Beyonce: “Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman”

bey23 - Beyonce: "Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman"

On becoming a mother:

“When I gave birth, that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered. And it taught me how amazing that feels… Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman. I have so much more substance in my life. And expressing that excitement and that sensuality and the connection I have with my husband—I’m a lot more comfortable with that now. I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself.”

… said Beyonce.

Check out a behind the scenes video from her latest shoot with Terry Richardson!


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  • hasita

    she is cute and adorable with a hot body but I get the feeling they didn’t pan down to her stomach area for a reason… hmmm lol but she still looked beautiful

    • cloud9

      i dislike you oh so very much beyoncee. no one cares about how you squeezing out a baby made you be a woman. Those kinds of comments are such crap. I know at least 12 girls who have had kids in the past 5 years, none of them describe it as liberating as this chick…and I was in a few delivery rooms, and their ain’t nothin’ sensual about it.

      • LauraCM

        Agree. She is so full of shit.

      • RR

        Agreed. She gives birth to one kid and acts like she’s done the most miraculous thing on the planet. Have 2 more Beyonce. That would be a real achievement, that is if you’re not afraid of ruining your body. Shallow bitch.

  • Tally

    So i get HBO, & there seems to be some documentary on its way out about B & some tour journey or something like that, and she is showing her belly multiple times in the preview… so curious to see if it will solve any of the pregnancy rumors :L

    • sia

      Whats that band shes always got on her stomach? is it for luck or what

  • serena

    How this terry richardson gets t o do so many photoshoots with famous models/actresses, I’ll never understand. He is sketchy and the pictures are nothing special. Plus someone commented on a different post that he molested a model?

    • Lala

      He’s very scetchy. He has sex, and does sexual things with models and takes pictures. They are pretty skeezy. Just google ” terry richardson diary” or something like that. He has full site (tumblr?) dedicated to his gross (unpublished) pics. It will actually make your stomach turn.

      And I am as baffled as you are. He’s nothing special and a total creep. His father was an established photographer.

      • Liz

        Ummm…Terry’s Diary is tame. A few fairly tasteful nudes every now and then, but it’s still a very sanitized version of his work. If you want a real sample of him blurring the lines between art and porn, google “I miss the old terry”. It seems like a lot of his work recently has been too high profile to pull the stunts he used to. I have a hard time picturing him telling Obama “good, now this next shot I’m going to pose with my penis in your mouth”.

    • Observer

      your comment assumes these actresses and models actually have standards to begin with, which they obviously don’t if they agree to work with him and praise him afterward. It’s a mistake to assume people in the entertainment industry have morals, ethics etc. Most don’t. These famous ladies know exactly what posing for TR entails, they just don’t care.

      • serena

        hmm I guess you’re right and I’m being naive – much of hollywood stood behind Roman Polanski, and he was a known child molester.

      • solaxia

        Observer – I agree with your comment completely. I do think Terry is sketchy and disgusting…and I do think that models/ actresses know this, but most would have a lot of narcissistic traits (as you kind of need to in order to get into the positions they get into)…so many will do anything to be loved and adored by who ever they can.

      • Raquel100

        I totally agree! I do, however, think that there are some young girls (like the ones who have had horrendous experiences with him) who wound up at 1 of his shoots not knowing and just doing an assignment.

    • Raquel100

      Yes, here are links about Terry being a perv & a molester:

      This all being said, I lost all respect for Beyonce the second I heard her open her mouth years ago. A fake hypocrite who will do anything for $$ and fame.

  • Neri

    Beyoncé for president!

    • jjj2

      Because she lip synced the national anthem?

      • Neri

        Because she’s a GODDESS!

      • Tierra

        Um she didn’t lip sync, even if she did she had to record it. We all know Beyonce is one of the best vocalists of our time:

      • Rosie

        Even if she lipsynced she still had to pre record it.

      • jjj2

        She really did though. I am losing a lot of respect for her.. Continuing to lie about being pregnant, lip syncing, why can’t people be honest in this world?

    • Powwow

      Yes! I’d move to America if she was pres!!! 😀

      • Neri

        Me too man!

  • ary

    nice body!

  • Well that’s a load of BS, and I wonder how this quote makes involuntary childless women feel…

    • Observer

      Superb point. She’s just media whoring as usual, she isn’t the 1st actress to wildy romanticize pregnancy & childbirth & in each case each 1 came off as disrespectful to regular females, but their zombie fans bought it, I guess.
      with her though..considering certain things it sounds very funny.

    • Jennifer

      I see you stirring the pot…

    • binks

      This! I hate when other women associate womanhood with being a mother…those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. So a woman who is physically incapable of having a child/doesn’t want children is not a true or any less of a woman? I wish that line of thought dies because it is on the same footing as “real women….” mantra. But aside from that Beyoncé has a pretty good body.

    • Ana

      Lovisa, what exactly about her comment is bad? If her experience was good, why the hell can’t she share it?What is she suppose to do if other women can’t have kids. I’m pretty sure by saying “power of women” she meant the extent to which women can go to bring a child into this world, like carrying a baby for 9 months, pain from giving birth,etc. Giving birth is just one of our super powers, we have other ones as well! Women are awesome! 🙂

    • jay-lisa

      Lovisa, you’re so right!! It’s hard when you can’t have a baby and celebrities and people keep saying that giving birth changed their lives and they feel more “strong as a woman”… it’s frustrating and depressing 🙁

      • Mel

        what the? so she’s meant to hide her happiness to stop others from being depressed? that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard!! that’s just like someone saying “oh i don’t want to hear all about how other people lost weight and felt so happy because i can’t lose weight due to a medical condition and it makes me feel depressed” get a grip!

        • jay-lisa

          I think you misunderstood what I meant, I’m not saying they should stop saying that because it makes other feel sad but I’m just saying that for women who can’t have babies it’s really painful. I’m just asking you to understand the pain that some might feel, that’s it, and obviously I hope that none of you girls here will ever have to experience something like that, I’m sure being a mother is a wonderful experience!

          • Mel

            Oh no i understood you just fine….still sounds ridiculous to me. For crying out loud beyonce was specifically asked “on becoming a mother” what’s meant to say… “uh i cant comment because i dont want to express my joy and inflict pain on those who cannot be mothers” I’m sure people who have kids are more than aware that it’s a very painful experience for those who cant, but thats not going to stop them from expressing their joy.

    • Powwow

      So women who can have children and have a great experience of childbirth/pregnancy shouldn’t talk about it because it might hurt the feelings of other women who can’t give birth…? Please! This is her experience, so what? I guess women who get married shouldnt talk about it because think about how that makes involuntarily unmarried women feel….? And nobody should ever claim that falling in love changed their life because that makes people who’ve never been in love feel inadequate…

      • snoops

        Er no, woman who never gave birth shouldn’t fabricate what the birth experience is like especially in such a ridiculous way. Every mother I know who heard this Bey quote was like “BS” NO ONE who actually delivered a baby or has been in the delivery room woild describe it like that. Why is she being so vague? Why not a single mention of pain, fatigue, screams, tears, nothing at all in her comment indicates that this woman actually has any idea what it feels like to push a little person out of her body. I couldnt care less if she used a surrogate but her constant preaching about how she is such a WOMAN now more than ever? Shut up.

        • Jessica

          Err no, you really think every woman you know represents the entire female race? That’s crazy!! I’ve given birth and if someone asked me about it i’d have an answer similar to beyonce’s. Yes it was painful but I don’t mention that when asked “On becoming a mother:” I’d only mention it if someone specifically asked “On the pain.” Who do you think you are to be so sure that beyonce faked the pregnancy? I dont know either way and honestly dont care, but ppl like you piss me off thinking they know for sure that she did or didnt have the child. Who are you, god? HAHAHA

          • snoops

            Really? I piss you off? Couldn’t help but laugh at that one, can’t imagine having a life so dull I would get irate at someone insulting a celeb’s ridiculousness, on the internet….. Anyhoo, I think Bey faked her pregnancy because of the obvious evidence. Its not a consipiracy theory. People saw her belly fold, I was like “meh, so its a fake pregnancy. Couldnt care less. Moving on”. Thats the extent of it. I forget Bey has her own army of loony fans though, should remember to skip posts on her in future, don’t want to get you all worked up….

          • Jessica

            To snoops: Yes, you do piss me off. I’ve seen your comments here before and they just reek “Hey im snoops and im a know it all.” I can tell you have no friends and that this is obviously the place where you come to “talk” because no one in the real world will listen to your rubbish. ugh just yuck!

          • snoops

            Eh? Okie dokie 🙂 but just some gentle advice. Perhaps its you who needs to visit the site less since you are “noticing a lot” and becoming “really pissed off” by anonymous commenters who you have built up a bizare profile of in your head? On the other hand, I have never noticed your exsistence. Anyways im off to enjoy my sad life with my sad fiance and sad friends on my day off. Peace out ;).

          • Bluesocks

            Snoops, you are too funny! I also think Beyonce faked her pregnancy, there is enough evidence for me (her belly folding, her reaction when katie couric touched her bely, etc). And yes, most mothers I know would say she’s so full of it…

      • Mel

        This!!! I agree 110% powpow, some ppl on this site are so ridiculous

    • Hanna

      Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. So she’s not supposed to be happy and feel the way she does because there are some people out there who can’t give birth? She’s supposed to keep quiet about her own feelings for fear of offending or upsetting people out there in the world? Dumb. So, if I buy a sandwich and I gush about how amazing it is, should I stop because there are people in the world who can’t buy sandwiches? Would you watch everything that came out of your mouth because there are some people out there in the world who can’t relate to you? No, you wouldn’t and I’m 100% sure you don’t. This was a dumb comment.

    • cloud9

      Lovisa…you are this isht! Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • jjj2

    She never was pregnant! It is bad enough she faked being pregnant, why does she have to talk about the giving birth as the power of being a woman? Why does she have to insult us?

    • Clarence Beeks

      Exactly, like she gave birth. PLEASE. She called giving birth “sensual”. Do yourself a favor Beyonce, don’t give interviews anymore. You always sound so damn DUMB.

  • Steph

    Girl please you never gave birth in you life

    • kat

      ikr, these quotes make it more obvious, she is so full of shit

  • jamie

    Her face and body is SOOOOO over rated…her legs are like tree trunks, which is why they clearly have them hidden in the above pics. ALso think she is has a terrible personality and is very arrogant.

    As for the whole bit about giving birth…if she did stage the pregnancy (I am still undecided about it) its really pathetic to be saying things like this…

  • Aafje

    I like her body her legs are thick but they are very muscular and strong, not fat-big I wish she would dye her hair darker though I think it looks better on her.

    • Natalia

      You know I may not be a fan of Beynce’slooks and may have knocked her legs before, but you’re right, they are not bad, whatbugs me about them, or what draws my attention to them like evrytime I see them is her knees, like she tends to gain fat in her knees mor than anywhere else, they are actually good strong legs, look, everybody know I prefer long, skinny types but whenever I look at her I can’t help but think, if she just had slightly thinner knees, ankles and a little bit more curve (in) on her waist, she would have a knockout thick curvy type body..

  • Debbs

    What a stupid video.

  • La la la la

    she’s beautiful and amazing (not her best hair color though). she looked good with bangs and a bun. i like her quote too. all you conspiracy theorists are craaazzzyyyy

    • Minime

      And you are a naive foooooooool

  • linda

    Oh come on, you gave birth (yeah right) nobody who actually did so would have to talk about it constantly to make it sound like she actually did so. The more she talks about it, the more I am convinced she didn’t.

    • Tiffany

      you do realised she was asked “On becoming a mother:” interviews are a two way street…celebrities just answer the questions they get asked

    • Tiffany

      you do realised she was asked “On becoming a mother:” interviews are a two way street dodo…celebrities just answer the questions they get asked

  • Sophia

    I still remember her saying she got her hair and nails done before giving birth, to “prepare for the baby”. Ya.

    • Layla Bach

      Maybe she got her hair and nails done while waiting for her surragate to give birth.

      • Anastasia.


  • xyz

    Bla bla bla, boring as usual. She always strikes me as dull egomaniac.

  • georgi

    Oh phlease, what a loaded bunch of cliched mumbo-jumbo.
    I could barely finish the paragraph, it’s so contrived and pretentious!

    • xyz

      She tries so hard to sound intelligent that it turns out exactly the opposite…

      • georgi

        Agreed. I find it fascinating how she can be such a captivating entertainer and yet so dull in interviews. It shows how much work she must be putting on into rehearsing for her shows. She’s definitely a hard-worker and a really determined, focused woman. That I can respect. But the tackiness, the scripted answers, the trying so hard and the lack of authenticity are just not something I appreciate.Even though I stopped being a fan a long time and she annoys me most of the times I must confess I still admire some of her other qualities.

        • misscheeks

          Agreed 100% georgi…although I do like some of her music, she’s not the brightest in her interviews.

    • Indigo Lace

      Completely agree w/XYZ and Georgie.

      • Indigo Lace


  • Liz

    “it taught me how amazing that feels” the conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with this quote. Bitch, if you want people to believe you had a baby, at least pretend it hurt.

    • Natalia

      omg…that was too funny…i actlly did laugh out loud at that on.not saying she did or she didn’t….pls…no fights, I wasn’t there…don’t know…

  • Pixie

    Gorgeous!! She looks amazing in the photos and video, complete hottie!! 🙂

  • lilly

    okay, so maybe this is petty, but it’s kind of annoying how she’s just wasting all that flour. there are a lot of people starving in the world, and it just seems unnecessary, given other things could have been substituted (or maybe they were…?)

    • lilly

      i mean, i love beyonce. i just don’t think the media should be glorifying wastefulness any more than it already does.

  • retrobanana

    she sounded way too much like whitney…it was unoriginal

  • I totally love beyonce- she and Jay Z seem to be the only celebrity couple who actually keep their relationship under wraps instead of selling out for publicity. She’s a fantastic performer and a talented singer. However, I do agree that her interviews come off as quite fake- there’s something that just rubs me the wrong way. I think (not that I actually know here lol) that she’s probably more reserved and shy in real life, but has to put on a more outgoing/sexy persona and thus can come off as staged and unoriginal.

  • jane

    “let go and surrendered” — to WHAT? the pain? the poop coming out of you involuntarily? the residents and doctors looking in your vagina to see if they can see a head coming out of there? give me a break!

    i know not all mothers agree, but i think that giving birth makes you LESS sexual and less “womanly,” and more of a mother — aka caretaker and milk machine. it certainly doesn’t do your figure any favors, and it can’t be that good for your sex life, especially if you end up suffering from incontinence or vaginal pain or scarring.

    • Anastasia.

      Agree, but I doubt Beyonce gave birth, that’s why she’s talking out of her backside. Made her feel sensual?! Uhhh what? This reminds me of the lady that said giving birth can feel like an orgasm. Loll sure it can…..

    • Ana

      You get the award for the dumbest comment ever! I have never given birth, but I am married and intend to have at least one child. My sis recently gave birth, and her body is looking good already, it depends on how good you take care of your body, her sex life is good as well, I know because she discusses w/ me lol and she loves her son because he taught her not to individualistic and selfish. She just gave birth 7 months ago but already wants another one!! because she loved the experience.

      • Natalia

        that comment confused me, the poop, the vagina, I didn’t understand which parts of the body she was saying gave the birth

        • jane

          @Natalia — unless you get an enema, bearing down and pushing during labor has the same effect as it does when sitting on the toilet. When you’re laboring for hours, your colon is still moving poop towards your rectum, and you can’t try to push the baby out without also pushing the poop out. Now do you get it?

          • Loller


    • Kelly-Ann

      I agree with you Jane, although my two beautiful daughters are totally worth it!!!

  • Nobsnob

    Blablabla I don’t give a sh*t. Anyway those celebrities who have documentaries done on their lives (Katy Perry, Beyonce, Justin Bieber) come off as such narcissistic persons to me. Documentaries are for when your career is over (and when your career was indeed worth a documentary, duh).
    Oh, If singers cared more about their voices and less about their images….
    I don’t get how people can be fans of celebs who only love themselves.

    • CK

      agree with your comment, a real documentary should be done only after the career is over, like telling people of you journey from (and through) ups and downs, or if you happen to be one of those incredibly rare artists who’ve not only managed to succeed in their careers in the industry but also changed smth in that industry or influenced it big time…as for the documentaries of this pop-stars, to me they’re more like Glamourentaries, just another way to show off andat the same time try to convince us that “i’m just like everyone…down-to-earth/shy/weak/cry/laugh/, etc
      i won’t be surprised if the team behind Rihanna will soon come out with smth of this kind…and then the others…oh, boy..

  • heathers

    LOL at people still trying to suggest she “faked” her pregnancy when she shows her bare belly all through her new documentary. I suppose she faked the moment when she has her sonogram as well… people will believe anything I guess.

    I adore Beyonce. She works her bloody ass off and she’s a brilliant performer 🙂

    • Clarence Beeks

      I think she is a very talented and beautiful woman. But I still ain’t buying her claims of carrying that baby, and giving birth. No pregnant woman bends over and jumps into an SUV at 8 1/2 months pregnant. That is what sealed the deal for me.

      • heathers

        Oh goodness lol. I’m 7 months pregnant and could easily hop into our truck as she did. People are reaching. It’s really really weird to me the witch hunt that folks were on trying to prove she didn’t have her baby…. and now that she has video footage of her bare pregnant belly and her sonogram I’m sure the same weirdos will try to claim it was a prosthetic or some messed up crap haha.

        • Clarence Beeks

          bending over forwards at the waist? You must be superwoman. I don’t know one woman who was able to do that, and have their belly fold as well, when they were pregnant, and they did not gain much weight.

          You just refuse to see what is in front of you.,

          • Loller

            Exactly, some people just want to be lied to

          • heathers

            You don’t know a pregnant woman who can bend over frontwards??? I do the Tracy Anderson pregnancy project workout 5 days a week and just the warm up requires bending frontwards and touching your toes….. lol

          • Clarence Beeks

            and I suppose your belly FOLDS IN HALF when you bend over.

            JFC, denial, denial.

            I LIKE Beyonce. I just wish she’d tell the damn truth. I don’t care that she had a surrogate, I’d have respect for her to admit it.

  • Natalia

    Was wondering whether or not to be my usual, blunt self and talk about her thighs, her height, her face, her knees, her wigs all being overrated…or try to hold my tongue/looks like my decision has been made for me, so many others already said it…and when she dumps the flour on herself…what is this???

    • Amanda

      #this 🙂

    • Debbs

      The flour part was especially dumb. I would be embarrassed to be in that video.

  • Jess

    Beyonce gets pregnant. She faked it. Beyonce gets married. She did it for attention. Beyonce stays private. She must be hiding something. Beyonce opens up. Wow she’s exploiting her family for attention. Beyonce smiles. She’s so fake. Beyonce frowns. She’s a bitch. People just love to hate a talented, private woman who hasn’t done anything worth being hated over. The fact that she never comments on rumors and continues to stay classy makes me respect her SO MUCH.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t really like Beyonce… AT ALL, but her body is bangin

  • Anastasia.

    The more this woman talks about her pregnancy and giving birth, the more suspicious and shady her pregnancy looks. Collapsing bumps dont lie Beyonce.

  • Olivia

    Beyonce’s face looks refreshingly beautiful as always. For the life of me, i dont understand how she lets this creep photograph her… all of his work has American Apparel/ mildly sexually abused quality to them.

  • Her figure is great and her face is very pretty – but I can’t like her. She seems like a walking self-help book with her quotes – they seem so unoriginal and fake. I also can’t believe she lip-synced the national anthem – I kind of think that’s shameful!
    And Terry Richardson?! I will never understand why he is such a famous photographer – his photos are nothing remarkable and he seems like a pervy creep!

  • Tia

    I need people to explain to me why giving birth and shaking your booty sum up what “being a woman” is.

    Anywho, apart form that cliche quote, her body look hot albeit photoshopped.

  • kudo

    jesus this photo shoot is really tacky especially for someone of Beyonce’s calibre. If i was famous i would NEVER pose for something like this – esp not with sleazy Terry Richardson ugh

  • Vera

    Beyonce’s the female equivalent of Lance Armstrong when it comes to ‘giving birth’.

    • Anastasia.

      omg hahahaha

  • Polska Blondynka

    Can this woman go away? Everyone seems to kiss her feet like she is some type of goddess. She is acting like she was the first woman to give birth. Stfu!

  • CK

    oh, god, we go it – you had a baby and now you’re a saint. i mean clearly, you re THE only woman on this earth to have given birth to another human being…shocking!!! Should we all kneel down in front of you and worship?
    sarcasm aside i’m so tired of her constantly raving left ‘n’ right about having a child in such manner as if she’d suddenly grown a halo.
    but in general as much as i understand some women’s desire and joy for (of) having a child there are plenty of other ways to “realize the power of being a woman”, after all we’re not just incubators as lots of girls are still brainwashed to think(yes, even in this day ‘n’ age, the difference is that now the brainwash is indirect), we have a lot more to bring to this world, and woman’s worth should not be defined only by her ability to have a child.
    but that’s just my opinion, whatever works for her,i just wish she’d really go out of the limelight for some time.

    • Nobsnob

      I wouldn’t have said it better. This phenomenon (aka those moms or moms-to-be who act like they are a superior being because they carry a child/give birth) is also more and more visible amongst regular people. Maternity is too glorified imo, pregnant women put on a pedestal like they accomplished something extraordinary. Yeah, getting knocked up is so hard. >.<

      • MissMarilyn

        I’ve never been pregnant or anything but it does look like a huge pain in the butt. Morning sickness, growing huge, food cravings, pains, hormonal stuff, and then actually giving BIRTH (which looks painful as heck)…. I think it’s definitely quite the feat to accomplish. It’s not the getting knocked up part that is hard… but everything else?

        Being 1000% I am afraid of having to be pregnant some day. Not looking forward to it. I think its good that there’s a lot of respect in the world for pregnant women/mothers.

        Although I disagree that this is the sole thing that “makes a woman a woman”. There’s a million other good things women can do with their time that are just as meaningful and satisfying.

        Maybe Beyonce goes on and on about it because 1) she’s excited or 2) so many people still think she faked her pregnancy? It’s got to be getting annoying haha

  • Beckers

    How has Terry Richardson become famous? Every time I see that a celeb has done a shoot with him I lose respect for them. How can they endorse someone who should be on trial for sex offenses.

  • Loller

    To all the people who believe Beyonce really carried and gave birth to her baby, I would like to ask:
    – have you seen the footage of her folding belly?
    – have you read her comments on how she ‘lost the baby weight’ and have you ever seen one picture where this weight gain was actually visible?
    – have you seen her reaction when katie couric touched her pregnant belly?

    How do you explain these things for yourself? For me, the only logical explanation is that it was fake.

    • Anastasia.

      “have you seen her reaction when katie couric touched her pregnant belly?”

      I know!! I saw that video, and she got freaked out when katie touched her belly, so much so, that Katie even noticed and asked her whether or not it was okay to touch her.

  • Indigo Lace

    Everything this woman says and nearly everything she does always comes across as so canned, and phony. Her pic should be in the dictionary next to the word : FAKE.

  • Kay

    I just ended up on the ‘I miss the old Terry’ Tumblr….OMG!!!!!