Beyonce in a Swimsuit (and Sand)

Beyonce-in-a-Swimsuit-and-Sand - Beyonce in a Swimsuit (and Sand)

Bikini treat for the say!

Beyonce is having fun in the sun (and in the sand) right now in Hawaii, so here she is looking curvy in a colorful swimsuit.

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Beyonce-in-a-Swimsuit-and-Sand-2-as-Smart-Object-1 - Beyonce in a Swimsuit (and Sand)

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  • formerly Sam

    She gained, right?

    • Julchen

      Don’t think she gained, she always had very strong legs. I also think that bathing suite makes her waist and hips look “bigger”.

      • Vanessa G

        Her waist and hips look bigger because they are.

  • Claire

    Wow, what happened?
    She always tried so hard to have that perfect image and tried to look her best all the time, also at the beach (which included that hideous body chains), and now that?
    Bad hair, bad swimsuit, bad pose- for once she looks like a likable and relatable person, weird.

    • suzushii

      Bad hair, bad posing ….um hello, she’s at the beach enjoying her life.

      Normal people don’t strike vogue poses with perfect make up and hair when they think they’re alone in relative privacy.

      • Claire

        Um yeah, that was the point.
        NORMAL people don’t do that stuff, but this woman usually does.

        Before you reply to a comment you should read and understand it, but that’s just my opinion.

        • southerngumdrops

          whoa no need to snap.

        • suzushii

          You’re acting like the pic you linked to proves anything to support your exagerated reaction.

          But it’s just another paparazzi pic. Where she is walking on the beach.

          What does that have to do with anything?

          Even if she was on a photoshoot once, does it mean everytime she was to take a swim in the ocean she should strike poses continuously? And never get sand, or wind-ruffled hair?

          Stars give up SOME of their privacy when they enter the limelight, but you can’t expect them to be on their game 24/7, trying to sell themselves, even when they go to the bahtroom to take a piss or something. It’s ridiculous and creepy.

          • Claire

            I don’t expect her to be this way. In fact, I don’t like her, because I always have the feeling she’s trying too hard and is a very controlling person. Of course I don’t know her, it’s just my personal opinion that I get from A LOT of pictures that are like the one I posted.
            If you still don’t get it: I said those recent picture make her, for me, for once, likable, because she seems like a normal person, who enjoys a day on the beach. And with normal person I mean everybody, I don’t care about celebrities. But she always sticks out, like she’s a complete Diva.
            But I guess this discussion is kind of pointless.

    • Rachel

      uh i have to agree with suzushii…

      Where the hell did you get the idea that beyonce always poses? In all the candis bikini pics i’ve seen on beyonce she’s always having fun rather than trying to look good.

      Stop bitchin on how she looks and how ‘normal’ she finally looks compared to her other pictures. The picture you posted, you really think she’s posing in that one? seriously? You don’t know much about posing then do you!

      Her hair is normal, you go to the beach and see how the hell your hair looks after jumping in the water and being buried under sand. As for her swimsuit, she’s a singer not a fashion icon so if she likes this, then let her. Bad pose? She never poses when she;s out having fun… All in all she’s ALWAYS relaxed, cool and normal like this unlike some stars..

      Having that all said i think you’re the one who should ”read and understand’ before replying..

      • liza

        I think her original comment was completely taken out of context. It wasn’t fully understood by the people who replied-they didn’t get the message and took it literally,and it went from there.smh.

      • Mackenzie

        agreed with suzushii. beyonce comes off as very prim and seems to never slip up. that can be very off putting and totally unrelatable.

    • Kristin

      Her little nephew buried her in the sand. 🙂

    • Scary_doLL

      I agree with ya Claire theres just something I don’t like about her. She seems really fake tries too hard and eww I just don’t like her.

  • Bridget

    Yeah she has gained but anyone remember the prego rumor from awhile back? And how beyonce denied? Well I just heard through the rumor mill that she’s now confirming said pregnancy…

  • Emmy

    I never liked her legs.

    • Eileen!

      What a pity for you !
      She doesnt care !!!

      • Emmy

        Temper, temper Eleen…And basically I don’t care what you think cause it’s my opinion and I ll say it when ever I like.

      • Rachel

        What a pity for you Eileen that the rest of us doesn’t care about you 😛

        her legs are quite chunky =/ and with chunky i ean beyond the whole ”curvy and healthy” crap

        • gen

          From what I’ve heard about her habits, she’s probably a lot healthier than you.

          I agree though, they are not aesthetically pleasing. They make me feel much better about mine though.

      • Padme

        Well we are all here to discuss celeb’s bodies. You don’t have to be so rude because someone disagrees with your opinion. Besides, she does have awful legs.

        • Mackenzie

          dude i never preferred beyonce’s legs either!! why so touchy its not like it matters if i don’t personally like them!

    • madeleine

      i don’t like her legs either. Just because i don’t find them attractive doesn’t mean there is something wrong with me or anyone for that matter who shares my opinion. to me she looks fat

      • sola

        true. and it also doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with her. everyone likes different things

  • Kyle

    I expected much better when i saw the tag line. Nicely played!

    Congrats to her on enjoying life and not just working for more money that no one ever needs. shes prob eating lobster and ice cream everyday.

    Live it up girl, you worked hard and maintained a respectably sexy persona.

  • Leila

    what on earth is she wearing?
    but I agree with suzushii: there’s nothing wrong with her hair and posing. You can’t look flawless on the beach with all that water and sand..:)

  • Marisa

    She’s beautiful!!!! I love that she didn’t have the need to be all dressed up and perfect hair and make up for the beach.. I mean… When I’m at the beach I just want to have fun!

    • Lise

      totally agree….she is on vacation and hey she is beyonce- she doesn’t need to care about anybody 🙂

  • mermaid

    you know, i really like her shape in the first photo. i think the bottom of that suit does something weird to her. i don’t think it makes her hips look too wide (i like them) – but i think it makes her legs look short because of how low the leg opening is…but if she can look that good in something literally no one else could wear, she’s really got something.

  • summerrain88

    I don’t think that particular bathing suit style would be flattering on anyone. It’s just all kinds of ugly. LOL. But I love Beyonce. She’s one of my body image role models. She’s always been strong and healthy and admitted that to look as good as she does it takes work and a healthy lifestyle. Yet, she’s always admitted that she treats herself too and doesn’t spend 10 hours in the gym or eat only lettuce to fit into a sample size. She has a balanced, healthy outlook and it sets a good example. She looks beautiful, happy, and relaxed here. I hope she’s enjoying herself.

  • Sidney

    The cut of the swinsuit is hard to pull off, that 50’s kind of lower part makes almost everyone seem wider, and makes th legs look shorter. But she looks good.

  • érica

    she’s having fun and that’s all that matters. her weight is the same here. She was never skinny and that suits her.

  • Casey

    I think people have been completely spoiled by celebrities like the Kardashians going to the beach. By that I mean, the Kardashians will go to the beach with their hair done, their makeup done, and strike perfect poses to the paparazzi. What people don’t realize is, they called the paparazzi there while they’re perfect to take pictures of them.

    What Beyonce looks like here…that’s what everyone looks like when they actually get candid shots taken of them at the beach. That’s what you look like when you don’t put on makeup and do your hair right before you go to the beach (which is pointless, because the wind messes up the hair and water removes the makeup anyway).

    As for her body, I think she doesn’t look good in one-pieces. She looks much better in a bikini.

    • sola

      yep agreed. quite sad really that we could have skewed views on how women should and shouldn’t look…i look nothing like the kardashians after a day at the beach! =oD I never really admired the girls that would walk down to the beach in their bikinis and stilettos, hair done up perfectly and having makeup painted from head to toe

      • sola

        forgot to finish my comment…those who would sit and pose all day and wouldnt get into the water, or if they did would only go up to theor knees to avoid hair or makeup mess. I once tried to go to the beach looking perfect. But i couldnt resist the water and ended up going home looking like a clown with makeup running down my face, panda eyes, and afro hair from hair spray/salt water goo lol!

    • iry

      I completely agree.

  • Coco

    Ew I don’t like seeing her in a bikini, she’s not toned enough in my opinion.

    • Coco

      *bathing suit, not bikini, sorry.

    • boohiss

      really? ew? please! not toned? i can see the muscle in her leg. it mightn’t be your fav body type, but it is certainly not ‘ew.’ just like annalynne isn’t my fav body type, but i don’t thin she looks ‘ew,’ in fact, i know she looks great.

      also – its not a bikini, its a one piece. 🙂

      • Coco

        1. You’re right, it’s not MY fav body type, hence why I wrote “in my opinion”
        2. I corrected the bikini thing.

        • boohiss

          but the ‘ew’ makes it rude. and to say she is not toned enough is truly insanity. i mean, whether you like her body type of not, she IS healthy and toned. that is a matter of fact, not opinion. i mean, really? should only sticks wear swimsuits? i don’t think they look amazing in them…but they usually look fine. a girl’s gotta wear SOMETHING to go swimming in sometimes, whether you like it or not!

          • Casey

            While I agree with you that “ew” does make the previous poster’s comment rude, I couldn’t help but notice that less than 5 sentances later, you used the negative word “sticks” to refer to thin women.

            Practice what you preach. If you’re going to criticize someone’s word choice, make sure yours is superior. This being nice thing doesn’t only apply to figures like Beyonce, it works both ways. You can’t expect people to present their opinions about curvy/big women nicely without presenting your opinions of thin women nicely.

            I do notice you said something nice about Anna Lynne. This wasn’t so much directed at you aside from the sticks remark, but moreso in general what I’ve been seeing.

          • Coco

            Oh please, re-read what I said.
            She’s toned in YOUR opinion. That is not fact. Not everyone thinks the way you do. Also I mentioned nothing about her health – I am not her doctor.

            “Sticks” huh. Tip: Avoid sounding hypocritical in the future.

          • boohiss

            i don’t really think ‘sticks’ is always negative…to me it is interchangeable for ‘ruler’ and someone thin…

            …but none of this explains what a woman like beyonce should wear to swim, in ‘your opinion,’ coco. do they forfeit their right to swim, in ‘your opinion,’ if you do not feel they are ‘toned’ enough? and what is ‘toned’ enough?

  • Caramel

    she definetly seems to have gained weight in her face…unless they style her makeup to make her face leaner….

  • I was looking forward to see these pics on your website:)
    She does look like she’s gained a bit but I think it’s just the bathing suit which by the way has a hoodie!! I wonder who makes it?

  • Mariah

    I don’t think she has gained I really think it is just the bathing suit which is horrible! She looks so much better in two pieces or maybe she just needs a better fitting one piece because this one does nothing good for her. I at least like that she looks normal and doesn’t have her hair done and makeup done at the beach!

  • sola

    i love it! her body still looks hot hot hot! but not the best outfit, but meh! who cares! she prolly wanted to wear something that wasnt going to slip off when she is having a fun active day at the beach (not that it worked!) but i guess a one piece is less likely to slip of than bikini!
    her legs looks strong but slimmer here…
    her face still looks like it’s gorgeous from what i can see without makeup on. i cant help but love Beyonce!

  • Eliza B

    I think she may have gained a bit, but that unflattering suit isn’t doing her any favors. The cut around the hips and legs is baggy and too low, the overall effect on her hips and legs is just strange. She does have a nice body though, even though it’s not my preferred shape.

    However it’s wonderful to see her cutting loose and having fun without worrying too much about the paps. As any human being should be able to do. Seriously woudln’t it suck if you had to be constantly worried about pushy weirdos following you around in your own private time and trying to catch unflattering camera angles and moments of your face and body.

  • crys

    beyonce still rocks, no matter how much weight she gains or loses!

  • mel

    lol, what the crap did she do to get so sandy!?

  • AlexD

    i feel like she wears those funky huge hip futuristic outfits on stage and in videos to hide the love handles

    • kate

      But that sort of sh*t only emphasizes love handles!

      • tiffany

        WHAT LOVE HANDLES? I dont even like beyonce but, You people are ridiculous.

  • Jemima

    The suit is a little tight on her awesome dancer legs. It makes them look like there isn’t as much muscle as there is.

  • banshee

    her nephew buried her in the sand…that’s why she’s so sandy ….she looks like she’s having fun…

  • Natasha

    Not a fan of the swimsuit it’s not flattering on her figure get her in a bikni she’ll be looking bangin also I dont think she looks horrendous I think she looks cute and I love how her nephew is trying to build like a sand castle on her or something cute family jigga included

  • jen

    Wow! I am not even 100% convinced it is her….it almost sorta doesn’t look like her…wow…bad bathing suit choice…

  • beebeee

    she got boobs? what happend

  • Sharen

    that’s an UGLY swimsuit that doesn’t even fit her.

  • lp23

    I seen these pictures. Her nephew buried her in the sand after she went to sleep.
    She is out having fun like the rest of us. She is human after all.

    • Becca

      well, I hope her nephew didn’t see her boob pop out like that!

  • burntsoup

    The swimsuit isn’t nice but this woman looks sexy in anything and at any time.
    I don’t see anything wrong with her.

    As for people complaining over the sie of her thighs- wtf?
    They’re healthy, toned, full of muscle and strong.
    Yes, they’re quite chunky but it’s not made of fat- those are healthy legs and cannot be cristicsed.

    I think she’s a goddess at all times.

  • Leah

    i think she looks great. it’s weird, because normally i seem to think people’s thighs are thicker than others do, but here i actually think she looks really good
    and on an even more shallow note, it must suck to be covered in all that sand…

  • tiffany

    Man some of these girls are idiots. To even type in your mouth that her legs are chunky is completely ridiculous, especially being grossed out over her muscle tone. She looks great!

    • Ditto! First thing I thought was her legs are holding up nicely IF she has put on weight and the suit is doing her no justice. Jeez, come on people…

  • chinadoll08

    Nice legs and a good role model for what healthy can be when you are not a zero….everyone has different body types but she is pretty much muscles……I love anyone who works out…not everyone is petite and even if you are that does not mean you appear thin….most people are not skinny thin… but that does not mean they are fat…..most people appear thicker when they are naked ….but the bathing suit is creative/different but i think it is awful…..

    • chinadoll08

      Also many African Americans typically have bigger bones than typically mainstream America meaning we will never look that thin (model look) without extreme unhealthy measures……

  • lc

    She really is not looking so good here IMO…

  • otilia

    Beyonce looks older, seems like age isn;t forgiving her either.

  • Dayna

    She’s a beautiful woman, but that bathing suit…ohhhhhhhhhh that bathing suit. no.

  • boy, she has an ugly pair o legs! lumpy and shapeless. the rest of the body isn’t better than average. ah well. she’s got millions! guess it doesn’t matter to her what’s posted here!

  • Hydrangea

    ^_^ I don’t think she’s gained anything, and not every time you see a pic of a celeb the first thing that needs to come out of your mouth is, “She’s gained some, right??” Lord, give it a rest. And anyway, Beyonce has always been a thicker kind of chica. Thankfully they got her out of the sand before the tide came in lol She looked adorable. I just don’t like the colors of the swimsuit.

  • Samantha

    I sometimes like Beyonce, and other times I don’t. She looks much different from other times I have seen her. I think we all know she is a talented dancer and have built legs but other times they look much smaller. And, the bathing suit…. ew.

  • sarah

    I LOVE HER CURVES! what a beautiful woman

  • did anyone else get a little scared at this.. beyonce the sand monster.. *cries MOMMYYYYY*

    • Scary_doLL


  • nessa

    No more showing off the stomach unless it was just lipo up for the stage, when is she going to take off the wave? She’s mental with it already! The wave doesn’t make her sing, or does it?

  • albana

    ive always thought she had a great body but lol she doesnt look good here..

  • She looks good, as always. The bathing suit was a bad choice. But she’s still in great shape.

    • Tara

      Totally agree with you 🙂

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