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Size 10 Leslie Jones: “No designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for the movie”

FFN_vcv_52087637 - Size 10 Leslie Jones: "No designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for the movie"

Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones (48) shared her disappointment on Twitter earlier this week, saying that no designers wanted to dress her for the premiere of her new movie:

It’s so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for movie. Hmmm that will change and I remember everything.

Hmm what a difference a tweet makes. Should I name the designers that didn’t look out?Put y’all ass on blast. You will not get my love later.

Leslie, who is a size 10 at 6’0” tall received a long response from stylists, who say that it is the comedian’s falt for not specify ahead that she is not a sample size – here’s the full story from Pret-a-Reporter:

Stylists I talked to estimated that the 6-foot stunner is probably not a sample size, meaning a runway model size 4, but rather a size 8 or 10, and that could be part of her frustration. But not because of any size bias.

“It’s just pure economics,” says The Hollywood Reporter power stylist Jeanne Yang. “People have this belief that showrooms and designers have racks and racks of clothing in all sizes. They don’t. When you’re a designer, sitting with your accountant, you have to think about how much it costs to create a sample. It may take hours to do a muslin, and thousands of dollars to create one specific piece. You justify it because you use it for so many things. One dress has to serve for the runway show, for sales, and to get publicity. If you have a sample that has to fit a model, you don’t have the option of creating things for premieres. No one ever does a variety of sizes. No one has those resources, even the biggest designers don’t.

“For something as big as the Oscars or when you are given enough time, designers may lay out the expense of creating something,” she continues. “But then, a lot of designers who do go through the trouble to create things, and spend the money and time, sometimes they take a gamble then the client says they don’t like it. Then you’ve spent $5,000 to $10,000 for a dress that’s not worn. It can be the death of a line.”

Some celebrities who don’t conform to fashion’s narrow body ideals have to buy — not borrow. Size 6 Bryce Dallas Howard bought the Jenny Packham dress she wore to the 2015 Golden Globes off-the-rack.

“I’ve had clients who are not sample sizes, for example Nia Vardalos. Designers are more than happy to lend to her. Unfortunately, she’s not a sample size. So the production company gave me a budget to buy her clothes,” says stylist Jessica Paster, who also works with Emily Blunt, Olivia Munn and Miranda Kerr. “Christian Siriano saved the day by pulling non-sample sizes, and he himself, the weekend of the premiere for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, did the final fitting with Nia.

This is nobody’s fault except Leslie’s,” says Paster. “She should have known four to five months ago the date of premiere, and said, ‘I’m not a sample size, I need to go to designers early or buy myself a dress.’ Don’t be blaming designers and saying they don’t like you.”

It looks like Siriano is saving the day again. He’s confirmed to dress Jones for the film’s premiere during Outfest.

“I love Leslie and I’m a huge fan of her work,” Siriano said by email. “I can’t wait to create something special for her to wear. Hopefully I will see her in my studio this week to make something new and exciting for her to wear. I support all women no matter age or size!”

FFN_vcv_51854453 - Size 10 Leslie Jones: "No designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for the movie"

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FFN_vcv_51854526 - Size 10 Leslie Jones: "No designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for the movie" FFN_vcv_52022476 - Size 10 Leslie Jones: "No designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for the movie"

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • lc

    Ugh, well that sucks. At least someone pulled through at the end for her.

  • polly

    Designer brands are still companies looking to maximize their investments, of course they’ll send dresses to pretty & skinny actresses. If you’re not one of those, why not use your new-found notoriety to help one of the trillions of unknown but talented designers find exposure and success by asking THEM (in advance) to make you a dress?

  • AlyssaMoh

    I remember this issue coming up before with Venus Williams, which is one of the reasons she started her line of clothing.

  • bluepixie

    Is she in Orange is the New Black? Anyway I’m kind of torn since it seems that the designers have a fair reason

    • A

      she’s not, and she’s not talented enough for that show. she’d just seem like a stereotype in a sea of actresses who actually bring characters to life that seem like real people.

      • Agatha

        I think she does have talent, she’s a comedian. Is like saying Kate McKinnon isn’t talented either because she’s not acting in a serious drama or bringing to life characters that seem like real people. Is a different type of talent.

        Btw, @skinnyvscurvy-5e4a5e9974dfba45daac4282ac242c91:disqus, she works at Saturday Night Live.

        • A

          no, sorry agatha I disagree. i don’t find her funny at all, she’s got that “90s black yell comic” thing going on that the wayan brothers used to do. and the girls on OITNB have funny moments too.
          i think she fails at both acting and being a comedian, but thats just my opinion.

          • Agatha

            I’m unfamiliar with that stereotype (she does yell a lot). But if you don’t like her, you don’t like her. I don’t like the style of comedy of Kristen Wiig either. But I doubt that they hired these people for being untalented, just saying.

          • A

            well we agree on something lol. i cant stand WIig either, as a comedian or a serious actress.
            i love mckinnon though, and mccarthy is ok

          • Agatha

            Yeah, Wiig is all about exaggerated mannerisms, way too clownish for my liking. I don’t like her face or voice when she’s doing comedy. She reminds me of Jim Carrey.

            Of the current SNL female cast, I really like McKinnon and Aidy Bryant. Their delivery is more subtle than Wiig’s yet funnier.

  • Agatha

    I wonder what would be their excuse if she did ask way ahead time.

    It sucks. And she isn’t even fat, she’s just a big woman.

  • A

    sorry, but youre gonna put ppl on blast for not giving you free sh*t? grow up. getting free dresses is all part of the business, they’re gonna give it to the person who’s gonna brinf them profit and clearly youre not it. its not a bad thing, just accept it/

    • Monika

      i know I agree! I was like some people just want everything handed to them for free and to say you will blast them shows a lack of manners and intelligence

  • YoungHearts

    She looks really good in those blue jeans imo. And I like the dress in the last pic but not with that green nail polish and yellow heels.

  • chris

    A lot of people in fashion have very snooty attitudes to anybody they perceive as less than them, a lot of them were made fun of when they were children and are compensating. So anybody who is shorter, or fatter, or uglier, or less wealthy or less famous they have a superior attitude towards. If this woman was very famous she wouldn’t have a problem, look at Kim Kardashian.

    • Veronique

      Good point! How does Kim K get all these fancy designer dresses? She’s certainly no sample size!

      • chris

        Its all about status, Kim is famous and designers are willing to kiss her ass now. you can get away with not being famous is your skinny. you can get away with not being skinny if your famous. People in the fashion world are often very messed up people, often times very insecure and spiteful so they enjoy brining others down below their level to feel better about themselves.

  • Hannah

    I’m going to have to side with her on this one. Actors come in all shapes and sizes, designers should be prepared for that if they genuinely want to promote their clothing. Doesn’t make sense to only use a certain size to promote no matter what excuse they give. It’s clear they still think only skinny will make their clothes look good.

  • Observer

    Good heavens. The rabid weight brigade has really skewered people’s common sense.
    For those who are mindlessly accepting this story without questioning, consider a few logical facts.
    If she was looking for months as she claims, why did they NOT get Siriano until her Twitter rant? Please, he’s known for dressing folks of all sizes.

    For those who think the fashion industry is like your local seamstress; it’s NOT. Firstly, she could’ve easily gotten her size OFF THE RACK in any designer she wanted. I’m assuming she wanted something off the catwalk or custom made, but that poses major problems.
    Only MAJOR houses can afford to custom make a dress for her size. Sample sizes are too difficult & costly to alter to fit her size. Even if it could be done, no decent designer will want to put an actress in a dress that doesn’t look good from over-alterations.

    Custom dresses can easily cost upwards of $10,000 or MORE. And sorry, but her wearing something so costly to the Ghostbusters premiere, not being a major star or having any other qualities that would give due publicity & bring in revenue for the designer, it’s not worth it.

    As for the smaller design houses, this would NOT be a good idea. They operate on tight budgets (often depending on revenue from bags etc) and cannot afford the expense that comes with creating custom pieces. Just sound business sense, economics, not fashion snobbery.

    I can’t pity her. She could’ve worn Versace if she bought it off the rack, like many other stars of her status, but she wanted something custom for the freaking Ghostbusters premiere. Her wants just weren’t practical, & the people helping her should’ve known the basic facts of how designers work.

    • Agatha

      “The rabid weight brigade has really skewered people’s common sense (…)”.
      Or it could be that people are not “mindlessly accepting” this but *GASP* they just have a different opinion than you.

      • Observer

        You appear to be quite simple, so I’ll elaborate.

        It is NOT a matter of “opinion”. It is fact -as in evidenced by this incident- that the masses discard any logic in favour of pandering to victim mentality when it comes to the “curvy” ones.

        What I wrote isn’t my opinion either; they are FACTS based on my knowledge of the industry & what she said happened. Though I think that Paster could’ve been more civil in her response, I cannot accept that Jones is a victim here & the designers are being “snotty”. There’s simply no evidence.

        • Agatha

          Look, I’m only pointing out an ad hominem fallacy. Insulting our intelligence doesn’t make you more right and it doesn’t discredit our opinion (even if it seems to at first sight). You don’t know our complexity, what our thought process was or what we were influenced by. Even if you did, is irrelevant to the conversation, is not an argument.

          About Leslie, I’m not arguing you, I think that there’s truth in both sides.

  • A

    you donot alter vera to fit you, you alter you to fit into vera…..and every other designer.
    you know the game, you want to wear it then get smaller but all means necessary or hire your seamstress and start your own thing

  • dedada

    Leslie Jones’ problem isn’t attributable solely to her size 10 figure. As she personally implicitly acknowledges in the Allstate commercial-wherein the offering of her phone number is a punch line-Jones aesthetic would not encourage most men to “cross a crowded bar”. Given her utilization of her lack of conventional beauty as comedic fodder, one would imagine she is an astute individual capable of appreciating the intrinsic superficiality of both the economic and creative aspects of fashion. In truth, clothes do not “make” any person; it is primarily the person who determines the perception of attire by his/her presentation thereof. Every artist is entitled to exercise creative license concerning said showcasing, particularly since doing so is neither personal nor prejudiced, and there is no onus upon designers to offer their clothing for public consumption at all. No one condemned the Rolling Stones or Adele for objecting to Donald Trump’s incorporation of their songs in his campaign, nor could one. If designers feel that Jones’ weight/size/aesthetic is incongruous with their gowns’ intended image and/or structure, they have every right to refrain from extending them without fear of reprisal. Jones has the resources to commission a custom gown or purchase one in her size. Preparing for movie premiers may prove more expensive for her than other celebrities, but this is a negligible cost for a career that boasts income in great excess of the overwhelming majority’s.

  • Amber

    My first reaction is, does she go out of her way every morning to be completely unattractive to both sexes? She reminds me of Lena Dunham’s obnoxiousness. And for god’s sake learn to speak proper English. You were born in America, you have no excuse.