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Teen Girl’s Petition for Disney to Create a Plus-Size Princess

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At high request, here’s a popular story about a teenage girl’s petition for Disney to create plus-size princesses in order to boost young girls’ confidence and promote acceptance. All the details from Daily Mail:

A teenage girl has launched a petition for Disney to make a plus-size princess in the wake of controversy over whether the company promotes an unrealistic feminine ideal. Jewel Moore, a high school junior from Farmville, Virginia, wrote on her page that since Disney has such a huge influence on young girls, it should create a princess with a curvy body to ‘show support to a group of girls who are otherwise horrendously bullied by the media.’ But while many have praised her for trying to put a stop to body shaming, others have questioned whether a ‘plus-size’ princess – rather than simply a normal-size one – is a step in the wrong direction.

Jewel’s petition, which has amassed 861 signatures so far, bears the title: ‘Every body is beautiful’. She writes that she created the page ‘because I’m a plus-size young woman, and I know many plus-size girls and women who struggle with confidence and need a positive plus-size character in the media.’

Citing research that ‘a child’s confidence correlates greatly with how much representation they have in the media,’ she says a plus-size Disney princess would be a positive step towards body acceptance. Many commenters have agreed with Jewel, leaving comments on the page to express their opinion.

‘If young girls see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, they can change how society views it,’ wrote one supporter. Another said: ‘Having dealt with being overweight my entire life, I think that it would be great for Disney to make a more realistic princess for young girls to look up to.’

But some have taken issue with Jewel’s emphasis on ‘plus-size’, asserting that the focus needs to be on having ‘normal’ princesses with realistic and healthy dimensions instead. One parent wrote on ‘Why do princesses have to be either weirdly skinny or plus size? Are there any petitions for normal sized princesses?’ ‘If girls are THAT impressionable I wouldn’t want them looking up to overweight princesses’. The sentiment was shared by another mother, who said: ‘Understandable. But at the same time do we want our daughters idolizing a plus sized princess either?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Pamela

    Either way being overweight / underweight is not healthy and mustn’t encourage any extreme.


  • Bellerina

    All for a movement towards a healthy sized Princess. I don’t see the need for promoting a plus sized image. I agree with the moms about if girls are that impressionable, a balanced image would benefit them more than another unhealthy extreme.

  • Rita

    but.. but.. a lot of plus sized people are not healthy!!!

    What happened to the world!!

    they are like.. giving up on being healthy and embracing the fat!!!

    oh.. and i don’t know.. disney princesses look kinda normal.. i don’t really look that skinny (EXCEPT Megara from Herculeus.. that chick is super skinny.. but who blames her.. i guess she is skinny cuz she’s depressed.. love problems and stuff) << yup.. i'm over analyzing 😛

    • Rita

      They* don’t really look that skinny

      (lol.. stupid typo mistake)

    • Lisa

      Ariel’s waist is pretty tiny, but she swims all day.

      • Rita

        Hahaha ya Ariel is active 😛

        jokes aside.. Ariel is supposed 2 be 16..

        b4 the introduction of big takeout food (mostly injected with growth hormones 2 make the food bigger. . Which in result makes us bigger) kids used 2 be thin.. and they used 2 be active.. play outside (not electronic devices)

        I mean.. look at our parents photos when they were young.. they DID HAVE SUPER TINY WAISTS!!! even our generation (I am 26 years old) most of my friends were thin.. not skinny.. not obesed.. but healthy.. we used 2 dance and be active.. the problem is with how our lifestyle has become.. we should address this issue.. not the body of a fictional drawn character!!

    • Lisa

      Ariel’s waist is pretty tiny, but she swims all day.

  • Arianna

    I feel like children are more perceptive than adults give them credit for. As a child I never internalized Disney characters so deeply. I never once looked at a Disney character and felt that I had to look like a cartoon. I don’t think that my friends felt that way either. I think it’s more important to teach kids that fostering confidence should be more about personality, creativity, school, eating healthy, staying active, building friendships, positivity, etc.

    • Sandy

      Agreed. I thought I WAS a princess if I wore a tiara, I never thought I was supposed to look like a cartoon. If so, then I would’ve wondered why my eyes weren’t the size of half my head.

      If we’re going to start a debate about what Disney princesses should look like, I think race is more important than weight.

    • lc

      I agree. I never, EVER thought about having the bodies of cartoons when I was a little kid. Ever. It didn’t cross my mind once. This is just weird.

    • Cerie

      100% agree with you!
      I grew up watching Disney movies etc and none of them left that kind of impression on me.
      It wasn’t until I started reading magazines like Dolly and Girlfriend where all the girls had perfect bodies with flawless skin that I became self conscious. That was until I learned about photoshop anyway….

    • Rosa

      Yes me neither. I never looked at cartoons as a kid and thought I had to look like them. They’re dolls. They’re not supposed to look realistic. This is just another pathetic attemp to normalize obesity.

    • Zoe

      Thank you! I get what the young girl is trying to say, but I must admit a part of me did despair at the statement “‘Having dealt with being overweight my entire life, I think that it would be great for Disney to make a more realistic princess for young girls to look up to.” I mean really? Are younger generations so impressionable, and so lacking in physically existing role models to the point where they feel the need to seek out animated characters to fill the void???

      I’d be extremely surprised if many young girls weren’t able to make the distinction between real life and Disney, and hence draw the conclusion that if something’s animated, then real people are not supposed to look like that!

      I seem to remember something similar being said of Barbie dolls, and again when growing up, as much as I thought Barbie and her long, flowing locks were ‘pretty’, I can never remember a point in time when I aspired to growing up to be as tall, skinny, tiny-waisted and big-busted as my little plastic ‘heroine!’

    • HB

      “I think it’s more important to teach kids that fostering confidence should be more about personality, creativity, school, eating healthy, staying active, building friendships, positivity, etc.”
      Awesome idea. I think the only way to do that and take the looks aspect out would be to make it sort of a first person point of view thing. Like, through the princess’s eyes, so you never actually see what she looks like, just how she sees the world.
      I’m sure it’d be boring and silly, but kind of cool to think about.

  • kennedy

    oh no , day by day usa and other countries have more and more obese people like is weird seeing someone skinny because you see overweight people everywhere everyday there’s people going under the knife for bypass and other surgery extreme options to lose weight hell no is like “oh well everybody is fat we gotta love ourself being skinny is wrong” and that’s why when someone is skinny is called anorexic . i may sound like a hater or whatever but i have been overweight and now i’m healthy and other people need to get healthy too

  • Emma

    Yeah, let’s just promote obesity now.

    Instead of the extremes, let’s just promote a healthy weight.

  • xsnarkylarky

    yes, it’s a legit game. and no I do not agree that there needs to be a fat princess to be made in the light of “this is normal!”

  • Sophie

    ‘because I’m a plus-size young woman, and I know many plus-size girls and women who struggle with confidence and need a positive plus-size character in the media.’

    ^^I think there is a fault in logic in this. First of all, no one should be looking to get self confidence from the media or celebrities – it shows signs of weakness in character if one is not able to value themselves and their achievements based on self analysis but rather have to have their self-worth reflected in the media. Secondly, why does her media role model have to be plus sized? she is being just as judgmental as the people who are bullying her – what does weight have to do with the reason she admires a character. I have nothing against her weight but I have never understood the philosophy of imposing a concept on the whole world.
    there are so many issues with Disney movies and feminism not even coming to weight but they still manage to be pleasant and enjoyable. I loved some of the princesses when I was a kid but never felt the need for them to be my weight/height/hair color to enjoy their qualities more or value myself.

    • i agree. ironic as it is, the best thing for everyone’s self confidence and health would probably be to just get off the internet and stop discussing these things through this medium. I think most people would get a lot more out of various intellectual, creative, physical, or social activities than they would out of talking about and looking at images about body image online. go enjoy a disney movie with a friend (while thanking god that women’s lives dont have to revolve around men anymore), take a nice walk and eat a good meal 🙂

      • Juju

        I blame SvC for being addictive :p

        • haha i know! its terrible :p I am glad that nowadays I have confidence from other things so i don’t get offended or feel insecure about my appearance anymore, when i started coming here many years ago i was very insecure (&young:), but the comments weren’t nearly as harsh. if i were insecure now, with most of the comments on here… oof, would not be good.

    • Juju

      “First of all, no one should be looking to get self confidence from the media or celebrities – it shows signs of weakness in character if one is not able to value themselves and their achievements based on self analysis but rather have to have their self-worth reflected in the media.”

  • Magda

    I wonder if the size of a fictionnal princess has an impact on someone?
    It did not when I was younger.
    I have never wanted to change my appearance to look like some Disney princesses and I think that a lot of girls of my age were the same back in the days.
    But I belong to another generation. I am 25 now.
    Girls may be more self conscious now that they were 15/20 years ago, I guess.
    If you really wanna change things, ask for healthy looking princess, not skinny nor overweight. Just a healthy range.

    • Juju

      I’m the same age as you and I think girls become conscious of their body much sooner now, bc of that crazy society. I only became aware of my weight and shape around 14, now it begins before you’ve even reached the teenage years.

  • Kelly

    That girl probably eats Cheetos all day, hardly a role model. Most people dobt seem to cafe about their health or appearance at all, ifs all about accepting blah blah. So sick of this.

  • B.

    No. That would just normalize overweight among young audiences. A slightly chubby-normal looking (but not too much) female main character would be a better idea instead.

  • Snugglepup

    It’s the classic style they use to draw their cartoons, it’s ART. It’s underestimating the intelligence of kids, they’re not really THAT influenced by some disney princess’ waist lines. And overweight SHOULDN’T be the norm so no for that too. Also “curvy” figures would sexualise the characters unneccessarily much and most of the times they’re teen girls, the princesses. This is just nonsense. Isn’t the message deeper than the surface?

    • i agree except that i think disney princesses are already pretty sexualized… they have tiny waists and ample breasts and hips.

  • Rachel

    What’s wrong with Merida from Brave? She’s a healthy weight, beautiful in a non-traditional way and incredibly, well… brave. I can’t think of a single thing that’s wrong with that character.

    I’d hate for Disney to create a “plus-size” princess because that isn’t healthy. It’s never going to BE healthy. Because half of all Americans are fat, it’s easier to whine and say it’s natural – say it’s the skinny people who are wrong. Frankly, I think that for every single excuse and euphemism that’s uttered by an overweight person, they should walk/jog/run a mile or some other form of exercise. At least that would actually be productive and make real, positive changes happen…

    I’m also not sure how much of an affect cartoons have on kids. I never thought “o0o, all of the Disney princesses are so thin! I need to be thin too!” I was a child thinking about child things like “I’d really like a pet tiger”.

  • Lisa

    I skeptical about this, Does Disney really have that much of an impact? I never thought twice about what Disney princesses looked like, because they were just drawings to me. I didn’t think about their exaggerated measurements until I got older, and by then I was able to think more critically about them.

    I’ve noticed a weird shift over the years; it’s almost like kids (supposedly) can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t, so everything becomes a moral issue because parents are worried about its effects. Shouldn’t we also be letting kids know that a representation of a thing is not the thing itself?

  • lc

    A plus size Disney princess? Are people really so insecure that they now need cartoon characters to make them feel better about themselves?

  • Mjay

    If you are overweight and happy with yourself, good for you, but Disney is a private entity and has no obligation to cater to the plus sized population, even if it is the majority of the US. Next it will be plus sized barbie. Good grief.

  • The annoying things about things like this is that if someone were to petition for an ‘underweight’ disney princess, there would be complete outrage. That would never ever fly, but this is somehow seen as body loving and acceptance. Why the double standard? Both extremes are unhealthy.

  • CindyD

    I don’t know why this evoked such anger in me; maybe that can be partially attributed to the fact that it’s 2:04 AM right now, but SINCE WHEN WAS BEING OVERWEIGHT SOMETHING PEOPLE SHOULD ASPIRE TO?! This girl is only advancing the obesity epidemic by saying that it is perfectly ok to be at an unhealthy weight! I am sick of this “curves” crusade; it’s so pretentious! Just UGH!

  • Danella Jade

    Normal size all the way. I don’t think its a good idea for there to be a plus size princess. It glamorises being over weight, which no matter how you look at it is not healthy. And I’m not meaning girls who have a little ass or some hefty muscle bulk, I’m talking overweight (just to clarify before the fat police come knocking on my door)

  • I just think diversity is more key – diversity in body shape and nothing too extreme. I don’t think it’s good to encourage girls to be anything but the best version of themselves – and that’s not usually very overweight or very underweight and it’s also not usually tiny-waisted with big hips and boobs either! Or porcelain skin and big doe eyes and perfect hair! But just how far can we go with the PC stuff?
    It’s better to educate our children to be accepting of diversity, non-judgemental about their own appearance or that of others’ and teach them how to be healthy. They should be secure enough and smart enough not to be shamed by a cartoon character! Not enough is said about teaching young people self-confidence and self-esteem – if you have that, no unrealistic, idealised image is going to knock you down!

  • green

    If Cinderella was fat, the dainty glass slipper would have never fit on her foot and the Prince would marry someone else instead. If Ariel was fat, she could never have swam the distance to rescue Prince Eric. If Jasmine was fat, I seriously doubt the magic carpet would have lifted off the ground. If Alice was fat, she would have shattered the looking glass, and there would be no WonderLand. Etc…

    Most Disney characters are based on European folk tales (except Aladdin, an Arabian story). Back in those days, people were rarely overweight, especially young peasant women. So if Disney had a plus-sized princess they would need to create a 21st century modern princess. But I doubt the merchandise would sell as well.

  • green

    How come all the Disney Princes are tall, dark & handsome? I demand the next Prince be short chubby with a ginger comb-over and gout. And he uses Lipitor to get his triglycerides under control. We wouldn’t want to make little boys feel badly about themselves.

    • HB


  • louis21

    gosh this weight issues and discussions are really intense nowadays, i mean i really love being slim, life is easier when you’re slim but since i’ve been 9 EVERY DAY of my life was a struggle because i’m a person who just gains weight while looking at muffins…overweight is not healthy but i feel sorry for plus size girls. i was overweight and it was horrible, once you lose weight every person starts seeing you in a different (very positive) way. even now i’m not happy with my eating habits (i watch everything i eat, no sweets, i never indulge) because i’m afraid of gaining weight and being discriminated. it’s horrible and not satisfying at all.

  • Jenny

    If a child think that they should look like someone in a Disney movie to fel ok then there’s something wrong.
    I don’t think that they should have a curvy girl in a Disney movie. It ISN’T ok to make children feel that it is ok to be overweight. Why? Because you’re not SUPPOSED to BE overweight!
    Overweight shouldn’t any human being be! It’s a disease that the world need to focus on. Not that children or adults who are overweight should be comfortable with being that.. So that there have to be an over weight Barbie or an overweight Disney character to make them feel ok.
    What overweight people have to realize is that they aren’t meant to look that way and shouldn’t make the world change just because they are overweight.
    What the world needs is to teach these overweight people what can happen to them if they don’t loose weight. And teach those fu*king idiots who are bullying them in school that they are assholes and overweight people are people too.
    There should NOT be overweight people in Disney. If they do, then they can have characters with anorexia too, cause that’s a disease too, just like obesity! Why should people feel sorry for overweight people?

  • HB

    Yes– she was in between AND a strong female role model. I think this would be better than “plus size.”

  • Chelbell

    It happens that a lot of perfectly healthy people happen to be a bit bigger, or ‘plus size’. It doesn’t take a heck of a lot of extra weight to be considered plus sized, really. And for some people it’s perfectly natural for their body to retain more weight, even while living the same lifestyle as someone who is much thinner. Genetics are a thing.
    It isn’t very healthy, mentally at least, for teenage girls to diet and try to work out to look thin, when their body is just built that way. They just neat to be taught to be as healthy as possible-everything in moderation- and what you look like is ok.
    And while I agree that there is a obesity epidemic, not everyone who carries extra weight is a fat, lazy slob. If strong morals like healthy eating and exercise are maintained, then there is no harm in there being a plus sized Disney princess.

  • Dead_Sarah

    I feel like such a bad person when I my first thought is that the girl will look just fabulous if she could manage to lose a few lbs. She could have great personality or be super smart but no, I don’t reckon that being overweight is what girls should look up to.

    • Dead_Sarah

      To continue being a witch, I will say that not EVERY body is beautiful. It’s a lie 🙂

  • Cleosmil3

    i think this petition is stupid. why must disney encourage obesity with an over weight princess?