve been dating has stayed with me regardless if I’m at my highest or lowest weights, and has found my attractive throughout the entire time. Ive never been overweight but its still like a 10 pound fluctuation. Guys are not so picky about appearance as a lot of women think.

            I’ve also never dated a guy who didn’t have his own (or sometimes several) appearance related insecurities. They haven’t been super open about them but even the most confident ones have confessed to something.

    • Amy

      This girl is so insecure, it’s unbelievable! BTW, she isn’t pretty and according to her standards, she is FAT. I don’t think she is skinny at all!

      • haha

        That’s what I thought too. She relies on external factors in order to stay thin : boyfriends, no kitchen, friends, trousers, etc. because she is so worried she could not have the self-control to just not eat if food was there.

  • Jaime

    Every woman is constantly on a diet in some form or another. It’s usually all or nothing though.

    • JN1976

      hmmm Jaime…are you female? cause that all or nothing thang and that women tend to be one or the other about food…seems harshly inaccurate and thus I can only assume you are male and those are the types of women you have been exposed to…yet please dont make grandiose assumptions about women based simply/only on those you`ve come to know.
      also diet means ~what you eat/consume~ not what you restrict…

      • Jaime

        If you know that’s what the word “diet means” then how did you not get the joke 😉

        Satire is my favorite form of humor, especially when it makes fools react.

        • Natalia

          she called me a dude too….

      • Natalia

        Yeah, don’t normally stick my nose in but…insinuating that the women on this site, Jamie, me, others, are NOT really women…that’s just inappropriate, esp. coming fr. someone old enough to no better, and esp. when it’s aimed at people that weren’t even commenting to you in the first place. Whatever issues you have, previous ed, height, whatever, you should not take them out on strangers, just wrong.

        • Natalia

          oops. * know better……but still 🙂

  • Pixie

    LOL. Does she think she’s thin?!! I see some chub there. Ugh, this woman is foul!!

    • JN1976

      Totally foul

    • annemarie

      My thoughts exactly. Not being obese doesn’t mean you’re thin.

    • Kate

      I just don’t understand how she is not eating ANY sweets or chocolate…because she does not seem too thin to me. Besides that, a life without chocolate seems miserable 🙁

      • charlotte

        well if you constantly restrict yourself from food your metabolism will slow down eventually. that makes it even harder to stay/ get thin.

  • Josie

    First of all, it’s the Daily Mail.

    Second of all, I love how you filed this under ‘lol’. No other word sums it up better!

    • Hazal

      Haha YES! Best category ever 😀

  • Sandy

    I think this woman has mental problems. It is amazing that she is proud of the things that she is saying. She married a man that regularly tells her he will divorce her if she gains weight? That’s so sad. I think a lot of women are on a life-long diet- it’s called a healthy lifestyle. But her lifestyle doesn’t sound healthy at all. She drinks coffee that makes her shake yet she’s worried that overweight women at work will be dropping like flies from heart attacks??

  • Caty

    Uh, she’s crazy. Absolutely nuts. And should find more respectful partners. Kind of saying eating disorders are okay and desirable, no? Obviously obsessed with food if she goes to such lengths! And what a crappy friend too! She is a despicable human being!

    • jeena

      I completely agree with you on this one. Doesn’t take much to see she’s 2 clowns short of a circus. Just when I think she’s hit ground zero on stupid comments, she gets out the shovel and starts digging a hole..

    • Aafje

      I think its really sad that she based her self worth on the ability to get boyfriends throughout her years.

  • Avelyn

    there’s nothing in life that significies failure than being so desperate for attention that you brag about how you YOURSELF are a women’s rights hating misogynist

    • killerqueen

      My sentiments EXACTLY.

  • panama

    No comment. We all know how pathetic her statements are and I feel that she is baiting people at this point.

    • annemarie

      I agree. She’s going to say anything just to get attention.

  • Debbs

    Why does this woman get media attention? Who cares about her opinion?

  • TonyFae

    She’s obviously just trolling for attention. Complete garbage. We need to stop paying her any attention and she will GO AWAY.

    Desperate attempt for attention is a terrible thing. Dont hate her, feel sorry for her.

    • Indigo Lace

      Right because she is quite pathetic.

  • Beans

    She is still one of the greatest media trolls ever. Or maybe she’s just, I don’t know, messed up in the brain.

    • Liz

      Can’t it be both? She knows exactly what she’s doing, playing the villain. Reading her is like watching Pro Wrestling. She knows exactly which buttons to push. Ironically while her public persona is shallow, vain and completely narcissistic, she really has to NGAF about what people think of her to pull this off. It’s disturbing and irresponsible, but also mostly fake.

  • silvia

    she has some very serious issues with herself, and any sane woman/reader will dismiss here statements right away…I’m surprised that she actually held on so long with these men – lack of self-esteem right there, crystal clear..the pathological need to be evaluated by men based on her physical appearance.
    Seek a shrink honey, and stop feeding us the portions of your mental problems and the lowest self esteem in the whole planet…

  • Liz

    This woman has like a severe case of mental illness…I think it’s super irresponsable to let her write columns like this (I know…freedom of speech) but people, especially young people everywhere is been bombarded on a daily basis on body negative feedback, and to say that being fat is a sign of failure is crazy…you know what screams failure to me? The fact that you can’t possibly live a normal, fulfilling life because your life is completely controled by food, and failure is to have men take you as an object, control the way you look and dictate every aspect of your life even when we are in an age where feminism needs more reivindication than ever

    • silvia

      plus – fat is a failure??? she needs a serious lesson in biology, because adipose tissue is an important endocrine organ, and healthy individuals have a certain fat percentage..women lose period, hair, mood, energy, when they diet and restrict too much and their fat percentage drops below their natural set point..
      anyway..she’s a horrible person to spread these misinformation in public..

    • La la la la

      agree with everything you said. i actually shouldn’t have been so harsh in my comment, because she really seems actually ill. if she isn’t, and she’s just trolling, she could really do a lot of damage to women who try her methods or think the kind of relationships she describes are healthy

  • Lauren Carter

    This article is very triggering….

    • Debbs

      I was thinking that as well. I don’t think it should be posted.

      • Lisa

        Shouldn’t people be able to identify and stay away from their own triggers? That’s one of the steps in recovery… I get that you can’t anticipate everything, but asking someone not to do something because it might damage you is asking a lot.

        • Debbs

          I’m sure that is easier said than done. I don’t have an eating disorder, but a lot of people on this site do by their own admissions.

        • MissMarilyn

          definitely easier said then done. i mean if you go onto a blog and see a header ANA LIFE NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS GOING FOR THE THIGH GAP AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME then you’re like ok probably should not read this blog.

          but most of the time its not so obvious. oftentimes you don’t know until you start reading it. this, for example… last i heard of samantha brick was her derpy comments about how beautiful she was and how jealous everyone was. so i read this prepared to see more silly conceitedness about how hot she thinks she is… but instead its pretty much 6 paragraphs of her describing anorexia and promoting it.

          • MerryHappy

            I had an eating disorder for about 7 years. I’m completely over the food part of it (withholding, purging, etc), but I still feel triggers and want to attain something unhealthy. And here’s good ol’ Samantha Brick. Writing an article about anorexia. And why anorexia is better than being overweight. I read part out loud to my boyfriend, and he was like “is she serious? That’s unhealthy.” I confirmed it’s eating disorder territory.
            She stopped eating mints all day because her dentist told her it was dangerous? Seriously? I almost don’t believe her. I don’t think I would have stopped vomiting just because my dentist told me to.
            I just can’t with her.

    • MissMarilyn


    • amber

      Frankly, if triggers are still a problem for you, I’m not sure you should be coming on this site at all. If the posts aren’t about women looking skinny, they’re about who has gained weight, or who dropped weight quickly, or who controls restricts what food to stay lean. If you’re in recovery for alcoholism would you go to a bar, knowing that beer doesn’t bother you and most people will be drinking beer, but also knowing that someone might be downing vodka and that’s your weakness? Recovery is hard and triggers might be anywhere, sure, but at some point you are accountable for what you’re exposed to. If you stumbled upon this on CNN or Facebook, I would be more sympathetic, but come on now, look where you are. The post isn’t exactly out of place. Its also not entirely unexpected.

      • Lauren Carter

        I can usually handle most articles on this site…I had to stop reading comments because they were so harsh and causing me a lot of self-hate type thoughts etc. but I should have said that this particular article was ESPECIALLY triggering; as opposed to just the comments being triggering. Typical articles on this website don’t usually go into such detail of disordered eating. It was like reading a pro thinspo tumblr or something. But like an addiction, it’s hard to stay away from….

        • MissMarilyn

          yeah this site itself is definitely not triggering for me save the occasional completely absurd pro-ana/mia comment and articles like this (which I have not seen before since most celebrities who starve themselves at least try to cover it up and talk about eating “normally”)

    • kat

      um if you have eating disorder issues this entire site is a trigger lol

  • La la la la

    she is a troll. how sad that she never seems to enjoy anything besides putting others down and elevating herself. plus she obviously never enjoys food. when will women like her learn that restricting is not the way to be thin. eating a large volume of healthy foods and being active is so enjoyable and effective. there’s just no reason to undereat; it slows down your metabolism. she looks frumpy to me, so she’s a great example of how restricting doesn’t work. she can’t work four times a year from not eating!? that is just about the dumbest thing i’ve heard all week. no one has stop their life to lose weight. being in shape means the complete opposite to me as it does to her. i want to be in good shape so i can be physically and mentally strong, independent, vibrant, and have lots of energy. i actually would rather not have tons of male attention like she craves. 80% of the guys who ogle are old/ugly/creepy and i worry about being followed or smth. i wear baggy clothes on purpose sometimes just to avoid creeps. but she seems to want any attention from guys, seems to want to be controlled (she likes being put down & objectified by her man? what?), she doesn’t mind (or wants?) to be weak from not eating. literally this woman is just crazy and i hope no one listens to her. although, like i said before, she’s like a walking advertisement for why her methods don’t work. what an ugly woman

  • Sarah

    Totally agree Liz! The true failure is living such a vain, humorless, judgmental and regimented life. Obesity isn’t a failure. It isn’t even an epidemic as most media would have you believe. It’s the result of ignorance, or people handling their demons by overeating. Obese should be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, not put down. On the other hand, obese people should be praised for embracing their “curves” either. This woman is ridiculous. Perfection is unattainable. Eat in moderation, get some sleep, drink plenty of water, and do some form of exercise as often as you can fit, and you’ll be fine!!!!

  • HB

    She has a serious problem. And it’s not just vanity. Hope this woman can get her mind on track.

  • JennM

    Even though I feel guilty to leave a hateful comment about someone who is so obviously delusional, I find it more enjoyable than actually trying to argue againt her ridiculous ideology… so I will just say the mean thing that popped into my head first.. she isn’t even that thin, and her face is by no means attractive.

    • Kate

      i just lol’ed at this, but your right…I see better looking 40 year old moms at the gym everyday, has this woman even had kids?

  • UCMS

    If this woman were to ever read these comments she would most likely dismiss them by saying we were all jealous fat people.

    I think that this is a calculated media release – clearly she is not an idiot when it comes to publicity. She is garnering attention, whether it be positive or negative, to promote herself.

    I do feel sad that the first thing she puts forward about her life and achievements is her ability to stay thin. You would think achievements at work, relationships etc would be a bigger part of her identity.

  • sample

    42? she looks 62 in the last picture. woof.

    • theens

      I didn’t pay that much attention when I first looked but you are right! She looks completely different in it, like she aged 20 years since the previous pics. I wonder if the other pictures are much older? It’s like two different women.

    • JaneParker

      Yes, just look at a recent post on the “knock knock, who’s there?” categ. featuring Jennifer Aniston. She’s 44. This woman has nothing on her, and should look at those pictures and see what a healthy lifestyle looks like! Plus J.A. smokes (or used to) and still looks better than her.

  • Calia

    Her trolling has no subtlety whatsoever anymore 🙁 I enjoyed her first article because it almost seemed like she believed what she was saying. But now it is just way too obvious. I give her a D- for this one.

  • Hazal

    She’s an attention seeker. I’m not even pissed off by her words because she can’t be serious. I don’t really care because that’s all she wants.

  • char

    lol irl
    i always thought she was going for the ‘attractive curvy girl look’, so all this rant about being ‘thin’ i was like… eh? I mean, she’s a bit chunky (natural and good for a woman her age, but no way would I call her ‘thin’. I guessed her at a size 12?)
    Also I love how the first paragraph she says she treated her FRIEND with contempt. I really hope that friend reads this, sour cow.

  • Alexandra

    This woman is abhorrent. Not only is she delusional about her appearance, but the example she puts forth to women is without a doubt ludicrous. Eating mints and coffee? I believe it is obvious to most that eating a wholesome diet brings with it a healthy weight- not need to eat nutritionally void things such as “mints”. And women are jealous? Now that I find comical. Let her fool herself

  • vosoo

    NO WORDS LEFT seriously….

  • Mew

    Oh lord what an idiot. First of all, she’s not thin, she’s normal. Good job for starving yourself 30 years. Second, to be thin, one can eat, exercise and be healthy The fitness models for example are far more tiny than these skinny fat unhealthy starving deprived hate-infused low self-esteemed idiots like her.

    Starving = negativity, bad mood, irritability, bad self esteem, deprivation, very unhealthy (as unhealthy as being fat), total weakness, insomnia etc.

    Exercise, clean eating = healthy, happy, mentally and physically strong, lots of energy, positive, great mood, good self esteem, good sleep etc.

    Whatever one wants. She should be totally be banned for being horrible role model though.

  • MissMarilyn

    This is anorexia.

    There is nothing else to say. Only eating mints all day? That’s starving yourself. Passing out because lack of food? Anorexia, happened to me as well.

    I feel bad for her because she’s clearly struggled with this throughout her life but the fact that she’s PROMOTING this pisses me off. I wonder how many tweens with low self esteem will see this and try it and end up in the hospital.

  • Natalia

    I stopped reading after the purple outfit…very long. This is probably the first time I’ll comment on the content of the post first, and then her appearance, since they go hand in hand. This is a perspective from a regular size, or maybe she was obese, IDK, I can’t take time to read the whole post – woman – who always wanted to be thin, and has food restricted her entire life, to…well – not get there. This is what ‘dieting’ does (severe calorie restriction). It doesn’t give you a dream body, these women go up and down, and in the end, the scrounge up what little muscle they’ve got, keep it under a still noticeable layer of fat, slap some makeup on their haggard, lined faces…and say ‘look, I’m smaller than what I was’. Not too mention the health consequences…the antioxidant & protein & vitamin/mineral deprived bodies…I could go on and on, about the condescending attitude against fat people being failures…don’t have time. On to her…overly overly bleached hair, to me, usually a sign that the woman is trying to get attention, face is average has average at best features, her skin is ‘deflated’ and neck is strained, from years of yo-yo dieting, looks WORLDS past her 42 years. And body, which she sacrifices to be her version of ‘thin’ – hardly. From what I can see, your average skinny fat, no definition, and if it looks anything like her face/neck…don’t wanna see it. She must have been obese at one time in her life, which is why she thinks she looks thin now, like I said, don’t have time to read. But I think you can find something nice to say about everyone’s appearance if you look, so, I’ll say 5′ 11″ is a height I wouldn’t mind having, and she’s got a good one.

    • MissMarilyn

      thank you. this is exactly what severe dieting does. you go up and down and end up with an awkward, strange shape because you no longer have any muscle, and get thinning hair and bad skin and usually bad teeth. you can’t survive without all the nutrients (and calories) that your body needs.

      • Natalia

        Yeah, as much as I notice/don’t like excess fat, and as much as people, here, at least, squawk about me noticing it, I hate this MORE than fat, it makes me sad, like in a human sense, not just in an emotional sense, like my soul feels sad when I see women starve themselves – it is a crime against humanity. You wouldn’t do it to a prisoner of war. I just love food so much and to see women not eating, something we all have to do, to try to get thin, it’s like listening to nails on a chalk board, it’s just wrong, to watch, to do…and always makes me hungry LOL, looking at the starving or eating restricted. I may be ‘too short’ to be a successful runway model, and I can’t do anything to change that, and have always been naturally really thin, and the models I see, are the opposite – very tall, but not quite as thin as me, so, I’ve never had to go here, and quite frankly, never would, even if I were super tall but just had to lose like 10 or 20 lbs to model, I’m smart and know, that you can do it the healthy way. I see models by the ton, doing this, and it can be done w/ less calories, not starvation, and a lot of exercise – but they don’t want to do the work!!! Or they don’t know this, I just keep my mouth shut to them, half the time they’re IRRITABLE as he**. Anyway, I digress. This is a woman abusing herself, and here is some guy encouraging it, it’s disturbing to say the least.

        • Candy M.

          Agree so much, all she’s ended up doing is losing muscle, and gaining back fat. Her body fat percent may even be higher than when she started. She’s not skinny but the effects of malnutrition can be seen on her face. Her body would looks much better if she lost weight healthily and exercised to keep muscle.. I mean just eating toast, just eating mints, her body isn’t just starved of calories, but essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals.

    • sashal

      yep. I live in New York City and see too many women like this. skinny bodies, haggard faces, clearly have been starving for years.


    Ugly and stupid… She has it all!

  • Stace

    Does this woman own a mirror?

  • Kik

    Poor woman.

  • B.

    Who the hell is this?

  • happygolucky

    There is a lot to ridicule and condemn here, but, the worst of it, by far, is the glorification of controlling boyfriends/husbands. Essentially, she is promoting female low self esteem as a weight loss trick. That makes me sick to my stomach.

  • deppfan

    Her metabolism must be so wrecked that it burns so little calories and deposit as mush fat as possible in case of a famine to survive.

  • Jill

    Yikes, no wonder she can’t keep girlfriends…

  • Rachel

    How do people like her even exist? Her outlook on life is completely warped. So ignorant. Why is she even a public figure? Digusting.

  • Tally

    Its probably not even true….

  • Nobsnob


    • Lisa

      She does a good job of feeding herself, if her pics are any indication.

  • ary

    Boring and predictable troll material. There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than mediocrity. Doesn’t worth 100 comments, we may hope.

  • shayek

    Well, she’s officially mentally ill.

  • Mollie

    She must be so miserable! Poor thing, no children and no unconditional love at all. To me, she looks terrible and I highly doubt she likes the way she looks either. But, it’s really no wonder because her diet sounds awful. She would look a lot better if she cut out the useless carbs and added real nutrient dense foods instead, but some people just don’t understand how the human body works, I guess.

  • lc

    Well, she isn’t exactly thin, so…hm. Fail.

  • This woman is so stupid and delusional that I really can’t be offended by her – she’s like a crazy person raving on the street that no one takes seriously! If anyone else had said these things about ‘overweight is never attractive’, ‘any self-respecting women wants to be thin’, ‘I’ve only ever dates men who kept a strict eye on my figuret’, etc, I would have been fuming! But with her I just can’t – she’s sad, pathetic and clearly unstable. And wasting those lovely French chocolates – that’s unforgivable 😉

    She has clear psychiatric issues with her dependence on the approval of men, extreme narcissism, lack of empathy and the way her self esteem seems to be entirely dictated by her appearance (which she doesn’t see clearly – because she’s not that slim and she’s not very pretty either). She needs professional help and to stop being published – publishing her ravings is only triggering for others that have body image, self esteem and diet issues. And her words may just send some very insecure, vulnerable women over the edge into similar unhealthy, obsessive behaviour.

    • Should be: ‘Any self-respecting *woman*’ and ‘I’ve only ever *dated* men who kept a strict eye on my *figure*’ – maybe she did rattle me! 🙂

    • Candy M.

      The chocolates?!!! I would never throw away or waste expensive food. Such foolishness, if she didn’t want to eat them all she could have had a few each day but she’s probably one of those women who either binge or starve, no in between. At least she could have given them away, plenty of people would have loved to have that gift.

    • opal

      Omg, thank god she won’t be someone’s mother!!!!!

  • Ella

    Personally I don’t think these are personal musings from Samantha Brick. I think they are articles aimed at bringing attention to controversial topics that exist in 2000’s zeitgeist.
    #1 – people do love to hate beautiful people
    #2 – people do diet like this, people do place a HUGE importance on being thin.
    By writing these articles, she’s writing what others are afraid to say, and yes it can be annoying and yes it is controversial but it certainly raises a lot of dialogue about the issues.
    Just my two cents.

  • JaneParker

    I honestly feel dizzy after reading all of this! But it’s obvious that she’s either:
    1) a troll looking for publicity (and not a very clever one at that)
    2) one of the most deluded people I’ve ever seen and in desperate need of psychiatric help.

    Bringing myself down to her level of shallowness, more points:
    – she’s not even that thin, she’s average weight (does she think a size 12 is a size 2 or something?) All that starving and she’s s size 12? Poor thing. And she’s flabby, clearly she doesn’t work out. She’s so “smart” and she didn’t figure out that she could stay that size by eating normally and exercizing, plus she would look a lot better and more toned. Sadly, she’s not very pretty as well.
    – If she’s all that, why couldn’t she land a better looking guy? With all the attention men give her, and that’s the best she could get? C’mon… I hate to be this shallow, but I’m trying to think like her, hard as it may be.
    – She PRIDES herself on having a husband who will leave her if she gains weight? This woman is bringing the feminist movement 200 years back. In fact forget about it, she’s bringing it to a whole new level.

    I really hope she’s trolling and I hope everyone can see how crazy her ramblings are and no one will follow her insane eating habits. This is a sad sad person, when you think about it it’s no wonder her husband only wants her for her (average) body, because personality wise, she has nothing to offer. There’s a saying in my country that goes something like this: “beauty might make him come, but personality will make him stay”. So, so true.

    I can’t stand women who can’t be without a boyfriend like that will make them superior. Dare to be alone, know yourself, work on yourself, love yourself. If you find someone to be with and love great, I never understood why people are so afraid of being alone, it would be torture for me to be in a relationship “just because”, if I wasn’t in love with the guy. But I digress. Like I said, this stuff made me dizzy 😀

    • kateuk

      “Bringing myself down to her level of shallowness, more points:
      – she’s not even that thin, she’s average weight (does she think a size 12 is a size 2 or something?) All that starving and she’s s size 12? Poor thing.”

      She is a UK size 12, which is a US size 8. At 5ft11, it’s relatively slim. Her body composition is not great because of years of yo-yo dieting, which probably depleted most of her muscle mass. She would greatly benefit from weight training to replace the lost muscle as well as increase bone density. But my guess is that she would fear becoming ‘big and bulky’ and therefore unfeminine *rolls eyes* She probably spends most of her time on the treadmill.

      • JaneParker

        I guess if she’s a US8 than she’s on the slim side. It’s just that I have a big problem going from UK to US since most websites I’ve visited only go down one number (a UK12 being a US10) and some even say it stays the same number, it’s confusing. Also, I forgot she was from the UK, I thought she was a 12US. Anyway, I would never be this harsh on another woman, but the way she talks you would expect her to look like a supermodel :/

        • kateuk

          I know, she brings it on herself — all the criticism. I think she probably thrives off of it!

        • SarahM

          Actually US sizes are 2 sizes more than UK, but generally are even more (vanity sizing) I’ve seen a lot of UK size 6s (US 2) which are actually US 0s (measurement wise). It is confusing, but she’d be more of a US 6/8, however even if she isn’t fat, she isn’t *thin* either, hers is not a body I aspire too, my mother is 46 and has a much better body (and face) and my mother has never dieted or instilled that way of thinking in me, and I struggled with anorexia, but thank goodness I’ve always had a great role model to follow foodwise (eats healthily, works out once a week and eats moderate portions), obviously its down to genetics but my mother would be a US 4/UK 8 (I’m using her as an example as they are similar ages). Anyway everything she has said is just designed to be offensive and outrageous whether she really believes it or not and all this crap about french men, not to sound mean but HELLO? HE IS OVERWEIGHT!!
          I’m fortune enough to have a boyfriend who has an amazing body (that would put some actors to shame) and is extremely good looking, but even with that he’d never leave because of some weight gain. I understand that maybe from a fling when you are a teenager but at 42 and a HUSBAND? Wow that relationship has an amazing foundation! My point is I wouldn’t justify it but if he looked like a model/actor then I would understand it slightly more, but we are talking about an average 50 year old looking man! I’ll note that I know quite a few French men and this is not their attitude and being European myself, I find it offensive that she has just put it down to culture (I’m not French but I’d be annoyed if I were lol) when it is culture, it’s trolling plus irrational mentalities!

          PS; I do believe that 80% of what she says is poor trolling but to be the kind of person that would say such things EVEN if they aren’t representative of her opinion, is just SAD.

  • Megan

    lol, she’s so ugly, like a pig with lipstick, her body prob looks like chit naked from starving her muscles, she has nothing but controlling relationships, and now her “friends” know she hates their gifts.
    If I were to label someone a failure it would a delusional, ungrateful, superficial, lazy person like her.

    Also, her upper arm is nothing but flab. Scrawny & fat. 30 years of senseless dieting will do that.

  • lexy

    she clearly has an eating disorder and no idea what a healthy diet should look like… besides being absolutely mental, of course

  • Emme

    Does she think that she’s thin? Because the way she speaks, she should be a supermodel. But she looks far from it. The reason she is still not as thin is because she starving herself. That only lowers her metabolism so when she eats, her body takes longer to metabolize that food. It’s easier for her to gain weight. If she ate more and on a regular basis, she would be thinner and still enjoy her food. She could benefit from working out as well. I’m imagining that she’s either doing no exercise or is a cardio junkie. No one needs to be on a diet for the rest of their lives. Most people just need a lifestyle change that involves changing their mentality.

  • kateuk

    She truly believes all the drivel she spouts. Her thinking patterns are deeply distorted. I don’t think anyone could help her change. She’s too set in her ways.

  • Ann

    Her posts are meant to attract attention obviously and she is doing a hell of a job. Its like she is putting her personal diary out there for the world to see, hate it or love it. She tweeted that she does not advocate any of the extreme diets that she followed…she knows she crazy hahaha. This woman is pure entertainment, keep writing ma’am.

  • mary

    LOL what a psycho!!!
    1. she IS fat and ugly!! look at her horrible teeth and face
    2. she looks like a grandma! is she really only 42???
    3. I just cant….lol this has to be for attention

  • Liv

    This can’t be real… I swear she’s writing with sarcasm… correct? Please?

  • Liadan

    poor little girl @brick

  • Lauren

    First of all, I’m a certified personal trainer, and I believe in “everything in moderation”. I still eat my chocolates, and steak, and marshmallows, etc etc, just not every day. Second of all, her quote is incredibly ironic when you look at her arms in the first picture. Clearly those are not fatless arms. Those are not toned arms. She wouldn’t have to be on a “diet” all this time if she actually worked out with some effort.

    • Lisa

      lol, right? She’s flabby and looks hypothyroidic.

    • amber

      Ten to one says if she works out, she only does light cardio.

      • MissMarilyn

        if she really eats like she says she does I doubt she is able to work out at all.

        you can’t run a mile if you only eat mints. you’d collapse after like 20 seconds

  • Lisa

    Sure there is. Marrying a freaky French fop and deluding yourself publicly.

  • Lisa

    Imagine giving someone a gift, only to have them stare you down like that? If she’s as refined as she thinks she is, she’d know a little something about being a good hostess. Graceless!

    lol @ her porridge for breakfast. Typiicaaaallll.

    • Avelyn

      totally rude, I’m amazed if she actually has any friends or just makes them up! And what’s with destroying the food and throwing it out? My sister is a vegetarian and she sometimes get those sausage&cracker gift basket thingys from people who don’t know and she always thanks them politely than donates or re-gifts them. I’m sure some charity would accept them, but samantha probably sees it as her civic duty to make sure the needy dont turn into fat failures!

  • Natalia

    I think too maybe she is making this up…the chocolates going in the trash…being rude to a friend like that…sounds like sensationalism. Some of her life can be made up, some true, I mean, look at her face and body, it shows yo-yo dieting – prob. she exaggerates the truth, she diets, to benefit from it.

    • Natalia

      * she diets and then sensationalizes to benefit from it.

  • amber

    I’m confused. The woman is a hot mess for sure, but I’m confused about her teeth. What is going on in her mouth that a couple packs of polos a day is causing noticeable damage that her dentist needs to comment? Plenty of college students eat sugary crap galore with no problem. And she said they lasted for hours, so she was sucking them, not biting them most likely. Is that due to poor nutrition or general bad teeth or what? I don’t think increased sugar intake for a few months should cause the level of damage she seems to be implying.

    • MissMarilyn

      i think it could be two things (or possibly a mix of these two things)

      1. mints are hard. Eating really hard food every day is probably not good for your teeth. can you imagine chomping down on hard candy every day? That sounds painful.

      2. she’s not getting enough nutrients to keep her teeth healthy. many people who starve themselves struggle with brittle bones because of the lack of nutrients, this would also affect your teeth.

      and then when you combine both those things its kind of just like a dentist’s nightmare

    • serena

      @Amber – I suspect she had Bulimia, which causes a lot of damage to the teeth. She probably didn’t want to mention it because she tries to project an air of superiority. Just my guess.

    • Dentalstudent

      Sugar one of the worst things for your teeth! It creates an acidic environment which, over a long period of time as she was doing, would cause decay (or demineralisation of the enamel surface) ie. cavities. Similarly, the frequency and duration for which she was exposing her teeth to would exacerbate these problems. Sucking on them is not good at all. There’s a joke that our lectures talk about that if you have to eat chocolate at all, eat it all at once so that your teeth are only exposed to the sugar (acidic environment) for a short period of time (and then subsequently buffered by our saliva); rather than stretching it out across the day, which a lot of people think it better. So I’m not surprised at all that her dentist told her to stop what she was doing. she must have really damaged her teeth, both aesthetically and for her health in the long run!

  • Jewel

    I am convinced she’s a troll. There’s no way someone could write articles like that and retain her job. Usually, you know, people complain and too many complaints lead to firing. If she’s still alive and kicking that means that she deliberately writes those things for the shock value.

  • amber

    Hang on a minute. There’s probably like 300 calories in two packs of polo mints. I’m not advocating anything here, just pointing out that 300 calories is a fairly normal lunch. Plenty of women skip breakfast and have lunch and dinner. But this woman thought two packs of mints was better? What a dope.

  • Lauren

    I call BS. will she say that to her kids? I dont think so.

  • carmen

    i love this lady! i always need a good laugh after school.

  • patty

    what a deuchbag this woman is! she is ugly,inside and out!!!!!!!!!! so is her boyfriend!!!!!! get bit bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bananapie

    I am so confused…she is not really pretty!

    • bananapie

      Also, I’d like to add that though being slim is a lot healthier, fat does not symbolize failure. My mother is a self-made woman who, by herself, started and runs 5 separate businesses (knock on wood) and raised three children. Along the way she sacrificed the time to take care of herself and as a result is fat, but she is by no means a failure, and is one of the most successful and giving women that I know!

      • Sidney

        Hardly anything Samantha’s saying makes any sense anyway, but i agree being a fat doesn’t signify you’re a failure in life, though it might show you’re not perfect 🙂 If the writer does believe what she’s writing, i just must say: what a sad and empty life, so preoccupied with looks and weight. They matter in this world of course, but most people just learn to live with it and maybe take advantage here and there, rather than make it the whole point of their existence.

  • opal

    Disgusting. That’s the voice someone with anorexia hears in their own head.

  • binks

    This lady is so delusional she doesn’t even warrant a formal thought out response.

  • I feel bad for her children, if she’ll ever have any. Because a.) if she’s trolling (which she probably is) for attention, then people will all know about how their mother said such atrocious things. And b.) if she’s actually (highly doubtful, because she’s not thin) like this then no more needs to be said. Bring on the therapy bills.

  • Kay

    I don’t understand if she is so rich and focused on her looks why she doesnt have work done on her teeth. I mean, I don’t have white teeth but they are straight…and she said she damaged her teeth back in the day and that she used to drink loads of coffee. And they don’t look great.

    • amber

      The stereotype about British dental care exists for a reason. Not to the extent we make fun of it, but what the US would consider bad teeth is just sort of overlooked over there, if that makes sense. Not that they wouldn’t recognize nice white and straight teeth as more desirable, just that having less than that isn’t an automatic “she should fix that”. Not sure if it has to do with the national healthcare or what.

      • Aafje

        British dental care is actually some of the best in the world, just they focus on actual tooth health/cavities and not on the superficial straightening/whitening of the teeth

        • AnnieC

          Thankfully, in the US, the emphasis is both on tooth health AND appearance. It’s disconcerting to talk to someone with crooked, yellowed teeth. And, of course, crooked, discolored teeth is a harbinger of poor dental health. That’s pretty obvious.

        • amber

          Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean to imply they had unhealthy teeth, just that they were less likely to fix cosmetic issues, like crooked or stained teeth. Which I assume is partly due to the health care system and partly due to the cultural acceptance. I’m not implying that the health care system is poor and doesn’t fix teeth, but I am saying national health care is such that ‘cosmetic’ procedures wouldn’t be covered.

  • Anna

    How come it’s ok for your husband to be fat and rather unattractive, but not for you? Do you have no self-esteem whatsoever? Not that you’re that attractive, but it is still silly to put such emphasis on being skinny just because your fat, ugly husband tells you to.

    • MissMarilyn

      lol i was just thinking this. what a strange double standard.
      “I’ve got to be hot or else my husband will leave me! But it doesn’t matter that he’s ugly and overweight”

    • killerqueen

      Maybe because he’s rich? I don’t know if this is true, but it could explain why he doesn’t have to worry so much about his looks/weight. Not that I’m justifying this double-standard, just saying. Anyway, if this couple is so well-off, then why don’t they buy high-quality, good for you foods, go to the gym regularly, and hire a personal trainer? Maybe get some nice bikes & ride in the country-side together? If they took time to develop healthy habits & a healthy relationship, then maybe they could drop their delusional beliefs and quit living a life flooded with shallow, superficial BS.

      • MissMarilyn

        he’s a carpenter and apparently they live in rural france. so…. not much money coming from him.

        every quote i’ve heard from him also makes him sound…. like… just not the sharpest tool in the shed.

        • serena

          Interesting you brought up their finances and lifestyle – I think Samantha runs her mouth to get attention and therefore money. Every time she writes an article it gets millions of views and thousands of comments, and page views = $ for her and the Daily Mail. Just like how we dislike the Kardashians but paying them attention just makes them richer.

  • Kay

    Oh yeah and I just have to say, her husband is fat. His belly hangs over his pants. I don’t care, but doesn’t that mean she considers him a failure?

  • Aireanna

    If people stop giving her attention, she’ll go away. Nobody cares!

  • Valeria

    I don’t find what she writes offensive at all. She is entitled to her opinion and she is entitled to express her personal experiences in this world.

    I think women like to fool themselves into that being overweight doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter to the men that they are with or trying to attract. That simply is not the case. Men are very judgemental when it comes to women’s physical attributes. I know first hand how a few extra pounds changes my own appearance and the reaction that I get from men.

    • Valeria

      into “thinking” that

    • MissMarilyn

      there’s expressing ones opinion

      and then there’s blatantly promoting starving yourself which could (and probably already has) triggered a bunch of people into anorexia or anorexic tendencies. if she had just said “I like being thin and I’ve been on a diet for 30 years” then that’s one thing.

      it’s completely another to promote starvation.

      and yes, men’s attitudes do change towards women as they become bigger. but these are strangers. not someone who is supposed to be committed to you through “sickness and in health”. i think it is wrong for someone’s husband to leave them just because of weight gain. i understand if they become unhappy with it and might try to help/encourage their wife lose weight… but a divorce? that’s ridiculous. he must not love you very much if he’s going to leave you if you gain weight.

    • Lisa

      But then look at the man she attracted. Some slob with a gut the size of a brie wheel, and she’s bending over backwards to please him? It just exposes how faulty her thinking is. By her logic, she should have an Adonis who practices what they preach.

      Not only that, reading her other articles, he’s not exactly the nicest guy, so it can’t be his personality!

  • Bianca

    What a sad person!! What a sad life that must be!! She obviously never experienced love and obviously doesn’t have it for herself. How can you be a size 12 if you eat so little? That must be depressing… I couldn’t live my life like that…. In Germany we say “armes Würstchen” to people like that!!!

  • vanessa

    Ironic how she focuses on her body image that she isn’t aware that she is not the most prettiest women either. She may have a slim body but that’s all she has She does not have a pretty face compared to other women who are more beautiful than her and arn’t such bitches. She’s like the most average white woman most common looking women who is talking about beauty standards.

    May I point out that this image she has of what men want is coming from a tall blonde white women who probably thinks having a stick skinny figure and blonde hair is the only thing men want, which is

    • vanessa

      this woman is not 42? really she looks sixty.

  • serena

    Every article she’s written is about how she’s stunningly beautiful and perfect and other women are jealous. I think she must be deeply insecure and has built up a fantasy in her head as a form of escape. Clearly a bad case of narcissistic personality made worse by getting the attention she wanted.

  • Mary

    What a total idiot, she is unattractive, could do with toning up or sure, and to put the chocolates in the garage is just plain rude, she should have ten one the pleasure of one may have helped her be a little happy, sooooooo sad,

  • Mary

    So meant garbage! I’m off to eat some chocolate ha

  • kate

    There is nothing in this life that signifies failure more than saying stupid things like these publicly.

  • serena

    Uk size 12 is a US size 8. Now she is very tall so 8 is hardly big, but it’s not small either, and I expected her to be skinny. I know metabolism slows as you age so that could be the culprit. Unfortunate that she has to restrict so much, but she is not underweight so that is good.

  • Oh well. She has a point.

  • solaxia

    At first I thought she was serious…however I really don’t think she is! I think she’s great. Complete turnaround from what I thought earlier. The things she say’s are completely laughable and honestly I think she is a troll. She picks controversial topics about relationships. Particularly the way women feel, and the way they feel that men think. Then concoct some rant to stir the pot. I Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t her real husband.

    I don’t think she is a stupid person. Also, there are plenty of women that will tout the same things as she is saying here…this is not unusual. I think people are more averse to what she is saying now, because she originally said the stuff about her being beautiful. That makes people uncomfortable. People immediately want to bring an overly confident person down ( I also wanted to bring her down). Really, what’s it to me if she wants to think she is the best looking thing since sliced bread? Does it really affect me that much?

    You hear the double standard of womens weight when a man cheats on a woman and she blames it on her weight. Women still often shift the blame for bad behaviour from men, on to woman. We have a long way to go before it’s equal. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows this herself. I almost feel like she is cashing in on the fact that there are such high beauty standards for women, and that women want to be the most attractive…and for what? Free alcohol on a plane? Big whoop.

    Of course, I could be completely off, but this is my perception of her.

    The things she says are completely irrelevant to me, so I can’t even act like she has offended me. She just seems like a troll who wants her 15minutes of fame to make her life a little more comfortable and interesting.

    • May

      That is her husband – I’ve made some research on her to look for gaps between her real life and what she writes, and I actually found out that she loves to cook for her husband, so she does have a kitchen. I can’t remember the source now, ‘though.

      • killerqueen

        For her to say that she doesn’t have a kitchen doesn’t make sense, either, because in her IVF article she stated that she had to keep her fertility meds at low temperatures, and even described that she has a huge fridge. Hmm…

  • Candy M.

    She’s crazy, being fat signifies failure? So starving yourself is a bigger accomplishment than becoming a self made billionaire like Oprah. Oprah is a failure because she is fat? But because your slim ( actually she’s not) you’re more accomplished. The dailymail isn’t exactly know for the intelligence of its writers.

  • Dani

    I think she’s nuts. To her denying herself a tiny morsel of something makes her more “powerful” and in control. It makes her feel better about herself. Maybe she could stay thin and also enjoy her life? And her hubby isn’t anything to brag about. He seemed like a total A-hole in the last post about her on here

  • Scarlett

    A thirty year diet that consists of self-denial and less than 1000 calories/day? Sounds like a terrible way to live… and the idea that fat is a measure of failure is ridiculous, she’s a huge failure in my mind – she continually fails to say anything that is worth listening to.

  • KC

    She has the face of a troll and her writing matches up with that face.

    And lady, I’m a girl and I’ve never been on a diet in my life nor do I have any sort of eating disorder, and I’m MUCH thinner than you.

    • Dani

      I agree, me too!

  • retrobanana

    i really dont believe anything she says i think she says things to get attention and be heard maybe lttle wisps of it are ture but she def is pulling our finger and twistng it around to write books and be in the media and get her fifteen minutes shes deluded for sure but fame hungry more like it…it isnt even worth it to debate her silly ideas

  • lol

    While she is right, most men prefer slim women, but why is it okay for her husband to be fat and ugly? if he expects a slim woman then he himself should looks good too. Having said that this woman is just a troll looking for attention. Her husband is awful looking though.

  • lol

    There is no way she is only 42 either. especially in the pic with the red dress. I think she’s lying about her age.

  • D

    Either incredibly ignorant or she be trollinnnnnn

  • vanessa

    this woman is not 42? seriously she looks like she’s in her sixties.

  • jay-lisa

    Whouah…. I feel sad for her… her life sounds pathetic…
    Not all guys like skinny girls, my boyfriend actually wants me to gain weight! He’s always like “more curves baby, moire curves!!” lol

  • Rika W.

    I have never disliked a lady more than this… stupid troll or evil woman.

  • Candy M.

    The more i think about it the more i think she’s lying, i mean even with a slowed metabolism wouldn’t she be skinnier if that was all she ate? I see women thinner than her everyday who eat more than her. Her articles are so over the top they can’t be real. And i really got suspicious when she said” So when one friend arrived and thrust a hefty box of chocolates into my hands,”. I mean who does she think she’s kidding, a woman like this would never have any friends. Nice try.

    • Adriana

      Yeah im surprised she is not thinner also.
      Maybe she has a large frame, never exercises or only does light exercises, maybe she has ruined her metabolism or maybe it could be a combination of these?

  • Adriana

    I wonder if her friend that bought her the expensive, hand-made french chocolate has heard that their present went in the bin!

  • goldfish

    attention seeker.. she aint all that

  • Honesty is a B

    While the majority of her article is vomit-worthy, I don’t disagree with the last line about the correlation between obesity and failure. As brutally honest as it is, how can you be fat and NOT a failure? It means you’ve failed at not over-eating every single day. And while we, as a society with an ever-expanding waist-line, are now trying to convince ourselves that we can be beautiful at any size, the honest to god truth is that you can’t. You can only FEEL beautiful. And while, conversely, I think it’s important that everyone should love themselves, I think everyone should love themselves enough to be their best. People should be genuinely happy with how they are as a person and the way they look. Currently, we indulge ourselves in these horrible delusions of how attractive and not obese we are with our skinny mirrors and vanity sizing. What’s worse is that a lot of women have now convinced themselves that it’s natural to be fat! Why? Because the majority of women in America are fat! How is that an accurate gauge?

    I’m normally never this brutal, but I really wish people would wake up and start taking care of themselves. Obesity is a serious issue and it impacts everyone, not just those that are obese. The people who know and love you will miss you when you’ve died prematurely from a heart attack and everyone else is literally paying the price for your pounds. Plane tickets, for instance, are increasingly expensive because the airlines need to charge more for the extra fuel it takes to fly all the fat people from point A to point B. Plus, to sit next to a fat person in coach, or worse, in between two fat people warrants a new level of hell. It’s not a like a bus where you can get off at the next stop and take a different one. You’re doomed to have your shoulders pressed against your face until the plane lands. Even cars are less comfortable now because carmakers can’t entertain legitimate bucket seats anymore due to the fact that most Americans would be too fat to fit into them.

    Yet, on the flip side, I wish our generation didn’t emphasize such slenderness. There’s slender and there’s too slender and right now we like women that are way too slender. It’s rather heartbreaking how many eating disorders it’s causing. Can’t we settle at a healthy image?

    • Avelyn

      I think there’s a big difference between someone who’s OBESE and someone who is say, 30-40lbs overweight. There are a lot of reason both mental and physical why someone is overweight so I don’t judge.
      Besides, I always think a chubby chef is a sign they’re doing their job right!

      • kateuk

        “I think there’s a big difference between someone who’s OBESE and someone who is say, 30-40lbs overweight.”

        I thought being 30-40lb overweight would be considered obese? For the average height/build 5ft5 woman, 150lb is considered overweight (BMI 25) and 180lb is considered obese (BMI 30).

        • Avelyn

          You’re right about that, i was counting 30+ lbs from the lower end of a healthy bmi scale instead of the upper

  • Mara

    It’s like reading a diagnostic manual

  • Emilia

    I think she has a problem with binging.Maybe she even was bulimic one time and then stopped throwing up.Thats why she might have still a huge problem with binging. because shes not thin she is totally normal and i guess also eats normal sizes but to eat normal sizes is like a huge problem for her.thats why she thinks shes dieting !

  • Andrea


  • gaz

    This woman has some serious issues…….she needs to get looked at by a doctor and get some mental health counselling.

  • tequilla

    imo she is just trolling and making money out of it. maybe she figure out that 80% people are stupid and actually think this way but would never say something like that so she is mocking, who knows..

  • K

    seriously? how nutty.

  • loos

    This woman is pathetic. I think that she’s deliberately writing articles like this to get attention but if she is being honest, I feel sorry for her. What a sad way to live and to be surrounded by such horrible, superficial men. She reeks of insecurity – constantly going on about how good looking and slim she is. I don’t buy it for a minute. Deep down she knows she’s not a beauty.

  • humannmanga

    I like this site because it’s an insight into modern culture and this troll article is like a perfect little gem of everything that is wrong with the first world from the standpoint of women~ when will we stop allowing our self opinion, esteem and world view to be experienced always through the filter of our appearance? Rather than worry about how thin we are, how pretty someone else thinks we are and what we wear can’t we try and sort out the gender pay gap, attitudes to pregnancy and parenthood….? We should run the world with all the energy we use up on thinking about this crap! Maybe she’s actually allowing herself to become a hate figure to point this up…. I hope so.

    • Ella

      Well said.

    • DainaLi

      I would hope she’s allowing herself to become a hate figure to focus on other issues…but then again that is giving this shallow woman farrrr too much credit.

  • Teri

    One can tell that she does not exercise with weights because of her fat upper arms….no tone.
    She starves, that’s it.

  • Bo

    LOL… who the f is she? what an insignificant post

  • Chocato Drink

    who is this old and frustrated woman? she’s not even stick-thin for claiming she’s on a diet for like 30 years?? Sounds to me she’s a wannabe Rachel Zoe

  • Fatme

    This is one ignorant person, and her husband, don’t let me start on him.

  • someonesomeone

    I love her! She’s such an idiot, I feel like a genius reading her “thoughts”.:D

  • lichinka

    My BF also told me that if I put weight this will be a problem,but he also told me that if I lose a lot of weight, also it its not going to be pretty view.
    And about this lady and her diet, IMO we should eat fat, animal fat, fish fat, oils…. – our body needs it so much, but in little portions. Our cell are 80 % cholesterol, but the good one. Low fat diet makes you miserable, low cabs makes you unhappy constantly
    If she eats fat, but now she would look like 30-35, not 60…..

    • DainaLi

      Yes! I’m glad someone else knows that low fat is just all around not a good idea. actually, & this is something I see all the time where I work part time (starbucks haha); women ordering ‘nonfat lattes’ & all of that junk. what is funny is that the fat in milk keeps the milk sugar (lactose) from releasing immediately into your blood sugar. thus, with no fat in the milk, your sugar levels spike much more rapidly than if you had some fat in the milk to slow that release down a bit. not to mention ‘skim’ basically (or literally) skims the nutrients! so fat is not always the enemy. it’s realizing -what- fats you should avoid, not -all- of them. sigh. this women is just perpetuating a cycle of idiocy.

  • If I’d spent 30 years on a diet, I’d hope for better results than what she seems so proud of.

    • Emilia

      hahahaha totally agree

  • DainaLi

    This is so sad that honestly…I laughed. It was hilarious because of how nonsensical she is in every facet. & I wonder if anyone has ever told her that she actually…isn’t even that cute. :\ You’d think from how she’s talking about herself she was a former beauty queen (miss USA or something) but…to me she’s really rather plain. & it’s painfully obvious that while she may be ‘dieting’ (i think she’s just starving but that’s my opinion) you can tell her body is not all that great. She’s not ‘fat’, per say, but…she is not toned :\ not at all. There’s a difference between just not eating & actually eating right & working out. then you actually look…well, good. healthy at the very least. just not eating…bleh. She looks more ‘skinny fat’ or whatever to me. untoned & ick. not attractive either.
    I just find her entire ramble so funny because it’s so damn superficial. Bleh. get some substance girl. intelligence is cute, not this bullshit about weight & you’re extreme diet. her unhappiness is written all over her words. it’s just sad.

  • Molly

    hahaha who is this girl even? and why is she even given the time of day? like… none of that is anything anyone should be reading.

  • Blakely

    This article ALMOST made me feel bad about myself. I’m don’t consider myself to be fat or skinny by any means. I’m healthy and strong and I’m learning to love my body the way it is. I kind of feel bad for this woman. Even the most fit people indulge in food that doesn’t taste like cardboard. We should just ignore her. She’s setting a bad example.

  • Charlotte

    Oh this woman kills me!
    People she is saying these things for the shock value so just enjoy absurdity of it all for what it is…LOL

  • Shelly

    It’s obvious that she is looking for her 15 minutes of fame… and she is getting it!!! C’mon people wise up and ignore her. She is only saying this stuff for attention.

  • Matt

    My wife sent me this piece as I teach a course where the theme is beauty. It upsets me that this woman, if this is not a satirical piece of course, allows her self worth to be determined by whether men deem her attractive or not. It seems she places entirely too much stock in how others view her when she needs to turn her gaze inward and find a more healthy loci to gauge self-worth.

  • When I first read the title I was upset. But as I read her experiences I found myself really feeling for her. Passing out from hunger, replacing meals with mints, relationship after relationship where she only felt she deserved to be with someone because she was thin… I never once got the impression that she was healthy or wholly fulfilled. The whole thing was just so sad and pathetic.

  • Becca

    She complains about how hard her life is because she’s “good looking” and then starves herself to ensure she stays thin – what she classes as attractive. Wtf?

  • Sohini Mukhopadhyay

    “I fainted with hunger on one occasion – a minor hitch, eclipsed by the fact that I was being asked out on lots of dates.”

    “One of my lecturers was so worried she pulled me aside to voice her concern. I put her intervention down to jealousy, as she was a size 16.”

    “I follow an extreme low-calorie diet four times a year – one each season. I lose at least half-a-stone each time, though the side-effects mean that I don’t have the mental or physical fortitude to work.”

    i am tempted to think that this woman is being sarcastic … no one in their right minds coud actually say the above and meant it!!!

  • Sohini Mukhopadhyay

    “I fainted with hunger on one occasion – a minor hitch, eclipsed by the fact that I was being asked out on lots of dates.”

    “One of my lecturers was so worried she pulled me aside to voice her concern. I put her intervention down to jealousy, as she was a size 16.”

    “I follow an extreme low-calorie diet four times a year – one each season. I lose at least half-a-stone each time, though the side-effects mean that I don’t have the mental or physical fortitude to work.”

    i am tempted to think that this woman is being sarcastic … no one in their right minds could actually say the above and meant it!!!

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  • Someperspectivehere

    Sadly in the modern industrialized world you do have to be either dieting constantly or exercising constantly – or both for some people, like yours truly, to stay slender. Especially if you’re thirty and over. This is a true fact of life. Now there are those people who are exceptions, blessed with a speedy metabolism and they can eat anything, at any time in any quantity and not gain an ounce. This is a rare gift. It is better to be slender and healthy than to be fat. It’s amazing that we have become so focused on extremes – either you have to look like an emaciated movie actress to be healthy and attractive or you’re not a “real woman” unless you’re a zaftig size 14 or more. And by the way, 14 can be perfectly healthy and slim looking if you’re a tall woman with a large frame or bordering on pretty unhealthy if you’re only 5’3″ like me and a small framed woman. I also want to go on record as saying not to confuse curvaceous with fat, they are not the same. Most women are curvaceous, that is rounded hips, some boobs some butt and a relatively slender waist. A few of us are built more like boys with a little less curves and itty bitties, some of us are more stalky and solidly built, Serena Williams and Coco come to mind, but we’re all real women! I also wouldn’t confuse anorexic and near anorexic figures with natural thinness and beauty. It is not healthy to be a stick insect and it’s easy to tell when a woman is just naturally skinny and starves herself mercilessly or is just unfortunate for some reason to be dangerously underweight.

  • sandy

    wtf?????? She’s not even that skinny. She must have a hormonal imbalance or something. She’s not fat, but she’s definitely not SKINNY! I would expect her to look like Victoria Beckham with her mint diet – but she looks quite soft and like she doesn’t exercise and indulges every now and then. She just doesn’t look fit or toned. Size 8???? whaaaat??? She’s proud about that – especially after her mint diet – as if she’s some fashion beacon??? I fluctuate between size 0 and 2, and I whenever I hit 2 I feet like I need to hit the gym more and cut out the ice cream. And I eat – fats, carbs, even the occasional treat and I’m still a size 0/2. And its not because I have a high metabolism, either! I just exercise a couple times a week and I don’t OBSESS over food! I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. This woman is all kinds of delusional. And what a B***C she is to her well-meaning friends! Hope she likes her kitchenless, friendless houses!

  • Joan Durtz

    She’s skinny fat. There is a difference between being thin and being fit. She’s not fit. She looks older than 42. Whatever she says is irrelevant. No healthy person is ever supposed to diet.