Beyonce in a Bikini

beyonce-in-a-bikini - Beyonce in a Bikini

You want them, you got them!

At request, a few bikini pictures featuring no other that curvy beauty Beyonce. Above: Beyonce’s fit bikini body from the front and from the back.

2 obvious questions:

1. How do you like her beach figure?

2. What about the belly necklace thingy?

More of Beyonce’s curvy back in a bikini after the jump!

beyonce-in-a-bikini-2 - Beyonce in a Bikini

beyonce-in-a-bikini-9 - Beyonce in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • nhana

    Wow, she is looking really good! Toned with great skin and curves!

  • lisa

    she looks rather skinny – in comparison to her former curvier figure… she’ll probably look like jessica alba soon

    • Natalie

      hahah Jessica Alba?? In her dreams…
      She would have to born again..

      • anya

        and I doubt she would want to look like jessica alba.

        • there’s nothing wrong with jessica.

          • Anonymous

            Too thin comes to mind.

          • i disagree. jessica looks fine.

          • Oana

            Is not that is something wrong with Jessica,but maybe she’s pleased(can’t find another word now) with her body,with her curves. They’re different and they have their own beauty.

      • Sharen

        LOL, she would have to be born again AND be very lucky… Jessica is much better looking than Beyonce… but Beyonce is ok, if you’re into big legs and all..

        • Blink

          Into big legs? -_- dam how stick figurish do you want to look? Like a chicken? If you think thats attractive well…. i dunno

          • Jessica

            There is clearly nothing wrong with having big legs. If it’s genetic, there is nothing you can do about it. Beyonce looks great.

          • jessica seems fine with me. if that’s what they’re attracted to then that’s them.

  • sara

    she has lost some weigth

  • BlackEssence

    Wow, her touring schedule certainly leaned her out, but she looks GREAT

  • mdw

    too thick for my taste

  • Maryna

    So, who thinks she looks like a cow now?

    People are crazy to call her fat, she has an amazing body

  • Lola

    she always had a nice body

  • jolisa

    Damnnn look at that ass… im jealous:( haha

  • Valentina

    Good god…..that ass is just GROSS.

    • jem

      if a nice,toned curvy butt is “gross to you, then i guess im “gross” too! lol. :)she is 1 of the reasons i live in the gym;i love her bod!

      • Valentina

        This IS an opinion site, right? Well, I’m entitled to my opinion and IN my opinion her gigantic, fat ass is nauseating.

        • Anonymous

          “Gigantic”? Well, I guess it is kinda big. “Fat ass”? No, not much fat on her bum, very nicely shaped and just the right amount of muscle to fat ratio, no dimples, it’s not saggy, can’t tell if she has cellulite though, the photos are a little out of focus. But there’s nothing gross or nauseating here, except maybe how you chose to express your opinion.

          • Lucy

            Wow, Valentina, that comment is just…disturbing.

        • Kae

          Valentina, your comments lately are just obnoxious. You must be a lovely person to know in real life.

          • Black Essence


        • VG

          UR A FKN B I T C H.
          THE END =]

        • skirmute

          Gigantic, fat? Ok, it’s not small, but damn, she’s a woman, not an immature girl!
          Your comments always are so mean. Yes, we are all supposed to comment here but please, don’t be so offensive. I guess the only one who has a perfect body is you, right?

          • Sharen

            this is not aimed at skirmute in particular, I’d just like to say that though gigantic and fat sound mean, I think that on this site there are more cruel comments against thin girls than against big ones. Everyone has their taste and their opinion and I’m fine with it, but it would be nice if those who found “fat” to be offensive realized that other comments can be offensive to thin girls too…. Saying that someone’s ass is nauseating is mean, but I cannot count how many times I’ve read here that thin legs are disgusting..

        • Maryna

          Well valentina, if you don’t know by now, Beyonce’s bootylicious behind is her trademark and she sure is making alot of money with it, so I’m guessing that she problably only has a nauseating effect on you, because the rest of the world is loving her. Your comments are just ridiculous and I think you have a problem. I mean it’s fine to say that in your opinion you’re not a fan of a curvy body, but your comments are just plain mean and unrealistic. Anyone can see that Beyonce ain’t fat. And you just take it to far, your comments are really really insulting and disturbing. And PS I don’t see you making billions with your skinny behind.

  • Elena

    i love her!!!! i want a belly necklace like that too 😀

  • keila

    Kim has a hotter body

  • Wendy

    that belly belt thingy has to go…how 1990s is that?! ugh.

  • michelle

    haha, Valentina, your deft. hating against beyonce. Do I see some jealousy? Anyways though, wow! Beyonce has leaned out. A good body role model, 😀

  • Elena

    Versus, I don’t wanna be rude, don’t get me wrong…but why are you taking so many articles from DailyMail? I’ve always loved your own posts and DailyMail is something totally different.

    • Kristy

      Dailymail is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s so middle Britain and pretentious but always good for some celeb goss!

      • Elena

        Don’t get me wrong, I read it all the time too. That’s the problem, I get to know some news and after a few days I see them here instead of something new… It’s my guilty pleasure too 😀 I love this site and the other one even if they’re so different!

    • Versus

      Because I have requests for many of them – for example, many people asked me to post about Keira’s enhanced bust and about Kate Moss (real and photoshoppped), I am just trying to please you all.
      But this post has nothing to do with Daily Mail… Sometimes, if we have the same news / pictures, it may be just a coincidence 🙂

  • Kristy

    I’m always surprised by the size of her boobs.. I’d expect them to be bigger. Girl looks as firm as a brick though.

  • her body is okay but i’ve seen better.

  • lena

    I like her figure, she’s hot and feminine. If I was a tall girl I would like to have her body, but since I’m very short (5’1) I prefer being tiny and a bit thinner as I am.

    I don’t like that belly gold thing

  • sasha

    For some reason I always thought her butt was bigger….like jlo big or kim but its not!!

    • Nkeon

      Yeah, i’ve come across many debates titled: Does Beyonce have a butt?!

      Her butt is round and there’s enough junk in the trunk to make it noticable but you’re right it’s not the type of ‘phat’ booty like J’lo and Kim (even their’s is smaller compared to some like Melyssa Ford).

      Either way she has a great butt!

      • rainy

        Beyonce’s butt’s natural, that’s why it doesn’t look too huge, just toned and proportionate with the rest of her…the ‘phat’ booty butts of Kim K, Vida Guerra, etc that are too round/big/bubble aren’t.

  • sambo

    she is so very toned! look at that arse! rock hard! i am using a screen which squishes ppl and makes them look fat- but she doesnt look fat on here! im kinda scared to see her stretched out- she must be quite thin for her!? plus, in a sense she is thinner than models or ‘skinnier’ i should say cuz she prolly has a lower body fat percentage

  • anon

    She looks amazing.
    She has such a great hourglass figure.
    She is curvy and womanly, yet so toned.
    I’m jealous. I bet she works her butt off to look like that, however I think she looks amazing even when she’s a bit “heavier” too, she always looks fab………………oh apart from that crazy curly wet hair looks she sported a few days ago, hehe.

  • ajt

    I think her butt looks great in all the pics but the one in the first set on the right. This particular bikini doesn’t seem to flatter her unless you are looking at her from behind. Then wow. Her body looks good here despite the ugly bikini.

  • Emmily

    The last photo is curvylicious..! 🙂

  • Alexandra

    She looks great, i like her with curves, but with a firm, toned body to go with that. Oh..and she wore that chain thing last summer too…

  • Chika

    That’s a HOT BODY! I need to look like that SOON! THICK JUICY! DANG!

  • Lara

    I also don´t like her body,I´m sorry…she looks fit,yes-but she is too curvy for my taste. I appreciate skinnier figures;-)

  • Tiffany


  • shar

    take off the chain. its tacky!

  • ThatPYT



  • Cris


    • ThatPYT

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • rainy

    I think Beyonce has a smashing figure…she has a large bone structure, which is common among black women, with a wide chest and shoulders, wide ribacage and wide hips…she’d look sick and bony if she tried to be ‘skinny’. She looks perfect and hot the way she is, I’d personally love to have her thighs, not an inch of cellulite or jiggle on them. She may have undergone a little plastic surgery like lipo and breast implants, but overall she looks voluptuous and very solid with the right amount amount of muscle and fat on her frame.

  • jim

    she looks very hot and sexy, recently i watch her live in abu-dhabi uae
    big bust and and sexy ass. feel like leaking her but

  • bestbody of the yr

    She has the best body in hollywood!!!!! Homegirl has no surgery that all au’ natural and she is representin for all the diamonds that don’t get the credit they deserved for such wonderful physique’s…yo go girl!!!! Any man who says she is not hot has got to be gay-her body is the female michaelangelo, no joke. Her figure is her brand and key to Beyonce Inc, sorry beyonce it’s ur figure that’s got u on top more so than ur creativity or singing, I give credt and criticism all in one shot to keep things balanced…

  • KM

    that belly thing needs to go! reminds me of girls in porn.

  • Bob

    beyonce looks great ill choose her over bony jessica alba anyday

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