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  • I like her hair a lot! Not her outfit though.

  • Weird outfit but she looks good.

  • Georgie

    I’m gonna get a lot of hate, but I absolutely love this outfit!

    • Fatim101

      SAME HERE!

    • Kass

      ME TOO!

  • d

    She is looking much better with a little filler in her lips.

  • Ti

    I’ve seen those pants around but she’s so skinny-skinny they just look very strange on her. And I give that marraige to Cpt. Douchebag 2 years, tops.

  • Jackie

    Hahaha!! interesting is the right word! Not sure if I like it. I would never wear something like this but it looks cool on her 🙂 Then again she could wear anything and look good! Very pretty!

  • C

    Looks thin prob 5″8 125 lbs and skinny!!

    • Maybe 125 lbs at 5’10, but definitely not at 5’8. Are you the one who is always overestimating the weight?

  • Snugglepup

    Pretty usual type of outfit for the youth of my country

  • C

    Really? Wouldn’t 5″10 and 115 lbs looks almost anorexic?

    • She is very skinny though…. I don’t know her height exactly, but I would definitely say that her BMI is max around 16-17.

      • Alias

        I know people who have seen her in real life saying she looks very BMI 17-ish. She looks a lot thinner because she’s usually with models who are curvier than her.

  • vibes

    is that really her? she looks like a completley different person!

  • Bilal

    They´re like suspenders! Weird, but to each their own…

  • Emily

    I love it the whole look. If my thighs weren’t like twice her size I would rock it 😀 Hate Maroon 5, however. So much. Just, so much. Haha

  • skkq

    Love Behati, she is so pretty in a very simple and sweet way.

  • Brooke

    She has a great figure, but doesn’t the outfit defeat the entire purpose of pants/leggings…?

  • lc

    She rocks the look, I love it.

  • Uma

    Love the outfit; she looks great! and lol at anyone thinking she is over 110 lbs.

  • cameron

    She looks good.

  • I actually like her face much more now that its thinner and sharper…. I am talking pure facially though. She really did lose a lot of weight in a significant short time, and it makes me wonder…. I really do hope she is doing it the healthy way.

  • Tonyee

    She pulls it off. I like it.

  • Snugglepup

    What!!! She was gorgeous!

  • AlyssaMoh

    he is the opposite of attractive… repulsive..

  • retrobanana

    grunge girlshe looks pretty darn hot..and im ussually not a fan

  • Kassie

    UGH same here 🙁